The 4 Best Robot Mops, According To Amazon Reviewers

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Best Robot Mop

While the market is flooded with robotic vacuums, robotic mops are few and far between — and the best robot mops are practically unicorns. Luckily, Amazon has a handful of well-reviewed options, so you can wet-clean your hard floors without all the elbow grease. Which one is right for you though? It really all comes down to your intended price point and desired features.

Most robot mops start at around $200 and can get as high as $600, so the right pick for you will largely depend on your budget. According to reviewers, there are quality mopping robots at a lower price-point which get the job done just fine — so long as you’re just looking for something that cleans while it moves, and that’s about it.

As the price tag goes up, the technology advances: Higher-end models have larger water tanks, advanced sensors for automatic navigation, self-charging capabilities, and compatibility with your favorite devices like your smartphone or Amazon’s Alexa. Some are even capable of both vacuuming and mopping, so your chores are as simple and as low-maintenance as possible (and you’re essentially getting two devices in one).

Here are four of the most highly rated robot mops on Amazon, whether you’re looking for a basic unit or a smart unit with all the bells and whistles.

1. The Overall Best Robot Mop

There are several features that make the ILIFE Shinebot a great all-around option: Its extra-large water tank makes it efficient, and it tackles messes in four steps (spray, scrub, suction, and scrape) to leave your floor clean. Plus, it keeps the dirty water separate from the clean water for easier disposal. It also has a sensor that scans every room to avoid repeat cleanings. There are even multiple modes. Finally, its Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to monitor, control, adjust water output, check the cleaning history, and change the travel speed, all from your phone. You get all of these features for a mid-level price point, which explains the hundreds of rave reviews.

One reviewer wrote: “Best mop ever. [...] This product doesn't just randomly bounce off walls, it cleans with a purpose. The battery life is two times that of the Scooba and there are not little water spots for me to dry afterward.”

2. The Best Budget Robot Mop

Despite the fact that it costs less than $200, reviewers are pretty happy with the iRobot Braava robot mop, with more than 4,500 giving it a perfect five-star rating. It uses powerful jet sprays and a vibrating cleaning head to not only tackle new spills, but caked-on dirt and older stains, too. It also navigates around objects and automatically switches cleaning modes depending on the pad you’re using: the wet mopping pad, the damp mopping pad, and the dry sweeping pad. (Since all of them are disposable and replaceable, you can eject them into the trash at the press of a button so you’ll never even have to touch the dirt.) Finally, you can create an invisible boundary with the Virtual Wall Mode in the app, which keeps the Braava inside certain rooms.

One reviewer wrote: “I'm very happy with this product, especially for the price. While it's not powerful enough to remove DEEP grime, it's ideal for day-to-day floor cleaning. I was concerned the device would be overly complicated and not user-friendly, but it's actually quite easy to use.”

3. The Simplest To Use

For some, Wi-Fi connectivity, phone apps, and ample settings aren’t assets — they’re inconveniences. In that case, there’s the Samsung Electronics Jetbot robotic cleaner which you can control with a remote. It’s designed to make your life easier without all the tech bells and whistles. Yes, it has automatic sensors that avoid obstacles while navigating your home, but otherwise, it’s pretty straightforward: Dual microfiber pads spin to remove build-up on tile, vinyl, laminate, and hardwood, while its extra-large water tank can run for up to 50 minutes at a time. Thanks to the built-in handle, you can even pick it up for manual cleaning on floors and walls.

One reviewer wrote: “So easy to use. Takes me just a couple of minutes to set it up and get it going, and then I walk away until it's done.”

4. The Best Robot Mop & Vacuum Combo

The Roborock S6 is the ultimate set-it-and-forget-it machine. Why? First, it uses super strong suction to vacuum on both hard floors and carpets, and it uses smart navigation to clean the room efficiently. After that, just snap on the mop attachment, and it’ll get your floors sparkling clean. Using the app, you can set schedules, clean specific rooms, set no-go zones, and even customize the water flow. When it’s done or if it needs more juice mid-job, it’ll automatically return to its charging dock. Last but not least, since it’s Alexa-compatible, you can start your chores from the couch simply by saying, “Alexa, ask Roborock to start cleaning.”

One reviewer wrote: “This is THE vacuum to beat. I currently have a roomba vacuum and mop in addition to this. It blows it away. The Lidar techno’s amazing and the suction and ease in cleaning is so simple. [...] So happy with this purchase!”