42 Cheap Little Upgrades That Make You Feel Like You're Living In A Hotel

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Even though I live in a rental apartment, I'm constantly on the lookout for cool ways to improve my space. There's only one catch: whatever I'm doing has to be affordable. You wouldn't spend hundreds of dollars upgrading a home you don't own, right? That's why I always head to Amazon — they've got tons of cheap home upgrades that are so chic you'll feel like you're living in a hotel.

Imagine coming home to find your bathroom stocked with aromatic shower bombs — or a luxurious bath pillow that's extra plush. Come to think of it, when was the last time you upgraded your bedding? I've made sure to include silky satin pillowcases, a quilted mattress pad, and a set of sheets that are wrinkle- as well as fade-resistant. And don't get me started on the calming foot bath, because I've already added one to my cart.

No matter how gorgeous your space is, staying in a nice hotel is a treat — and with these cheap home upgrades, you can make your home feel like a fancy five-star resort.


The Rainfall Shower Head That's Easy To Install

Transform your regular shower into a spa-like experience with this rainfall shower head. It requires zero tools for installation, and the built-in flow restrictor provides high-powered water pressure.


A Bathtub Caddy With Space For Your Relaxation Essentials

Made from waterproof bamboo, this bathtub caddy has room for everything from your tablet to a glass of wine. The sides extend to accommodate tubs of practically any size, and it's available in multiple finishes — brown, natural, blue, and more.


This Bath Pillow That Supports Your Head & Back

Many bath pillows support either your head or your back — but not this one. It provides soft cushioning for your head, neck, and shoulders, and its six suction cups ensure that it stays in place.


A Vibrating Foot Bath That Pampers Your Toes

Simply press down on the foot-friendly controls of this vibrating foot spa and feel yourself instantly transported to a relaxing spa. Non-slip feet on the bottom of the foot bath keep it from sliding around while you soak, and a heating function helps keep the water warm as you relax.


These Sheets That Are Wrinkle-Resistant

Tired of ironing out the wrinkles in your sheets? You can get the crisp look of hotel linens by switching to these these wrinkle-resistant sheets made from ultra-soft microfiber. They're hypoallergenic as well as stain-resistant, and you've got options when it comes to colors: white, grey, cream, and more.


A Comfy Mattress Pad That's Soft & Protective

Simultaneously protect your mattress and add an extra layer of soft padding to your bed with this quilted mattress pad. The vinyl backing helps keep it from shifting around, and it's perfect for upgrading hard, old mattresses.


The Bedside Shelf That Saves You Space

Don't have enough room for a nightstand? Just pop this bedside shelf onto your bed frame. It's large enough for your smartphone, books, and other small items — plus, it has a cup holder. Setup takes less than 5 minutes and doesn't require any tools.


A Sound Machine With 24 Calming Recordings

If you have trouble falling asleep at night, it's time to give this sound machine a try. It comes pre-loaded with 24 soothing recordings — seven fan, seven white noise, and 10 nature sounds. Don't want it to play all night? Just set the timer to 30, 60, or 90 minutes.


This Essential Oil Diffuser With An Extra-Large Water Reservoir

I'm absolutely in love with this oil diffuser — I fill it up once in the morning, then sit back as it releases essential oils into the air for up to 12 hours. It offers seven LED colors to choose from, as well as a rotating carousel mode for when you can't decide what you're in the mood for.


A Pair Of Luxe Satin Pillowcases That Are Gentle On Hair

Cotton creates more friction against your hair than satin, which means these pillowcases can help reduce frizz. They're available in dozens of colors to match your current sheets, and the envelope closure won't snag on hair.


This Sleek Bathroom Trash Can Made From Stainless Steel

With a finish that's resistant to smudges, this stainless steel step trash can is perfect for bathrooms — and the pedal is even made to last for over 150,000 steps. Choose from a variety of colors including black, brass, bronze, and more.


A Plush Bath Mat Filled With Memory Foam

This soft bath mat is filled with plush memory foam that contours to the shape of your feet, and the velvety top adds a touch of luxury to dull bathroom floors. You have eight different sizes and 20 shades to choose from.


This Nourishing Mask For Dry, Brittle Hair

When split ends are dragging your mane down, pamper it with a dose of nourishment from this hydrating hair mask. You only need to wear it for about 7 minutes, and it's formulated with jojoba seed oil to help smooth each individual strand.


A Shampoo Brush That Massages Your Scalp

Just add a dollop of shampoo to this brush, and it'll melt away dirt and grime while massaging your scalp. The bristles are made from soft silicone, and the handle on the back helps you maintain a firm grip, even when wet.


The Soothing Bubble Bath That Smells Like Lavender

If you're looking to wind down before bed, try this soothing bubble bath. It's scented with calming lavender, and one reviewer raved, "After a hard day a hot bath with Teal's Lavender foaming bath is wonderfully relaxing."


A Pair Of Blackout Curtains In Dozens Of Colors

Not only do these blackout curtains come in tons of colors and glide smoothly over most rods, but they can also block out up to 99% of outside light. Try putting these up and disabling your usual alarm — it might just feel like you're on vacation and sleeping in.


This Chic Gooseneck Kettle Made From Stainless Steel

This stainless steel kettle features a cute gooseneck spout that lends it a classic feel. It can just under a liter of water, and it's perfect for making pour-over coffee or a cup of tea.


A Pack Of Smart Plugs That Are Compatible With Alexa

Pair these smart plugs with your Alexa or Google Home Assistant devices, and you'll be able to control your devices using voice commands. The downloadable app even lets you control your lights remotely and set schedules so that they're on when you come home.


The Cheese Board Made From Natural Bamboo

This cool bamboo cheese board comes with a set of four stainless steel cheese knives and a holder for them to stand in. One reviewer explained, "I bought this as a fancy way to treat myself for Friday night wine and cheese nights with my friends. This board is so sturdy and easy to put together and take apart for storage."


A Decanter That Aerates Wine To Improve Its Flavor

The next time you're popping open a bottle of wine, pour it into this fancy wine decanter for an easy upgrade. The unique shape aerates your wine to help improve its flavor, and it's made from 100% lead-free glass.


This Toilet Paper Stand With Room For Extra Rolls

Don't get caught on the toilet without any paper — just keep a few spare rolls in the basket on this toilet paper holder. There's enough space to store up to three rolls, and the feet on the bottom keep the toilet paper lifted up off the floor.


A Bed Tray For Your Laptop & Lunch

Recreate the room service experience with this bamboo bed tray. In addition to providing you with a surface for eating breakfast in bed, it features a ridge on the back for you to prop up a tablet.


The Cooling Gel Mask That Helps Soothe Eyes

Pull this cooling eye mask out of the fridge, then wear it for about 20 minutes to help combat inflammation. It contains gel beads that conform to the shape of your face for added comfort, and you can also heat it in the microwave for heat therapy.


A Bluetooth Speaker With An Incredible Battery Life

With a battery that holds enough charge to play music for up to 36 hours, this Bluetooth speaker is perfect for everything from weekend getaways to get-togethers at home. It's also waterproof so you don't have to worry about getting it wet, and the battery recharges in just 4 hours.


These Cozy Slippers Filled With Plush Memory Foam

These cozy slippers feature a thick memory foam insole and a non-slip rubber sole. Whether you're wearing them around the house or to get the mail, they're sure to keep your toes warm. There are multiple colors to choose from, including charcoal, rose, and beige, and they come in sizes ranging from 5 to 13.


A Soft Fleece Bathrobe That You'll Want To Lounge In

This fleece bathrobe is super soft and fluffy — so don't be surprised if you're tempted to wear it all day. It comes in several colors and has pockets on the front where you can stash a phone or television remote.


This Pack Of Eye Masks Made With Real 24-Karat Gold

Step up your eye mask game with these ones made with 24K gold. They're also infused with hyaluronic acid, which delivers a nourishing dose of moisture to dry skin, and grape seed extract, which contains antioxidants.


A Pair Of Socks That Moisturize Dry Feet Overnight

When you have dry, cracked feet, turn to these moisturizing socks. Put them on before bed to let the gel soften rough skin while you sleep. They are hypoallergenic and come in one size that's made to fit most feet.


These Shower Steamers Formulated With Essential Oils

Prefer showers over baths? You can still enjoy the awesome aromas that bath bombs produce with these shower steamers. Each order comes with four different scents: eucalyptus, peppermint, rose, and lavender.


An Epsom Salt Foot Soak Made With Lavender

Help soften rough calluses and relax your mind after a stressful day with this foot soak. It's formulated with calming lavender essential oil, and many reviewers raved about how it leaves their feet "so soft."


These Puck Lights You Can Stick Anywhere

Since each order of these dimmable, remote-controlled puck lights comes with super sticky adhesive, you can pretty much put them anywhere. Add them wherever you need some extra light that you can adjust from afar.


A Pack Of Headbands For At-Home Facials

Don't get strands of hair stuck in your face mask — use these adjustable headbands to keep your hair back. Each headband features a velcro connector to get a snug fit, and each order comes with six headbands and two silicone applicator brushes.


This Body Scrub Made With Himalayan Pink Salt

Get rid of dead cells from the surface of your skin with this exfoliating Himalayan salt scrub. It also contains a blend of oils to nourish your skin.


A Lap Stand To Prop Up Tablets & E-Readers

You don't need to crane your neck while you browse on your tablet in bed — just place it on this lap stand instead. There are three different viewing angles to choose from depending on which way you flip it, and the lightweight filling won't weigh your legs down.


The Bathroom Caddy To Keep Your Styling Tools Organized

Curling irons, straighteners, and hair dryers — wrangle them all with this hot tool caddy. You can mount it to your wall using the included hardware, or simply leave it standing upright on your vanity.


A Soap Dispenser That's Completely Touchless

With an infrared sensor that can tell when your palm is near, this automatic soap dispenser is sure to keep your hands clean. You can adjust how much soap is released each time, and all it requires are four AA batteries (which you'll have to snag separately).


This Decorative Throw Blanket With Cute Tassels

Some days you just want to curl up underneath a cozy blanket — and this one is cute as well as warm. The tassels on the end make it stand apart from other throws, and it's made from machine-washable polyester.


A Fluffy Comforter To Keep You Warm & Snug

This quilted comforter is stuffed with alternative down filling to keep you comfortably warm, even on chilly nights. The box stitching keeps the inside distributed evenly without any bunching, and many colors are even reversible.


The Compact Bedside Lamp That Charges Your Devices

Place this handy LED lamp on your nightstand or keep it on your desktop when you're working at night. There are four convenient USB ports in the base where you can charge your devices, and the brightness is adjustable up to three levels.


A Pair Of Pillows Filled With Shredded Memory Foam

These pillows are filled with shredded memory foam that you can add or remove to get the perfect amount of fluff for you. The two pillows' covers are made from breathable rayon derived from bamboo. One reviewer even wrote that "the foam does not compress too much and it does not get too hot."


This Facial Steamer That Comes With Blackhead Tools

Stubborn blackheads are no match for this facial steamer. Use it to open up your pores, then remove blackheads with the stainless steel extractor tools. It's BPA-free, and provides up to 10 minutes of continuous steam.


An Air Purifier That's Nearly Silent

Looking for an air purifier that'll keep air feeling fresh and that you can use while you sleep? This quiet air purifier uses a UV-C light to eliminate germs, and it's even great for getting rid of unwanted odors from pets, cooking, smoke, and more.

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