The 10 Best Wigs On Amazon

So many different cute styles starting from $26.

Written by Maria Cassano
The 10 Best Wigs On Amazon
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Believe it or not, Amazon has a surprisingly large selection of inexpensive wigs that look real. Whether synthetic or made from human hair, the best wigs on Amazon have a few things in common: They’re heat-resistant, easy to wear, and come in a style and color you love.

What To Look For In The Best Amazon Wigs

Wig type: Wigs made from human hair often look more realistic and can be styled (and sometimes even dyed) like your real hair — but they’re also more expensive and difficult to maintain. Synthetic wigs, on the other hand, are much more affordable and hold their style better.

Heat resistance: Synthetic wigs (especially affordable costume wigs) may melt or burn when exposed to heat. For that reason, always make sure that your wig of choice is made from temperature-resistant fibers — and if disclosed, check the recommended temperature range before styling.

Lace frontal: Lace frontal wigs have individual strands tied onto the hairline, which gives the illusion of natural follicles. They’re extremely realistic-looking, but they’re also more expensive. If you opt for a less expensive wig without a lace front, you may want to choose one with bangs to hide the hairline. Swiss lace refers to a kind of lace front that’s inexpensive, soft, and a good choice for beginners.

Cap size: Wigs come in various circumferences to suit different scalp sizes. Most measure around 21 inches, but many top-selling options have adjustable straps that you can use to find the most secure, comfortable fit.

Below, you’ll find 10 options in various lengths, cuts, and textures (with and without bangs). If you like the style but not the color, be sure to click through to the listing; most of these wigs are offered in tons of color options, from natural-looking shades to bold pastels and neons.

1. This Highly Rated Synthetic Wig

A bestseller with an overall rating of 4.4 stars, this long, ombré wig has one thing most inexpensive, synthetic wigs don’t: a small strip of lace with hand-knitted strands in the front, which makes the hairline look more realistic, despite the middle part. The long, wavy strands are also temperature-resistant up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit for styling and come in lots of color options with natural-looking highlights.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I was really suspicious about this wig when I bought it. I didn't think it could look as good or as natural as it did in the photo. Boy was I wrong! It is very comfortable and lightweight. I hardly feel it throughout my day — yes, I wear mine all day. [...] I get a ton of compliments. When I tell them it's a wig, hardly anyone believes me.”

Type: Synthetic | Heat Resistance: Up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit | Lace Front: Yes (but only a small strip) | Cap Size: 21 to 22.5 inches | Available Lengths: 24, 26 inches | Available Colors: 15

2. The Best Deep Wave Human Hair Wig

Made using only 100% unprocessed 10A Brazilian hair, this deep wave wig is high quality and realistic — especially because it has a 4-inch Swiss lace frontal with baby hairs for a natural-looking hairline. With 180% density, the curls are full and thick, and with proper treatment, the quality can be preserved for over a year with regular wear. This wig can also be restyled, dyed, or bleached.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I’m no good with applying wigs, laying baby hair or anything of that nature yet, the install was easy! The hair is perfect right out the box. I just washed it and used some foaming wrap lotion to give it the wet look and once it dried the curls were beautiful!”

Type: Human hair | Heat Resistance: Up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit | Lace Front: Yes | Cap Size: 22 to 22.5 inches (adjustable) | Available Lengths: 16 to 34 inches | Available Colors: 2

3. The Best Human Hair Bob

For a shorter style that looks so realistic, opt for this lace-front short bob human hair wig. Made from unprocessed Brazilian hair with a 4-inch lace frontal design, this option looks incredibly real thanks to its deep part, pre-plucked baby hairs, and soft, thick strands. It also comes in four lengths, ranging from just below the ear to just above the shoulder — and the cap is comfortable and secure thanks to its comb clips and adjustable straps.

One Reviewer Wrote: “The lace space on here is immaculate. First off the fact that the knots are small and the lace has so much space is a win but it’s also hd. The wig came with no smell and it’s full of shine it’s a really full bob so if you need head space like me don’t worry. The wig is perfect for a side part bob.”

Type: Human hair | Heat Resistance: Up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit | Lace Front: Yes | Cap Size: 21.5 to 23 inches (adjustable) | Available Lengths: 8, 10, 12, 14 inches | Available Colors: 11

4. The Best Synthetic Shoulder-Length Wig

Most popular wigs are either long or short, so it can be a challenge to find one that hits somewhere in the middle. This 14-inch wig is shoulder length and comes in over 15 different colors, both natural and more vibrant shades like pink, yellow, and purple. It’s heat-resistant so you can wear it curly, wavy, or straight, and the lace front ensures that the part and hairline look real.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This is my first wig and great choice for the $. I had to style it and puck it, but at the end it looks pretty natural. Wavy or straight, your choice. Love the color and the length. I chose the black with highlights. Will buy in other colors!”

Type: Synthetic | Heat Resistance: Yes, but temperature range not disclosed | Lace Front: Yes (but only a small strip) | Cap Size: 21.5 inches (adjustable) | Available Lengths: 14 inches | Available Colors: 16

5. This Synthetic Wavy Bob With Bangs

This pick is also 14 inches long for a shoulder-length style. That said, because it’s longer in the front than it is in the back, this wavy bob wig gives you a trendy look in minutes — especially with the chunky bangs that you can trim. While it doesn’t have a lace cap, the rose-net design is adjustable and breathable. The strands are also heat-resistant and soft for easy styling.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This wig is my new favourite! This year, I had to unfortunately shave my head due to hair loss from stress and medical issues. I have bought a handful of wigs, some of which I liked okay, and some which were comical. But I took this one out of the package, and put it on. It looked great just slapping it on my head.”

Type: Synthetic | Heat Resistance: Yes, but temperature range not disclosed | Lace Front: No | Cap Size: 21 to 23 inches (adjustable) | Available Lengths: 14 inches | Available Colors: 13

6. The Best Short, Curly Synthetic Wig

Looking for a short, curly wig? According to reviewers, this one is fabulous, versatile, and low maintenance. The soft fibers are heat-resistant, while the rose cap is breathable and adjustable. The length isn’t disclosed, but the full curls should hit right above the shoulders and can be trimmed even shorter if needed. Finally, it comes in a dozen different colors, including a few hard-to-find ones like gray and two-tone.

One Reviewer Wrote: “This unit is full bouncy and lengthy, you can cut it down to your liking as in thinner or shorter! Loved everything about it.”

Type: Synthetic | Heat Resistance: Up to 355 degrees Fahrenheit | Lace Front: No | Cap Size: 20.5 to 22.5 inches | Available Lengths: 12 inches | Available Colors: 12

7. The Best Long Synthetic Wig With Bangs

This long synthetic wig gives you 24-inch hair (with bangs) in a matter of minutes. It’s easy to comb, style, and even trim, and the two-clip cap has adjustable straps to customize the fit. While it’s not a lace frontal, the simulated scalp still gives it a more realistic-looking part, which makes it well worth the reasonable price tag. Finally, reviewers love that it’s available in over 20 different colors.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I love the look and feel of this wig. The hair is soft. I’ve gotten many compliments and no one realizes it’s a wig. It does tangle pretty easily, but it’s pretty long and that’s to be expected.”

Type: Synthetic | Heat Resistance: Up to 365 degrees Fahrenheit | Lace Front: No | Cap Size: 19 to 23 inches (adjustable) | Available Lengths: 24 inches | Available Colors: 23

8. The Best Straight Synthetic Wig

Available in just about any shade you could want, this long, straight wig has reviewers raving: “I've gotten so many compliments and many people believing it's real!” The long layers and chunky bangs add to the realism, and the strands are temperature-resistant so you can style the wig in various ways. While the cap isn’t adjustable, reviewers report that it’s lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Love this wig! Been wearing this style for a year now and it's been a great way to change up my look without damaging my natural hair. You can get a lot of use from one wig as long as you wash and blow dry properly.”

Type: Synthetic | Heat Resistance: Yes, but temperature range not disclosed | Lace Front: No | Cap Size: 21.5 to 22.5 inches | Available Lengths: 20 inches | Available Colors: 20

9. This $25 Synthetic Wig In Lots Of Colors

Whether you’re a cosplayer or you’re just looking for bold everyday hair, this wavy pastel wig is a great choice. It’s earned an overall 4.3-star rating from more than 13,000 reviewers who love its wispy bangs, bob cut, and stylable, temperature-resistant fibers. Given the reasonable price tag, buyers find the quality to be much “better than expected.” It also comes in a wide range of bright colors, though you can find a few natural shades, too.

One Reviewer Wrote: “Nice color, fun to wear. Pretty good quality for being such an inexpensive wig, it arrived with nice packaging that included a wig cap, false eyelashes, temporary tattoos, and stickers!”

Type: Synthetic | Heat Resistance: Yes, but temperature range not disclosed | Lace Front: No | Cap Size: Undisclosed (adjustable) | Available Lengths: 12 inches | Available Colors: 39

10. This Dyeable Human Hair Wig

Not all wigs can be dyed. This lace frontal wig, however, is made using Brazilian human hair in a blonde shade that’s easy to dye to virtually any color. While it’s an investment, reviewers say it’s a “must buy” that’s “worth the money” because it’s extremely realistic looking — largely due to the transparent lace cap, pre-plucked with baby hairs. It also has four combs alongside an adjustable elastic strap for easy, comfortable application.

One Reviewer Wrote: “I’m a professional cosmetologist and I found the hair to be fantastic quality. I wasn’t sure what I was going to get for the price but I was so pleasantly surprised. The lace is transparent and blends really well with the scalp. I toned it and colored it with Sterling from Arctic Fox and it took the color really well without much shedding! The part is so versatile you really can wear it however you want.”

Type: Human hair | Heat Resistance: Up to 360 degrees Fahrenheit | Lace Front: Yes | Cap Size: 22.5 inches (adjustable) | Available Lengths: 18 — 32 inches | Available Colors: 1