The 6 Best Sunglasses For Snow

Reduce glare and block UV rays.

by Lauren Moison
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While sunglasses are often associated with warm weather, it’s equally important to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays and glare when there’s snow on the ground. Fortunately, the best sunglasses for snow feature polarized lenses to reduce glare and offer comprehensive ultraviolet (UV) protection against the sun’s rays. From stylish everyday sunnies to sports sunglasses, there’s a pair that’s perfect for you.

What To Consider When Shopping For Sunglasses For Snow

Snow can reflect up to 80% of sunlight, so it’s important to choose polarized sunglasses to reduce glare from snow and water. And because the reflection of the sun's rays can be quite strong in snowy conditions, all of the lenses below block 99 to 100% of UV-A and UV-B rays. Some polarized lenses are also mirrored for added durability and reduced glare from roads and metal surfaces.

Additionally, consider the color tint of your lenses. Some of the best lens colors for reducing snow glare include brown, gray/black, pink/red, and blue, but they’re best suited to different situations. Brown, gray, and black lenses are great for everyday wear in various weather conditions, so you’ll be able to see well even when it’s not that sunny. Pink lenses are popular for snow sports and offer a crisp view with a lot of contrast, with or without sun. They also provide good visibility on the road. Lastly, blue lenses are a trendy option that enhances contours and color perception, and they’re good for misty and foggy weather.

Also consider the frame and style of your sunglasses. Some sporty versions feature wide lenses that protect the sides of your eyes and a flexible, durable frame (such as acetate or TR90), while trendier options might boast metal or plastic frames and cute designs. The style you choose will mostly depend on what activities you like to do in the snow.

With all this in mind, scroll on to check out some of the best sunglasses for snow on Amazon and get ready to tackle wintry weather in style.

1. This Versatile Pair That’s Great For Sports & Everyday Wear

If you’re looking for stylish, sporty sunglasses that can handle a variety of weather conditions, this pair is highly rated by Amazon shoppers. The lightweight tri-acetate cellulose (TAC) lenses provide 100% UV-A and UV-B protection and are resistant to drops and scratches. The pair featured here have dark gray lenses, which are well-suited for bright, sunny days and medium to low-light conditions, but you can also choose blue or brown-tinted lenses for the snow. The flexible, lightweight, and shock-resistant Grilamid frames come in various colors and styles. Plus, these glasses have been tested to ensure a zero-distortion view, have nonslip nose pads, and come with a microfiber pouch and a hard case for easy carrying.

A rave review: “I spend a lot of time outdoors all year round and have had these sunglasses for about all four seasons now. I can honestly tell you they are the best sunglasses I’ve ever found! They are super dark and provide excellent protection even on the sunniest days on water or snow! They are polarized and make seeing fish in water a lot easier. Also, even though they are very dark lenses, they don’t seem dark at all looking through them! It’s magic or something but they’re perfect!“

Lens type: Polarized | Lens tint: Gray (also available in blue, brown, and other colors) | UV protection: 100% | Frame material: Grilamid | Styles: 10

2. A Pair Of Trendy Sunglasses From A Popular Brand

While these Oakley sunglasses may be the priciest ones on the list, they feature the brand’s patented PRIZM technology, which enhances color, contrast, and detail, giving you an excellent view. Made for medium to bright lighting conditions, the polarized lenses block 99% of glare, deliver 100% protection from UV rays, and can even block blue light from your electronics. The frame of these sunglasses is made from a strong yet lightweight alloy metal and is reinforced with an acetate stem for extra strength. There’s also a nonslip nose grip to keep the sunglasses in place. Choose from two other polarized colors and styles, both of which feature lens tints that are good for the snow. A storage bag is also included.

A rave review: “I had the glasses on for a good minute and I took them off while I was outside and I went blind to how bright it was I couldn’t believe it. It brightens the colors but dulls the brightness of the sun somehow.”

Lens type: Polarized | Lens tint: Blue (also available in brown and rose gold) | UV protection: 100% | Frame material: Alloy metal | Styles: 3 (also available with non-polarized lenses)

3. These Sporty Sunglasses With Interchangeable Lenses

Whether you’re into winter sports or simply like the athletic look, consider this pair of sunglasses that comes with three interchangeable lenses: mirrored, polarized, and night-vision. Each set of lenses provides 99.9% UV protection, has an HD coating for a clearer view, and is made of an impact and scratch-resistant polycarbonate material. The lenses are also elongated at the sides to provide a little extra protection from snow, debris, or glares from behind. The frame is made of an ultra-lightweight and flexible TR90 material with a ventilated design that helps prevent fogging, and soft rubber nose pads make for comfortable wear. What’s more, this pick comes with an impressive lifetime warranty, and there are 11 cool colors to choose from.

A rave review: “I LOVE these for biking and skiing! They keep sun, wind, bugs and other nasty stuff (mud) out of my eyes. I switch lenses around before each workout and it's easy. The case is great for holding all the lenses and keeping them from getting scratched. Great price point for great glasses. If I lose them I'll buy again in a heartbeat.”

Lens type: 1 polarized, 1 mirrored, and 1 night vision | Lens tint: Set includes blue, black, and yellow (also available in red and a variety of other colors) | UV protection: 99% | Frame material: Grilamid TR90 | Styles: 11

4. These Stylish Glasses With Over 30,000 Ratings

Great for everyday wear, these trendy shades have received over 20,000 five-star reviews from shoppers who love their lightweight and stylish design. One fan raved, “The quality is amazing and they look so good!” The polarized lenses block 99.99% of UV-A and UV-B rays, while the embossed stainless steel frames boast a unique polygon shape and comfy nose pads. There are 11 colors to choose from, including some mirrored options, and they come with a microfiber pouch and cleaning cloth.

A rave review: “I got the gold pair, these are perfect for winter especially driving during Snow White outs! Also greats for summer sun obviously. They come with a lens wipe and fabric case!”

Lens type: Polarized | Lens tint: Black (also available in blue, brown, pink, and other colors) | UV protection: 99.99% | Frame material: Stainless steel | Styles: 11

5. A Pair Of Cool Square Sunglasses

These sunglasses are a great pick if you’re looking to reduce the glare from snow or sun, and they have cute translucent plastic frames that are super-chic. The polarized lenses have a mirrored coating to reflect harsh glares from the snow while also providing scratch and impact resistance. They offer protection against 100% of UV-A and UV-B rays, and they come in 20 cute colors to choose from. One thing to note: While there’s a colored tint on the outside of the lenses (in this case, pink), they actually have a gray tint from the wearer’s point of view, according to the brand.

A rave review: “I love them! I can actually see out of them! Most I’ve tried some what obscure my vision. These keep the sun out but I can see to drive!”

Lens type: Polarized with mirror coating | Lens tint: Gray | UV protection: 100% | Frame material: Plastic | Styles: 21

6. This Pair Of Shades For $20

If you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses that provide a little extra coverage, consider these polarized sunglasses with large, curved lenses. The oversize design helps protect the sides of your eyes from debris and glare and also creates less wind resistance when speed really counts. In addition to being polarized, they also have a mirror coating, making them great for all kinds of uses. They also have an anti-fog treatment and provide 100% UV protection. The frame of the glasses is made of a super bendable memory polycarbonate, and they have adjustable rubber nose pads and rubber ear pads to help keep them in place.

A rave review: “They are really comfortable and very lightweight. [...] They also reduce glare significantly. I like them so much that I’ve been using them for other activities besides biking. Would definitely recommend trying these glasses first before buying the expensive competitor brands.”

Lens type: Polarized with mirror coating | Lens tint: Gray (also available in blue and other colors) | UV protection: 100% | Frame material: Memory polycarbonate | Styles: 8