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The 11 Absolute Best Tech Gifts You Can Buy This Year

Even if they aren’t into gadgets, they’ll appreciate these.

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The Ultimate Holiday 2022 Gift Guide
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It feels like every other day a new iPhone color comes out or a different feature is being added to TikTok. This ever-evolving landscape can make keeping up in a tech-savvy world a challenge — especially if you don’t consider yourself part of the chronically online generation. If you’re still figuring out exactly how to filter your text messages or snap a photo within the BeReal time limit, don’t sweat, because regardless of your technological know-how there are plenty of easy-to-use electronics you can purchase this holiday season for yourself or for a friend.

Before pressing that “add to cart” button, consider what your lucky gift recipient may be in the market for. Are they the friend that is always posting cotton candy sky photos on their Instagram story? Do they give off major “don’t talk to me before I’ve had my coffee” energy? Is playing music throughout their home their favorite way to unwind? There’s guaranteed to be a tech product out there that can match their lifestyle... and doesn’t have to burn a hole in your wallet, either. Below are some of the best tech gifts of 2022 you can buy for a loved one this year — or purchase for yourself. (Your secret’s safe with me.)

1. To Achieve Golden Hour All The Time

Hey Siri, queue up some Kacey Musgraves. This sunset projection lamp recreates golden hour in any room of the house. Amazon reviewers swear it not only looks like a sunset on the wall but also offers a similar vibe to natural light when it’s in use so you can get your selfie on. “I’ve purchased a few different sunset lamps, and this is by far my favorite,” wrote one reviewer. “It gives such a bright but warm glow and it projects very far and wide.”

2. An On-The-Go Custom Speaker

There are so many portable speaker options available it can be hard to choose which one stands above the rest. This is one of those gifts that is totally dependent on the recipient’s lifestyle, and if they’re someone that’s on the go — always traveling or hosting a get-together in the park — the JBL Clip is ideal. The sound quality is on point and it can be clipped to bags or luggage, plus you can customize it with a photo for an added personal touch.

3. For Seamless Home Security

Ring might be synonymous with the doorbell cameras it perfected, but the security specialist makes a bunch of smart, easy, and affordable devices that can help protect your home. This holiday season, Bustle teamed up with Ring to spread the word about its entire suite, from versatile Stick Up Cams to comprehensive Security Kits, that can give you year-round peace of mind whether you’re at home or out and about.

4. A Heated Coaster For Coffee And Tea

You may be an iced-coffee-all-year-long type of person, but the friend you’re shopping for might prefer their morning cup hot. In the cold seasons, keeping hot drinks warm can be a challenge — and nothing’s worse than a room-temperature coffee. Avoid that dilemma by gifting a mug that comes with a lid and a heated coaster.

5. A Compatible Pencil For The iPad-Obsessed

Welcome to the iPad Adult generation. If you know someone who has joined the tablet life, they definitely need an Apple pencil to make the most of it. It can be used for taking notes, playing games, or simply as a replacement for a traditional mouse or trackpad.

6. For The Forever Student

Masterclass is a gift that keeps on giving when you choose the annual subscription option. For $180, you can give the experience of learning skills from the greats. Singing lessons from Alicia Keys, cooking tips from Gordon Ramsay, or resilience practices from Peloton instructor Robin Arzón are just a few of the options available that can be watched as videos or streamed as audio-only on the go.

7. A Vinyl Record Player For The Old Soul

If you’re looking for a worthwhile splurge, this All-In-One Turntable is a staple for any entertainment center. Bonus points if you get other people in on it and have them gift their favorite vinyl records to help start their collection.

8. Luxe Earbuds That Match Everything

Kimmy K partnered with Beats to create earbuds in neutral shades so they can match any outfit (naturally). Choose from the colors moon, dune, and earth depending on what aesthetic you’re going for.

9. A Hygiene-Conscious Stocking Stuffer

Electronic toothbrushes are one of those useful gifts many people wouldn’t think to buy for themselves but would thoroughly appreciate. The Philips Sonicare comes in fun colors like mint, navy, coral, and yellow, and has a two-minute timer and vibrating brush head — so your giftee will have bright smiles all through the year ahead.

10. A Cleaning Kit For All Of Your Bling

Speaking of shining bright, if you or someone you know has jewelry they’re hoping to keep sparkly, the Juli diamond cleaning kit is just the thing. It comes with everything you need, including a brush, cleaning solution, and microfiber clothes. Trust: The before and after pictures don’t lie.

11. Rechargeable Lighter For Seasonal-Scented Candles

A rechargeable lighter is a game-changer to keep any home smelling like all of the seasonal scents available this time of year. With this Zippo option, you don’t have to search high and low for a matchbook or lighter that might be out of juice. It’s the little things.

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