This Bridgeton-Inspired Home Decor Is So Chic

Everything you need for a royal viewing party.

Dearest people of the ‘ton, there’s a new way you can get ready for Bridgerton Season 2 and no, it doesn’t involve thirsting over all of the main characters although you’ll likely be doing that anyway. You can give your home a makeover ahead of the season’s release on Mar. 25 with ceramics company MacKenzie-Child’s Bridgerton-inspired kitchenware and decor. The tea sets, coasters, and table linens will make anyone feel like a the talk of the town.

In addition to the love triangles, drama, and costumes, Bridgerton’s iconic set design is part of what makes the Shonda Rhimes-directed period piece such a fan favorite. You’ve heard of cottagecore already, but the upcoming season of the Netflix hit will make you obsessed with Regencycore, the style inspired by high society during England’s Regency period of 1811 to 1820.

MacKenzie-Child is a homegoods brand based out of upstate New York that puts a modern and eclectic twist on Regencycore. You can add their tea pots, stools, throw pillows, and centerpieces to your space without it looking out of place in our modern world. Every item is designed and painted by hand so no two purchases are exactly alike, which adds an element of individuality for anyone looking to make their space totally unique. Their kitchen items range between $18 for items like cloth napkins to $450 for one-of-a-kind decorative canisters.

Think back to the well-decorated quarters of the Bridgerton and Featherington’s London homes — or should I say castles? — Bridgerton Season 1 for ideas on how you can revamp your own space. Think back to the floral arrangements, tablecloths, and candlesticks that completed the ballroom in Episode 4, “An Affair of Honor” — you can recreate the look at home with items from this new collection.

All of the best gossip is spilled over some tea in the series, so it’s only right you have your own gorgeous tea set up before you see what’s in store for the Bridgerton family in Season 2. Mackenzie-Childs makes everything you need for a spot of your favorite hot afternoon beverage, including kettles, creamers, and mugs.

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For a table set-up as upscale as the marathoning treats you’re likely to prepare — did somebody say finger sandwiches?! — you’ll want some centerpieces like candles and trivets. MacKenzie-Childs makes delicate candles, table cloths, and coasters that feature bold designs that will remind you of Lady Danbury’s epic party in Episode 7, “Oceans Apart.”

Once you make a purchase or two to transform your home into a modern castle, all that’s left to do is plan your own Bridgerton viewing party and count down the days until March 25. If you’re really looking for something to keep you occupied, you can always start scheming about how to finesse your own way into a royal family. That’s sure to keep you busy until Season 2.