The 12 Best TV Trays That Upgrade Your Netflix-And-Chill Ritual

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The concept of a TV dinner may have morphed over the years from microwave meals to on-demand delivery, but obviously, dine-in-front-of-the-tube (or laptop) culture is alive and well. Thankfully, the best TV trays make eating a meal — or even working from the sofa — so much more convenient. Available in a range of sizes, these TV trays are portable, easy to clean, and easy to store when not in use. Often, they also have convenient design features like wheels, handles, or a customizable height.

When shopping for a TV tray, the most important measurements to consider are its upright dimensions, the table surface area, how much weight it can accommodate, and how much the table itself weighs. The last one is especially key: If a tray table is big and heavy, that may not be an issue if it has wheels — but if it’s stationary, you’ll need to make sure you can still move it around with ease. Likewise, most TV trays are built to cater to a variety of couch heights (and some are even height-adjustable), but you’ll want to have your sofa dimensions ready to make sure they’ll fit.

As is common when ordering furniture online, many of these options require some amount of assembly. But if that’s a dealbreaker for you, this list also includes a few options that come ready to use, like a collapsible table or a tray that clips onto your sofa. On that note, some TV trays are able to fold up for storage, but others may need to be partially disassembled to pack away. Lastly, consider other design features like cup holders, built-in shelves, or laptop stands, which allow many TV trays to double as serving stands, end tables, or portable desks.

Ready to relax, sit back, and enjoy a meal and your favorite TV show? (Of course you are.) Then keep reading to discover 12 of the best TV trays on Amazon.


A Wooden Folding Table With A Removable Tray Top

If you love a hybrid model, consider this folding table. The tray can be removed so you can use it separately — to place it right on your lap, for instance, or to transport your meal from the kitchen to the sofa (thanks to the built-in side handles and spill-prevention lip), without needing to move the whole table. The base can fold flat for storage. It’s made from tough medium-density fiberboard (MDF) that can accommodate up to 22 pounds, and comes in three chic color options: walnut, pictured above; black and cherry; or gray.

Helpful review: “I LOVE this tray table. I use it all the time! Sometimes I take off the tray and sit it on my lap. I cannot say enough about this!! Also it fits solid on the stand! No assembly required.”

  • Size & weight: 22 x 13.75 x 23 inches (length x width x height), 9.78 pounds
  • Surface area: 21.62 x 13.75 inches (length x width)
  • Assembly required: No


A Compact Tray Table That Clips Onto Your Sofa Arm

A slightly unconventional pick, this compact tray table clips onto the arm of your sofa, which is particularly useful if you’re short on space. It’s designed with an ultra-tough spring clamp that ensures it stays in place, and it can stretch from both rounded and squared sofa arms between 4.5 and 9.3 inches wide. Capacity-wise, it can handle as much weight as the arm of your sofa can. Made from food-grade plastic that’s easy to wipe down, it has a spill-proof lip and comes in both black and white. When you’re done using it, the clips will fold down so you can store it.

Helpful review: “It’s very sturdy, easy to clean, and roomy without being bulky. Once you put the tray on the sofa/chair arm, put the side clamps in place and then push down on the tray. It’s so sturdy and hardly moves. I definitely recommend this product!”

  • Expanded size & weight: 12.3 x 9 x 4.5 inches (length x width x height), 0.85 pounds
  • Surface area: 12.3 x 9 inches (length x width)
  • Assembly required: No


This No-Frills TV Tray With Over 12,700 Five-Star Ratings

For a basic design that gets the job done, go for this TV tray, which is backed by over 12,700 five-star ratings on Amazon. Made from polypropylene and steel, it’s incredibly lightweight (it clocks in at just over 6 pounds) and can fold down flat. This table gets extra points for its cupholder (which can slide under the table when not in use), a spill-prevention lip, and adjustable functionality with six height options and three surface angle options. It comes in four colors and can hold up to 40 pounds — but if you need more space, you can check out the larger-sized model.

Helpful review: “This is actually my third one, with the first two being white. I am digging this color, though. But the quality is also good. This takes all of 30 seconds to assemble if you're being slow-pokey about it, and it supports a heavy laptop, a bowl of food, a book, and miscellaneous paraphernalia like the mouse, remotes, etc. Also the weight of my arms as I type here. And it doesn't bow. It's great.”

  • Size & weight: 21 x 15 x 29.25 inches (length x width x height), 6.25 pounds
  • Surface area: 21 x 15 inches (length x width)
  • Assembly required: Yes (no tools required)


A Z-Shaped Tray Table That Can Hold Up To 150 Pounds

With a load capacity of up to 150 pounds, this Z-shaped tray table is one of the strongest on this list. Made from a mix of bamboo and MDF, it’s stylish enough to display as an end table (a good thing, as it doesn’t fold or collapse for easy storage). You can choose from three color options, along with a similar table with L-shaped legs — neither design is more technically beneficial than the other (the L-shaped table has the same weight capacity), so opt for the look you like best.

Helpful review: “This is an amazing quality TV tray. It is very well made, very precise parts that fit perfectly. Took less than five minutes to assemble because the parts fit so well. Just ordered a second one. I got the Z shape in the bamboo finish and it was in perfect shape. Much more stable than the folding bamboo TV trays that we have been using. Just get it, get two.”

  • Size & weight: 23.6 x 15.75 x 25.6 inches (length x width x height), 11.68 pounds
  • Surface area: 23.6 x 15.75 inches (length x width)
  • Assembly required: Yes (tools included)


This Industrial-Chic Side Table With Wheels & Storage Shelves

Forget about carrying your plates to the living room: With this rolling tray table, you can bring the whole table to the kitchen, load it up, and wheel it back to the couch — no juggling or return trips required. Alternatively, you can remove all four of its locking wheels to keep it stationary. Made from particleboard and metal, it can hold up to 80 pounds of weight. Other useful features include two built-in shelves, an adjustable height, and a slim design with a base that can slip under the sofa or bed when you want to scoot it closer. It doesn’t fold, however, so you’ll have to disassemble it to store it — but it looks sleek as a side table or portable desk, which many Amazon customers use it for.

Helpful review: “This is absolutely the perfect laptop desk / C table. The fit and finish are great, it’s built to last and the entire assembly process took less than 20 minutes. The silicone cams for the screws are genius.... zero assembly slowdowns. Every bit of this screams quality.”

  • Size & weight: 31.5 x 15.7 x 28.3–35.4 inches (length x width x height), 28.5 pounds
  • Surface area: 31.5 x 15.7 inches (length x width)
  • Assembly required: Yes (tools included)


An Under-$40 TV Tray With A Built-In Rack For Your Magazines

If extra mobility isn’t a concern, opt for this stationary TV tray made from MDF and steel — though at a lightweight 10 pounds, it’s not that difficult to move around should you need to. It has a classic C-shape design, so you can pull the legs beneath your sofa (on the side or front, depending on how you want to use it), and it’s equipped to handle up to 55 pounds. Also handy? It has a removable side pocket in which you can store books, magazines, remote controls, and so on. This one doesn’t fold or collapse down, so it’s a great pick if you’re in need of a stylish side table, too.

Helpful review: “Living in an apartment I bought this to use with my living room sofa. It was a perfect fit, right height, width, and length and I couldn't ask for a better table to hold my coffee, small meals, etc. It looks nice and is sturdy and built to last and it took about five minutes to assemble. I'd recommend this to anyone.”

  • Size & weight: 20.4 x 13.7 x 24.4 inches (length x width x height), 10 pounds
  • Surface area: 20.4 x 13.7 inches (length x width)
  • Assembly required: Yes (tools included)


This Set Of 4 Stylish Marble Trays

Seat four with this TV tray set. Your order comes with one solid-wood storage stand and a set of four composite-wood tray tables, laminated in a marble-print design. Each tray can hold up to 20 pounds; and when you’re done using them, you can fold them up and store them on the included rack (which has a slim, 13-inch width and a carrying handle). Though the manufacturer only provided the combined weight, one shopper estimated that each table weighs around 3–4 pounds.

Helpful review: “Opened up the box to find all 4 tables already assembled, leaving only the stand left for me to assemble (with Allen wrench provided). Easy to assemble, just be careful not to overtighten screws (this can cause the wood to crack). Tables look great and go well with my grey decor. Being one of the cheapest sets that I could find, I was surprised at the sturdiness.”

  • Size & weight: 18.9 x 15.75 x 26.38 inches (length x width x height) per table; 34.4 pounds total
  • Surface area: 18.9 x 15.75 inches (length x width)
  • Assembly required: Tables: no; storage rack: yes (tools included)


A Set Of 2 TV Trays In A Modern, Natural Wood Finish

Made from solid beechwood coated in clear lacquer, this TV tray duo is a steal with an under-$40 price tag — and over 5,200 five-star ratings confirm it. One of the more compact options on this list, each table has a 25-pound weight limit and can fold flat when not in use. That being said, you could certainly get away with leaving them out, as the natural finish goes with just about every decor style.

Helpful review: “I am very impressed at the quality and workmanship of these folding table stands. They are awesome and should hold up for many years to come. My mom and I eat dinner every night on them. And also do paperwork etc. They are very sturdy and at the same time very easy to move or fold away. Well worth the money!”

  • Size & weight: 19.06 x 14.6 x 25.98 inches (length x width x height), 7.8 pounds per table
  • Surface area: 19.06 x 14.6 inches (length x width)
  • Assembly required: No


This Multi-Purpose Table That Adjusts With The Push Of A Button

This heavy-duty folding table is both incredibly durable and functional. It’s constructed of sturdy polyethylene and metal and boasts an impressive, 180-pound load capacity — which makes this a great option if you’re seeking a portable desk, in addition to a TV tray — though the table itself only weighs 10 pounds. Perhaps more impressively, it can adjust to four different heights (16, 20, 24, and 27 inches) with the push of a button, in addition to fully flat for storage. The rubber-wrapped legs ensure that it won’t slip on or scratch your floors. The sleek white version pictured here will suit so many interiors, but to make more of a design statement, you can also get it in green or yellow.

Helpful review: “Absolutely well constructed and sturdy table. [...] I keep it stored under my sofa for convenience; super helpful to just pull it out and lock it to the height I need for dinner in front of the TV or if I need a laptop table on the fly. I'll likely buy a second one soon.”

  • Size & weight: 25 x 17 x 15.75–26.8 inches (length x width x height), 10 pounds
  • Surface area: 25 x 17 inches (length x width)
  • Assembly required: No


This Sleek Rolling Table With A Tempered Glass Surface

Although this rolling table is technically sold as a mobile laptop desk, it can easily double as a TV tray. Designed with a thick, tempered glass surface and a steel frame, it can hold up to 20 pounds, has an adjustable height, and can be rolled from room to room thanks to its four wheels (two of which have a locking mechanism). It’s received close to 5,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, where customers praise its easy assembly, versatility, and sturdiness, as well as its streamlined aesthetic. Note that this doesn’t fold up for storage, however.

Helpful review: “This was such a GREAT investment!! [...] Easy to clean, move around, and a breeze to put together with all things provided to do so! Took me about 20-30 minutes for the first one, and about ten minutes for the second one. Great for a laptop, TV table/tray, or bed side table. And so much less expensive than the wood ones! So glad I picked this!”

  • Size & weight: 23.6 x 15.7 x 20.4–33 inches (length x width x height), 19.25 pounds
  • Surface area: 23.6 x 15.7 inches (length x width)
  • Assembly required: Yes (tools included)


A Wood Rolling Table That’s Big Enough For Two

Designed with a large surface, this rolling table is big enough for two to share as a TV tray, or one to use as a work table. Made from MDF with a steel frame, it has four optional, locking wheels, an adjustable height, and a built-in cable slot, device stand, and pen holder. The dimensions and overall aesthetic are similar to the Tribesigns table above, so this makes for a great, less-expensive alternative (without the Tribesigns’ extra shelving features). The manufacturer doesn’t provide an exact weight capacity, but reviewers report that it’s quite durable.

Helpful review: “We bought this to have convenient table-top space while sitting on a couch (loveseat) and watching TV. Two people can use the space for snacking, eating, using computer keyboard/mouse, etc. The height adjustment is handy. Nice table.”

  • Size & weight: 31.5 x 15.75 x 27.9–37 inches (length x width x height), 16.96 pounds
  • Surface area: 31.5 x 15.75 inches (length x width)
  • Assembly required: Yes (tools included)


Also Consider: This Collapsible Bed Tray Table

This pick is technically a bed tray table, but you could just as easily use it on the couch, too. Made from ultra-lightweight, renewable bamboo, this compact tray has a spill-resistant lip and two legs that collapse when not in use. It can hold up to 22 pounds and can be carted from the kitchen to the bed or sofa thanks to its two side handles.

Helpful review: “Small, compact, well made, and super handy. I love it for a cup of coffee or small meal, and to keep my drawing stuff at hand when crafting and cuddling. :) highly recommend!”

  • Size & weight: 15.8 x 11 x 6 inches (length x width x height), 2.09 pounds
  • Surface area: 15.8 x 11 inches (length x width)
  • Assembly required: No