The 4 Best Photography Gloves

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Every photographer knows that warm hands are essential for perfectly capturing the perfect outdoor shot in cold conditions, but it can be difficult to decide just which pair of gloves best suits your photography needs. The best photography gloves are well-insulated and have a thin lining or finger flaps so you can still operate your camera with ease.

In order to be able to use your camera’s touch screen, scroll wheel, or shutter button, you’ll need the full range of motion of both your thumb and forefinger. Some photography gloves will have a flap that exposes one or two fingers so you can do delicate tasks like adjusting your camera’s shutter speed or white balance, while other gloves have a convertible mitten design that folds back to reveal fingerless gloves. If you’re more likely to adjust sensitive dials with your thumb, a photography glove that exposes that finger is going to help you make fine adjustments without slipping against scroll wheels.

You’ll also want to make sure that the thumb and palm have some form of texture, like a silicone grip or leather padding, to make it easier to hold onto your camera. If your gloves don’t flip open to expose one or more fingers, it’s also a good idea to look out for touchscreen capability in your gloves. Even if your camera doesn’t have a touchscreen LCD display, a touchscreen-compatible glove will make it easy to respond to messages or check a shot-list on a smartphone.

Ready to take amazing photos in all weather conditions? Here are the best photography gloves that you can buy on Amazon.

1. The Best Overall

  • Style: finger flaps
  • Material: neoprene and fleece

These Palmyth neoprene gloves are made for fishing, but they can also keep your hands warm and dexterous while shooting photos. The adjustable wrist closure and fleece lining help insulate your hands and keep heat in, while the flaps on the pointer finger and thumb make it easy to access touch controls or make delicate camera adjustments as you take photos. The windproof outer layer of these gloves keeps the cold out, and the textured palm is slip-resistant, so you’re less likely to let your precious camera fall out of your hands. These gloves are machine washable, so keeping them clean is as easy as it gets.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought these for photography during the frigid winter months in South Dakota. They're exactly what I was hoping they'd be, and feel great! If I would make one tiny change, it would be to maybe add a little velcro to keep the fingers kinda pinned back. But they really are exceptional.”

  • Available colors: 2
  • Available sizes: Small — 3X-Large

2. The Best Waterproof Option

  • Style: convertible mitten
  • Material: 3M Thinsulate and polyester fleece

If you plan on using your camera in cold, wet conditions, these Palmyth convertible mittens are perfect for keeping your hands warm and dry. The gloves are made with 3M Thinsulate and polyester fleece, which work together to insulate your hands from the cold without adding too much extra weight or bulk. The mittens flip open to expose your fingers when you need to do delicate tasks, and magnetic snaps help keep the flaps in place. The silicone palm grips ensure that you have a solid hold on your camera while shooting, and these gloves also have small pockets that can fit portable hand warmers in the wrist. For those who are interested in night photography, there’s also a reflective stripe on the back of these gloves that can help keep you visible while shooting in the dark.

One reviewer wrote: “Absolutely thrilled with these gloves. I'm an avid angler and photographer. I purchased this pair for photography work in Colorado. These gloves allow me to operate my camera in the frigid temperatures that we have here and keep my fingers/hands warm. I've been out on a few landscape photo shoots where temps dropped down into the single digits and -3°f one morning. My hands stayed warm and I maintained feeling in my fingers. I will be purchasing a second pair for fishing.”

  • Available sizes: Small — Large

3. The Best Lightweight Option

  • Style: gloves
  • Material: polyester

For those times when you need lightweight protection from the elements that still allows you to fine tune settings on your camera, these SIMARI polyester gloves are a great choice. They trap in body heat, but are thin enough to give your fingers full range of motion to adjust dials or press the shutter button on your camera. These gloves also have pointer fingers and thumbs that are touchscreen compatible, so you can take photos or send messages on your smartphone without taking them off. The elastic cuffs help to seal in the warmth from your own body, and the flannel lining is super soft to the touch.

One reviewer wrote: “These are great for any outdoor activists. I use these mostly for doing video and photography work outdoors in the winter and they do extremely well! Love how easily it is too work with the small LCD screens on my camera and on my phone instead of having too pull my hand out of the gloves every time.”

  • Available colors: 6
  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large

4. The Best Knitted Option

  • Style: convertible mitten
  • Material: 3M Thinsulate, wool, and acrylic

These wool and acrylic convertible mittens are an excellent option if you want the right combination of warmth, functionality, and style. The 3M Thinsulate material helps keep heat in without being too heavy or bulky, and the mittens on each hand can be opened to expose four fingertips. The wrist of these mittens can also be adjusted for an optimal fit, and when you need to expose your fingers, a Velcro patch on these gloves helps keep the mittens open without flapping around as you move. The leather patches on the palm and thumb also give these mittens some texture for a more secure grip on your camera or phone.

One reviewer wrote: “Great glove/mitten for outdoor photography. The leather palm and thumb patch adds extra warmth and grip. I can handle my camera buttons with ease and accessibility. I'll certainly recommend to my fellow photography friends”

  • Available colors: 4
  • Available sizes: Small — Large