The 8 Best Wireless Keyboards With Number Pads

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If you want to streamline your desk and ditch messy cords, a full-size wireless keyboard is a great choice. The best wireless keyboards with number pads connect easily to your computer via Bluetooth or radio frequency, offer a long battery life, and come in a range of styles and colors. Whether you want basic and budget-friendly or a unique design — like a keyboard that looks like a vintage typewriter — there’s sure to be one that’s right for you and your needs.

When shopping for a wireless keyboard, you’ll find options that connect to your computer via Bluetooth, 2.4-gigahertz radio frequency (RF), or both. Bluetooth keyboards will connect to your Bluetooth-enabled computer, tablet, and other devices and offer an average range of 30 feet. However, you may notice more of a typing lag compared with RF keyboards, which connect to your computer via a USB dongle. But that also leads to a potential downside with RF options: Your device needs to have a USB port in order to connect to the keyboard. Still, RF keyboards offer a stable connection with a range equal to or greater than Bluetooth. Finally, for the most flexibility, you might want a keyboard that connects via Bluetooth and RF.

The keyboard's power source is another factor worth considering. Many wireless keyboards have a built-in rechargeable battery that can be plugged in for charging, and for wired use when connected to a device. However, keyboards with rechargeable batteries tend to be more expensive up front than ones that use alkaline batteries — though you’ll need to keep replacing the alkaline batteries as they run out. Another option: A solar-powered keyboard that charges using any light source.

Finally, the feel of the keyboard is important and ultimately comes down to preference. If you are used to working on laptops, you might want a membrane keyboard that offers quieter typing and tends to be more affordable. On the other hand, mechanical keyboards provide more clicky feedback that some people prefer for gaming and faster typing — but they may cost more and be less compact.

Keeping all that in mind, scroll on for the best wireless keyboards with number pads that work whether you’re team Windows, Mac, Linux, or even Chrome and Android.

1. The Fan-Favorite Keyboard With 14,000+ 5-Star Reviews

  • Connection: RF
  • Keyboard type: Membrane
  • Compatibility: Windows

This ultra-slim, stainless steel keyboard is lightweight, durable, and under $30 — so it’s no surprise it has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. The RF keyboard connects to your computer using the included nano USB receiver, allowing you to easily plug and play. This keyboard features a USB-rechargeable battery that, according to the brand, will last up to six months per charge when used for two hours a day. This full-size membrane keyboard utilizes low-profile keys for quiet typing, and in addition to a number pad, it has media controls and Windows hot keys. Though the keyboard layout is designed for Windows, it will also work with Mac operating systems, according to reviewers.

One positive review: “The battery life on this keyboard is incredible! I use it a little every day and I charge it once a month... and that's just because it's easy to do. I have yet to run the battery dead. It is extremely light weight and very sensitive. Typing on it is almost too easy! It is compact and fits nicely into a backpack along with the laptop. For as lightweight as it is, it is built very well.”

2. The Best For Gaming

  • Connection: Bluetooth, RF, or wired via USB-C cable
  • Keyboard type: Mechanical
  • Compatibility: Windows

Featuring responsive, clicky keys, this RGB-lit mechanical keyboard is designed for gaming and typing. The keyboard can connect to your computer in three different ways: wirelessly via Bluetooth or RF, or wired via the included USB-C cable, which is also used for charging. The keyboard also includes media controls so you can quickly adjust volume, brightness, and more. This keyboard is PC-compatible and comes with a plush wrist rest for long work or gaming sessions. If you prefer quieter typing, you might like the brand’s silent keyboard instead.

One positive review: “I am very happy with this keyboard, I now use it as my one and only desktop keyboard. It is expensive, but if you want an excellent mechanical keyboard that gives you the freedom to use it wirelessly, USB, and bluetooth but without having to make any compromises, then this is one of the best choices available.”

3. The Best Budget Wireless Keyboard

  • Connection: RF
  • Keyboard type: Mechanical
  • Compatibility: Windows, Chrome

This budget-friendly wireless keyboard uses one AAA battery and it comes with a battery included. Using RF technology, the keyboard connects to your computer via a USB dongle. This keyboard offers a full number pad, 13 shortcut keys, and LED indicators for number lock, caps lock, and battery life. While this keyboard is primarily designed for Windows PC and Chrome operating systems, it can also be used for MacBooks, according to the brand.

One positive review: “This keyboard is fantastic! I am a heavy keyboard user and have had zero issues with this one. The slight indentions on the keys are comfortable for the finger tips. The key response feels snappy and clean. (No chatter like you find in mechanical keyboards.) The small form factor leaves plenty of room on the desk for other objects. It is very lightweight, but doesn't feel cheap.”

4. This Colorful Bluetooth Keyboard

  • Connection: Bluetooth
  • Keyboard type: Mechanical
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android

Want a pop of color in your workspace? This rainbow pastel keyboard comes in six eye-catching styles. Using Bluetooth technology, this keyboard connects to your device without needing to plug in a separate USB receiver. This keyboard features retro, rounded clicky key caps and has a universal design that’s compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. Despite its compact design, it includes a full number pad, media control keys, and keys that allow you to cycle through three connected Bluetooth devices. According to reviewers, it requires two AAA batteries (not included).

One positive review: “I was looking for a unique Bluetooth keyboard to use for my new iPad and I love this one! The keys are smaller and take a little bit of getting used to, but they make a very satisfying clacking noise when used. It takes 2 AAA batteries, which I prefer rather than having to remember charging yet ANOTHER device.”

5. This Popular Pick With Automatic Backlighting

  • Connection: Bluetooth, RF, or wired with USB-C cable
  • Keyboard type: Membrane
  • Compatibility: Windows, Linux, Chrome, Mac, Android

This widely compatible keyboard works with a variety of operating systems and connects to devices wirelessly through Bluetooth or RF technology — or you can plug into your device using the included USB-C cable and keep typing while the keyboard charges. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to 10 days with backlighting turned on, or up to five months with the backlighting turned off. The keys are low-profile with a rounded dish design that contours to your fingertips. But perhaps the best feature? The keyboard’s illumination can automatically turn on when it senses your hands and adjust based on the room’s lighting, helping you type comfortably and conserving battery life at the same time.

One positive review: “I absolutely LOVE the backlighting. Logitech nailed this on the head. The backlight is a nice color, there's a variety of brightness options to choose from, and light bleed is kept to a minimum. The light turns off after about 5 seconds of inactivity, but you don't have to start typing again for the light to come on. You can move the mouse, or even just hover your hands above the keyboard, and the backlight will be on before you can even start typing. This implementation alone makes this keyboard worth its price.”

6. A Rechargeable Keyboard & Mouse Combo

  • Connection: RF
  • Keyboard type: Membrane
  • Compatibility: Windows

If you’re looking to make your workspace more wireless, this rechargeable keyboard and mouse combo would be a great addition. The keyboard features low-profile keys for nearly silent typing and includes numerous hot keys, navigation keys, and a full number pad. The included mouse also features silent clicking and three levels of adjustable sensitivity. Both the keyboard and mouse use the same USB receiver to connect to your computer, so you’ll only have to use one port. Plus, both items can be charged using the included cable and will offer up to one month of use on a full battery. There’s also an automatic sleep mode to help preserve battery life.

You can choose from four colors, including dark gray and gold. And while this product is designed for Windows, reviewers report it also works with Mac operating systems. If you’re looking for a set that’s designed for Mac, you might like this Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

One positive review: “i am extremely happy with this keyboard and mouse! i purchased about a month ago and use it at work. easy to set up, simply plug in the usb and you’re good to go. the keyboard is comfortable to type on and the mouse fits comfortably in my hand. both are pretty quiet in comparison to other keyboards/mouses i have used in the past.”

7. The Splurge That Looks Like A Vintage Typewriter

  • Connection: Bluetooth, USB
  • Keyboard type: Mechanical
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac

Inspired by vintage typewriters, this retro-style keyboard features a genuine wood surface, aluminum alloy frame, and backlit, round key caps that create a clicky sound as you type. The full-sized keyboard also has a switch so you can toggle between Mac and Windows, too. It offers versatile connectivity through Bluetooth or the included USB-C cable, which is also used for charging. The average battery life is over a month, according to the brand. Also great: You can adjust the rear feet to get the angle just right. The keyboard comes in three colors, and there’s also a keyboard and mouse set available.

One positive review: “This keyboard really is as GORGEOUS as it looks in photos! The metal trim is real metal. The leather is real leather. [...] I have a steampunk-themed office space, and this keyboard could not be more perfect for it! The clicky mechanics of the keys have a satisfying amount of action and sound, without being too loud - a nice middle ground as mechanical keyboards go.”

8. The Best Solar-Powered Keyboard

  • Connection: RF
  • Keyboard type: Membrane
  • Compatibility: Windows

With this solar-powered keyboard, you’ll never need to worry about USB plugs or batteries — just leave it in sunlight or artificial light to recharge. Once fully charged, the battery can last for up to six months if you use it for two hours a day. This keyboard connects to your computer using RF technology and features low-profile keys for quiet typing. It’s designed for Windows but also works with Mac systems, according to reviewers.

One positive review: “Has a sturdy feel overall and noticeable and appreciated 'resistence' on key press [...] Came charged and no sign of discharge after a week or so. I have limited light in my work space and seems to be re-charging from lamp and a little window light just fine.”