48 Cheap, Clever Ways To Make Your Home Look Better When You Have No Idea Where To Begin

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If you’re craving a refresh in your space, it can be tough to get started. Should you move furniture? Paint your walls? Hang something, or some things? Can you work with what you have, or do you need to buy new? What about rugs? How do rugs work?

It can be A Lot.

Still, no matter how hard we try, the home won’t re-decorate itself (trust me on that one), so you’re going to have to make a few decisions whether you want to or not. Thankfully, you don’t have to start from scratch, or go back to any drawing boards, or reinvent any wheels (or whichever old school idiom you prefer). There are plenty of cheap and clever (read: easy) ways to make your home look better when you don’t know how to begin, and many of them are compiled right here for your consideration. Personally, whenever I rework my space, I often wish I did more to it (like getting a haircut, when you always wish you’d gone just a little shorter). But, that won’t be you now that you’ve got this list at your fingertips. These ideas range from small and subtle (like and electrical outlet refresh) to bigger and bolder (lighting, slipcovers, and yep, even rugs), so whatever your impulse, there will be something here to get you started.


A Woven Basket That’s The Perfect Size For Blankets & Toys

You have so many options with a woven storage basket, the toughest thing will be deciding which room to keep it in. It comes in cotton or jute, and there are two-tone choices along with the single color option. Plus, handles make it easy to carry so it can double as a laundry basket when it’s not on display.


This Set Of Acrylic Drawers For Makeup & Other Countertop Necessities

These stackable drawers come in three versatile shapes that fit together, or can be used on their own. The countertop-friendly sizes make them great for makeup and accessories, or office and craft supplies, and the transparent plastic structure means that your supplies are always visible and easy to grab.


An Elegant Bed Skirt That Gives A Classy Update To Your Bedroom

A pleated bed skirt might feel like an afterthought (or maybe it’s just me?), but it’s a simple yet sophisticated way to update your bedroom. This budget-friendly choice comes in four standard sizes (twin, full, queen, and king), and in 16 different colors. Plus, matching sheets are available if you’re so inclined.


A Bamboo Bath Mat That Never Wrinkles

Once this natural bamboo bath mat replaces your worn cloth one, you might never look back. The lattice design offers texture for easy stepping, and rubber grip tape keeps it in place on your floor. It even folds up when it’s not in use. It’s available in three sizes, and in natural and grey tones.


This Classic Shower Curtain For An Instant Bathroom Upgrade

What’s better than a plain shower curtain? A waffle weave shower curtain with metal grommets. Available in 17 colors (including my personal favorite, plum), and five sizes, this polyester curtain is classic and classy. Thanks to the grommets, it’s easy to both hang and remove, and you can also pop it in the washing machine to clean.


These Floating Shelves That Are Stylish & Versatile

Whether you need more storage or are looking for a pretty and practical way to display plants and knick-knacks, this trio of floating shelves can handle it. They range from 9 to 17 inches in length, and feature identical brackets so they coordinate nicely no matter how you place them. Eight different options are available for board and bracket colors.


A Set Of Flameless Candles That Can Pass For The Real Thing

These flameless candles range in size from 4 to 9 inches, giving you plenty of options for displays, centerpieces, or cozy additions to your bathtub or bookshelf. A remote control is included, and makes it easy to turn and off, set timers, and enjoy their other features. Four different styles are available, including birch.


A Cable Management Set To Get Your Cord Situation Under Control

As hard as I’ve tried, I’ve never found a way to make exposed cords look nice, so I totally get the appeal of cable management set. This one comes with two boxes (or three, if you’re feeling fancy), and a slew of colorful cord ties and clips so you can keep everything straight.


A Multitasking Outlet Cover That Takes The Place Of Night Lights & Surge Protectors

This outlet extender offers many of the same benefits of a power strip, but with additional features that make it all the more practical. In addition to six standard plugs, you get two USB ports, and a built-in, automatic nightlight that’s even dimmable with touch control.


This Soft Throw Blanket That Makes Your Couch Super Cozy

If you want to add a pop of color and texture to your living room, look no further. This woven throw blanket is available in two sizes and six colors (including a muted orange and a deep teal which are both calling to me), and according to reviewers, it’s amazingly soft. The best part? The tassels give it extra charm.


A Set Of Blackout Curtains So You Can Comfortably Sleep Past Sunrise

Anyone who’s tried to nap on a sunny day knows the struggle of having a bright window nearby. Thankfully, blackout curtains can make a huge difference. And, in addition to blocking light, they also help with temperature control. This particular pair is available in 14 different sizes and 23 colors, so the perfect set won’t be hard to find.


These Faux Leather Pillow Covers That Make A Luxe Addition To Your Couch

Leather isn’t for everyone, but when you take gorgeous vegan leather and make smooth pillow covers out of it? That’s a different story. This rich, medium brown pair comes in seven different sizes. They look great on a bed or couch, on their own, or with other complimentary pillows.


A Pillowy Comforter That Will Make Your Bed Feel Like A Cloud

A classic quilted comforter is a simple and easy upgrade to any bedroom or guestroom. This one can be used on its own as a bedspread, or tucked into a duvet cover. It even has corner tabs so it’s easy to secure. It comes in six sizes, from twin to California king, and nine colors are available.


This Pair Of Baskets For Neat & Natural Decor That Doubles As Storage

Like canvas totes and coffee tumblers, one can never have too many baskets. The handwoven baskets in this identical pair are a great size for books, magazines, or for catching odds and ends by your front door. There are three different colors available and bonus, there’ are coordinating hampers, too.


A Faux Marble Wallpaper To Upgrade All Your Surfaces

Did you know you can change the entire look and feel of your tables, countertops, shelves, and walls without going through the trouble of painting? Enter this marble wallpaper, which is essentially a peel-and-stick makeover for your surfaces. An included grid line helps with positioning, and it’s easy to cut, too. Four different sized rolls are available.


This Wireless Charging Station That’s Sleek & Efficient

The future is here. This three-in-one charger is made to hold and charge one phone, one smart watch, and one set of wireless earbuds, all at the same time. It comes in white, pink, and black, and has an indicator light so you always know if and when it’s working.


An Elegant Wood Tray That Looks Great Wherever You Set It

Trays are high on the list of versatile household items that are almost always a good idea. In particular, this round wood tray has an elegant finish, and versatile size at roughly 12 inches in diameter. You can purchase it on its own, or with a coordinating set of six pillar candles.


This Handy Furniture Polish That Makes Your Wood Look Like New

Furniture is usually among the most expensive purchases in a home, so of course we want to take care of it. This beeswax and carnauba wax wood polish and conditioner is easy to use according to buyers, and it makes a huge different in the appearance of tables, chairs, and other wood pieces.


A Clear Table Protector To Extend The Life Of Your Surfaces

Whether you’re prone to spills and splashes, or tend to be a bit clumsy (no shame), or you simply love the idea of keeping your surfaces looking like new, this clear table cover will be your new favorite thing. Available in a huge range of sizes, and in clear and frosted styles, it rests on the top of your table (or table cloth) to protect against liquid, scratches, and more.


This Cute, Round Table Lamp For Added Color & Light To Any Room

If the idea of a monochromatic table lamp excites you, then I hope you’re sitting down. This globe-shaped lamp is cute and compact at just under 9 inches tall, and it comes in wide array of colors. Each base has a matching fabric shade, so you can perfectly coordinate to the rest of your décor.


This Clever Way To Store Fruit That Beats A Standard Bowl

Apologies if you suddenly find yourself jealous of some apples and oranges—if only it was so easy to hang a hammock for people! This delightful hanging fruit holder keeps your favorite produce within reach, but without taking up the extra counter space that regular bowls do. It comes in a package of one, two, or three hammocks.


A Versatile Shoe Rack You’ll Fill In No Time

Shoes, backpacks, bags, shopping totes...this bamboo storage rack is a perfect catch-all shelf to position near your front door, in a hallway, or inside your closet. It’s available in natural or mocha shades, and it’s stackable, too, so you can have up to four levels of shelving, with each shelf able to hold up to 40 pounds of weight.


This Hanging Organizer For Keys, Mail & Other Necessities

Unlike some other products on the market, this hanging organizer is made with vegan leather, and keeps clutter at bay in contained pockets, as opposed to metal baskets. The main compartment is large enough to hold magazines and full-size envelopes, while smaller pockets and hooks can accommodate phones, keys, and other essentials. It’s available in both brown and grey.


A Fuzzy Area Rug You’ll Be Tempted To Use Like A Blanket

I don’t know what’s better; that this plush, fluffy area rug is made of super soft faux sheepskin, or that it comes in 19 rich colors, including natural tones like beige, white, and tan, and bright shades like turquoise, purple, and red. Eleven different shapes and sizes are available, including rectangular, round, and square.


These Adjustable Drawer Dividers So You Can Become The Organizing Guru You’ve Always Wanted To Be

What’s nice about these adjustable drawer dividers is that, instead of staying loose like some small organizers and tray inserts, they remain in place thanks to built in springs. They have a natural finish, and two different sizes are available, a smaller one that accommodates 12.25-17.25 inch drawers, and a larger one for 16.8-21.8 inch spaces.


A Classic Coat Rack You’ll Love To Put Your Coats & Jackets On

Not sure about you, but a coat rack has never been at the top of my shopping list—but this simple and sophisticated one has me rethinking my life choices. Available in bronze, white, turquoise, and red, its 12 hooks are perfect for jackets, hats, bags, purses, totes, and more.


These Motion Sensor Night Lights So You Never Stub Your Toes Again

This set of motion sensor lights offer soft illumination when you’re within 3-5 meters, allowing you to navigate safely and easily through your home. There are two different brightness options, along with different settings so you’re not stuck in automatic mode if you’d like the lights to be all the way off or on.


An Amazing Set Of Art Prints That Make Your Home Feel Like A Trendy Museum

If the idea of a curated gallery wall makes your heart flutter, but you don’t know how to put it all together, then you might want to take a close look at these frameless art prints. Three different sets of 12 images are available, and the best part? They won’t break the bank, so you can experiment with layout as much as you need—or want—to.


A Set Of Easy Plants For A Pop Of Greenery & Fresh Air In Your Home

Fresh air is always a good idea, and this four pack of small plans is curated to provide just that. In addition to being a great decorative choice, these houseplants filter indoor air and pollutants. You can opt for a pack of four or six, and they’ll be shipped live and planted in 4-inch grower pots.


These Bright & Breezy Pots For Your New Favorite Plants

These textured ceramic pots come in four beautiful colors; blue, turquoise, patina green, and white. At 5 inches tall, they’re a great size for small and medium plants, and they’ll work throughout your home. Each pot has a small drainage hole, and they all come with a coordinating tray for overflow, too.


This Sofa Slipcover That Refreshes Your Couch In Seconds

Protect your couch, try out a new color, or cover existing wear and tear with a sofa slipcover. Three different sizes and nearly 40 colors are available, so you can select the perfect style and fit. It works for couches, loveseats, and even certain chaises and recliners.


A Cushy Kitchen Mat That Makes Chores More Bearable

Dirty dishes are inevitable, so we may as well make the space by our kitchen sink as comfortable as possible, right? This cushioned kitchen mat not only eases discomfort when standing for long periods, it’s also water-resistant with a non-slip bottom. Three colors and three sizes are available, so be warned, you just might be tempted to grab one for your laundry room, too.


This Toothbrush Holder That Keeps Your Countertops From Getting Cluttered

No matter how hard we try, it feels like products and random stuff still collects around the bathroom sink. This hanging toothbrush holder secures some of your bathroom essentials without taking up extra space. It’s easy to mount with the included adhesive piece, and it works as a shower shelf, too.


An Ingenious Couch Insert That Keeps Cushions From Sagging Or Drooping

What if I told you there was an easy way to rejuvenate your tired couch? This cushion saver slips underneath your seat cushions to redistribute weight and provide them with a stable surface, making for a more comfortable and relaxing seat for you. Three different sizes fit recliners, loveseats, and full-sized sofas.


A Pack Of Smart Light Bulbs For Easy Customized Lighting

There’s not much that these smart light bulbs can’t do. They’re customizable, dimmable, and energy saving. Literally millions of color options are available, including everyone’s favorite, warm white. The best part? You can control them by app or with your voice using a digital assistant. They come in packs of two and four.


These Rounds Mirrors For Fun & Functional Wall Decor

You might have a tough time convincing your roommates that you’re not staring at your own reflection when you have this trio of charming round wall mirrors (although, it’s okay if you are. No judgment). The metallic frames and chains are included, and each mirror has a diameter of just over 5 inches. If circles aren’t your thing, other shapes and sizes are available, too.


A Pack Of Colorful Fridge Magnets That Are Practical & Pretty

One way to keep a fridge from looking cluttered and messy is to have matching magnets holding up the art and other papers you keep on hand. This set of 24 colorful glass magnets, which are all a unique color, is so pretty you may be tempted to just call them the art. Buyers raved not only about how they love the look of them, but how well they stick, too.


These Colorful Glasses That Don’t Shatter When They’re Dropped

It sounds like a magic trick, but it’s not. These elegant, unbreakable cups have an upscale look and feel like glass, but they’re technically plastic. They’re also BPA-free, and dishwasher-safe. And, since they come in different colors, you’ll never get yours mixed up with your guests or housemates.


This Brick Wallpaper That Will Make You Feel Like You Live In A Trendy Downtown Loft

Warning, you may be tempted to take a lot more selfies when you have this brick wallpaper as your background. You apply it with an easy peel-and-stick method, so there is no glue or hassle. It’s also easy to remove, and water-resistant, so you don't have to think twice about applying it in your kitchen or bathroom.


A String Of Lights For The Back Of Your TV, So Your Netflix & Chill Nights Feel Like A Theater

Imagine settling onto the couch, turning on the TV, and the rest of the room a colorful glow in your choice of color. That’s what this string of TV backlights would provide you. There are 16 different colors to choose from, and both dimming and brightening options available on an easy remote.


These Grippers That Keep Your Rug Perfectly In Place

If you’ve ever tripped over a rug, then you know the struggle involved with keeping them in place. Rug grippers secure rugs and mats right where you need them to be, making your space look nicer and your floor safer. The best part about this particular brand? They don’t use glue or tape, so there’s no damage or residue left behind on floors.


This Smart Dimmer Switch So You Can Control Your Lights With A Tap Of Your Finder

You’ll never again have to come home to a dark home, or struggle for the lights first thing in the morning. As long as you have your phone within reach, this smart dimmer switch allows you to adjust your lights. It’s also compatible with voice control, and you can set schedules, too.


A Nice Door Mat To Greet Your Visitors

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so a nice welcome mat can be clutch. This one, available in red, grey, and brown, has durable and tasteful rubber edging, and a textured pattern that’s both form and function. It’s also waterproof, so it’ll last throughout all kinds of weather.


This Himalayan Salt Lamp For Warm & Cozy Vibes

Word on the street is that Himalayan salt lamps offer a range of benefits, but regardless of whether or want to try it for its wellness properties, or because you love the soft amber light it casts, it makes for a simple and sophisticated home accessory. This best-seller is an especially great option thanks to its versatile size and dimmer switch.


An Essential Oil Diffuser That Levels Up Your Home Fragrance Situation

An essential oil diffuser takes your home fragrance game to the next level. This sleek and sophisticated model comes in a compact size, and is available in yellow, bronze, and brown wood patterns, as well as plain white. It also humidifies your space, offering cool mist.


A Utensil Holder That Keeps Everything Within Reach & Keeps Your Counters Clear

If basic cups or drawers aren’t cutting it to hold your kitchen tools, may I present these rotating under cabinet utensil holders? They come in packs of two, and with six hooks on each, you can store 12 full-size kitchen tools on them. The necessary adhesive for hanging is included, too.


A Stainless Steel Cleaner Kit To Make Your Appliances Sparkle

When was the last time you cleaned the front of your fridge? I know, I can’t remember either. Fortunately for us, this stainless steel cleaning kit makes it easy. And it’s not just limited to refrigerators, it works on most stainless steel surfaces, handling smudges, smears, fingerprints, and more. The entire kit comes with wipes, spray, and a polishing cloth.