The Best Ways To Store & Organize Hats

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best ways to store hats

Among the hundreds of products available to keep accessories neat and tidy, trying to figure out the best ways to store hats can be especially tricky because of how many styles there are. The shapes and sizes of all the hats in your collection will be the biggest influence on which solution will be the best for you. From there, think about where your available storage space is and how much accessibility you need.

The most common hat storage products take advantage of verticle space by hanging over a door or on a closet rod. They are a cinch to put up and make it easy to grab what you need, but they are usually designed for baseball-style hats, meaning other styles may not fit or slip off. In those cases, a wall rack or individual hooks may be more suitable, but note that will require installation and may have a low weight threshold.

For extra protection from dust and fading, you can keep hats that you may not need regular access to tucked away in a container with a lid. A box can prevent crushing, but if you want to be able to easily see what’s inside, a softshell bag with a clear transparent window may be more appealing (and easier to fit into tight spaces). An option that's also collapsible will be convenient for travel.

If you’re a true collector and want to display your hats, you can go with a wireframe wig stand, bendable wall hooks, or a freestanding hat tree — all of which will keep their structure and add dimension to your decor. That said, depending on how many you want to show off, it may not be ideal (price-wise or space-wise) to go this route.

Ready to shop? Find a list of the best hat organizers on Amazon below!


This Classic Wooden Accordion Hat Rack

Since it can expand and contract, this accordion-style rack can be customized to fit almost any wall space. The wooden hanger has 13 lacquered pegs that won’t splinter, or snag on fabric hats, making them also great for hanging up a jacket or purse, too. It’s easy to install, using the provided two screws, and though it’s lightweight, reviewers were impressed with its sturdiness, giving it more than 1,700 five-star ratings. Just note that while the manufacturer doesn’t indicate its weight-bearing load, one reviewer estimated it can only hold about 10 to 12 pounds.


Or, A Stylish Wall-Mounted Rack

This wall-mounted hat rack has six “branches” for hanging hats, scarves, and other accessories. The vertical rack affixes to the wall with several screws (all hardware included) and has an impressive weight load (up to 120 pounds) for such a minimalist piece. In addition to the natural, bamboo finish (featured), it also comes in several variations, including one in dark brown wood with a longer “trunk” and eight branches.


This Budget-Friendly Over-The-Door Organizer That Installs In Seconds

More than 23,000 Amazon customers gave this over-the-door organizer a five-star rating, with many fans raving about how easy it is to install— specifically because there are no additional tools needed. The organizer hooks onto the top and bottom of the door and has an adjustable strap that can be tightened for the perfect, taught fit. Each strap has nine hooks for caps and visors, so this two-pack will keep a total of 18 — or 36 if you double up — neatly organized. Bonus: If you don't have a door that will work, you can also use the included hardware to hang it on a wall, but not that the max weight is 5 pounds.


These Hanging Cubbies That Optimize Vertical Storage Space

Make use of vertical closet space with this hanging organizer that features 10 “cubbies” that are deep enough to keep baseball caps and visors protected. Just like the pick above, this organizer also installs in seconds — all you need to do is wrap the hook-and-loop attachment around a clothing rod. With a 4.7-star rating overall after more than 3,400 Amazon shoppers weighed in, this is a popular option for anyone looking to keep their hat collection streamlined, but if you’re particularly worried about dirt, you can also pick it up in this version with a dust-shield. The manufacturer doesn’t indicate a weight limit, however one fan confirmed, “It can sustain considerable weight.”


A Set Of Over-The-Door Rings That Can Store Hats Of Any Size Or Shape

Another fantastic hanging organizer, only instead of individual hooks, this one has iron rings (or loops) that are much more customizable— you’ll get two flat over-the-door hooks, two adhesive hooks (for applying to a wall or flat surface), and ten total rings that can be interlocked in whatever amount you prefer. Besides being an easy way to hang hats, it can also be used to pulling scarves or ties through, storing wigs, or creating makeshift “shelves” for rolled-up washcloths or linens (note there is no weight limit indicated by the brand but the metal rings are, according one shopper, quite “heavy duty”). Choose from black or white.


These Colorful Wall Hooks That Can Be Configured In So Many Ways

Available in 18 bright colors and finishes, these powder-coated wall hooks can be mounted as close together or as spaced out as you need. Thanks to their rounded tops, they are particularly great for hats as they can help stop dimpling or snags. Each three-pack includes only one color, but you can also get them individually in a variety of hues allowing you to assign one color to a person or add some personality to your home decor. Each one can hold up to 10 pounds of weight if screwed into a stud, and the screw that’s included comes in the same color for a seamless look.


A Set Of Sturdy Storage Boxes To Keep Hats Dust-Free & In Pristine Condition

Though not specifically made for hats, these rectangular storage boxes measure 17.7 inches long by 11.8 inches wide by 11.8 inches tall, so they can accommodate a range of styles. Made from a linen-cotton blend, they will look chic on display inside your closet or out, but they are also durable and boast well-fitting lids to keep hats protected and dust-free. This three-pack is available in eight other colors, as well as in two additional sizes.


A Clear Zippered Organizer That Makes It So Easy To See What’s Inside

With handles and an easy-open zippered design, this clear cap bag makes it so easy to tote your collection around — to and from a storage spot in-between seasons or for team sports — but with its slim design (23 inches long by 6 inches deep by 8 inches tall) it also makes for an affordable way to store hats in a closet or under your bed. The duffle-style bag can fit up to 22 baseball and trucker hats, and its transparent vinyl shell makes it quick to locate exactly what you need.


A Stand-Alone Hat Tree That Can Hold 20 Of Your Favorite Caps

This display stand has twenty metal loops that are designed to keep hats from falling or losing their shape. The loops can be affixed to the main pole at different heights and angled in different directions to accommodate a variety of sizes and styles. The stand has a sturdy steel-reinforced base— one reviewer indicated they were able to get 35 hats on it one time with no tilting— and it’s available in four colors to match any decor.


These Freestanding Wire Holders That Help Hats Retain Their Shape

Part storage solution, part decorative accent, these sturdy wire hat holders have a balloon shape and a circular base that keeps them balanced and looking sleek on a dresser. The rounded top has a 6.25-inch diameter that will help hats retain their shape and the airy construction makes for an eye-catching presentation for your favorite fedoras and bowlers. Choose from brown or black.


These Metal Hangers That Are So Versatile

These stainless steel hangers with hooks have padded rubber clips that won’t damage or crimp most hat brims and are strong enough that they can be used to organize so much more than just hats (the manufacturer doesn’t provide a weight limit per clip, but some shoppers mentioned successfully hanging up boots and jeans). To add a dose of whimsy, you can also pick them up in a version with light pink rubber pads, but either way, you go, the multitasking hooks are worth it according to Amazon fans have given them more than 1,000+ five-star ratings.


A Collapsible Hat Box That’s Perfect For Travel

If you’re heading on vacation to a sunny destination and want a way to tote your widest-brim hats without crushing them, this pop-up hatbox is the perfect solution. The clear zippered lid has a handle for extra convenience and the polyester shell is collapsible — once you click the two side buckles in place, it will stay compressed down. With a depth of 11.5 inches and a 19-inch diameter, you’ll be able to stack several hats comfortably.


These Bendable Hooks That Keep Even The Widest Brimmed Hats From Slipping

These hat hooks have two bendable prongs that will keep hats of all shapes and sizes securely in place. Each one has a rubber tip to protect delicate fabrics and attach to the wall with just one screw (four included). And if your hats have a wide enough brim that covers the hooks entirely, you can also create a cool “floating” wall display.