52 Cheap Products That Are Actually Life-Changing

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by Katie Evans

It’s so satisfying to find a product that genuinely makes you wonder how you ever lived without it before. Even better? When you score it at a wildly low price. Fortunately, you’re about to discover a treasure trove of cheap products that are actually life-changing — and they’re all available on Amazon, meaning you can start using these products (and changing your life for the better) in as little as two days, thanks to super-fast Prime Shipping.

Ahead, you’ll discover lots of things that make annoying daily tasks so much easier. Take, for example, a simple dishwasher magnet that you slide to indicate whether the inside load is dirty or clean. Or, how about a collapsible water bottle that maximizes space in your overstuffed handbag? And, when it comes to organizing your house, you can never have too many tools in your arsenal, like cable clips, over-the-door hanging organizers, or even a loose change sorter.

The list goes on and on. From space-saving conveniences to easy-to-install security devices and so much more, here are 52 products that are going to change your life for the better — all for less than $30.


This Contraption That Makes Folding Laundry *So* Easy

Reviewers love this nifty folding board so much that it actually makes them “look forward to folding laundry now,” as one reviewer wrote. It’s the easiest way to create tidy, uniformly folded laundry — mostly shirts, but it can also fold other garments, too. When you’re done using it, it collapses away to a size that’s slightly larger than a piece of printer paper, so you can easily slip it into a closet when not in use.

  • Available colors: 4


A Waterproof Phone Holder You Can Use In The Shower Or Bath

If you can’t be without your phone in the shower, want to enjoy a movie while you soak, need to reference a recipe online while you’re cooking, or the like, consider this waterproof phone holder. Its anti-fog cover is touchscreen-friendly and opens from the top to prevent your phone from falling upon removal. It sticks directly to the wall with adhesive and can hold all mobile phones under 6.8 inches — but note that it’s designed to be a snug fit, so you may need to remove any phone grips before you use it.


This Hanging Toiletry Bag With So Much Storage Space

Make your next vacation a little less chaotic with this hanging toiletry bag. Just hang this bag on a towel rack or hook, and you’ll have easy access to your products without cluttering limited surface space. It has so many pockets — including a large bottom pouch with a sectioned design to keep bottles upright — and you can get it in lots of chic prints and colors, from trendy cacti to graphic florals.

  • Available colors/prints: 15


These Hydrocolloid Patches That Zap Whiteheads Overnight

If you haven’t tried hydrocolloid patches yet, your life is about to change. These popular patches work to reduce whiteheads on all skin types by sucking up the gunk from the pimple, and act as a protective shield to prevent touching or picking, which also speeds up the healing process. Simply stick it onto your spot (note: they might not work on blackheads or cystic acne), leave it on overnight, and remove it in the morning. Each order comes with 36 individual patches.


A Wildly Popular Detangling Brush That’s Gentle On All Hair Types

Suitable for all hair types, this fan-favorite detangling brush has amassed over 29,000 five-star ratings and counting. Created by woman-owned brand Crave Naturals, its flexible bristles are gentle on your scalp and hair to minimize breakage, whether you use it on wet or dry hair. It glides through knots pain-free, so it’s kid-friendly, too. Choose from five stylish colors, including the pretty lilac shade pictured above.

  • Available colors: 6


A Set Of Magnetic Dry Erase Calendars To Keep You Organized

Keep your schedule(s) organized with this set of magnetic dry erase boards. You’ll get a monthly calendar, a weekly organizer, and a smaller notes page, as well as four dry-erase markers and an eraser. This set has a near-perfect 4.8-star average across almost 10,000 ratings, and shoppers note that it’s great for shopping lists, chore calendars, class schedules, and more.


These Convenient Adhesive Towel Holders That Stick Onto Any Surface

Here’s an easy (and super cheap) way to hang towels anywhere that might not have a built-in rack. These towel hooks have silicone “jaws” that grab your towel when you push it in. With a super-strong adhesive backing, you can install them pretty much anywhere — your dishwasher, refrigerator, the inside of your pantry, et cetera. Your order will come with two hooks, available in white, chrome, or black.

  • Available colors: 3


A Handy Coin Organizer For All Your Loose Change

Do you ever feel like you have loose change scattered all over the place? This coin organizer is here to help. It can fit up to 14 quarters, 13 nickels, 18 dimes, and 17 pennies and has a flip lid to keep them safe and secure. Plus, it’s spring-loaded, so your coins will always be accessible at the top. It’s ideal for keeping in your car console, office, or even your (now-organized) junk drawer.


These Beauty Spatulas That Help You Reach Every Last Bit Of Product

It’s incredibly frustrating to have to toss perfectly useable beauty products simply because you can’t seem to get the last bit out from the bottle. But these spatulas will come to your rescue. You’ll get one 12-inch-long spatula and one 6-inch spatula, each with a flexible silicone tip for scooping into crevices. Plus, they’re BPA-free and food-safe, so you can use them for jam and condiment jars, too.


These Clip-On Handbag Hooks That Keep Your Keys Easy To Reach

Instead of digging through your handbag any time you need to find your keys, hang them on one of these clip-on hooks. Made from sturdy plastic, they’re just malleable enough to slip onto the edge of any size purse or wallet. Simply fasten one to the inner edge or pocket of your purse and be on your way.


This Compact Brush For Scrubbing Your Veggies Clean

You should never underestimate the importance of washing produce, so give them a good scrub with this brush. It’s built with sturdy nylon bristles, which one happy shopper explained are “strong enough to withstand a steady but light scrubbing on potatoes to get them clean, yet soft enough to not damage your more delicate skinned fruits and vegetables.” The flexible rubber grip is slip-resistant, too. Keep in mind that you can’t choose the color you receive (it’ll be random).


A Comfortable, Cushioned Lap Desk So You Can Work From The Couch Or Bed

Work (or play) from the couch or bed with this cushioned laptop desk. With a 17-inch by 11-inch surface, it can hold up to 15.6-inch laptops, which will stay in place thanks to a non-slip silicone support bar at the top and a device ledge at the bottom. There’s also a crevice to hold your phone, though you could treat it like a pen holder in case you wanted to use this lap desk for notebooks, writing, or homework.


A Sliding Magnet That Indicates Whether The Dishwasher Load Is Clean Or Dirty

Stick this magnet onto your dishwasher and you’ll never mistake whether the contents are dirty or clean. Just slide the cover to indicate the status of the load, and no one in your house will mistakenly put away dirty dishes or re-wash clean ones. The magnet itself is water-resistant and has a non-scratching back — and if you don’t have a steel dishwasher, it also comes with double-sided mounting tape.


These Size Labels That Make Your Closet Look Professionally Organized

Transform your closet with these laminated size label stickers. You’ll receive 2,800 round stickers in total, including seven sizes between XS and XXXL. Each sticker is 7/8-inch in diameter, so they’ll be easily visible on your hangers, whether you’re using them for your own wardrobe organization, or for a business.


These Plant-Powered Sheets That Extend The Life Of Your Produce

Avoid the frustration of prematurely spoiled produce with these plant-powered food sheets. Each sheet is infused with botanical preservatives, and free of chemicals, plastic, and BPA. Just stick one anywhere you store fruits and veggies (like a fridge drawer, cooler, bowl, and so on) to keep your produce fresh up to four times longer. All eight sheets in this pack are reusable for up to 30 days each, and can be composted or recycled thereafter.


These TSA-Approved Toiletry Tubes You Can Pack In Your Carry-On

Here’s another great tool for vacation prep. At 3 ounces each, these reusable squeeze tubes are TSA-approved and feature a three-layer, leak-proof design with a rounded edge to prevent liquids from getting stuck in bottom corners. Made from food-grade, BPA-free silicone, you can also use them for baby food, salad dressing, and more.


These Over-The-Door Organizers For Storing Jewelry, Cosmetics, & More

Whether you use them to store jewelry, cosmetics, or even pantry essentials like spices, these over-the-door organizers are a game-changer. Designed to hang over the door with no need for hardware, each organizer has 15 clear pockets (each measuring 5.5 inches by 7 inches). You’ll get two with each order.


This Portable Door Lock That Adds Extra Security Wherever You Are

Because this door lock is portable, reviewers especially love to bring it to hotels, Airbnb rentals, or any place that might have shared keys. You won’t need any special tools or hardware, and it can work with most locking doors that are hinged and swing inwards. One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to be inside the door for it to function, so you won’t be able to lock it and leave (unless you exit through another door).


A Chic Faux-Leather Crossbody Bag That’s Sized To Fit Most Phones

For days when you don’t feel like bringing a handbag out with you, opt for this crossbody phone purse. Measuring just over 7 inches tall, it can fit most phones with a screen of 6.5 inches and under — plus, it has two inner compartments, so you can store other small items like a coin purse or lip balm. This particular bag comes in five faux-leather colors, but you can also choose from a few slightly different silhouettes (like one with a zip closure instead of a snap).

  • Available styles: 21


A Sculptural Phone Holder That Doubles As A Jewelry Tray

The perfect mix of form and fashion, this resin phone holder fits most phone sizes, and also functions as a tray for smaller jewelry items. While it doesn’t charge your phone, it certainly acts as a chic, minimalist decorative piece that would fit seamlessly into any decor. “This is the best designed, modern, simple, clean little phone stand,” one reviewer raved.


These Handbag Hangers That Keep Your Purses Within Easy Reach

Show your handbags a little love with these purse hangers, which can hold one handbag each. While the manufacturer hasn’t tested the weight limit, most shoppers note how sturdy and durable they are, so you can keep even your bulkiest bags off the ground and easily reachable. This order comes with two hangers, but you can also get a one- or three-pack.


These Patches That Support The Weight Of Your Earrings

Place these patches behind your ears to hold your earrings in place and prevent them from pulling your lobes down. The patch will bear the weight of your jewelry instead of your ears, keeping earrings centered and upright — or, as one reviewer put it, it’ll act like “a bra for your earrings.” Each purchase includes 60 patches.


This Heat-Resistant, Oven-Safe Skillet Holder That Replaces Clunky Oven Mitts

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference in your day-to-day life. Take this skillet holder, for example. It’s made from heat-resistant silicone that protects your hands from temperatures up to 475 degrees, which is especially useful when transferring your favorite cast-iron pan from the stove to the oven and back again, without needing to put on clunky oven mitts. Choose from red, black, or blue, each of which can fit skillet handles between 10.5 and 13.25 inches long.

  • Available colors: 3


These Dual-Ended, Nested Measuring Spoons With Over 20,900 Ratings

Boasting an impressive 4.9-star average across more than 20,900 ratings — and the title of #1 bestseller in its category — it’s safe to say that this measuring spoon set is worth the $15 spend. These stainless steel spoons have a magnetic center with engraved measurement markings, so they’ll nest neatly together in your utensil drawer. Their dual ends allow you to reach into narrow jars, and each set comes with a leveler, too. Plus, they’re marked with both US and metric measurements, so you can whip up recipes from anywhere in the world.


An Adjustable Spa Headband To Upgrade Your Beauty Routine

Upgrade your beauty routine with these spa headbands. Made from terry cloth, they absorb moisture, are adjustable thanks to a Velcro closure, and feel super-soft. This is a four-pack (including white, black, pink, and gray headbands), so you’ll always have one on standby while you toss the others in the washing machine (they’re dryer-friendly, too).


These Silicone Food Savers That Create An Airtight Seal Over Containers & Cut Produce

Slip these silicone food savers over storage containers or directly onto cut produce (like halved oranges, onion, or apples), and they’ll create an airtight seal to keep your food fresher, longer. Each piece in this pack of five is stretchy, BPA-free, and dishwasher-safe. These food savers are a great, sustainable alternative to plastic wrap or bags.


A Faucet Aerator Attachment With A 360-Degree Swivel Head

If your sink has a fixed faucet, you know the struggles of trying to rinse it clean. Instead of paying an arm and a leg to replace your faucet, consider this adapter that will thread onto most faucet types. It has aerated and jet options, a fine, built-in dirt strainer, and shoppers report that it even makes water softer. Plus, its swivel head has 360-degree rotation, so it can reach every last grimy corner of your sink.


This Kit That Utilizes Gravity To Get Every Last Drop Of Product From Bottles

Here’s another way to ensure that no product goes to waste. This cap kit screws onto any bottle (it comes with four differently sized adapters to ensure the perfect fit) and acts as a stand, letting gravity do the work to get out every last drop. Made from BPA-free, food-safe plastic, you can use it for cosmetics or condiments. It’s especially helpful for pump bottles that rely on a tube to dispense product.


This Genius Measuring Cup You Can Read From Above

Eliminate the need to fill, check, and adjust as you go with this genius measuring cup, which has an angled interior surface that allows you to read measurements from above (in addition to the standard side scale). It has a 2-cup capacity (though you can also opt for 1- and 4-cup sizes), an ergonomic, non-slip handle, and is dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. Best of all, it has a 4.8-star average across 18,000+ ratings, so you know it’s legit.

  • Available sizes: 3


These Biodegradable Body Wipes For Camping, Travel, Or The Gym

Not only are these body wipes made from 100% biodegradable bamboo fiber, but they’re also pH-balanced, hypoallergenic, and free from parabens, sulfates, and alcohol. Formulated with soothing tea tree, aloe vera, and chamomile, they have a subtle, fresh scent and won’t leave behind a sticky residue. Use one for a quick refresh, or two for a full-body shower substitute. Plus, the packets (which come with 10 wipes each) are a compact 4 by 6 inches, so they won’t take up much space in your bag.


This Set Of Coasters To Keep Your Car Cupholders Clean

For some reason, car cupholders are a magnet for grime and build-up. Keep your console tidy with this set of coasters. Made from flexible, dishwasher-safe rubber, they have high side walls for spill prevention. Each order comes with four coasters, two with a 3 7/16-inch diameter and two with a 3 1/8-inch diameter, so rest assured that you’ll find a set to fit in your car.


These Space-Saving, 5-Rung Hangers That Hold Pants, Scarves, & More

Because these hangers have an S-shaped design, they can hold five items each. They’re made from durable, rust- and scratch-resistant stainless steel and have rubber end stoppers to prevent clothes from slipping off. Especially great for small closets, one shopper confirmed that “you can quickly see what is on the entire hanger without having to move things around,” which gives your closet much-needed extra space.


A Bento-Style Lunchbox With 3 Separate Compartments & Included Utensils

Bringing your lunch to work may not be the most exciting thing ever, but this nifty bento lunchbox certainly makes it more enjoyable. Featuring one full-sized compartment (that can hold 2 cups of food), a split compartment (3/4 cup per section), and an inner divider that stores the included utensils, it’s fully safe for the microwave, dishwasher, or freezer. You have eight colors to choose from, including the prettier-than-it-needs-to-be pink and marble option pictured above.

  • Available colors: 8


This Small, Handheld Spiralizer For Individual Servings

If you’re interested in serving up your own zoodles (or any other spaghetti-cut veggies) but don’t want to commit to a full-sized contraption, try this handheld spiralizer, which works for produce at least 1.5 inches in diameter. Simply push the flat edge of the vegetable against the stainless steel blade and twist — the cap doubles as a holder with a non-slip grip.


A Tray That Clamps Onto Your Bed Frame To Maximize Your Surface Space

If your nightstand is totally cluttered, consider this genius bedside tray. It clips onto your bed frame’s side rail to give you a little more surface space, whether you’re utilizing the built-in cupholder or to hold your laptop (it can fit those up to 13 inches in size). Other thoughtful details include a spill-prevention lip, and a hole on one side to accommodate a charging cable. The clamp is adjustable, and the surface can hold up to 33 pounds on top.


This Water Bottle That Rolls Up For Easy Storage

If you’re always short on space in your bag while camping, hiking, or even in your day-to-day life, this collapsible water bottle will make your life so much easier. With a 21-ounce capacity, it’s made from flexible, BPA-free, food-grade silicone that rolls up tightly when you’re done drinking. It’s also durable and resistant to falling, and a carrying handle makes it ideal for hiking. Pop it in the dishwasher to clean it.


A Pack Of Stylist-Approved Alligator Clips That Won’t Crease Hair

With a toothless design, these hair clips are beloved by stylists and makeup artists as they’ll hold hair out of the way without causing creases — even on super-fine hair types. Raved one reviewer, “I bought these to initially do a makeup tutorial on instagram and everyone was just interested in the clips. They literally do not leave any dents. They’re perfect!” Each eight-pack comes with four black clips, two white, and two pink.


This Cubed Storage Ottoman With A Cushy Foam Top

Though it’s small, this storage ottoman can really change the feel of your entire home. Not only will it reduce clutter, but it’ll offer up an extra seat (it can hold up to 350 pounds on top and has a 1-inch foam cushion) or footrest. Available in four colors (including a faux-leather option), it has a sturdy MDF frame, and can even fold up for easy storage when you’re not using it.

  • Available colors: 4


These Spice Jar Strips That Stick To The Inside Of Your Pantry Door

Keep pantry clutter at bay with these spice jar clip strips. Each strip can hold four round plastic (not glass) jars, and has an adhesive backing to affix directly to the inside of your cabinet door (though you can also trim them to better fit your space). With over 14,000 ratings, this seemingly simple tool is a fan favorite. Wrote one reviewer: “I have all shapes and sizes and weights of spices with ZERO issues. [...] This has made a huge difference in being able to see all of our spices and if I had more spices I’d buy even more of these because they are simply wonderful!”


An Automatic Drink Dispenser With A Hands-Free Pump

Instantly upgrade your beverage game with this automatic drink dispenser. After you insert two AA batteries (not included), affix the universal cap to any bottle or jug, press your cup or bowl against the blue button, and watch as the electric tap dispenses hands-free.


These Single-Use Hand Sanitizer Packets You Should Never Be Without

It’s always a good idea to have hand sanitizer available. This Purell box contains 125 single-use gel packets, which are ideal for traveling with in lieu of a full bottle. Just bend the pack and pour into your palm — and make sure you keep a few in every handbag, car, and wallet.


These Textured Scrubbing Gloves Made From Food-Grade Silicone

Replace your dishwashing gloves or harsh scrub brushes with these two-in-one scrubbing gloves. Made from food-grade silicone, these gloves can be used to clean produce, dishes, and, pretty much, your entire house. They’re also safe to use as oven mitts (they resist heat up to 160 degrees Celsius), and when they get grimy, you can throw them in the dishwasher.

  • Available colors: 8


This Portable Compost Bin That Hooks Onto Your Cabinet Door

Whether you’re looking for a smell-proof compost scrap container or just need a portable bucket, this bin has you covered. With a 1.3 gallon capacity, it can hook onto the inside or outside of a cabinet or even be wall-mounted. Its lid prevents odors and, once removed, can hang on the side rim of the container. Then, when you’re done using it, the top handle makes it easy to transport to your compost bin or trash can.

  • Available colors: 5


This Brilliant Tool For Safely Pushing & Pulling Hot Oven Racks

It’s such a small thing, but this oven tool is actually genius — I have one and grab it every single time I use the oven. Because it’s made from tough silicone that's heat-resistant up to 645 degrees Fahrenheit, you can use it to push or pull the oven rack when you want to remove cooking sheets or check on food without taking it all way out. It’s compact and easy to store — mine fits in my utensil tray.


A Manual Label Maker That Doesn’t Require Batteries Or A Charger

Forgo the need for batteries or yet another USB cable with this manual label maker. Using a basic turn-and-click labeling system, it presses out one letter at a time, so it may not be as quick as automatic, electric models, but it’ll certainly outlast them. It embosses onto 3/8-inch sheets and comes with three rolls of tape (two black, one red).


These Motion-Sensor Lights That Cast A Soft, Warm Light With Adjustable Brightness

You don’t have to splurge for a customizable lighting experience thanks to these motion-sensor lights. Each device produces warm, soft light with four LED bulbs with adjustable brightness. It has three modes: constantly on, off, or automatic for motion detection up to 15 feet (it turns off after 20 seconds of no activity). Plug it into any standard outlet, from the hallway to the bathroom and beyond.


A Flexible Strainer That Snaps Directly Onto Pots & Pans

This snap-on strainer is one of those gadgets you’ll wish you’d known about sooner. Made from BPA-free, heat-resistant, dishwasher-safe silicone, it fastens with two sturdy side clips. It’s flexible enough to fit most pots and pans, so you can confidently strain pasta, cooking grease, and more.


A Wireless Alarm System You Can Use On Any Door Or Window

You don’t need any hardware, tools, or complicated (and expensive) wiring to install these GE security alarms. Here’s how they work: Once mounted, the 120-decibel alarm or chime will trigger when the magnet on one side separates with the base more than half an inch (so you can use them on windows, too). They come with four batteries and double-sided tape, so they’re ready to mount anywhere you want — and a low-battery test function ensures you’ll always be safe.


A Magnetic Dispenser/Holder So You’ll Never Lose Track Of Your Bobby Pins Again

ƒNever lose another bobby pin again with this magnetic dispenser/holder. Your bobby pins won’t budge from the magnetic top, but it’s also handy for scooping up stray pins. The sleek design looks cool sitting on your countertop, too. Each order also comes with 120 bobby pins (a thoughtful touch) in your choice of black, blonde, or brown pins.


This Collapsible Dish-Drying Rack That’s Perfect For Small Kitchens

This collapsible dish rack comes in clutch when you’ve got a super-small kitchen (I’d know). With a pop-up design, you can easily store it in the pantry or underneath the sink when you’re done using it, clearing up precious counter space. It has a snap-in drainer board and a built-in utensil sorter, and if it gets mucky, you can throw it in the dishwasher.


These Adhesive Clips That Keep Your Cables Tidy

Tame unruly wires and cords with these cable clips. With your order, you’ll get six clips in varying sizes and capacities, each made from rubber with a peel-and-stick backing. Don’t have enough cables to fill all of them? No worries — these clips can also hold pens, toothbrushes, and more.


A Pair Of Pocket-Sized Notebooks With Lined Pages

You never know when genius will strike, so always be ready with these pocket-sized notebooks. Each one has 96 sheets, including 24 tear-off sheets at the back, made with super-smooth lined paper. It’s also built with front and back interior pockets, two ribbon markers, a stretchy pen loop, and an elastic band to hold it all together. Measuring in at 5.5 by 3.5 inches, it’s easy to slip into your purse or pocket, so you can have one with you wherever you go.

  • Available colors: 6