The 7 Best Quiet Keyboards For Your Home Or Office

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by Yoona Wagener and Danielle Calma
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Not everyone enjoys the click-clack sound of a keyboard. Luckily, the best quiet keyboards can tackle typing or gaming without getting on your nerves. Quiet keyboards come in three main varieties — membrane-style, chiclet-style, and mechanical. All three can be quiet, but choosing between them requires an understanding of how you’d like your keyboard to feel and how hard you'd like to press the keys. The right keyboard for you will also be designed to fit your typing needs, whether you’re looking for a general-purpose keyboard, one that’s optimized for gaming, or one with an ergonomic design that’s comfortable to use for long periods of time.

What Criteria To Look For

If you prefer soft, rubber keys that don’t require a lot of pressure, a membrane-style keyboard could be for you. This common style contains a layer of rubber beneath the key caps, which are often slightly raised or domed and are usually pretty quiet. If you like really streamlined builds, you might prefer a chiclet-style keyboard (common on most laptops). The keys on a chiclet keyboard have an extremely low profile, so you won’t need to press them down very far. Some find them uncomfortable because there’s very little give to them, but they are typically fairly quiet. On the other end of the spectrum, mechanical keyboards have taller keys that require more pressure and feel springy with each tap. Normally, this causes pronounced clicking sounds, but if you like the bouncy feel of a mechanical keyboard, models with sound-dampening mechanical switches keep the noise to a minimum. That said, even the best quiet mechanical keyboards will likely be louder than other kinds.

Keyboards come in wired or wireless varieties, which means you’ll want to think about whether you’d prefer a keyboard that plugs into your computer or one that connects wirelessly (either via Bluetooth or through a wireless receiver that plugs into a USB port). You’ll also want to think about whether you’re interested in extras such as lighting effects, shortcut buttons, or the ability to program your keyboard and pair it with numerous devices that you can switch between with the tap of a button. A keyboard with a dedicated number pad can also be convenient, but just note that models with this feature tend to be larger and less compact than keyboards without them. Some keyboards come with an included mouse if you need one.

Shop The Best Quiet Keyboards

In a hurry? These are the best quiet keyboards:

  1. A Fan-Favorite Membrane Keyboard: Logitech MK295 Silent Wireless Combo
  2. A Quiet Ergonomic Keyboard With Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Connectivity: Kensington Pro Fit Ergo Wireless Keyboard
  3. The Editor’s Pick: Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard
  4. A Chiclet Wired Keyboard That’s Super Quiet: Kensington Slim Type Wired Keyboard
  5. A Quiet Mechanical/Membrane Hybrid Keyboard: Razer Ornata V2 Gaming Keyboard
  6. A Quiet Chiclet-Style Keyboard With A Trackpad: Arteck 2.4G Wireless Touch Keyboard
  7. A Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Whatever your preferences, these keyboards won’t disturb the peace by making a racket.

1. A Fan-Favorite Membrane Keyboard That’s Virtually Silent


  • Keys are soft but responsive
  • Comes in a convenient set with a mouse


  • The mouse isn’t as quiet as the keyboard, according to reviewers

If you’re looking for a whisper-quiet membrane keyboard, this wireless keyboard and mouse combo is a fan favorite on Amazon with more than 5,200 reviews and a 4.6-star overall rating. This is an updated version of another top-selling, quiet wireless mouse/keyboard combo, the Logitech MK270. Logitech claims that this keyboard produces 90% less noise than the MK270, thanks to its SilentTouch technology, and Amazon reviewers largely seem to agree that it’s astonishingly quiet. Some even suggest that the keyboard is “essentially silent.”

Available in black, this keyboard features spill-proof keys, which include a number keypad and eight different shortcut buttons for quick access to your email, calculator, or volume controls. If you like a tidy desk, this combo helps curb the clutter with its wire-free design. Just plug the small USB receiver into an available USB port in your computer and enjoy instant connectivity for both keyboard and mouse within a convenient almost-33-foot (or 10-meter) wireless range. You also won’t have to fuss with recharging either device, as they both run on batteries that should last for up to 36 months for the keyboard and 18 months for the mouse. This keyboard also has built-in stand legs to adjust its angle and height for personalized comfort.

Positive Amazon review: “In the course of my duties, I key throughout the majority of the work day. Also, I key very quickly. Normal keyboards are quite loud and, as a result, my coworkers were about to kick me out of the building (haha). I am particular about the way a keyboard feels beneath my hands and fingers and this one is very comfortable in addition to being nearly silent. Everyone is now happy!”

Keyboard type: Membrane | Connection: Wireless via USB receiver | Lighting effects: No | Shortcut buttons: Yes | Ability to program keys: No | Number pad: Yes | Mouse included: Yes | Available colors: 1

Also available on: Logitech, $30, and Best Buy, $30

2. A Quiet Ergonomic Keyboard With Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Connectivity


  • Has an ergonomic design
  • Offers two options for wireless usage (Bluetooth or USB receiver)
  • Features power-saving modes to extend battery life


  • Reviewers have noted that the connectivity can sometimes lag

If you struggle with hand cramping or strain from long hours typing, this ergonomic wireless membrane keyboard could alleviate some discomfort. It features a split and sloped design with a generous wrist pad and is designed to keep wrists, hands, and forearms in alignment. If you do a lot of data entry, you’ll also be able to avoid any awkward reaching since this keyboard comes with a number pad, as well as popular keys such as a scroll lock, caps lock, and a row of F function keys for quick shortcuts. The keys are designed to be quiet, and the keyboard is protected by a spill-proof build. Connectivity is also a breeze, whether you choose to use Bluetooth or connect to your computer through the provided wireless USB dongle. You can expect a 26-foot operating range over Bluetooth and 33 feet over the wireless signal. There’s no need to recharge this device, which operates on two AAA batteries that should last for months before requiring a new pair. You can also conserve the battery by switching the keyboard off when you’re not using it, or activate one of its power-saving modes.

Positive Amazon review: “Call me basic, but I personally love the low-key profile of my standard Dell keyboard. Except I was looking for something ergonomic AND quiet AND not overly bulky — I took a risk here because there weren’t many reviews, but I’m glad I did. Keyboard is Bluetooth and exactly the style/quiet I was looking for.”

Keyboard type: Membrane | Connection: Wireless via Bluetooth or USB receiver (up to one device) | Lighting effects: No | Shortcut buttons: Yes | Ability to program keys: No | Number pad: Yes | Mouse included: No | Available colors: 1

Also available on: Walmart, $50, and Best Buy, $55

3. Editor’s Pick: A Quiet Bluetooth Keyboard That Pairs With 3 Devices


  • Can be paired with up to three devices simultaneously
  • Has a compact design
  • Comes in fun colors


  • Isn’t as customizable as some keyboards

Are you interested in a compact keyboard that’s easy to use with multiple devices? This Bluetooth chiclet-style keyboard comes with a stamp of approval from Bustle editor Amy Biggart. It offers a laptop keyboard feel (and, like a laptop keyboard, it doesn’t have noisy keys), but also can be paired with three devices at once. It’s quick and simple to transition between the three by tapping the corresponding buttons, whether you’re connecting to a laptop, smartphone, TV, or tablet. With a super compact footprint of 11 by 4.9 inches, it’s also easy to fit the keyboard on top of a small desk or in a backpack to take it on the go. Rounded keys don’t just look cute, but also mimic the shape of your fingertips and include a handful of configurable keys that you can customize with the Logitech Options companion software.

The keyboard comes in seven different colors, including the fun pale pink pictured above, a traditional white, and a fairly standard gray. And suit any taste it does — more than 14,000 Amazon users have weighed in, giving it an overall rating of 4.7 stars.

Editor’s praise: “I have this Logitech keyboard which I really love. I rarely hear it when I use it — it’s a lot quieter than the keyboard on my laptop, so a great option when I’m working in the same space as other people. I also love that it’s Bluetooth compatible, so I can use it from anywhere in the room.” — Amy Biggart, Bustle editor

Keyboard type: Chiclet | Connection: Wireless via Bluetooth (up to 3 devices) | Lighting effects: No | Shortcut buttons: Yes | Ability to program keys: Yes | Number pad: No | Mouse included: No | Available colors: 7

Also available on: Walmart, $44, Office Depot, $33, and Best Buy, $40

4. A Chiclet Wired Keyboard That’s Super Quiet


  • Wired design is easy to plug in and go
  • Has a slim profile with an adjustable angle


  • Doesn’t offer much in the way of customization

If you prefer the simplicity of a wired keyboard, this slim Kensington keyboard uses a wired USB connection that offers easy plug-and-play use. The device comes with an extra-slim build that resembles a laptop-style keyboard with ultra-quiet, flat keys. But while it might look like a basic option, it comes with a number of convenient features, such as media controls for adjusting the volume and navigating playlists, shortcut buttons for launching email, and a number keypad for quick and easy number crunching. Integrated legs allow you to increase the angle of the keyboard to 30 degrees if you find that more comfortable for typing. And Amazon users love it, giving it an overall 4.5-star rating after more than 1,700 reviews. Best yet, it’s a little over $30.

The keyboard comes in classic black and white options, and if you prefer a wireless version, Kensington also offers a battery-operated variation that lasts up to 15 months and connects to your computer wirelessly through a small USB receiver for a little bit more.

Positive Amazon review: “This is a terrific low-profile keyboard that is wireless. And it’s fairly quiet (though not silent). Very comfortable to use. I recommend it if you are looking for basic features in a solid keyboard. The one feature that I would have liked it to have is a light when the caps lock key is on. This keyboard doesn’t offer that. Otherwise, I’m very pleased.”

Keyboard type: Chiclet | Connection: Wired via USB-C (up to one device) | Lighting effects: No | Shortcut buttons: Yes | Ability to program keys: No | Number pad: Yes | Mouse included: No | Available colors: 2

Also available on: Walmart, $34, and Staples, $32

5. A Quiet Mechanical/Membrane Hybrid Keyboard


  • Has a hybrid mechanical/membrane design
  • Comes with a soft wrist pad that stays in place with magnets
  • Features highly customizable backlit keys


  • Not the quietest option on this list

Combining the tactile satisfaction of mechanical keys with the soft, cushiony feel of a membrane variation, this hybrid keyboard offers the best of both worlds for prolonged typing or gaming. The wired keyboard is replete with a full set of keys, a number pad, along with shortcut buttons that you can program according to your needs. In addition to these, it features media keys and a multi-functional digital dial to quickly turn up or down the volume or adjust brightness settings. The RGB-backlit keys reflect up to 16.8 million different colors, which you can further customize using the Razer software.

While it’s far from silent, many reviewers have agreed that the keyboard is relatively quiet for a keyboard with a mechanical feel. One reviewer described, “The keys are quick to respond and quiet yet still give that mechanical feel, so that no people over voice calls hear his keyboard even with his sensitive microphone.” To keep things comfortable, it has a cushy wrist pad covered in soft leatherette that attaches to the keyboard with magnets.

Positive Amazon review: “The best keyboard I’ve ever used, it has a nice quiet clicking sound when I type, I love the colors when it lights up and overall a good quality.”

Keyboard type: Mechanical/membrane hybrid | Connection: Wired via USB 3 | Lighting effects: Yes | Shortcut buttons: TK | Ability to program keys: Yes | Number pad: Yes | Mouse included: No | Available colors: TK

Also available on: Best Buy, $55

6. A Quiet Chiclet-Style Keyboard With A Trackpad


  • Has a built-in trackpad
  • Is very budget-friendly


  • Reviewers have noted that it’s not ideal for Apple devices

This chiclet-style keyboard offers one feature that others on this list don’t — a trackpad with left and right buttons to replace the need for a mouse. In addition to the trackpad, it offers media and shortcut keys for ease of use. When it comes to the typing experience, multiple Amazon reviewers have proclaimed it’s pleasantly quiet. One reviewer wrote, “The typing on it is very quiet and easy,” while another mentioned that “it’s not totally silent but the keys are not loud.” The keyboard operates wirelessly and you can connect it to a computer, TV, or gaming console with the included USB receiver. As a plus, it has a range of up to 33 feet away. It requires three AAA batteries to operate, and the manufacturer indicates you can use the keyboard for up to six months before having to replace them. One trade off: Some reviewers have noted that the lack of a Command key makes it less than ideal for Apple devices.

Positive Amazon review: “This the perfect keyboard! It is compact and sturdy, whisper quiet, has led lights to indicate caps/num lock as well as a power light, the keys and mousepad are responsive, and it looks sleek and very high end. There is probably more I can add but, everyone should own one of these.”

Keyboard type: Chiclet | Connection: Wireless via USB receiver (up to one device) | Lighting effects: No | Shortcut buttons: Yes | Ability to program keys: No | Number pad: No | Mouse included: No, but trackpad is included | Available colors: 1

7. A Mechanical Gaming Keyboard That’s Relatively Quiet


  • Mechanical keyboard with a tactile feel
  • Is hugely customizable


  • The priciest option on this list

This mechanical keyboard offers the springy experience of a traditional gaming keyboard with a bit less noise. Those new to mechanical keyboards could still find this louder than other types of keyboard, but for a mechanical keyboard, this model with brown switches does have quieter keys, according to many happy Amazon reviewers.

Beyond that springy feel and quieter volume, the keyboard also has a number of helpful features, including easy customizability. Utilize the companion software to play with backlighting effects and reprogram keys. Other perks for quick access while working or gaming include a number keypad and media control buttons to navigate playlists or control volume levels with a quick tap. This keyboard also comes with a removable wrist pad, which could be useful for comfort during long periods of use, and connects to your computer via a wire that plugs into your USB drive.

Positive Amazon review: “Very good ergonomics with wrist pad, that was very important as I am using it for work and gaming. Brown switches are my preferred for good balance between typing and gaming, I like that tactile feedback without being clicky. Nice media controls to change the volume and skip, pause.”

Keyboard type: Mechanical | Connection: Wired via USB-C | Lighting effects: Yes | Shortcut buttons: Yes | Ability to program keys: Yes | Number pad: Yes | Mouse included: No | Available colors: 1

Also available on: Walmart, $182

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