The 8 Best Wall-Mounted Drying Racks For Clothes

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If you’re tight on floor space, freestanding drying racks might not be the best solution for your clothing — instead, consider a wall-mounted one. The best wall-mounted drying racks for clothes come in a variety of materials (including plastic, metal, and wood). Drying racks often have rods (or rungs) to hang laundry, but some compact styles feature hooks or short rods to accommodate clothes hangers instead, and still others feature a mix of both so make sure to get a model that will hold clothing in the way that you prefer. To further narrow down your choice, also consider the rack’s overall size and capacity.

First, think about what the racks are made of. Stainless steel is a durable option that can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use, but if you’re on budget, you might prefer a drying rack made of plastic. Both materials are rust-resistant and shouldn’t stain or snag fabrics. Aluminum is another rust-resistant option that’s typically sturdier than plastic but lighter than stainless steel. Just keep in mind that while aluminum doesn’t rust, it can corrode, so consider getting a rack made with aluminum that’s designed to be corrosion resistant. While wood might not be the strongest material, some customers find wooden drying racks more aesthetically pleasing. Just make sure to let it dry between uses to avoid mold.

The size and capacity of wall-mounted drying racks can vary widely. I’ve included the amount of wall space you’ll need for the racks below, but remember that you’ll need to mount the rack high enough for clothes to hang without skimming the floor. (If your space is limited, you can find racks that attach to the ceiling, too.) You’ll want to keep in mind how much weight your rack can carry, as wet clothes can be heavy. You’ll need a rack that holds about 10 to 15 pounds per load of laundry — or more if you wash multiple loads.

When judging the capacity of a rack with rods, it can also be helpful to look at its linear footage. A higher linear footage means you’ll have more rod space to line-dry clothing. Some manufacturers provide this information but not all — for the rod-style racks below that didn’t have linear footage specified, I calculated a rough estimate wherever I could so that you can compare models more easily.

Scroll on for eight of the best wall-mounted drying racks on Amazon.

1. An Accordion-Style Wall-Mounted Drying Rack

  • Wall space needed: 34 x 8.5 inches (width by height)
  • Linear footage: 22.5 feet
  • Weight capacity: Up to 60 pounds

Made of stainless steel, this sturdy accordion-style drying rack is ideal for those who want an option that’s built to last. It’s rust-resistant — so much so that one shopper installed it outdoors and described, “It was out all summer with tons of rain and there was no rust.” The rack mounts to the wall using screws and can hold up to 60 pounds at a time. With eight rods and a capacity of 22.5 linear feet, reviewers have noted it can handle a lot of clothes. When not in use, it only protrudes 5 inches from the wall — a feat considering that it extends out a full 2 feet when open.

Positive Amazon review: “Great drying rack. Exactly as described. It’s very sturdy and included all of the necessary mounting hardware. I like that it easily folds back against the wall when not in use. 100% pleased.”

2. A Space-Efficient Drying Rack With A Towel Bar

  • Wall space needed: 28 x 4 inches (width by height)
  • Linear footage: 14 feet
  • Weight capacity: Up to 27 pounds

This plastic drying rack is smaller than the previous option, but it still offers 14 linear feet of space for clothing across its five rods when unfolded. It also features an extra rod on the underside of the rack so that it doubles as a towel rack when the upper rods are collapsed down. One reviewer wrote, “​​It takes up virtually no space in my tiny laundry room and really does hold a lot of items.” The rack extends out 14.5 inches from the wall when open and protrudes just 2 inches from the wall when closed. The rust-resistant rack is made of sturdy ABS plastic, and the stainless steel rods are powder-coated. As a bonus, many reviewers have reported that it’s easy to install with the included screws.

Positive Amazon review: “This is my second. I left my old one in prior home, not knowing I'd eventually have a little airstream trailer. This is mounted in the little stall shower, to provide towel-drying space and dry laundry when we are on long trips. While very lightweight, these are surprisingly sturdy little laundry rigs. They accept a lot of damp items; also clothes on hangers. Mine looked like new after I'd used it for years, as I expect this one will. Treat it kindly and use really good mounting skills and hardware, and you can dry jeans and other heavy items with ease.”

3. A Wall-Mounted Drying Rack With An Adjustable Tilt

  • Wall space needed: 22 x 19 (width by height)
  • Linear footage: 15 feet
  • Weight capacity: Up to 60 pounds

This wall-mounted drying rack has an adjustable tilt, allowing you to easily drape wet clothes over each of its rungs at 45 degrees or use the whole surface for drying clothes flat at 90 degrees. When fully open, it extends 22 inches; when not in use, it sticks out just 1 inch from the wall. The rack and its eight rods are made from stainless steel and boast a weight capacity of up to 60 pounds. It mounts to the wall using screws, and comes with all the hardware you’ll need for installation. One reviewer claimed “installation was a breeze” — something which many others have agreed. If you need an option with more capacity? The rack comes in a larger 30-inch-wide size.

Positive Amazon review: “We finished off our laundry room a few months ago and I was looking for a space-saving option for hanging up wet shirts. I typically do not like to throw our t-shirts or nicer stuff in the dryer. I came across this product and the reviews helped me decide to purchase. I have two of them and they are often full of clothes – these drying racks work great! My husband installed them and said the directions were very helpful and it was very slick. When they aren't in use, they are easy to fold down.”

4. A Drying Rack With Rods, Hooks & Swinging Arms

  • Wall space needed: 15.8 x 11.5 inches (width by height)
  • Linear footage: Approximately 14.3 feet (including both the fixed rods and swinging arms)
  • Weight capacity: Up to 40 pounds

This wall-mounted drying rack is extra versatile, and comes with a five-rod rack, hooks for hangers, and six extendable arms which rotate 180 degrees. It’s constructed from sturdy aluminum that’s made to prevent rust, corrosion, and oxidation. Just keep in mind that it is one of the smaller options on the list. According to my calculations, the top rods and swinging arms offer roughly 8 linear feet of space, plus five hooks provide extra room for clothing. While reviewers have reported that the rack isn’t ideal for large amounts of clothes, others living in smaller homes have appreciated its compact size and how, according to one reviewer, it “folds flat against the wall” when not in use. Still, it can hold up to 40 pounds of weight, so you can use it to dry heavy items like wet sweaters, too. It’s available in black and silver finishes — two neutral-looking options that could fit right into your home’s decor — and in a larger 23.6-inch wide size. It mounts to the wall with screws, and with your purchase, you’ll receive all the hardware required for installation.

Positive Amazon review: “A little pricey, but sturdy and quality product and works pretty well for my purposes. Would recommend if needing somewhere to hang laundry in tight spaces. Nice to be able to fold it all flat against the wall and out of the way.”

5. A Super-Compact Drying Rack For Clothes Hangers

  • Wall space needed: 3 x 18 inches (width by height)
  • Linear footage: 1 foot
  • Weight capacity: Up to 60 pounds

Super-compact yet sturdy, this wall-mounted drying rack is the most visually unobtrusive option on the list. It’s made of plastic with a single stainless steel rod for clothes hangers. It expands out to 15 inches foot from the wall and folds down to just 2 inches. Despite its size, it can hold up to 60 pounds, making it ideal for air-drying jeans, coats, and other heavyweight pieces. It mounts onto the wall using the included screws, and, as a plus, many reviewers have agreed that installation was a cinch. “Easy to install and even easier to use,” one reviewer confirmed. When you’re done using it, the rack lies flat against the wall.

Positive Amazon review: “Works like a charm. Great for my closet sized laundry room. Gives me a place to hang stuff when I need it, otherwise it disappears. Strong and sturdy.”

6. A Wall-Mounted Drying Rack With Hooks For Hangers

  • Wall space needed: 3 x 1.8 inches (width by height)
  • Linear footage: 4.1 feet
  • Weight capacity: Up to 220 pounds

If you live in a large household or tend to have plenty of clothes to air-dry, you might need something to help manage your load. This wall-mounted drying rack can hold up to 18 hangers from the adjustable hooks — or up to 220 pounds — at a time. It’s made from space aluminum that resists oxidation, rust, and corrosion. You can lengthen the rod up to 50 inches (or 4.1 feet) and move it 360 degrees, making it easy to maneuver around a space. Just be sure to place it somewhere you wouldn’t mind having it on constant display because, unlike many other options, this rack doesn’t fold up compactly and flush to the wall. You have the option of installing the rack with screws, or you can use the included adhesive if you want to avoid using a drill (though it might not be quite as sturdy). Shop the rack with an open-hook (pictured) or closed-hook designs, the latter of which is available in two finishes.

Positive Amazon review: “I wanted to add a shelf to my laundry room with a clothes pole under it, but I just did not have the room to do so. This was the perfect solution as it folds away when not in use, but it is sturdy enough to hold a full load plus of clothing. I was able to mount mine into a stud, so I did not use the included anchor bolts or screws. Definitely recommend this product!”

7. A Minimalist Wooden Drying Rack For Clothes

  • Wall space needed: 6 x 31.3 inches (width by height)
  • Linear footage: Approximately 17 feet
  • Weight capacity: Unspecified

If you want to veer away from metal or plastic, you might appreciate this wooden drying rack. It’s ideal for small spaces and for those who don’t have much wet clothing to air dry. It’s made with real unfinished maple that’s been sanded down to prevent it from snagging fabric. The rack is designed with eight rods that extend out to 25.5 inches (or 2.1 feet) long, Although the manufacturer doesn’t indicate how much weight it can hold, one shopper wrote that it is “sturdy” and “can dry more clothes” than expected — something to which reviewers can agree. Many reviewers have also indicated that the rack is easy to install onto the wall using the included screws. One shopper estimated that it sticks out “no more than 2 3/4 [inches] when folded down into the stowed position.”

Positive Amazon review: “I’m a minimalist at heart and absolutely love this drying rack! We don't own a dryer (by choice) and this has plenty of drying space. When not in use it folds down and doubles as a unique wooden piece of art on the wall. I've mounted it up higher on the wall allowing our space to remain clutter free and accessible. It’s a beautiful investment and I don't think I could ever go back to the rolling rack.”

8. A Clothes Drying Rack That Mounts To The Ceiling & Wall

  • Ceiling space needed: Approximately 60 x 16 inches when fully extended (length by width)
  • Linear footage: 9 — 15 feet
  • Weight capacity: Up to 15 pounds

This drying rack mounts to both the ceiling and wall, making it a space-efficient solution for tight spaces. It uses a pulley system, allowing you to raise or lower three stainless steel rods, which are adjustable from 3 to 5 feet, depending on how much length you need. The rods are attached to sturdy nylon cord that lock them into place when in use. The rack can carry about a load of laundry, and while it offers up to 15 feet of drying space when the rods are fully extended, they’ll stay out of your way because you can store them near the ceiling. The rack comes with free clothes pegs, but you can hook hangers onto the rods to dry your clothes, too. The rack comes with all the hardware needed for mounting it to the ceiling and wall, but when it comes to installation, reviews are mixed. While some shoppers have reported it was challenging, others have mentioned it was fairly straightforward.

Positive Amazon review: “We live in a small space and this was perfect. Easy to install. Have had for almost 6mo and holding strong.”