The 5 Best Locks For Gym Lockers

And they’re all gym-goer tried and tested.

Written by Danielle Calma
The best locks for gym lockers (like the three locks pictured in this image atop a green background)...
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When you’re at the gym, the best locks for gym lockers will keep your valuables safely secured while also making your items conveniently accessible. As you shop, consider some key factors including: your preferred locking mechanism, the material of the lock, and whether it will fit your gym’s locker.

What Criteria To Consider When Shopping For The Best Locks For Gym Lockers

Types Of Locks

As you shop, the two most common lock types you might come across are key and combination locks. As an alternative, you can try a smart lock.

  • A key lock is simple and straightforward to use, requiring only a key to unlock it.
  • If you aren’t keen on carrying a key around, you might prefer a combination lock, which requires you to input (and memorize) a unique combination of numbers or letters to open it.
  • A smart lock can be unlocked without memorizing a code or carrying a key. Unlocking mechanisms include using your fingerprint and/or an app. Although convenient, you’ll want to keep in mind that smart locks generally aren’t as widely available or rated on Amazon as key and combination locks.


Whether you’re storing valuables or an extra set of clothes, your lock should be secure — but just how heavy-duty you want your lock to be is a matter of preference.

The material of a lock’s shackle (which is the U-shaped piece of metal that your lock hangs from) will make a big difference in how secure it is. A lock with a shackle made from materials like hardened steel, boron alloy, or boron carbide are harder for would-be thieves to easily (and discreetly) cut. The width of the shackle can also impact the level of security a lock provides; the thicker the shackle is, the more security you’re typically afforded.

Not all manufacturers specify the material of the lock body. But if you're looking for an extra-secure option, you can opt for a lock with a body that’s constructed with a durable material like hardened steel. If you’re less worried about the lock getting smashed in (which would probably make a noticeable amount of noise in a public setting like a gym), most types of metal can be a good option.

You’ll also want to avoid certain types of locks that are more easily compromised, such as warded key locks as well as combination locks that are TSA-approved or have anything less than a five-digit code.

Shackle Size

Keep in mind that locks come in a range of sizes — and it’s important to choose an option that will fit your gym lockers. With this in mind, I’ve included options that have shackles measuring less than 10 millimeters, which should work for most gym lockers. For peace of mind, it wouldn’t hurt to measure your gym lockers in person just to double check, too.

Shop The Best Locks For Gym Lockers

In a hurry? Here are the best locks for gym lockers:

  1. A Simple Key Lock For Gym Lockers: ABUS 55/40 Solid Brass Padlock
  2. An Ultra-Secure Key Lock: Master Lock M115XDLF Padlock
  3. A Five-Letter Combination Lock: Wordlock 5-Dial Combination Padlock
  4. A Combination Lock That Requires Letters & Numbers To Unlock: Master Lock 1534D Combination Padlock
  5. A Smart Lock That Unlocks With Your Fingerprint: MEGAFIES Fingerprint Padlock

Below, find the best locks for gym lockers on Amazon, which enthusiastic gym-goers have attested are perfect for the job.

1. A Simple Key Lock For Gym Lockers


  • Simple and straightforward to use


  • Brass body of the lock might not be as durable as other metal materials

This ABUS key lock is a pin-tumbler lock made of brass with a 6-millimeter hardened steel shackle. The padlock comes with a pair of keys to unlock it — ideal if you aren’t keen on memorizing the code of a combination lock. Many Amazon reviewers have agreed the padlock feels secure for everyday use. “At the price, I would say it's an excellent buy for someone who just wants to secure their stuff with a padlock,” one reviewer wrote. “No average Joe is likely to bypass it.”

Positive Amazon review: “Perfect size for my gym locker. Looks well made, feels solid, and has some heft to it. It seems like a sturdy padlock. Two keys are included and so far it locks and opens well. It should serve my limited purpose well.”

Lock type: Key | Lock body material: Brass | Shackle material: Hardened steel | Shackle size: 6 millimeters

2. An Ultra-Secure Key Lock


  • Has a steel body and boron carbide shackle


  • When unlocking with the key, some reviewers have reported it’s challenging

This Master Lock pin-tumbler lock will offer you peace of mind when securing valuables in a gym locker. One reviewer described, “This is a reasonably priced, very sturdy, and strong padlock,” adding, “I was very pleasantly surprised by how solid and durable it appears to be.” The lock is made of steel encased in a weather-resistant cover, while the shackle is made of boron carbide — and at eight millimeters, it has one of the thickest shackles on the list. It’s replete with a dual-ball bearing system, which also makes it more challenging to open the lock with force. The lock also comes with a pair of keys to open it.

Positive Amazon review: “Nice sturdy lock for my gym locker. No combination to remember!”

Lock type: Key | Lock body material: Steel | Shackle material: Boron carbide | Shackle size: 8 millimeters

3. A 5-Letter Combination Lock


  • A code with letters could be easier to memorize than numbers


  • Some reviewers report that initially setting the code can be challenging

The Wordlock combination lock has a five-letter code, which you can customize to 100,000 word or letter combinations, but luckily, many Amazon reviewers proclaimed that having to input letters to unlock it makes the job of having to memorize the code much easier than random numbers. The lock is made with a hardened steel shackle, and while it isn’t a high-security lock because the lock body material isn’t specified beyond being metal, reviewers have mentioned it’s sufficient when locking items in a public gym locker.

Positive Amazon review: “Perfect for the gym. Much easier to remember a word than a number.”

Lock type: Combination | Lock body material: Metal | Shackle material: Hardened steel | Shackle size: 6 millimeters

4. A Combination Lock That Requires Letters & Numbers To Unlock


  • Reviewers have reported it’s easy to set up and use


  • Can’t choose the color you get, unless you choose the black version

Like the previous option, this Master Lock lock has a five-code combination, but in this case, it uses both letters and numbers. You can create up to 25 million unique combinations, meaning it’s even more challenging than the previous option to crack the code. The lock is made of metal and has a 6-millimeter hardened steel shackle. Amazon reviewers have confirmed it works great for securing items in a gym locker room — and one reviewer wrote: “This is a nice heavy-duty lock that is really easy to use and fits on gym lockers.”

Positive Amazon review: “I use this lock on gym lockers. It stands right out and makes the locker easy to find later on. If you use letters as part of your combination, be aware that you may have to be flexible in the choice of them in order to have enough of the right letters to make up your combination (this is really not much of a problem). The lock is very easy to open since there are ‘handles’ on each of the five combination cylinders. This lock is so much easier to use than the type where you have to rotate a dial back and forth to put in the combination set at the factory. If you want to get several locks, you can choose different colors for the cylinders to help differentiate a given lock from the others.”

Lock type: Combination | Lock body material: Metal | Shackle material: Hardened | Shackle size: 6 millimeters

5. A Smart Lock That Unlocks With Your Fingerprint


  • Can be unlocked with your fingerprint or an app


  • You have to charge it in order for it to work

If you aren’t keen on carrying keys or memorizing a code, this smart lock works as a convenient alternative. It unlocks using your fingerprint or with the app via Bluetooth. You can also use the app to track when the lock was last opened, and if you want to share the lock with loved ones, register their fingerprints on the app, too. While the lock material isn’t indicated, it has an 8-millimeter hardened steel shackle, making it another option that will prove challenging to cut or pry open. As a plus, it has an IP65 waterproof rating, which means it should withstand musty gym locker rooms.

Just keep in mind that it has a battery life of up to six months — to keep it powered up, you will have to charge it with a compatible USB cable (not included).

Positive Amazon review: “This lock makes life that much easier. I go into the gym, lock my items away, and when I’m ready to leave, I don’t have to spend 15-20 seconds putting in a combination. I just spend 2 seconds putting my thumb on the reader and I’m in! The fact that you can add more fingerprints in the app makes it that much better than other fingerprint locks I’ve used.”

Lock type: Smart | Lock body material: Metal | Shackle material: Hardened steel | Shackle size: 8 millimeters

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