38 Cleaning Secrets That Make Chores 10x Easier

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Here’s the thing: by the time you finish cleaning one end of your home, it might be time to pick up on the other side. Cleaning is necessary, but man, it takes a lot of time. So anything that makes cleaning tasks more efficient and frees up more of your weekend is a win. Luckily, I’ve found these clever cleaning products on Amazon make chores 10 times easier.

There are so many things out there that can improve your daily life by taking on more of the work. Best of all, some of the most popular products tackle the biggest offenders when it comes to cleaning: kitchens and bathrooms. Take this mushroom-shaped drain protector that means you never have to do the gross task of snaking your drain again. Or the brush kit that harnesses the power of an electric drill to do the scrubbing in your kitchen sink and shower. And if after a day of cleaning you spill red wine on the couch or the rug, this stain remover gets it out with little effort.

So keep reading for more than 30 brilliant cleaning products you may not even know existed but need to lighten your cleaning load. So many of them are fan favorites with thousands of reviews vouching for their ability to clean and cut overall cleaning time. Win-win.

The Cute Tool That Keeps Your Fridge Or Freezer Smelling Fresh

Eliminate funky odors in your fridge with this cute freshener. Just fill the Chilly Mama with baking soda, and it’ll absorb any pungent odors in your fridge or freezer. The replacement indicator on the top makes it easy to know when to replace the baking soda, and the funny tool is dishwasher-safe.

This Scraping Doormat That Traps Dirt So It Doesn’t Make Its Way Inside

This scraper doormat removes and traps dirt from the bottoms of shoes, so it won’t get tracked inside your home. The AstroTurf scraper blades are sturdy (but gentle on animal paws) and the mat can hold and hide up to a pound of dirt. To clean the mat, just shake out the dirt and hose it down.

The Clever Cleaning Brush For All Your Electronics

Use this double-sided cleaning brush to clean all the nooks and crannies of your smartphone and other electronics. The silicone wiper end removes gunk from hard-to-reach spots, like in an AirPod. The soft brush end removes dirt and dust from lenses, screens, keyboards, and more. You can even use this brush to clean your watch or the interior details of your car.

The Tablets That Deep Clean Your Washing Machine For You

Your washing machine needs a periodic cleaning, and this tablet makes it as easy as running any other load. Run a normal cycle with the foaming tablet in the machine, and it’ll remove odor-causing build-up for a fresher and cleaner washing machine. This six-month supply works with all washing machines, including high-efficiency machines.

The Stainless Steel Cleaner That Prevents Fingerprint Smudges

Keep all your stainless steel appliances clean and streak-free with this one bottle. The spray formula cleans and polishes refrigerators, grills, ovens, trash cans, and more. It’ll remove greasy residue and actually keep everything cleaner by resisting fingerprints, watermarks, dust, and dirt.

The Reusable Duster Brush That Makes Cleaning Blinds A Breeze

The three blades of this duster make cleaning blinds so much faster and easier. The design removes dust from the tops and bottoms of two blinds at once. Dust clings to the microfiber sleeves over each blade, and the sleeves are washable for reuse. One reviewer commented they “used to spend over an hour cleaning all of the blinds in my home,” and these are “the biggest time saver in the world.”

The Power Brush That Does The Scrubbing

Use this electric power scrubber to clean the stuck-on messes out of pans and casserole dishes. Its power is also great for effortlessly and effectively cleaning sinks, dishes, and kitchen appliances. Plus, it’s safe to submerge in water, so it’ll keep scrubbing even in a full sink.

The Silicone Scrubber That Won’t Get Stinky Like A Sponge

This silicone scrubber dries quickly, so it’ll never get that mildewy stench of standard sponges. Instead, it’s actually infused with a subtle peach scent that makes washing dishes more pleasant. Plus, reviewers report these scrubbers can last months before you need to replace them.

The Award-Winning Drain Protector That Means Your Bathtub Will Never Get Clogged Again

Tuck the TubShroom into your tub’s drain, and it’ll catch all the hair and debris that would otherwise clog the drain. The mushroom design sits in the drain, instead of over it, so it’s neatly out of the way as it does what it needs to do without interrupting water flow. It’s a cult favorite with over 80,000 reviews and a 2018 KBB Product Innovator Award Winner.

A Fan Favorite Shower Curtain Liner That’s Thick & Resists Mildew

With over 135,000 reviews, shoppers rave about this durable shower curtain liner that resists mildew and tearing. It’s up to 2.5 times thicker than other liners and fits any standard shower or tub. The antimicrobial liner is also waterproof with metal grommets that are rustproof. Basically, this liner is built to last and won’t require as much cleaning as others.

The Nonstick Liner That Catches Spills In The Oven

When your pie or casserole bubbles over, this nonstick liner can catch the spills for easier clean-up. Simply place it on the bottom rack, and it’ll stop spills from landing on the oven floor. It’s oven-safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and dishwasher-safe so you don’t have to scrub a thing.

The Flexible Toilet Brush That Reaches Under The Rim

The D-shaped head of this toilet brush reaches under the rim more effectively than traditional brushes. Its durable bristles also repel water, which means there’s a lot less dripping as you move the brush back to its holder. Overall, it makes a task no one wants to do easier and cleaner.

The Caddy That Tidies Up Your Sink & Keeps Sponges Dry

Slide this caddy right over the divider in your kitchen sink, and you’ll have the ideal spot to hold your sponges. The wide slats let wet sponges drain right into the sink, so they can dry quickly. And it’s made of durable stainless steel that won’t rust.

Skip The Special Brush & Clean Your Reusable Water Bottle With This Fizzy Tablet

Instead of scrubbing your favorite water bottle, just fill it with warm water and drop in this cleaning tablet. Let the fizzy bubbles do their thing for 15 to 30 minutes, and then all you have to do is rinse it out. These tablets are so easy and effective at lifting stains and odors that they hold a consistent 4.7-star rating with over 22,000 reviews.

The Slippers That Let You Mop While You Walk

Slip on a pair of these mop slippers and let the textured bottoms clean your floors. They’re made of microfiber that easily picks up dust, dirt, and hair. Plus, they’re reusable and machine-washable. If you’d occasionally like to mop the traditional way, just stretch the slipper over a mop head to clean.

The Gadget That Lets You Easily Clean Hard-To-Reach Windows

This nifty tool lets you wash the outside of a hard-to-reach window while you’re standing inside. Here’s how the cleaner works: attach one magnetic half to the inside of the window and the other magnetic half on the outside; by moving the inside piece, you’ll clean both sides of the window at once. Aim your spray on both sides of the windowpane, and the double-sided squeegee easily gives it a streak-free clean. You can then attach microfiber cloths to each half of the cleaner to dry the windows.

A Quick-Drying Sponge With Two Textures For Cleaning

With a simple temperature change, this ergonomic sponge changes texture for lighter or deeper cleaning. For light cleaning, run the sponge under warm water to make it soft. Wet it in cold water for a firmer sponge that’s ideal for tougher scrubbing. Plus, its quick-drying design resists odor, and the neutral gray hue fits seamlessly into modern decor.

The Non-Toxic Stain Remover That Gets Red Wine Out Of Clothes & Rugs

If you love red wine, you need this stain remover for those inevitable spills. Just spray, blot, and rinse — it’ll remove fresh or dry wine stains. The non-toxic formula works on clothes, carpets or rugs, and upholstered furniture.

The Reusable Dishwashing Gloves With Built-In Scrubbers

You can skip the sponge by donning these silicone gloves with built-in scrubbers. The hand portion features thick silicone bristles for cleaning dishes, bathrooms, and more. And if the gloves get really dirty, you can toss them in the dishwasher for a thorough clean.

This Broom & Dustpan Set With Extended Handles

With handles that extend about 4 feet, this broom and dustpan easily sweep the floor without requiring you to bend down. A rubber lip at the edge makes sure all dust and dirt makes its way into the dustpan. And a comb at the top of the dustpan lets you scrape stuck-on pieces off of the comb, too.

The Door Prop That Prevents Stinky Washing Machines

Use this magnetic prop to help your front-loading washer air out after a load of laundry. Trapping moisture inside the washer’s drum can lead to stinky odors, but this hook keeps the door ajar enough for the machine to dry out. The hook attaches easily to the inside of the machine and over the door, but it also comes off just as easily for your next load.

The Giant Gardening Claws That Make Scooping Up Leaves Fast & Fun

These giant claws allow you to scoop up a bunch of leaves at once. They make quick work of yard work and are also great for scooping up grass clippings or other debris. And these plastic claws are lightweight and durable, too.

These Wet Wipes For Streak-Free Cleaning Of Windows & Mirrors

Cleaning windows and mirrors is convenient and easy with these wet wipes. Just wipe them on glass for a streak-free clean. The 30-pack also comes with a microfiber cloth for drying cleaned surfaces.

The Brush Set That Uses Your Power Drill To Clean Every Surface

With a brush head for just about any surface, this kit harnesses the power of your electric drill to scrub your home clean. It includes four brushes and four pads with varying stiffness to scrub more than two dozens types of surfaces. One reviewer commented, “What used to take me at least 30 minutes of scrubbing, scraping, wiping then starting all over again on the stubborn spots took 5 minutes with this tool.”

This Extendable Scrubber For Cleaning Tiles & Tubs Without Bending Down

This stick scrubber extends from 26 to 46 inches to easily clean your bathtub or tiles. The sponge head is antimicrobial, abrasive for deep scrubbing, and angled to fit into corners. Its steel pole is comfortably lightweight, and the handle has a non-slip grip even if it gets wet.

The Highly Popular Mop You Can Wring Hands-Free

This microfiber mop’s unique bucket lets you wring out the mop without bending down or using your hands. Between cleaning, just stick the mop head into the built-in wringer and step on the foot pedal to wring out excess liquid. This moves makes mopping easier and quicker, so it’s no wonder it’s a favorite with over 77,000 reviews.

The Long, Flexible Tool That Easily Cleans Out Drains

Snaking the drain is easier with this extra-long tool. The wand is also textured with barbs to catch hair, garbage, and other debris that may be clogging the drain. The 19.6-inch tool is also flexible to fit deep into the drain, and it’s a lot easier and safer to use than chemical drainers.

This Popular Cleaning Putty For Detailing Your Car

This moldable putty gets into all your car interior’s nooks and crannies to pick up dust and debris. Just press it into areas that are dusty or dirty, and the sticky gel will clean it up. This putty with over 23,000 reviews is also useful for cleaning items inside your home, like keyboards, remote controls, and phones.

A Pumice That Buffs Out Limescale & Buildup In Toilets

This pumice stone with a handle is the abrasive cleaner toilets need for hard water stains and other residue. All you do is wet the pumice stone and rub it over the deposit until the stain is gone. The pumice works on calcium, rust, mildew, and limescale buildup. And it comes with its own storage box.

The Reusable Lint Removers That Also Get Rid Of Fabric Fuzz

Use this fabric shaver to easily restore your clothes by removing lint, fuzz, and debris. The copper comb pulls off pet hair, lint, crumbs, and pilled fabric without leaving any sticky residue behind. And it’s endlessly reusable, so you don’t have to replace batteries or remover sheets.

This Cleaning Spray That Removes Tough Stains

You need this heavy-duty remover for the stains that inevitably show up throughout your home. When regular cleaners can’t cut it, this formula removes tricky stains, including from adhesive, crayons, lipstick, gum, and markers. One reviewer reports it even “removed permanent market from [an] upholstered seat.”

This Marker & Wax Stick Kit For Touching Up Wooden Furniture

This repair kit instantly fills in scuffs and scratches in wooden furniture. Just choose a matching color — maple, oak, walnut, cherry, mahogany, and black — and color over the scuffs until they disappear. This 13-piece kit, which includes six markers, six wax crayons, and a sharpener, is a favorite with over 17,000 reviews for its instant repair.

The Folding Board That Makes Laundry Day Go Faster & Easier

Use this board to effortlessly fold clean clothing in seconds. With just a few moves, this clever board folds items into uniform shapes that are easy to stack and put away. It’s a laundry gamechanger that’ll keep clean loads from piling up since it makes folding go by so much faster.

This Extendable Duster For Cleaning Hard-To-Reach Areas

Clean ceiling fans, high shelves, and other hard-to-reach areas easily using this extendable duster. The handle extends from 26 to 47 inches for a long reach. Dust, dirt, and hair clings to the double-sided microfiber head, which is washable so it can be reused.

The Tufted Foot Stool That Functions As Extra Storage

Tidying up a room takes just a few minutes when you can store odds and ends in this ottoman. You can use it as a foot rest or extra seating when hanging out in your living room, and then just lift the lid to store extra blankets, pillows, or stray toys. Plus, assembly takes just a minute.

A Space-Saving Hanging Hamper For Laundry

If you’re tight on space or live with nosy pets, store your laundry in this hanging hamper. The hamper hooks over a door or on a wall, but also easily unhooks to carry your load of laundry to the washing machine or laundromat. The bag is made of durable and waterproof Oxford fabric that’s also machine-washable.

This Soap-Dispensing Brush For More Comfortable Dishwashing

Instead of gripping a sponge, use this tool to scrub and dispense dish soap at once. The handle is comfortable to maneuver around a dirty dish and releases soap at the press of a button. The brush head’s bristles are sturdy for cleaning even stuck-on messes but soft enough to do so without scratching.

The Stainless Steel Chainmail That Safely Cleans Cast Iron

With just some warm water, this chainmail cleans cast iron without stripping it of its characteristic seasoning. It’s designed to be tough on stuck-on food but gentle enough to clean without scratching. And though your treasured cast iron pan isn’t, this stainless steel cleaner is conveniently dishwasher-safe.

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