6 Reasons Why It's ALWAYS Iced Coffee Season

by Amy Sachs

It is finally warming up outside, which means everyone is once again happily sipping iced coffee morning through afternoon. That's right — it's iced coffee season, which is a sure sign that summer will be here before we know it. Finally, you can go back to guzzling down your favorite beverage (and it is definitely the favorite) with reckless abandon. But while we might be able to drink it comfortably again, "iced coffee season" implies that there is ever a time when it isn't in season, and that, my friends, is just not the case.

Just like there's never really a time when you don't want ice cream, there's never a set time to drink iced coffee. Summer or winter, it's in my hand, and the hands of other devotees just like me. Hot coffee has too many downsides: the burnt tongue, the time it takes to brew and then cool... it's a hassle, really. Iced coffee has all of the delicious, caffeinated benefits, with none of the hold up. It's always in season — you just have to want it to be! Don't believe me? Here are six reasons why you should be drinking iced coffee all year long. No, seriously.

1. Iced coffee is always available

It's not like ice cream or flavored ice places, most of which close up shop for the winter. Coffee shops have iced coffee there for you all year round. It's there to lure you back in during even the coldest winter months, and it's just. so. hard. to say no. Plus, why would you want to?

2. You can always just wear gloves

The only reason not to drink iced coffee in the winter is because it's cold. But, I mean, as long as you've got gloves on, it's safe to say you're good to go. Work smarter, not harder.

3. You don't have to worry about burning your tongue

I don't know about you, but when I want coffee, I want it right then. Not 20 minutes after the fact. With iced coffee, just brew, grab, and go! No burns, no wait, no sad cold coffee after 10 minutes.

4. You can't help when you crave it

The heart wants what it wants. Your tastebuds don't know the difference between summer and winter, after all. And once you have that craving, what are you supposed to do but indulge?

5. There are so many options

I know you can do a lot with hot coffee too, but it just tastes so much better cold. It's almost like it was meant to be this way! And, there are so many easy ways to make iced coffee at home, you don't have to leave the comfort of your house to get it. This is important when it's freezing out.

6. It's just better — always

If you're an iced coffee person, you know that there's really no alternative. You want it when you want it, and you don't let the weather tell you otherwise.

Images: How Sweet It Is; Giphy (6)