The 50 Cheapest, Most Clever Things For Your Home With Near-Perfect Reviews On Amazon

You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Written by Veronika Kero
The 50 Cheapest, Most Clever Things For Your Home With Near-Perfect Reviews On Amazon
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Thanks to a little thing called Amazon, you no longer have to guess and just hope for the best when shopping. All you have to do is follow the five-star reviews. Shoppers are more than happy to share how a how a product feels and how long it’s lasted in real-life conditions, but with the site’s massive selection, it can be a little daunting to wade through at times. That’s why Bustle has narrowed down Amazon’s highly rated home items, to the the most useful at the best price. So if you’re looking for a better looking home that’s more efficient, step right this way.


This Rotating Utensil Holder That Will Keep Your Tools In Easy Reach

Made of stainless steel that’s as durable as it is sleek, this rotating utensil holder features a removable divider that creates three sections for you to separate your spoons, whisks, and more. And since it has a rotating base, you’ll be able to find what you need in a jiffy.


These Stick-On LED Lights With A 100-Hour Run Time

Whether you need an extra boost of lighting in your closet or under the kitchen cabinets, these wireless LED lights will do just the trick without requiring any wiring. Just use the included adhesive tape or screws to install the 55-lumen pucks just where you want them. They’ll project a warm white glow that will last for 100 hours.


A Space-Saving Drying Rack With A 4.8-Star Overall Rating

Use it as a colander or a drying rack, either way, when you’re done, you can roll it up and stash it away. The rods are covered in non-slip silicone that’s heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and BPA-free. It’s available in four different sizes to accommodate sinks of different sizes.


A Compact Outlet Extender That Won’t Take Up Floor Space

Creating six three-pronged outlets from only two, this outlet extender remains attached to the wall so it doesn’t clutter your floors in the process. But thanks to the center screw, you won’t have to worry about it being weighed down and falling out of place. One reviewer attested: “They are very stable, they hang tightly to the outlets. I tried more expensive, but these work best.”


A Lid Organizer So You Can Finally Find The One You Need

With five adjustable dividers, you can create sections within this lid organizer to separate lids by size or shape. It will keep them all standing upright so you never have to deal with an avalanche within your cabinets ever again.


These Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls Designed For Drip-Free Pours

Able to nest into one another when not in use, these stainless steel mixing bowls will take up hardly any space in your cabinets but will be one of your most-used tools. The set comes with six bowls, all with wide rims designed to be drip-resistant. Plus, if you’re looking to add a dash of fun to your kitchen, they also come in colorful teal, green, and red.


This Bamboo Drawer Organizer That Can Adjust In Width

Being made of genuine bamboo and featuring expandable sides, this customizable drawer organizer can help turn even the messiest junk drawer into valuable storage space with up to eight slots. And when it comes to quality, one reviewer wrote: “This bamboo one definitely has a nicer quality feel than the plastic ones.”


A Silicone Stove Gap Cover That Can Be Cut To Size

Made of soft, flexible silicone, this stove counter gap easily fits between most stoves and counters, even if they are slightly uneven. It forms a seal that keeps crumbs and spills from getting in between, and if its a bit too long for your particular appliance, it can be cut to size.


This Cold Brew Maker That Can Hold 1 Liter Of Coffee

With a leakproof lid that can keep a batch fresh for up to three weeks, this cold brew maker can save you a ton of cash. Plus, it couldn’t be easier to use. Just pack the ultra-fine mesh filter with your favorite grounds and chill overnight. To make it even more mess-free, the maker comes with a funnel and scooper.


These Airtight Food Containers With Reusable Labels

While food storage containers may seem like a simple addition to your kitchen, they can make a world of difference. “ I absolutely LOVE these storage containers. My pantry is so much more organized. Plus, the special price for this 14 piece set was amazing. I wish I would have ordered more,” one reviewer wrote. They keep food fresh for much longer thanks to the silicone seal. Plus, they come with adorable chalkboard labels that can be reused.


Some Reusable Dishcloths That Work On Glass, Stainless Steel & More

Being able to be used both wet and dry, it doesn’t get more clever than these reusable dish cloths. Run them under water and used them to wipe dishes or leave a streak-free finish on your windows. Or, use them try and put their textured diamond design to work as you scrub away grime and stains. Each can be reused up to 100 times. And since they’re made of a cotton blend, they’re safe to use on anything from glass to stainless steel.


These Stackable Organizer Bins For A Clutter-Free Fridge

These organizer bins do much more than just make your fridge look like it belongs in a design magazine, they also help you save cash by preventing the waste of food since the clear acrylic construction makes it easy to see exactly what you have so you can avoid ordering out or repurchasing ingredients you already have enough of. One shopper raved: “Love that it makes my fridge look nice and organized now, and it seems really sturdy!”


Some Underwear Drawer Organizers That Can Be Folded Down

Instead of having your bras, underwear, and socks fall all over each other, give them all their own designated spot with these drawer organizers. Two in this pack of three have 24 medium-sized slots while the other has 16 large slots. They’re made of a durable material that is gentle on garments and resists dust, moisture, and tears. And when not in use, each organizer can fold down flat.


These Durable Storage Bags Made Of Breathable Fabric

To maximize their storage potential, thousands of shoppers have picked up this two-pack of under-bed storage bags. At over three feet long, they can fit a great amount of sweaters, pants, and even shoes. Plus, they’re made with fabric so everything you place inside can breathe.


A Handy Purse Organizer That Also Works For Towels, Toilet Paper & More

Although the six slots (four large and two small) on this purse organizer are perfect for holding your bags, they can also be used for towels, toilet paper, and more. Just slide the durable metal hooks over any door and you'll be good to go.


A Pack Of Bakeware Racks With Sturdy Rubber Feet

Made of durable steel, these bakeware racks can keep all those pots, pans, and baking sheets from toppling over. The rubber feet keep the entire piece in place on your counter or in your cabinet. One reviewer wrote: “I was amazed at how well-built these are. I was worried they might be flimsy or not hold up with all the pans I was going to be stacking in them, but they are great!”


These Elegant Oil & Vinegar Dispensers With Controlled Pours

Your guests will feel as though they’re dining at a five-star restaurant when reaching for these oil and vinegar dispensers. They’re made of lead-free glass and smudge-free stainless steel for a sleek design that suits just about any aesthetic. They’re also extremely easy to pour from: The bottle has an ergonomic shape that’s comfortable to hold and the flip-top lid assures that product isn’t wasted.


A Titanium-Coated Knife Set With Protective Covers

With titanium coating its stainless steel base, this set of six knives is sure to last you a long time. Plus, they come with protective covers, so you’re protected when they’re not in use. Plus, the ergonomic handles will keep your hand comfortable throughout it all.


A Shower Tub Mat With Plush Thickness

For additional safety and to keep puddles from forming on your floors, set up this shower tub mat in each bathroom. The top is made of high-quality PVC, while the bottom is covered in anti-slip rubber. Being nearly half an inch thick, the mat will be comfortable to step on after each shower, too.


This Cable Box That Will Blend In With Your Decor

Nothing will ruin the feel of a home faster than tangled wires in the corner. To keep your space clutter-free, hide all those cords with this sleek cable management box. It has three side openings through which you can do so. With curved edges and a narrow shape, it’s easy to fit alongside floorboards or underneath desks.


A Sleek Plastic Bag Holder That Reviewers Love The Look Of

You wouldn’t think a plastic bag holder could add such a modern touch to your kitchen but this one certainly can. It is brushed stainless steel (that resists fingerprints) and has one happy customer raving: “Easy to install. Holds several bags. Looks much more tidy than my fabric holder.” Install it right on your wall or keep it hidden behind a cabinet door.


A Stainless Steel Hair Catcher That Can Help Avoid Plumbing Costs

Clogged drains no more. This hair catcher might cost less than $15, but will save you tons in the long run. Loose hair wraps around its body and not down your pipes. And because it’s made of durable stainless steel, it’s sure to last for a long time.


Some Non-Stick Baking Sheets That Will Last For Years

The soft silicone handles balance out the tough carbon steel that make up the majority of these non-stick baking sheets. Plus, the material is safe to use up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and each pack comes with three pieces in different sizes. One reviewer said, “Product is durable, easy to clean and store when not in use. Items simply slide off with no sticking! Definitely recommend!”


This Silicone Cooking Utensil Set With A 4.7-Star Overall Rating

This silicone cooking utensil set requires minimal scrubbing to clean and won’t scuff up your cookware. Plus, the handles are comfortable to hold and remain cool while cooking. This set comes with three spatulas, three tongs, and three whisks. They can all be put in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.


These Organizer Shelves That Can Hold 33 Pounds

This organizer shelf will literally create space out of thin air. Create two levels within your cabinets or four by stacking each piece in this set of two on top of each other. They’re made of sturdy metal and engineered wood that can withstand 33 pounds. They’re also great to use on a desk.


This Half-Gallon Glass Pitcher To Upgrade Your Parties

Whether you’re looking to serve iced tea or a batched cocktail, this glass pitcher, can hold half a gallon and will keep whatever you pour inside fresh thanks to its airtight lid. It twists to lock so it never leaks to boot. “I liked my first pitcher so much that I ended up buying more! The seal around the lid is no joke; it won't leak once it's tightened!” a reviewer wrote.


Some Classic Storage Baskets That Come Out To Less Than $3 Each

Coming in a pack of six, you can place these storage baskets all throughout the house. They’re made of shatter-resistant plastic that is easy to wipe clean. One reviewer wrote: “I use these baskets for everything, especially my bathroom. they do not take up much space, and you can fit ALOT in them.”


A Colorful Over-The-Sink Colander That Expands To Fit

To have the freedom to use both hands when washing fruit or draining pasta, make sure you add this over-the-sink colander to your cart. It expands from 14 to 19 inches so that it can fit under any faucet and has tiny holes that can be used with something as small as quinoa. And it doesn’t hurt that it comes in a bunch of colors that will make cooking a bit more fun.


These Slip-Resistant Velvet Hangers With A 4.7-Star Overall Rating

Tired of your clothes falling for the hangers? Opt for these velvet hangers. The smooth material keeps even silky tank tops in place, but since each can hold up to 10 pounds, they work for heavier items like coats as well. Each is equipped with a swivel hook so that you can get a quick look at the back and front of each piece.


This Ergonomic Dishwand With A Built-In Scraper

To put less stress on your hands and more pressure on the dishes, use this dish wand after your next meal. Fill it with soap that can be dispersed with just the click of a button. The bristles are powerful but safe to use on nonstick cookware and the top scrubber will quickly get out grime and stains.


A Sleek Digital Food Scale With 110,000+ 5-Star Reviews

For less than $15, you can feel like a professional baker with this digital food scale. It can measure up to 11 pounds and present it in ounces, grams, pounds, or milliliters. You can even use the tare function to remove the weight of a container. The backlit LCD screen will clearly display the measurement.


A Compact Vegetable Chopper With A Built-In Storage Chamber

This vegetable chopper not only keeps your fingers safe, but it also makes cooking a lot less messy and time-consuming. Just place onions, garlic, mushrooms, and whatever else inside, press down, and let the cubed pieces collect in the 2.5-cup chamber below.


A Modern Toothbrush Holder With Adjustable Dividers

With removable interior dividers, this toothbrush holder has enough room to hold electric or manual tools, and your toothpaste, too. It’s made of sleek stainless steel that will modernize your bathroom while resisting fingerprints so that it stays as shiny as ever. As since it has a detachable base, it’s easy to drain.


These Dishwasher-Safe Cutting Boards With Over 26,000 5-Star Reviews

To always be ready for any kind of recipe, pick up this three-pack of cutting boards in three sizes. Each has a textured surface that is non-porous and extremely helpful when trying to get a smooth and sturdy cut. When you’re done, just drop it in the dishwasher.


This Storage Basket That Can Be Installed 2 Different Ways

Whether you decide to slide it over a kitchen cabinet or underneath your bathroom sink, this hanging storage basket is sure to come in handy. It comes already assembled and the durable hooks can even be taken off if you prefer to mount it on a wall instead. However, if you don’t, you won’t have to worry about scratches thanks to the foam lining on each hook. Store your extra soap, aluminum foil, shampoos, and more.


A Silicone Strainer That’s A Best-Seller For Good Reason

This silicone strainer is a best-seller with more than 20,000 five-star reviews for good reason. The flexible material can fit around almost any pot or pan, and since it’s about half the size of a traditional colander, it’ll save you cabinet space.


This $10 Paper Towel Holder With Long-Lasting Shine

With a minimalistic design, this paper towel holder does its job for just $10 without being an eyesore. “The main reason I wanted a paper towel stand was because I was tired of how the rolls tip over when they get towards the end of the roll,” one shopper wrote. And since it’s made of strong metal, it will remain sturdy thanks to its weight and three feet.


This Organizer With More Than 16,000 5-Star Reviews

Instead of piling your aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and sandwich bags all on top of each other, use this box organizer to keep them tidy and easily accessible. It has three levels, two of which have adjustable heights to accommodate items of different shapes and sizes. The entire piece can hold up to 20 pounds and sits securely on non-slip feet.


A Sleek Sink Caddy That Won’t Rust

As compact as this sink caddy is, it actually has enough room to hold two sponges and a brush. Attach it inside your sink and no longer worry about drips on the counter. One reviewer wrote: “It works really well and stick very well to the wall! So well infact you should make sure you know where it goes before putting it anywhere.”


These Chic Apothecary Jars That Come With Labels

Elevate your storage with this four-pack of apothecary jars. Even the most mundane items will look fancy in the durable plastic jars with genuine bamboo lids. The set comes with pre-written labels to make things look even more organized.


A Draft Stopper With Over 13,000 5-Star Reviews

This draft stopper is small but mighty. It’s made of pure silicone and also can help with water and insects. All you have to do is attach the extra-strong adhesive back to the bottom of any door, and you’ll be on your way to saving on your heating and electricity bills.


This Textured Shower Curtain With Over 16,000 5-Star Reviews

This is not your ordinary shower curtain, in addition to repelling water, this waffle-knit version is weighted so that it beautifully hangs and stays in place. Its weight gives it a luxurious feel that will elevate your bathroom. Choose from a dozen colors and many more sizes.


An Adjustable Measuring Cup That Will Save You Drawer Space

With various units covering its exterior, this adjustable measuring cup is an easy all-in-one. The interior canister functions as a plunger so that you can control how much you’re preparing. Plus, silicone prevents product from falling into the sides and is made of a smooth plastic that can be used for both dry and wet ingredients.


These Chair Leg Covers To Prevent Scratches

Coming with 16 reusable pieces, this pack of chair leg covers can be used for nearly every piece of furniture you bring into the house. The durable rubber will fit securely as the felt pad on the bottom protects floors from getting scuffed. The clear tone will hardly be able to be detected but are also available in natural wood tones that can match your chairs and tables.


These Storage Cubes With A 4.7-Star Overall Rating

With heavy cardboard covering each side (including the bottom), these cube storage bins are great for everything from bedding to office supplies. The boxes themselves have built-in handles and fold down when not in use. One reviewer wrote: “These bins are good quality, color is vivid, and they are sturdy. They concealed my miscellaneous items perfectly.”


These Affordable Rug Pad Grippers To Prevent Slipping

A curled carpet is the easiest way to ruin the look of your room. To keep everything in place, stick on these rug corner grippers. Each has rubber sides that grip the floor and can be renewed by simply wiping it with rubbing alcohol. Meanwhile, the tip is made of plush foam that makes it possible to still lift each corner to clean underneath.


A Mini Lazy Susan That’s Made Of Genuine Bamboo

When throwing together a delicious masterpiece, you want to be able to grab your ingredients as quickly as possible. This lazy Susan turntable spins 360 degrees so that you can find whatever spice or sauce you need in no time. And because it’s made of strong bamboo, it’s sure to be long-lasting.


This Salad Spinner With Over 22,000 5-Star Reviews

This salad spinner features a non-skid base that makes it super stable while cleaning your veg. “I should have purchased one long ago, instead of wasting paper towels to dry my lettuce, all I have to do now is put it into my salad spinner and it's dry. I love it!” one reviewer wrote.


This Silicone Ice Cube Tray For Fancy-Looking Cocktails

With the help of this silicone ice cube tray, you can present cocktails that’ll look like they were made by a pro. Each tray in this pack of two makes eight gigantic cubes, and since the material is so flexible, they’ll be super easy to pop out.


A Pack Of Reusable Produce Bags For A More Eco-Friendly Home

Skip the plastic bags offered in the grocery store and instead come prepared with your own reusable produce bags. They’re made of mesh that will let your fruits and vegetable breathe and also make it a breeze to scan each item without having to take them out. This 15-pack comes with three different sizes — all of which have a drawstring closure.