These Highly Effective Robot Mops Are The Key To Hands-Free Cleaning

Some people genuinely enjoy cleaning, but if you're not one of those people, the best mopping robots exist to make it 100 percent possible to kick that irksome chore to the curb. Why drag around a mop and a soapy-water-filled bucket if you don't have to?

Robot mop technology just keeps improving, getting more innovative and reliable each year. If you still have memories of robotic cleaners from a few years back — the ones that sort of cleaned (but not thoroughly) — it's time to give these modern day helpers another chance.

Many of today's robotic mops are designed to deliver damp mopping that's safe for all floor types, from tile and vinyl to hardwood. Some deliver a full-on jet stream, while others rely solely on microfiber cloths and the small, steady application of water from an internal water tank. Most of them also perform some light sweeping like the best dust mops to get rid of minor debris. And yes, advanced hybrids that double as vacuum for pet hair are also a thing. Just let the robots handle it all, why don't you!

Depending on your budget, the size of your home, and the features you need, here are my picks for the three top robot mops worth considering.


The Overall Best Robot Mop For Most Homes

This robot mop from iRobot is the best overall, because it's easy to use, compatible with all floor types, and so much more. It boasts a large, long-lasting battery that takes just two hours to fully charge. And when it's in cleaning mode? It takes care of 1,000 square feet per cycle. Just attach a reusable microfiber cleaning cloth to the mop's magnetic design, choose between damp mopping or dry sweeping, and let the robot technology take care of the rest. Unlike true hybrids, however, don't expect this model to be able to vacuum large messes — it just sweeps. This one also has a front rubber bumper to protect your furniture as well as a "Quick Clean" mode for simple daily upkeep.


A More Affordable Robot Mop That's Best For Small Spaces

From the same iRobot brand featured above comes this more compact, more affordable $169 option with a unique design that's perfect for small spaces or apartments. Unlike the best overall option — which uses microfiber cloths to do its mopping — this one delivers a jet stream onto your floor and uses versatile cleaning pads scrub away grime. Its vibrating cleaning head is meant to tackle stains and caked-on messes, but reviewers warn that it has its limitations: You will still need to manually clean up bad spills. Sadly, it doesn't have a bumper to protect furniture, but it's "smart" enough not to spray cleaning fluid on furniture. It has three pad options (wet mopping, damp sweeping, and dry sweeping), and the robot technology automatically selects your desired cleaning mode depending on the type of pad you insert. Similar to the pick above, its sweeping mode isn't powerful enough for it to be considered a vacuum, but you can't beat the price for daily upkeep!


An Investment-Worthy Hybrid Robot Mop That's Also A Vacuum

If you're looking for a hybrid vacuum and robot mop with fancy, advanced features strong enough to tackle tough pet hair, bObsweep's PetHair Plus is the way to go. It self charges, and you can set it to start cleaning whenever you want — but the specs don't end there. Though it doesn't have a physical furniture blocker, this one actually has programmable digital blockers you can set around furniture or other areas you don't want cleaned. Its digital face even lets you know (with actual words) when you need to empty the 1-liter dustbin, so there’s no guesswork involved. The hybrid nature of this machine, which works on all floor types FYI, makes it a vacuum first and a mop second. However, it comes with all the attachments you need to make mopping a breeze including compatible microfiber cloths.

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