The 4 Best Lubricants For Squeaky Doors

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A man lubricates door hinges with oil.

When it comes to DIY jobs, fixing a noisy door is one of the easier ones — if you have the right tools. In order to narrow down the best lubricants for squeaky doors, I reached out to Ward Schraeder, builder, handyman, and co-star of HGTV’s Bargain Mansions. According to Schraeder, “Doors start to squeak over time due to dust and dirt building up around the hinges,” which causes friction against the metal. A good lubricant, however, will “stop the rubbing of metals and eliminate the squeak,” and the consistency and the ingredients are both important factors here.

Door lubricants most commonly come in three forms: sprays, sticks, and liquid oils. Spray lubricants are usually the most popular, because they’re easy to apply with minimal dripping, but the tiny droplets still get deep into the mechanisms. Because they have a waxy, paste-like consistency, stick lubricants won’t drip at all, and are best for people who want the least amount of mess possible. Oil lubricants, on the other hand, can get pretty messy if you’re not careful, but they’re also super versatile for all types of jobs and usually the most affordable option.

While the lubricating ingredients differ from product to product (including lithium grease, petroleum, mineral oil, and wax), Schraeder wrote to Bustle, “My personal preference for this type of issue is a silicone lubricant. Oil works great but it also attracts dirt. Also, if too much oil lubricant is applied, it can stain the floor or your clothing if you rub against the hinge. Silicone is just a bit simpler.”

Using Schraeder’s recommendations as well as reviewer feedback, these are the four best lubricants to silence those squeaky hinges.

1. The Expert-Recommended Door Lubricant

Schraeder’s personal product of choice for squeaky doors is CRC’s silicone lubricant. “This product helps lubricate the surface and also protects. [...] It can be used on many different surfaces such as rubber, nylon, metals, and non-metals.” Since it’s silicone-based, it creates a drip-resistant film that’s clear, rust-resistant, and waterproof. As a result, you can use it on just about any door, inside or out, and the spray consistency makes it easy to apply without creating a mess.

One reviewer wrote: “The best lubricant on the market. We use it to lubricate our hinges and door locks when needed.”

2. The Fan Favorite For Squeaky Door Hinges

WD-40 lubricant is probably the best-known option out there — and according to its 6,000-plus reviews and 4.8-star overall rating, it lives up to the hype. These cans have a smart straw which you can flip up for a precise, narrow spray or position downwards for a wider application. The formula minimizes squeaking with mineral oils, but it also drives out moisture to prevent rust, acts as a shield against corrosive elements, and removes sticky residue (like sap, glue, and grime) from a wide range of surfaces. However, WD-40 makes other products designed for better long-term outside use.

One reviewer wrote: “It has worked on squeaky hinges, rusted latches, and other items that prove difficult to turn or use which are ‘stuck’ or ‘frozen’ in place. Each application also lasts a long time in correcting the problem and seems to keep the rust at bay.”

3. The Best Stick Lubricant For The Most Mess-Free Application

If you’re new to this particular DIY job or just want to make sure you’re really minimizing mess, a stick lubricant might be the best way to go. Door-Ease’s stick lubricant has a drier consistency (ingredients undisclosed) that’s much less messy than grease and oil, and as a result, it’s mess-free and virtually impossible to over-apply. It’s also weatherproof and prevents wear on surfaces. Plus, you can use it on metal, glass, rubber, wood, or plastic. Just rub it on and you’re good to go.

One reviewer wrote: “This is easy to use, self-explanatory, and doesn't leave any residues to run down my interior door hinges.”

4. The Best Value & The Most Versatile

This multipurpose oil is a top-seller on Amazon (with more than 7,000 five-star reviews) because of how affordable and versatile it is: Use it on doors, wheels, power tools, bolts, bicycles, motors, locks, fans, and more — all for less than $1 an ounce. As previously discussed, oils tend to be on the messier side, but this one has a narrow, slow-drip spout that allows for easier application. While it isn’t specified as being waterproof, customers have reported using it inside and out with success.

One reviewer wrote: “This is great stuff with a multitude of uses. Household, automotive, and anything outdoors. I use it for hinges, bicycle chains, knives, bearings, and car bolts.”


Ward Schraeder, builder, handyman, and co-star of HGTV’s Bargain Mansions