Bustle Daily Newsletter: October 3, 2022

On Kesha's obsession with ghosts, the luckiest zodiac signs this month, and more.

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL - JANUARY 25: Singer Kesha performs live on stage on January 25, 2015 in Sao Paulo...
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Kesha Talks About Her Love Of Ghosts

Anyone who’s listened to Kesha’s ethereal 2012 deep cut “Supernatural” knows that she’s always had a soft spot for ghosts. So while the thought of Kesha hunting them in her new series Conjuring Kesha may confuse some people, it comes as no surprise to her devoted fans that she decided to dive deeper into her fascination with the spooky spirits — and to film it for the world to witness. She spoke to Bustle about her new music and how she would “absolutely love” to go ghost hunting with Cardi B and Nicolas Cage. READ MORE


These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Luckiest October

Truthfully, everyone should be feeling a little bit luckier this side of Mercury retrograde. But this month, four specific signs will find greater mental and emotional clarity in the wake of September’s astrological chaos. So go ahead, buy that lotto ticket. READ MORE

The Twists In Don’t Worry Darling, Ranked By Messiness

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that amid all the drama and controversy surrounding this movie there is, in fact, a movie here. Whether you went to see it in theaters or just caved and read the Wikipedia synopsis (which is what I did), these twists sure are… something. Heavy spoilers ahead, naturally. READ MORE


How To Turn Your Small Space Into A Cozy Nook For The Holidays

The best thing about the weather starting to dip? IMO, it’s a toss-up between breaking out all my cozy clothing and putting out all my holiday decorations. We spoke to experts about how to make your space really sing this season. Turns out, just a few simple tricks will take even the smallest home into cheery territory. READ MORE

Ling Ma Is Back — This Time, With Yetis

When a series of interviews and events are planned to promote her books, Ling Ma feels like “an appendage” to her work. “I’m just kind of walking it around, hoping it’ll get out there,” the Chicago-based author and professor tells Bustle. “And then I don’t have to worry about it.” Ma has clearly ruminated on this alienation, as it’s made it into her new short-story collection, Bliss Montage. READ MORE


Mercury retrograde is finally over. READ MORE


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