44 Impressive Secret Santa Gifts That Won't Break The Bank

Consider this your stocking stuffer inspo too.

by Sadie Trombetta and Lauren Grant
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Cheap secret Santa gift ideas
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Whether it's in your office, with your book group, or among friends, chances are you are going to find yourself involved in one or more gift exchanges this holiday season. If you're lucky, the price limit will be on the lower end, and you'll need to find cheap secret Santa gifts for under $10. But, what can you really get for so little that isn't totally basic? Surprisingly, a lot of things.

While secret Santa is meant to be a fun way to celebrate, it inevitably becomes yet another stressful task to add to your ever-growing holiday to-do list. You want to find a cool gift that is personal and original, all while staying on budget, but it isn't always that easy to find the perfect gift. We've all been on the other side of things, so you know what it's like unwrapping a gift from your secret Santa to find something positively impersonal, impractical, or just plain boring. Don't let that happen to your secret Santa this year.

Here are 39 gifts for under $10 that your secret Santa will actually like. Oh, and shout out to whoever my secret Santa is — feel free to pick from this list.

1. Charging Cable Protectors

Don't worry about your charging cable ever becoming weakened again with this sweet little bite that does a big job for little money.

2. Phone Ring Holder

Whether your secret Santa uses it as a phone holder, a stand, or a vent mount, this rose gold ring makes your phone look like it's wearing jewelry.

3. AirPods3 Case

Available in every color you can imagine, this AirPods 2 case gives your secret Santa a stylish home for their favorite headphones.

4. Stylish Catch-All Dish

If your secret Santa is constantly looking for a place to put their jewelry, a decorative catch-all dish in their zodiac sign is not only cute, but it's practical, too. Whether they take it home or leave it by their desk, this is a secret Santa gift that will actually get used.

5. Eyelet Socks

Sure, you could go with fuzzy winter socks for your gift exchange, but if your secret Santa is into fashion, then opt for something more, well, fashionable. These socks are a cool, original accessory that will keep your secret Santa warm and fabulous.

6. Mini Spa Gift Box

We've all gotten those holiday-themed bath sets, but does anyone actually want gingerbread-scented body wash? Instead, get your secret Santa a spa kit they'll actually use (and probably love) because everyone needs a little pampering around the holidays.

7. Cactus

A plant that even the laziest owners can take care of, a cactus is a great secret Santa gift for someone in your office. It will brighten up their fluorescent-lit lives, and just look at how funky they are. Everyone loves cacti, right?

8. Nail Set

For the one who likes to do themself, a set of nail polish is a great gift. Pick one that comes with some festive colors as well as some neutrals, so your secret Santa can use their gift for the holidays and long after that.

9. Wine Stopper & Charm Set

If your secret Santa is a not-so-secret wino, they would certainly appreciate anything wine-related, like this bottle stopper and charm set. It's practical, useful, and super cute.

10. Jewelry Holder

Another practical yet adorable gift, a jewelry or ring holder is something everyone can appreciate. Whether your secret Santa puts it next to their bed, by the sink, or on their vanity, they will love the decorative touch it adds to their life.

11. Stylish Wallet

You can never have too many wallets, right? Get your secret Santa a small wallet or cardholder, and watch them incorporate it into their wardrobe ASAP.

12. Cuff Bracelet

Diamonds may be your best friend, but they are not a friend to your $10 budget. That doesn't mean that you have to write jewelry off entirely. A small bracelet, like this adjustable one, can easily be found for less than $10, and all other secret Santas will be green with envy over it.

13. Comfortable Throw Blanket

You can't go wrong with something warm and cozy this season. Warm up your secret Santa with this sherpa throw blanket.

14. Sloth Cosmetic Bag

For those secret Santas who love to glam it up. Help them stay organized with this adorable sloth makeup bag.

15. Temporary Tattoo Set

Another funky gift that will remind your secret Santa of childhood, a temporary tattoo set is a fun way of saying "Happy holidays!" There are tons of designs out there, most for under $10, so make sure to pick something personal that says you actually know your secret Santa.

16. Inspirational Artist Poster

Who doesn't like H.E.R? Pay an ode to this talented artist in your music or office with this unique poster.

17. Camping Mug

Show your secret Santa how well you know them by getting them a custom mug. It's cute, personalized, and useful for anyone who loves the outdoors.

18. Coco Fashion Poster Set

Another decorative item for the home or office, a poster aimed at your secret Santa's interests really says you know the person you are giving the gift to. Plus, it will brighten up their apartment or cubicle, and everyone could use a home or office makeover every once in a while.

19. Customized Notes

If your secret Santa exchange is with people you work with, then office supplies are a good way to go. Forget boring pens and organizers, and instead, go for these personalized sticky notes. It will make your secret Santa's day at the office that much prettier.

20. Scented Lip Balms

Lip gloss + classic flavors + cute faces = the perfect secret Santa gift. It's adorable on the outside, and what's inside will make your secret Santa feel cute, too.

21. Assorted Coasters

For the secret Santa who loves sending you Someecards on the reg, these NSFW coasters will make a great addition to their home. They're hilarious, and they will save your secret Santa's coffee table from getting rings on it, so really, it's a win-win.

22. Himalayan Salt Candle Holder

Everyone loves candles, but if your secret Santa is like me, they have plenty of candles, and not enough holders. Instead of picking a holiday-themed candle holder, get them one they can incorporate into their decor and use all year long.

23. 2023 Planner

Help your busy secret Santa stay organized into the New Year with a planner that understands is meant to lay out weeks.

24. Antler Ring

Small, delicate, pretty, and inexpensive, a ring is another jewelry-related option that makes a great secret Santa gift. You can stay on the safe side and get a simple decorative band, or go with something a little funkier, like this hand one, that will stand out from the rest of the rings on your secret Santa's fingers.

25. Phone Power Bank

A phone power bank is a great gift that will actually get used regularly, and it will save your secret Santa from having to ask the already busy bartender to charge their phone.

26. Burt's Bees Misteltoe Kiss Set

Get your secret Santa prepped for the winter months with this gift set that includes three festive lip balms.

27. Superfoods Travel Pouch

If your secret Santa is wellness-obsessed, give them this adorable, on-brand travel pouch to carry their must-haves.

28. Thoughtful Reminders

Uplifting others is the reason for the season. Lift your secret Santa up with these thoughtful cards that will get them through each day.

29. Gluten-Free & Vegan Birthday Cake Cookies

If your secret Santa has a food allergy and can’t typically enjoy the office’s snacks, look no further than these birthday cake-flavored cookies that are both gluten-free and vegan.

30. Candles

Candles do a lot — calm you, make your home smell better, set the mood — so get your secret Santa one that they can take with them wherever they go. Whether it's to a hotel or at their significant other's house, they can bring these candles with lids wherever they go, and calmness will be sure to follow.

31. Twin Wire Journal

If your secret Santa is a writer, likes to make to-do lists, or journals regularly, then they are probably always in need of a new notebook. Get them one with a beautiful design with an inspiring mantra, and they will absolutely love filling up all of its pages.

32. Ode To Alcohol Mad Libs

Games and activities make great secret Santa gifts, and not just for kids. This adult-themed Mad Libs book, which is perfect for the morning train ride or a trip to the airport, will have your secret Santa actually laughing out loud.

33. Beer Or Wine

You can never go wrong with booze at a secret Santa gift exchange. Pick a bubbly wine or a festive beer, and if you're lucky, the person who gets your gift will feel like popping it open that night.

34. Steeped Coffee Bags

For a secret Santa gift the tea drinker will love, make sure they’re covered with a stash of tea bags at all times so they can enjoy their loose-leaf brews any time they want.

35. Winter Hat

If this winter is anything like last year, then your secret Santa will probably be in need of a warm winter hat. This cute winter-themed one from Forever 21 will keep ears toasty and outfits fashionable.

36. Candy

Like wine and beer, almost everyone loves candy. Since we're adults now and (probably) don't get stockings anymore, your secret Santa will appreciate getting a sweet holiday treat like these cherry and green apple sour stars.

37. Cactus Grow Kit

For those people who can't keep a house plant alive, this cool cactus grow kit will give them a chance to know what it's like to have a green thumb. Like those science kits you wished for as a kid, this is a fun activity with funky, beautiful results.

38. Vino Marker Metallic Wine Glass Pens

For the secret Santa who's always hosting at their place, these wine glass pens will surely come in handy.

39. Hand Cream

Get your secret Santa prepped for the winter months with this coconut hand cream they can keep at their desk.

40. Makeup Sponges

If you know your secret Santa enjoys doing their makeup, they’ll surely appreciate some extra beauty sponges — and the cute bakery motif of these.

41. Keychain

Help them keep their office keys, house keys, and car keys in order.

42. Jewelry Organizer

A jewelry organizer is one of those gifts everyone needs but would never think to buy themselves... AKA secret Santa gold.

43. Flashy Pen

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and this pen will be that of any writer.

44. Blue Light Glasses

If your secret Santa is a coworker, these blue light glasses for looking at screens and tablets will be. a huge win.

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