48 Cheap Products That Are So Awesome Amazon Can Barely Keep Them In Stock

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Saving money isn’t as easy as it sounds. For one, what am I supposed to do when I have downtime at work? Not browse Amazon? And for two, finding stuff that won’t send your bank account into the red can be a challenge. You have to know what items are worth the purchase versus which ones are total wastes of money. Thankfully, there are tons of cheap products on Amazon that are so worth the money, it’s a struggle to keep them in stock.

But I know what you’re thinking: “If they’re so cheap, how great can they be?” Full disclosure —  “cheap” doesn’t mean what it used to. Nowadays, cheap just means the price is low; it usually doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the item you’re looking at. With that in mind, I’ve made sure to include a variety of items for all tastes — from Burt’s Bees gift sets to toilet stools. And if that isn’t enough? Make sure to check out the cute storage boxes for shelves, because I very, very rarely see three available for less than $20.

Like I said, Amazon is having trouble keeping all these cheap products in stock — better start scrolling while they’re still available.


These Hair Ties That Won’t Snag Or Pull

Unlike some hair ties, these ones are made without metal connectors that can snag onto your strands. They’re also made with a special type of elastic on the inside, making them 40% stronger than other ties — each order comes with 60.


A Bottle Of 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil

Having trouble relaxing before bed? Try rubbing a few drops of this lavender essential oil between your wrists. The soothing scent can help ease your mind so that it’s easier to fall asleep — and the dark amber bottle helps preserve its potency.


The Burt’s Bees Gift Set For Repairing Your Hands

If you have dry hands, this Burt’s Bees gift set will bring out a smile once it’s unwrapped. Each set comes with cuticle and hand cream, as well as a pair of cotton gloves to help seal in moisture. Plus, some reviewers even raved about their soothing aromas.


A Spray Bottle That Works Upside-Down

Whether you’re watering plants or misting your hair, this spray bottle can help you get the job done. It produces an ultra-fine mist that won’t interrupt your ‘do — and unlike many sprayers, it even works upside-down. Choose from two sizes: 5, or 10 ounces.


These Pumice Stones With 2 Levels Of Coarseness

Depending on how rough your feet are, you might be able to get away with using the softer side on these pumice stones. And if you’ve got tough calluses? The second, rougher side can help you easily scrub them off — all for less than $15.


The Sun & Moon Prints That Won’t Break The Bank

Decorating your walls can quickly add up — so save yourself some money with these sun and moon prints. Not only are they less than $20, but each one is printed on thick, high-quality paper. Plus, one reviewer commented that “the colors are true to the photos.”


A Brush That Gently Separates Curly Strands

This brush is designed to be used on naturally curly hair to help separate strands when they’re wet in order to define those curls, and it can help add shine throughout styling process. The widely-spaced bristles are also great for melting away tangles — and the ergonomic handle fits comfortably in both hands.


These Eyelashes That Don’t Require Messy Glue

Getting your lashes to stick using glue can be messy, whereas these magnetic ones don’t need any adhesive at all. The eyeliner ink is magnetic, allowing the magnets on the lash liner to stick to them instantly. Plus, the ink is even waterproof.


A Gua ShA Set Made From 100% Jade

If your face is often puffy when you wake up, try using this gua sha set. Not only is the scraper great for helping drain your lymph nodes, but the roller helps you melt away puffiness from all over your face. The best part? Both are made from 100% jade stone.


The Bath Bombs Made With Hydrating Shea Butter

Drop one of these bath bombs into your tub, and it’ll immediately start releasing moisturizing shea butter into the water, along with nourishing vitamins A, E, and F. Each order comes with six scents: mango/papaya, lemongrass, Victorian rose, sweet orange, strawberry/French vanilla, and lavender/shea.


These Elastics That Help You Style Hair Into A Bun

Getting a perfect bun can be difficult when you’re using a regular hair tie — so grab these extra-puffy ones. They keep your strands puffed out evenly all the way around so that bun looks professionally-done. And since they’re also lightweight, they won’t weigh your head down.


A Backlit Makeup Mirror With 10 Times Magnification

Can’t quite get that winged eyeliner looking just right? This mirror magnifies your face 10 times so that it’s easier to be precise. The brightness is adjustable up to three levels, while the suction cup base allows you to mount it to your bathroom wall if you like.


The Eyeshadow Palette With Over 50 Shades

No matter what color your eyes are, there’s bound to be more than a few shades on these eyeshadow palettes that’ll make them pop. Each swatch is ultra-pigmented — and the velvety, waterproof formula glides onto lids with little need for multiple layers.


These Makeup Brushes With Ultra-Soft Bristles

Some makeup brushes can feel scratchy against your skin — but not these ones. Not only are the cruelty-free bristles soft, but they’re also packed tightly together so that minimal powder shakes off onto your clothes. Plus, each order also comes with four blending sponges, as well as one bristle scrubber.


A Micellar Water That Can Remove Waterproof Makeup

Micellar water is great for washing away a day’s worth of makeup and grime — and this bottle in particular is even suitable for all types of skin. The best part? It’s gentle enough to use around your eyes, yet potent enough to remove stubborn waterproof makeup.


The Hair Dryer That Helps Reduce Unwanted Frizz

With its ceramic tourmaline grill, this hair dryer helps reduce frizz while simultaneously getting your strands drier, faster. Each order comes with two attachments, including a diffuser for curly hair — and reviewers raved about how it costs less than $20.


These Nostalgic Butterfly Clips

Whether you’re feeling nostalgic or decorating your home, you can’t go wrong with these cute butterfly clips. Each order comes with 14 different colors — and their metal springs are even nonslip, making them as functional as they are fun. One customer wrote, “Super cute and and sturdy! Got them for a 90s themed party but find myself using them daily.”


A Dry Shampoo With Thousands Of Positive Reviews

Not only does this dry shampoo have thousands of positive reviews, but it also has a lightweight scent of lavender and musk — just to help further conceal greasy roots. It’s suitable for use on all hair colors. Plus, one reviewer even wrote that “I've gone 7, 8 days without washing, and it still looks clean, not greasy!”


This Plant-Based Facial Cleanser That Smells Like Pineapple

If you have a sensitive complexion, this facial cleanser can help wash away dirt and grime. The formula is plant-based, cruelty-free, and 100% vegetarian. Plus, reviewers raved about how it left their skin feeling clean without any additional dryness, and it smells like pineapple.


An Ice Roller That Helps Calm Your Complexion

Keep this ice roller in the freezer, and it’ll be ready to go the next time you wake up with a puffy face. It also feels great on your forehead after a long, hot day — and you can even use it to help shrink the appearance of pores before applying makeup.


This Polish Remover That Helps Hydrate Your Nails

Whereas some polish removers can leave your nails feeling dry and brittle, this one delivers a nourishing dose of hydration to help keep them moisturized. It also removes polish without leaving behind streaks, and reviewers raved about how it “works great.”


A Bathroom Mat Made With Soft Chenille

Step out of the shower and onto this shaggy bathroom rug. The chenille fibers cushion your feet, as well as absorb water so that you’re not slipping and sliding on tile. And if you aren’t into white? Choose from dozens of other colors, including a rich shade of emerald.


The Tub Mat That’s Backed With 300 Suction Cups

With more than 300 ultra-strong suction cups on the back, this shower mat shouldn’t be going anywhere — even after multiple showers. The drainage holes throughout allow it to dry quickly, which helps prevent mold and mildew. Plus, it’s even safe to put in the washing machine.


A Travel Case For All Your Makeup & Supplies

Foundation, brushes, blenders — this travel case has room for all your makeup supplies. The dividers are adjustable, allowing you to configure the inside however you like. And since the exterior is waterproof, there’s no need to worry about your collection getting ruined in transit.


This Nail File That Comes With 6 Grinding Heads

With six different interchangeable grinding heads, this nail file is a must-have if you’re looking to save a few dollars between manicures. It’s rechargeable and cordless, making it easy to use regardless of where you are. And with its built-in LED light, you can always see what you’re doing — even in low-light conditions.


The Bathroom Set With A Rustic Farmhouse Style

Still using those cheap plastic bathroom organizers? It’s time to throw those out in favor of these rustic Mason jar-style ones. Each order comes with a soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, as well as two smaller jars for Q-tips or cotton swabs. Plus, the tops are made from rustproof stainless steel.


A Pair Of Baking Mats That Help You Save Money

Once you’ve purchased these baking mats, there’s no need to keep buying any parchment paper or sprays. Not only are they reusable — and non-stick — but they’re also heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit. And if you like baking pastries? They can even be used to roll out dough.


These Measuring Cups Made From Tough Pyrex

Pyrex glass has been tempered, which means these measuring cups are safe to put in the freezer, and use in pre-heated ovens. They’re also non-porous, preventing them from absorbing unwanted odors — and one reviewer even wrote that “these cups are virtually unbreakable.”


A Squeegee That Won’t Rust Over Time

Not only is this squeegee rustproof, but each order also comes with adhesive hooks so that you can hang it up in your shower. The adhesive is waterproof, so there’s no need for constant adjusting — and it even comes in four colors: bronze, brass, silver, or black.


The Display Case For All Your Watches

Made from high-quality faux leather, this protective case is the perfect place to store your watches until you need them. It’s also waterproof — and the lid is made with real glass, not plastic. “The box is BEAUTIFUL and very impressive looking,” wrote one reviewer. “The clasp gives a satisfying “click” when opening or closing it.”


These Heavy-Duty Kitchen Scissors That Slice Through Meat

Sometimes the easiest way to cut something up is to use scissors — and these ones are so heavy-duty that you can use them on meat while meal prepping. The kitchen blades are made from stainless steel, while the cushioned handles help keep your hands comfortable as you squeeze.


A Fitted Tablecloth That Won’t Blow Away In The Wind

Think of this tablecloth like the fitted sheet on your bed. The elastic hem wraps around your table, keeping it from blowing away in the wind — and it’s even made from a water-resistant PEVA-polyester blend that easily wipes clean when dirty.


These Ice Cube Trays Made From Flexible Silicone

Plastic ice cube trays easily crack after just a few uses, whereas these trays are made from flexible silicone. That means you can easily pop cubes out once they’re frozen — all without damaging the tray. Plus, each one comes with a lid to help prevent spills in your freezer.


This Bento Box That Keeps Your Food Separated

I’m one of those people who don’t like it when their food mixes together. That’s why I like to use bento boxes — like this one — whenever I’m packing lunch. The best part? Each order also comes with a soup cup, lunch bag, as well as a fork and spoon.


A Blender Bottle That’s Completely Leakproof

Tired of your cheap protein shaker leaking in your bag? Upgrade to this blender bottle instead. Not only is the screw-top lid leakproof, but the blender ball is also made from surgical-grade stainless steel that won’t rust over time. Choose from more than 15 colors.


The Countertop Hot Plate That’s Easy To Clean

With its cast iron heating surface, this hot plate is a definite upgrade to the metal coil versions you’ve likely seen in science class. The temperature is adjustable, making it great for boiling water, or even frying up eggs. Plus, the non-skid rubber feet keep it from shifting around.


A Nonstick Frying Pan That’s PFOA-Free

Many non-stick frying pans contain PFOAs, whereas this one is made with a natural granite coating that prevents food from sticking. The handle is made from classy wood — and it’s suitable for use on all types of stove, as well as oven-safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.


This Tool That Makes It Easier To Mash Meat

The next time you need to break up ground meat, reach for this masher. Five pinwheel blades help you chop up turkey, beef, or even ground breakfast sausage. It’s also heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit — and the angled edge on each blade helps you scrape sides clean.


A Kitchen Knife Sharpener That Takes Up Little Space

Don’t have enough space in your kitchen for a full-sized sharpener? Just grab this miniature one. Despite its compact size, it still features two slots for sharpening, and honing blades. Plus, the smart edge-grip feature prevents your knives from dragging across your counter as you pull them through.


The Popcorn Popper That Works In The Microwave

If you’re looking to save a few dollars, this microwave popper delivers the same fresh and delicious popcorn, but for significantly less money than an air popper. It’s made from tough borosilicate glass — not plastic — and there’s even a divot in the lid where you can melt butter.


An Ice Cream Maker That Does The Work For You

Some ice cream makers require you to churn everything by hand — but not this one. Not only does it do all the mixing for you, but it can create up to 16 cups’ worth of fresh ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, and more in just 30 minutes. Plus, its compact size is great for cramped kitchen.


This Mini USB Disco Light That You Can Use In Your Car

Plug this mini disco ball into any USB port, and it’ll instantly get any party started — though it’s the ideal size to use in your car. It’s also voice-activated, which means the colors and speed change depending on what music you’re playing.


A Kit That Turns Mirrors Into Hollywood Vanities

You always want to do your makeup in the best lighting possible — so grab this kit. The stylish LED lights easily stick to any mirror, and there’s even a built-in dimmer switch that lets you adjust the brightness. “These lights are SUPER bright,” wrote one reviewer. “The dimmer switch works great as well.”


The Soothing Shower Head That Filters Out Impurities

With its multi-layered filtration system that can help remove impurities — and soften hard water — this shower head turns any bathroom into a luxurious spa. The high-pressure design uses up to 30% less water than other shower heads, and it even features three water modes: rainfall, massage, or jet spray.


A Tension Curtain Rod That Comes In 5 Sleek Finishes

Showers, closets, windows — this curtain rod is so versatile you can practically install it anywhere. Unlike some rods, this one uses tension in order to stay put, so there’s no need for any drilling or screws. Plus, it comes in five sleek finishes: bronze, black, chrome, nickel, white.


This Stool That Helps You Use The Bathroom

Put your feet onto this squatty potty the next time you’re sitting on the toilet. It’s set at the perfect height to simulate a squatting position, which allows for easier bowel movements. Plus, it has over 20,000 positive ratings and is compact enough to set aside between uses.


A Handbag Organizer That Hangs In Your Closet

Don’t clutter up shelves with your purse collection — just use this organizer to hang them up neatly in your closet. Each sleeve is large enough to hold nearly any bag, and there’s enough room to keep up to 10 safely stashed away from dust and dirt.


These Baskets That Add Storage & Style To Shelves

Got cluttered shelves with no room to move anything around? Not a problem when you’ve got these storage bins. They’re made from 100% polyester, with thick, sturdy walls that fold flat when you’re not using them. Plus, there are also handles on either side for easy carrying.

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