The 17 Best Running Accessories, According To Avid Runners

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best running accessories

If you or someone in your life is an avid runner, you know that the right gear can make the difference between an endorphin-pumping workout or a run that just never finds its wings. From foam rollers to fitness trackers to no-bounce sunglasses, the best running accessories can make workouts more fun, comfortable, and safe. And on Amazon, you’ve got a ton of options to help you along the way.

This list runs the gamut, so you’ll find a range of items that can help you with every phase of your training. For example, a foam roller and massage ball will help warm up your muscles before you lace up, and they’ll likewise help stimulate myofascial release to speed up recovery once you call it a day. And since devoted runners get out in all conditions, you’ll find reflective bands to make you visible in low-light conditions, a ventilated cap with UPF protection to shield you from UV rays, and no-bounce, slip-resistant sunglasses for sunny days. And of course, there are tools to keep you strong and motivated, like sweat-proof earbuds that are runner-approved and electrolyte tablets that replace any minerals lost through sweating.

Whether you’re gearing up for a marathon, or training for your first 5K, these are the best running accessories on Amazon that’ll help you reach the top of your game.

1. A Running Belt To Hold Valuables

To keep valuables like your phone, keys, or cash on hand while you run, check out this fitness belt from FlipBelt. It’s made from a sweat-wicking fabric to keep you dry, and the smooth design is meant to sit securely at the waist to prevent bouncing or chafing. The stretchy belt comes in a variety of sizes and has no clips or buckles that might otherwise irritate skin. The large single pocket can be accessed via multiple slits, making it easy to stash small items. It comes in 13 colors, multiple sizes, and is machine-washable for easy care.

Helpful review: “Love this for running! Fits my phone, keys, and a small amount of money (cards/cash) no problem! I've used it on runs up to 8 mi. and will be training for a half marathon this spring. Interesting to see how it works on those longer runs but I expect that it will be the same.”

  • Available sizes: XX-Small — XX-Large

2. These Popular Earbuds With 135,000 Reviews

TOZO’s earbuds boast a 4.5-star overall rating after more than 135,000 reviews, and for good reason. They’re IPX8 waterproof, which means you can wear them in the rain or during especially sweaty runs, and the Bluetooth 5.0 technology provides zero-lag stereo sound for reliable listening. When fully charged, the earbuds offer six hours of play time, and when stored in the protective charging case, you’ll get an additional 24. The inline controls let you play, pause, adjust volume, skip tracks, and answer calls — all without having to reach for your phone, which means fewer mid-run interruptions. These buds are lightweight, ergonomically designed, and comfortable to wear thanks to the silicone ear tips.

Helpful review: “Great for running!! Stay in ears for long runs. Great sound quality and noise cancellation. Quick and easy to use controls.”

3. An Adjustable Smartphone Arm Band

If you don’t like the feeling of your smartphone in a pocket while you run, this adjustable Velcro armband gives it a secure spot that’s within reach — and it’s earned more than 27,000 perfect five-star ratings on Amazon. The water-resistant design helps protect your device from rain and sweat, and the clear window is touch screen sensitive, so you can still check texts, play music, and more. A bonus key pocket provides discreet storage, while a reflective band keeps you visible in low light. This armband comes in 11 colors and a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for your phone.

Helpful review: “This armband fits my iPhone X perfectly, holds it securely and fits my small arm perfectly. It doesn't bounce around when I exercise.”

  • Available sizes: Small — Large (consult product page for phone compatibility)

4. This Body Balm To Prevent Chafing

Friction plus sweating equals serious discomfort, but Body Glide’s anti-chafe balm can be applied between the legs and under the arms — or any other part of your body — to reduce rubbing while you move. The plant-based, vegan-approved formula is allergen-free, and since it doesn’t clog pores, your body can still sweat freely. The formula comes in a mini deodorant-style applicator that’s small enough to be tucked into a pocket or waist belt.

Helpful review: “This stuff really does work wonders. I used it for running a marathon and several half marathons, and not once did i chafe anywhere. Apply to all areas of the body for long runs and you will feel the difference. No blisters, no sore nipples, no sore "other" areas. Excellent product.”

5. A Foam Roller For Warming Up Muscles

This foam roller is a great tool for warming up muscles before running, and it can also be used to trigger myofascial release to help speed up post-run recovery. This medium-density roller has triple-grid 3-D massage zones that mimic the palm, fingers, and thumb of a massage therapist, working to stimulate deep muscle relief and promote blood flow. The compact 12.75-by-5.5-inch design is small enough to fit in a backpack, and is offered in 14 colors. Use this roller on your feet, calves, hamstrings, and back.

Helpful review: “Works great for me! I have tight hamstrings and have a hard time loosening up before a run and now I have incorporated this roller into my pre run routine and it really helps!”

6. These High-Visibility Bands For Low-Light Running

These high-visibility reflective bands help motorists to see you from up to 800 feet away when you’re running at night or in other low-light conditions. The set includes a stretchy, adjustable belt for use around the waist or chest, and two small Velcro straps that can be worn on the wrists, arms, or ankles.

Helpful review: “I run marathon distances and often have to do runs early morning and after work. [...] The velcro fabric straps are exactly what I was looking for... lightweight comfortable highly reflective and bright and durable. I put them around my ankles and never get any chafing.”

7. A Spiky Massage Ball To Relieve Foot Tension

Master of Muscles’ massage ball is made from durable rubber with spikes along the surface, and can be used to warm up feet or work out tightness and soreness. The firm, porcupine-like spikes won’t bend under weight, and the ball can be used on the floor or against a wall. To get the most from the ball, an e-book with massage techniques is available for free download.

Helpful review: “My doc recommended after I was having some heel and arch pain after I started running. I'm so glad he did. Pain is gone and I can run farther and faster. Like a foam roller for your foot.”

8. The Ventilated Running Hat With UV Protection

This sports hat is made with UPF-50 fabric to protect your head from UV rays, along with a reflective trim on the brim that provides visibility in low-light situations. It’s breathable and lightweight, and the Velcro strap at the back can be adjusted to fit a range of head sizes. The brim has a three-panel design, which means the entire cap can be folded up for storage in a pocket or backpack. It comes in six colors and can be washed by hand after sweaty workouts.

Helpful review: “I wore it for a run in a hot weather. No sunburns and good ventilation. Keeps the sweat away from the eyes and dries fast. Highly recommended for high temperature runs.”

9. The Fitbit With Built-In GPS & Spotify

Fitbit makes a variety of fitness trackers, and their Charge HR model has a few features that make it a great pick for runners. The built-in GPS allows for accurate tracking of pace and mileage, and a heart rate monitor tracks stats 24/7. You can set movement and heart rate goals using the Fitbit app and program the tracker to vibrate when you reach your goal, so you can train within specific zones. Beyond running, the swim-proof tracker has 20+ goal-based exercise modes, a sleep monitoring feature, and built-in Spotify app controls (although you’ll need a Spotify Premium subscription to use that feature).

With a battery life of up to seven days, you can wear it continuously and track health specs at various points of your day. The Charge HR is available in three colors and comes with two straps, so you’ll be able to find a comfortable fit.

Helpful review: “Amazing! More than expected. Mapping my running routes helps me keep track of my favorite runs. I’m more rested thanks to tips from sleep tracker. This is worth more than I paid!”

10. A Pair Of Fan-Favorite Compression Socks

An Australian study found that wearing compression socks may help improve performance, likely because they increase the delivery of oxygen to your muscles, promote blood flow, and help remove lactic acid. These compression socks from Physix Gear are a highly rated pair that’s earned an overall 4.5-star rating after 60,000 reviews. They’re made with moisture-wicking, breathable material that won’t cause hot spots or blistering on feet, and they offer targeted foot-to-calf support. The socks are available in three sizes and 10 colorways so you can customize your look.

Helpful review: “If you are running a lot of miles while training for a marathon these are the go to socks for your longer runs. Your calves especially will thank you after the run. Plus your recovery after is so much faster! They are definitely an important part of my running gear when I am putting on the miles!”

11. The Cult-Favorite Sunglasses Designed For Running

The OG sunglasses by goodr are specifically built for running, and they boast a no-bounce and anti-slip design, so they’ll stay put no matter the terrain or amount of sweat. The featherweight frames will feel light on your face, and the special grip coating provides a snug but comfortable fit. The lenses offer UV 400 protection, and they’re polarized to reduce glare. Choose from two frame colors and two lens colors.

Helpful review: “Hands-down my favorite running glasses they don’t fog up, don’t leave a mark on my nose, and no bounce when running [...] I wear these for all my races and training!”

12. A Hydration Belt To Keep You Going

This hydration belt from G-Run comes with two 10-ounce BPA-free water bottles, as well as an 8-inch storage pouch for stashing other items, like a smartphone, keys, or ID. There are also two small interior pockets, plus a cutout for threading through headphone cords. The belt can be adjusted to fit waists between 30 and 40 inches, and it’s backed with gripping silicone beads to prevent bouncing and shifting when you’re in motion. Bonus side loops on the belt can be used to hold running gel, sunblock, or anything else you want to keep within reach. Just keep in mind: You’ll have to be prepared to run with a little more heft (not necessarily a drawback if you’re looking for a more challenging workout).

Helpful review: “I was struggling to come up with a solution to my hydration needs while running long distances. I tried carrying a bottle of sports drink but that got old - juggling from hand to hand. This belt was a perfect solution. It may not work for everyone given their running style, but I adapted to the extra weight of the liquid (2-10 oz. bottles). It's nice to have the pocket(s) for additional items needed on my run. Fits great and is easy to adjust.”

13. The Electrolyte Tablets That Replenish Minerals

Nuun’s electrolyte tablets can help you hydrate and replenish minerals and electrolytes lost through perspiration, and they’re a great solution if you don’t want to carry a water bottle and a sports drink. The vegan, non-GMO tablets dissolve quickly in water, and they come in nine fruity flavors.

Helpful review: “I use this on all my long runs. I burn through salt like mad and this saves me every time! Watermelon and Tropical are the best flavors! Tastes good without overpowering flavor.”

14. These Moisture-Wicking Headbands That Keep Hair Out Of Your Face

Keep your hair and sweat out of your eyes with these unisex headbands from Dasuta. Made with spandex for a snug fit, the headbands have a back strap that stretches to fit a variety of head sizes. The antimicrobial material wicks sweat, and can be washed by hand to keep them fresh. The colorful bundle of 10 has a headband to match any outfit, or to give as a gift to a fellow runner or athlete.

Helpful review: “I bought these to use while running. I love them. They stay [up] and keep my hair out of my face.”

15. Some Biodegradable Body Wipes For A Post-Run Refresh

[^Same tiny note here for product card name: (10-Count)]

These individually wrapped biodegradable body wipes from Goodwipes can be stashed in a pocket, waist belt, or sports bra for a quick refresh during or after runs. The extra-large 9.5-by-11.5-inch design provides a lot of coverage, so you can clean yourself head to toe with one single wipe. The 99% plant-based formula contains tea tree and peppermint essential oils along with moisturizing aloe. The best part? The calming lavender scent will help you wind down after a run.

Helpful review: “The scent is light and the wipes are large enough for a full body once over. I use these after a workout or run outside when I can't get to a shower immediately. They definitely make you feel refreshed!”

16. An ID Wristband With Medical Info

If you’d rather not carry your ID while you run, this nylon identification band can be customized to display your name, emergency contact, insurance information, and any relevant medical or allergy-related details. Helpful in the event of any emergency, it comes in three sizes and has a a bonus elastic strap on the back of the band that can be used to hold a small gel pack or wipe.

Helpful review: “Great product.Easy to customize on the Amazon site. Anyone who runs alone at times should have one of these.”

  • Available sizes: 3

17. A Training Guide That Reviewers Swear By

Whether you’re new to running, or want to improve your pace, Matt Fitzgerald’s 80/20 Running details his proven training method that helps runners improve their endurance and speed. The book includes training plans with calendars and daily workouts, as well as guidance from Fitzgerald, who is a running and triathlon coach and certified sports nutritionist.

Helpful review: “I’ve only been running for a year, but I’m very a very competitive person. I ran a 5k and kept increasing my distance to a half marathon. After that, I wanted to get faster. Embarked on a high intensity program and kept picking up new injuries. Finally found this book, and I’ve shaved 2 minutes off my fastest 5k time with no new injuries.”