The 6 Best Shower Heads For Hard Water

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It may be difficult to describe the sensation, but if you've ever showered in hard water, you'll know it. Hard water contains more calcium and magnesium than soft water and it can make it a royal pain to remove shampoo/soap — which is why finding the best shower heads for hard water is especially important.

Because of all of the minerals found in hard water, the effect it can have on your skin is far from pleasant. It takes more effort to rid your skin of soap, which means there's a greater chance that residue will be left behind after your shower. Of course, all of that nasty, scummy soap residue can actually clog your pores and lead to pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. Who would have thought water could make you breakout?

And there's more. It's entirely possible that the minerals in hard water will strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry and itchy. All of these impurities in the water can also form free radicals that can add to skin damage. All this from taking a shower — say it ain't so!

So, now that we have all of the sad facts about hard water and our skin, here's what we can do about it: purchase a water softener for the home and/or — a much cheaper, and more immediately gratifying solution: install one of these amazing shower heads that filters out minerals and impurities in hard water.


A Shower Head With Five Spray Settings

This best-selling massage shower head offers five spray settings and successfully filters out sulfur, chlorine, and scale for a total of 10,000 gallons of water or roughly six months before the filter will need to be replaced. It even has a patented filter media bacteriostatic that controls the passing of bacteria in your water (which can make you rest easier while you're enjoying a long, luxurious hot shower). This is a highly rated pick with a 4.4-star rating and more than 5,000 reviews on Amazon.

According to one reviewer: “I've been using the new shower head for a week now. I'm already noticing benefits. I'm using less shampoo and soap because they now lather as they should. The skin on my face isn't as dry and I'm already using less moisturizer post-shower. The water pressure is amazing. I actually feel clean when I get out of my shower.”


A Multi-Layered Filtered Pick With Colorful Stones

The stones in this filter handheld shower head don't just look interesting — they actually work to help reduce chlorine and other chemicals from drying out your skin and hair. It comes with three spray settings that include rainfall, massage, and jetting and can save water by up to 30%. This pick is incredibly popular, with more than 21,000 reviews on Amazon.

According to one reviewer: “I had about 25% of the hair loss as I did from using the old shower head!!! Not to mention how much more clean and pure the water felt and smelled! I will absolutely never shower again with our house water, I NEED this shower head in my life. The beads also last quite a long time. However, my old one, I didn't replace them often enough, and I noticed small particles of the beads were breaking off and starting to clog the holes. So I would say change them every 3-6 months.”


The Filtered Shower Head That Focuses On Chlorine

If chlorine is your specific concern, this filtered shower head removes 80 to 90% of chlorine and other dissolved solids that include lead. It has three spray settings and, thanks to its Micro-Hole Technology, will enhance your water pressure so that you may actually end up saving money on your water bill. Your skin and hair will look and feel softer and your wallet will be fatter — cheers to that. It offers three spray modes: massage, rain, and combo.

According to one reviewer: “We just moved to a rental while we are building a home, and the water here is chlorinated and hard. My skin has been itchy, and my hair has been brittle ever since we moved in, and I wanted to find some relief as soon as possible. [...] I love the increased pressure, the ease of switching between the three different flows (just press the rocker switch, no more fumbling to turn a ring with slippery hands), and the softer water feels great, and my skin and hair don't itch anymore.”


A Shower Filter System That Uses Coconut Shells

This shower filter system with adjustable shower head easily attaches to your shower pipe and uses natural coconut shell and patented copper/zinc media to filter out over 90% of chlorine and other synthetic chemicals from shower water. It produces 2.5 gallons per minute of filtered water and only needs to be changed twice a year. It has multiple massage settings and has earned more than 2,000 reviews.

According to one reviewer: “I got this shower filter because of all the minerals we have in our water — I already have a water softener but wanted to filter out the smell of chorine and have purer water for showers. [...] Although our water is safe, we have a lot of lime and the water is highly chlorinated with other chemicals and minerals occurring naturally. I feel like my hair and body gets a cleaner wash and my hair is softer and I have filtered out some things that I don't want.”


The Shower Head With Aroma And Vitamin C Filters

Not only does this filtered shower head remove impurities from water like chlorine, chloramine, and sediments, but it gives back in a big way with features such as a vitamin C cartridge that includes tourmaline balls to help improve the condition of hair, skin, and nails. It even comes with three aroma filter cartridges in lavender, jasmine, and rose to give off a soothing scent and make your shower seem more like a spa. The high-pressure handheld shower head is made from stainless steel and plastic and comes with a 60-foot hose.

According to one reviewer: “I have been fighting with my well water for nearly 20 years, I hate what is has done to my hair & skin. I force my husband to change the filter on the water system twice as often as suggested, and I have tried all kinds of water filters on my shower. NOTHING HELPED. I only just installed this, and washed my hair once and I already see a difference!!! My hair has so much body, its softer. The water presser of this small but mighty shower head is nothing short of amazing.”


A Rainfall Shower Head With 15 Filtration Stages

This filtered shower head stands out among the rest because of its luxurious six-inch rainfall head in rust-resistant stainless steel, which consists of 60 silicon nozzles so you can be sure it delivers a pleasurable spa-like shower experience. But it doesn’t cut corners when it comes to filtration, either. The pick comes with a replaceable filter cartridge that reduces minerals and sediments in water and its swivel ball connector easily allows you to adjust it to any angle. It comes in chrome or black and has a high 4.6-star rating.

According to one reviewer: “I live in Florida in an apartment and the water is EXTREMELY HARD! My hair is completely dry and brittle. I felt helpless until I did research. Came across this beauty and I love it!! My skin feels soft again my hair is looking healthy and pretty again!! Will definitely be ordering again when it is time. Also comes with filter replacements! Oh and the pressure is everything!”