The 7 Best Stair Treads For Comfort & Safety

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Best Stair Treads

With so many types and styles to choose from, the best stair treads can be difficult to narrow down. Of course, most top-selling sets are nonslip and nice to look at — but how do you find the ideal treads for your steps? Before making any purchases, you should consider the size, materials, and installation process.

Size is pretty self-explanatory: If your treads are the wrong dimensions, they might not cover enough of your steps — or they could cover too much, becoming a tripping hazard in and of themselves. Break out a tape measure and decide your ideal tread size before you start shopping; for this article, the dimensions are listed below each option.

Next, consider the materials. Some of the more affordable options are made from non-woven fabric, while other (pricier) designs use carpet-like or seagrass materials. Ultimately, it’ll be largely up to personal preference, so long as the material is slip-resistant, durable enough to handle ample traffic, and well-suited for your specific floor-type. Bonus points if it’s water-resistant or washable.

Last but not least, consider how certain stair treads are installed. Some come with pre-applied adhesive, while others have a rubber or latex backing so they grip the floor without glue. The former usually stays put for longer, but may not be the best option for delicate flooring.

These stair treads make your home safer, all while remaining durable and stylish.

1. The Overall Best Stair Treads

With more than 4,000 reviews and a 4.4-star overall rating on Amazon, these stair treads from EdenProducts are a popular option. They come in four solid colors (beige, brown, gray, and red), and they’re specifically designed to stay put long-term while offering non-slip security. Finally, they’re safe on any flooring material because of their sticky, non-glue backing, which can be reused multiple times — even after washing.

  • Size: 8 by 30 inches
  • Material: wool blend
  • Installation: non-glue backing

One reviewer wrote: “We used these on a hardwood stairwell, to make it easier and safer for our senior dog to go up and down the stairs. They fulfill that purpose perfectly, and even make me feel more secure on the stairs.”

2. The Best Cheap Stair Treads

Looking for something that’s affordable but still easy to install and pet- and kid-friendly? This set from Dexlo breaks down to less than $2 a tread. They’re made from a durable non-woven material that’s resistant to moisture, and they come with a self-adhesive backing. Last but not least, despite their lower price tag, they can be washed up to 20 times before affecting the quality. Get them in gray or black. They’re also available in a seven-pack.

  • Size: 6 by 30 inches
  • Material: non-woven fabric
  • Installation: adhesive backing

One reviewer wrote: “These are basically a rough carpet material. We used them on the painted wood steps at our garage door, so they are better than the slippery painted surface. Works for us and great price.”

3. The Most Stylish Stair Treads

These CrystalMX stair treads come in several colors and are made from a multi-layer fabric. On the bottom, you’ll find a self-adhesive strip, and on top, there’s a subtle, stylish geometric print that elevates any staircase. This set is also fully machine-washable to keep the treads looking great long-term. Choose from a range of five neutrals.

  • Size: 8 by 30 inches
  • Material: n/a
  • Installation: adhesive backing

One reviewer wrote: “Great product, especially for the price. Nicer than anything I could find at local stores. Actually adds a little to the decor instead of detracting. Took about 10 min to put down, very easy to handle and like that it has a tacky backing that’s not tape and won’t leave a residue.”

4. A Plush Set Of Treads In Tons Of Colors & Patterns

These SussexHome stair treads feel like soft, plush carpet underneath your feet. As a result, they’re super comfortable to walk on — not to mention better when it comes to muffling the sound of footsteps. You can get them in various colors, both solid and patterned, and they’re easy to install with the included double-sided tape. They’re available in sets of four, seven, and 13.

  • Size: 9 by 28 by 0.4 inches
  • Material: polypropylene carpet
  • Installation: double-sided adhesive tape (included)

One reviewer wrote: “Excellent quality! They are very soft and plush. My kids and dog can now run up the stairs without fear of sliding on the hardwood and I feel comfortable.”

5. The Best Stair Treads For Outdoors

For the average outdoor staircase, most stair treads aren’t going to cut it in the face of the elements. Luckily, these mats are made from natural, reclaimed rubber, so they can stand up to moisture, temperature changes, and high traffic. Instead of adhesive, the weight of the material prevents the treads from slipping, and reviewers love the decorative cut-out design, giving the product a 4.7-star overall rating.

  • Size: 9.75 by 29.75 inches
  • Material: rubber
  • Installation: none (rubber backing)

One reviewer wrote: “So far so good. They are for my covered wood porch stairs and don’t slip when walked on.”

6. The Best Seagrass Stair Treads

Made from plant fibers, these Seagrass stair treads offer a warm, natural look. Instead of adhesive, they have a latex backing that’s suitable for most surfaces, so you can just place them down without worrying about hurting your floors. Each set is bound on all edges for durability, and you can get them in a few different colors. Choose between a range of set sizes: four, eight, and 13.

  • Size: 9 by 29 inches
  • Material: seagrass
  • Installation: none (latex backing)

One reviewer wrote: “Just what we needed. We ripped up the carpet on the stairs and added the carpet runners and hallway runner. Finishes the entrance off nicely and adds a nice clean look.”

7. The Most Discreet Option

If you love the look of your bare steps but still want added nonslip security, these strips from Finehous are a brilliant option. They’re made from a transparent PEVA material that’s sticky on one side and grippy on the other, so you can easily add traction to steps. They designed to safely work on hardwood, marble, tile, vinyl, metal, concrete, and laminate, and reviewers report that they’re really easy to install.

  • Size: 4 by 32 inches
  • Material: PEVA
  • Installation: self-adhering

One reviewer wrote: “We did not want to run a large rug down the stairs because it would be more work to keep clean and would change the look of the home. We found these clear grips and they work amazing. You still get the natural wood color showing through and they are remarkably effective at making sure you do not slip.”