These Sturdy Locks Are TSA-Approved, So You Have One Less Travel Concern

If you're traveling with valuables, it's a good idea to keep your luggage locked, no doubt — but you want to make sure the lock you choose won't get hacked off by TSA agents at the airport. That's why frequent travelers stick to the best TSA-approved locks to keep their personal belongings safe.

While TSA reserves the right to cut the lock on any checked baggage they search during the screening process, only using approved locks ensures your luggage stays protected and easy for agents to access with minimal damage. And these aren't just traditional locks with keys we're talking about here, there are options of all different varieties — from combination locks to barrel locks — that offer top-notch security and won't get you into trouble at the airport. Some even have additional benefits like an open alert indicator that notifies you if your bag was, indeed, opened so you can triple-check your belongings later.

Basically, fans of locked luggage, y'all need one of these TSA-approved ones in your jetsetting life. They won't add to your list of travel stressors and will ensure your next getaway is as carefree as possible. While you're at it, why not pick up some of the best luggage tags, too?


A Budget-Friendly Value Pack of TSA-Approved Locks

If you need numerous locks, a set of TSA-approved combination cable locks, like these by TravelMore, gives you the most bang for your buck. At only $30 for eight waterproof, heavy-duty steel shackle combination locks with flexible cables, this is a reliable option for lots of luggage that comes with a lifetime warranty. There are four black locks and four orange locks — which other reviewers said makes bags super easy to spot — in each pack.


A Lightweight Barrel Key Lock That Fits Anywhere

If a traditional key lock is more your style, a TSA-approved barrel key lock, like this one by South Main Hardware, is a trustworthy choice to consider. Its sleek design and flexible cable cord ensure it fits onto almost any type of luggage including between two zippers on a backpack. Plus, for just $7, it comes with two sets of handheld keys for added security. Users say that even though the lock is aesthetically slim and lightweight, it remains extremely durable.


An Innovative Card Lock That's Beyond Convenient To Use

A card reader lock like Smooth Trip's provides a sure way to protect your luggage. You just slide the card lock into the key to open and close it. The TSA-approved travel gadget comes highly-rated by users who say it secures their luggage and is painless and fancy-feeling to use. The ClikCard comes with a solid metal shackle and two keycards — a wallet-sized one and one to slip onto a keyring — for added convenience.


A Combination Lock That Forces TSA Agents To Re-Lock Luggage

This pack of two combination luggage locks by Forge comes highly recommended by users with over 1,150 reviews on Amazon based on price and dependability. The simple three-digit combination lock lets you set your own code without worrying about carrying around —and potentially losing — a key or card. Not only will this lock alert you with a red pop-up under the shackle if your bag was opened and inspected, it also requires the TSA agent to re-lock it before they can remove their key. The metal material of the locks makes them heavy-duty and sturdy, and if you ever find yourself with any issues, Forge offers an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

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