The 7 Best Solar Fence Lights

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If you want to illuminate the space along your home’s fencing, solar fence lights offer a low-maintenance, budget-conscious way to do just that. Typically sold in multi-piece sets, the best solar fence lights are water-resistant and offer up to 10 hours of cool or warm white light. Some have motion-sensor settings and others have design features that upgrade the aesthetic of your outdoor space.

First, it may be obvious, but solar lights for fence panels require sunlight to charge, so install them in a sunny spot where the integrated solar panels can be positioned toward the sun. While any amount of daylight will do, the longer and more direct the sunlight a solar panel receives, the brighter the lights will be at night, and the longer the illumination will last. Also, solar lights are generally built to automatically turn off during daylight hours, and on again when night falls, but to save energy, you can opt for lights with motion-sensor settings, so they only turn on when they detect movement. More sophisticated solar fence lights will have multiple modes, and in some cases, colored LEDs for a fun atmosphere.

The brightness of the options on this list vary from 3 lumens — which will offer a very soft and subtle glow that’ll add ambiance to your outdoor space — all the way up to 400 lumens, which will add major visibility and security around your home.

Last, since the lights will be outdoors, look for dust- water-resistant options, as these will be the most durable when exposed to the elements. This resistance is measured in ingress protection — or IP ratings. Most of the options on this list are IP65, which means they’re fully dust-proof and can withstand a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray, although one option is rated IP44, a lower grade which means it’s relatively dust-resistant and can withstand water splashes. Whether you’re looking for a basic option that’ll help you see in the dark or something that makes a design statement in your yard, these are the best solar fence lights.

1. The Overall Best Solar Fence Lights

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  • Brightness: not listed
  • Dimensions: 4 x 3 inches, according to a reviewer

Boasting a 4.6-star overall rating after 9,000 reviews, these solar fence lights have an optional motion sensor that detects movement from 10 to 16 feet away. They can be set to one of three operating modes: an automatic on/off functionality with continuous low light at night, a motion-sensor mode that engages 15 seconds of bright light when activity is detected, and a stronger light-sensor mode in which bright lights turn on when motion is detected, then return to a low-light setting after 15 seconds. Each floodlight-style light has 42 cool white LEDs, but the brightness isn’t listed; that being said, most reviewers have reported that they’re quite bright and provide anywhere from three to 10 hours of illumination per charge. Made of durable ABS material, the lights are graded IP65 for water- and dust-resistance, and they can be installed with screws or adhesive tape, both of which are provided.

A reviewer wrote: “Amazing. Enough said. I have ordered 5 packs so far and love them! I put them in my backyard and then another 3 packs around my grandmother's house along 2 fence lines and it looks spectacular. Honestly, amazing. The lights give off a very nice light while in ‘low mode’ and the ‘high mode’ which comes on when motion is detected is like turning the area into a [...] foot ball stadium. Oh yeah and the motion detection on it is fantastic.”

2. The Runner-Up

  • Brightness: 400 lumens
  • Dimensions: 5.1 x 4.3 inches

This LED fence lighting has a similar aesthetic to the overall best pick but functions more like traditional motion-sensor lights with no option for a steady-on mode. Providing a cool white light for up to 12 hours of operation, the lights can detect nighttime movement from up to 26 feet away — 10 feet farther than the first pick — then automatically turn off after 30 seconds once movement ceases. The motion sensor cannot be shut off, which makes the lights a bit less versatile than the first pick, and each one has 28 LEDs that offer 400 lumens of brightness for up to eight hours, according to the brand. Made with ABS housing, the lights are rated IP65 for dust- and water-resistance. Both mounting hardware and adhesive backing are included for installation.

A reviewer wrote: “These are great for a fence perimeter. We use these in our decent sized suburban backyard, and they are great! We live in CO, and we occasionally get coyotes, but these allow us to see what is back there. Nice and bright.”

3. The Best Solar Fence Lanterns

  • Brightness: 15 lumens
  • Dimensions: 11 x 6.7 inches

Sold in a set of two, these LED lanterns offer a somewhat more traditional, design-conscious look with the convenience of solar power. Made from glass and stainless steel with a matte black finish, the housing is rated IP65 for water- and dust-resistance. The lanterns don’t have a motion sensor, and they offer a softer brightness of 15 lumens for eight to 10 hours. The hook design of the lanterns means you can hang them on the included brackets (after installing them on your fence) or on plant hooks staked into the ground.

A reviewer wrote: “We just had an inground pool put in this past spring and we needed some sort of lighting around the pool, but I didn't know how we'd power it and I didn't want the lights to be super bright. These solar lights ended up being the perfect solution. I bought one set at first, to see how they worked, and loved them so much I bought several more sets. I have some hanging along our 6' privacy fence, inside the pool area, and then I have some hanging along the outside of the pool safety fence.”

4. The Best Decorative Solar Fence Lights

  • Brightness: 10 lumens
  • Dimensions: 4.7 x 3.5 inches

These solar lights for fences can be set to one of two lighting modes: warm white light or a gradual rotation between seven colorful LEDs — but note that you can’t choose a steady setting for anything but warm white. Although they don’t have a motion-sensor mode, they cast an ambient dim light of 10 lumens that’s well-suited for mood lighting for four to eight hours. The manufacturer does not provide the water resistance rating, however a number of reviewers have noted that the lights still work after heavy storms. The lights mount to fencing and other flat surfaces via two included screws.

A reviewer wrote: “The perfect touch for that lonely looking fence of mine. These lights literally changed up my whole outdoor vibe. Love the simple warm light setting!”

5. The Best Spotlight-Style Lights

  • Brightness: 100 lumens
  • Dimensions: 5 x 3 inches

Rather than mounting flush against the fence, these solar lights jut out just slightly to provide subtle spotlight-style lighting in your outdoor area, and they work equally well with gutters as they do fences. While they don’t have a motion-sensor feature, they provide six to nine hours of cool white light with 100 lumens of brightness. Made from ABS and stainless steel, they’re rated IP44 for splash resistance, so they may not withstand rain as well as other options on the list, but many reviewers have reported they work just fine after inclement weather.

A reviewer wrote: “I put these on my fence around my yard. I like the look. They hold a charge all night and out more light that I thought they would.”

6. The Best Low-Profile Solar Fence Lights

  • Brightness: 3 lumens
  • Dimensions: 3.2 x 3 inches

With a subtle, low-profile design that installs directly onto any 90-degree ledge, these solar lights are ideal for mounting to the top of a fence or along stairs and railings. While the lights don’t have a motion sensor, they cast a warm and very subtle glow with 3 lumens of brightness for six to eight hours, according to reviewers. Sold in a set of 16, the lights come with mounting tape and screws for installation, whether you want to illuminate long stretches of your fence, or use the lights in various places around your home. According to the manufacturer, the lights are water-resistant, though no IP rating is listed. That being said, the discreet, unobtrusive design of this option is great for providing illumination without drawing much attention.

A reviewer wrote: “I bought these to line the top of my fence in the backyard. Pretty low [brightness], but with 16 of them spread along the fence line, it makes the backyard look beautiful at night. Comes with 2 sided tape and screws. I had to install quickly for a party so just used the tape for now and they withstood a torrential rain storm! Will secure later with the screws just to be safe.”

7. The Best Solar String Fence Lights

  • Brightness: not listed
  • Dimensions: 27 feet

If you’re looking for an easy and festive way to provide visibility and ambiance along a fence or patio area, this 27-foot string light with 12 hanging bulbs charges effortlessly via one large solar panel, and it can be draped or installed permanently with hardware. The solar panel has a versatile design that can be mounted wherever you get the most sun exposure, and it comes with a clip and a stake for positioning in the ground. Offering a soft white glow (though the brightness is not listed), the lights provide up to six hours of illumination on a charge, but they don’t have a motion-sensor mode or other adjustable settings. The bulbs are made from shatter-resistant plastic, and according to the brand, the whole kit is weatherproof and water-resistant, although an IP rating is not listed.

A reviewer wrote: “These lights look like the more expensive Edison lights and are more durable. The solar panel is convenient and charges even on days when there’s very little sun.”