50 Clever AF Products On Amazon Our Readers Swear By

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by Amy Lucisano
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They say that money doesn't grow on trees — but based off the way I spend mine, it may as well be sprouting out of my head. Can you really blame me, though? It's way too easy these days to spend your hard-earned cash on clever products... especially when they’re all available on Amazon. This collection is full of that kind of stuff, and reviewers swear by them.

No matter what your hobbies are, you'll definitely be able to find something for yourself in this list. Enjoy cooking? I've made sure to include an electric potato peeler and a cordless wine opener that comes with a bottle chiller. Or, if you enjoy completing DIY projects around the house, be sure to check out the motion sensor lights that you can install practically anywhere. Besides — who can say "No" to a waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker? I know I can't, which probably explains why it's currently sitting in my shopping cart.

My impulse shopping aside, you truly can't go wrong with any of these genius products from Amazon — so what are you waiting for? Money may not grow on trees, but you can at least be sure you'll be spending yours on quality purchases that so many customers have praised.


The Motion Sensor Lights You Can Install Almost Anywhere

Made with super-bright LED bulbs, these stick-on lights make it easy to add some chic lighting all around your home. They're great for stairwells, kitchens, bathrooms, closets, and more. Plus, the automatic shut-off kicks in after 15 seconds to help preserve the battery.


A Gadget That Takes The Work Out Of Peeling Potatoes

Just put your potato or yam on the rotating spikes, and this potato peeler will do all the work for you. It operates using four AA batteries — which are not included — and each order also comes with an adapter that lets you plug it into a wall outlet.


The Clog Remover That Doesn't Require Any Harsh Chemicals

A visit from the plumber can cost hundreds of dollars, whereas this pack of clog removers is only $13. The barbed wire latches onto blockages in your pipes so you can easily pull them out, and the included cleaning tool is made from rust-resistant stainless steel.


A Gadget That Dries And Warms Your Boots

It can get loud when shoes tumble around in a dryer, so use this electric boot warmer to prevent that from happening. If you leave your boots on it overnight, they'll typically be dry by morning, and there are no loud fans involved. It operates at a near-silent level so as to not disturb anyone.


The Water Flosser That You Can Use In The Shower

I was never big on flossing — until I got this water flosser, that is. It's completely cordless so that it's easy to maneuver around your mouth, and the waterproof design means you can also use it in the shower. Each order comes with four interchangeable flossing heads, and there are three pressure setting to choose from.


A Steel Frame That Lets You Hang Plastic Bag Trash Bins

Looking to add a trash can to the inside of your cabinets? Just put this steel frame over the door, and you'll be able to use your old plastic grocery bags as trash bins. There's zero hardware necessary for installation, and the foam padding on the hook helps prevent scratches to your cabinetry.


The Electric Wine Opener That Comes With A Bottle Chiller

Using a manual bottle opener can be tricky, whereas this electric one takes all the work out of popping bottles. It's able to open up to 30 bottles of wine before it needs to be recharged, and each order also comes with a bonus wine chiller that helps keep your bottle cold for hours.


A Boiled Egg Peeler That's Incredibly Easy To Use

Simply add water and your egg to this peeler, then shake it about 10 times. The shell will slowly crack away, leaving you with a delicious egg. You can grab it in more than five vibrant colors, and one Amazon reviewer even raved, "I got 14 eggs cracked and peeled within 10 mins!"


The Travel Power Strip With 4 Built-In USB Ports

Not only does the compact design make it great for traveling, but this power strip also features four built-in USB ports. You won't need to go hunting around for a power brick when you have this power strip with you, and both AC outlets feature surge protection.


A Pair Of Bluetooth Headphones You Can Comfortably Sleep In

Most headphones are too bulky to snooze in, whereas these ones are made from plush fabric that won't leave your ears feeling sore. They're able to play music for more than nine continuous hours when fully charged, and the speakers are removable for when you decide to wash the band.


The Miniature Bag Sealer That Helps Keep Snacks Fresh

Putting a clip on your chip bags still lets air leak inside, whereas using this bag sealer to crimp it shut is more effective when it comes to keeping your snacks fresh. It's designed to work with plastic as well as foil bags, and it only takes about four seconds to create a tight seal.


A Portable Lock That Adds Security To Almost Any Door

Whether you're at a hotel or in an Airbnb, this portable door lock can help give you added peace of mind. Installation only takes a few seconds, and even landlords who have keys to your apartment won't be able to get inside without you removing the lock.


The Belt Hanger That Rotates A Full 360 Degrees

Able to hold up to four belts each, this three-pack of belt hangers is an easy way to help de-clutter your closet. The base rotates a full 360 degrees so it's easy to reach your belts (no matter where they sit on these hangers), and they're able to hold up to 6.5 pounds each.


A Pack Of Tablets That Clean Your Washing Machine

Designed to work with all types of washing machines, these cleaning tablets help remove unwanted odors that have latched onto the inside of your appliance. They're safe to use with septic tanks, and each order comes with enough tablets for up to six months.


The Wall Charger Designed With A Built-In Night Light

Not only does this wall charger add two USB ports as well as four plugs to any outlet, but it also features a built-in night light to help guide your way in the dark. You can turn the night light on or off to help save electricity, and the brightness is adjustable by three levels.


A Pack Of Furniture Leg Covers That Protect Your Floors

Don't let your furniture legs scrape across the ground — just use these silicone covers to keep your floors scratch-free. They're designed to work with a variety of chairs, and they easily slide over the ends without any struggle. "These protectors immediately made a huge difference!" one Amazon reviewer wrote. "My chairs no longer scrape along the linoleum.”


The Door Handle Covers That Help Keep Your Appliances Clean

You can put these door handle covers on your fridge, or even trim them to fit on your oven. The Velcro strap helps they stay put, plus they're an easy way to help keep your appliances clean from drips, fingerprints, sauces, and more. Grab them in three colors: red, gray, or black.


A Cleaning Stick That Gets Your Jewelry Sparkling Like New

When your jewelry is beginning to grow dull, use this dazzle stick to help get it looking almost clean as new. The applicator brush slowly releases the cleaning solution so that there's no risk of waste, and it's particularly great for tight stone mountings.


A Stick Vacuum That Doesn't Rely On Messy Bags

You can easily clean messes all over your home using this stick vacuum. It's so versatile that you can also use it as a handle or stair vacuum, and it's completely bagless so that emptying it out is a breeze. The crevice tool is perfect for tight corners, and it effortlessly transitions from carpet to hardwood.


The Waterproof Speaker You Can Use In The Shower

Able to play music for up to 12 continuous hours, this waterproof speaker is perfect for a day at the pool, or even a quick shower at home. The high-performance driver creates a clear sound with minimal distortion — and it has a Bluetooth range of up to 66 feet. Choose from six colors.


A Bottle That Infuses Fresh Fruit Flavors Into Your Water

Tired of drinking plain water? Simply add your favorite fruits to the infusion core in this bottle, and the water will gradually absorb their flavors. It's made from shatterproof Tritan plastic, so you don't have to worry about dropping it — and the lid is even leakproof.


The Eyebrow Trimmer That's Completely Painless

You no longer have to pluck away at unwanted eyebrow hair — just use this painless trimmer. The blades are made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and it's completely cordless since it relies on a single AAA battery. It's small enough that you can easily keep it with you in your bag, and the built-in light makes it easier to see precisely where you're trimming.


These Kitchen Gloves That Help Keep Your Hands Protector From Cuts

A pair of cut-resistant gloves — like these ones — can come in handy while you’re preparing food in the kitchen. They're made from a super durable fabric that's four times stronger than leather, and they're 100% food-safe.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large


The Magnetic Wristband That Holds Onto Your Nuts & Bolts

It's easy to misplace your nuts, bolts, nails, and screws while completing DIY projects around the house, so grab this magnetic wristband. The five large magnets on the inside latch onto your metal bits so they don't go missing, and it's made from breathable mesh to help minimize sweating.


A Cleaning Gel That Gets Into Tight Nooks And Crannies

When your keyboard is littered with tiny crumbs you can't reach, just use this cleaning gel to get into those tight nooks and crannies. It's made from biodegradable material that won't leave any sticky residue on your hands, and it's also great for cleaning camera lenses, air vents, printers, and more.


These Wool Dryer Balls That Help Your Clothes Dry Faster

Not only do they aerate your laundry to help it dry faster, but these dryer balls are also made from 100% premium New Zealand wool. They're reusable for more than 1,000 loads, and they even help soften your laundry naturally — no synthetic fragrances or chemicals here.


A Pair Of Racks That Hold Plastic Bags Open For You

Use them to hold your plastic bags open while you're stuffing them, or even hang your washed bags on these racks to dry. The arms are adjustable so that they can fit bags of almost any shape or size: "This is the handiest gadget ever!" one reviewer wrote. "Anyone who pours stuff into zip lock baggies (any size) will love these - rice, shrimp, cereal, fresh veggies, shelled pecans, and on and on and on!"


The Microfiber Duster With A Removal Head That’s Machine Washable

Designed with microfiber bristles that trap dust, this delicate duster is a must-have for an ultra-clean home. The bristles are soft enough to get every bit of pet hair and dust, and the duster head can be easily popped off and cleaned in the washing machine.


A Shirt Folding Board That Makes Laundry A Little More Fun

Adding this shirt folding board to your laundry routine adds just enough fun that you won’t actually dread laundry day. It's made from sturdy plastic, and it takes less than five seconds to fold your shirts, pants, towels, and other garments.


The Dish Drying Rack That Rolls Up For Easy Storage

Tired of staring at that bulky dish rack taking up space on your counters? Then maybe it's time to upgrade to a roll-up drying rack like this one. It's made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and it takes up hardly any space while in storage. I like to use mine as a trivet in a pinch, and you have to admit — it just looks good.


A Pack Of Charging Cables That Work With A Ton Of Devices

Braided with tough nylon, these charging cables split off into two lightning connectors, one micro-USB, as well as one USB-C. The cable won't easily fray like competing cables wrapped in rubber, and the 4-foot length is great for charging your phone from the backseat of a car.


The Retractable Earbuds That Are Ultra-Compact

Instead of untangling your headphones for the hundredth time, just switch over to this retractable pair. The wires immediately pull in with a gentle tug, but one reviewer put it best: "Retracts very easily, sound quality is great, length of cord is longer than my previous headphones that had the retractable feature."


A Hair Dryer Holder That Doesn't Require Mounting

The idea of drilling into your walls can be intimidating, which is why this hair dryer holder comes with super-sticky adhesive that keeps hair tools in place. The metal finish easily matches practically any type of decor — and if you ever decide to remove it, the adhesive easily removes without leaving behind any residue.


A Bluetooth Speaker That Can Connect To 2 Phones

Most Bluetooth speakers can only connect to one smartphone at a time — but not this one. Not only can it maintain a connection with two phones at the same time, but the magnetic base allows it to easily attach to metal surfaces. It's rechargeable via USB, and there's even an input where you can play music from an SD card.


The Bedside Lamp That's Perfect For Reading

Because the light it casts is soft without being too dim or bright, this bedside lamp is great for reading at night. The classic design looks great in any room, and there's even a built-in USB port where you can conveniently charge your phone.


A Pair Of Arch Support Sleeves Infused With Copper

When your shoes aren't giving you the arch support you need, just slip these sleeves over your feet for some added comfort. They're great for people with arthritis, plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and more — and the infused copper has antimicrobial properties to help keep them clean.


The Shampoo Brush That Can Help Stimulate Blood Flow

Made with soft silicone bristles, using this shampoo brush to wash your hair is a great way to help stimulate blood flow in your scalp. The hand grip gives you added control while your palms are wet, and it's completely waterproof since there are zero batteries required.


A Silverware Organizer That Helps Save You Space

With a stacked design that layers your silverware on top of each other, this cutlery organizer is perfect for anyone with a cramped kitchen. It's relatively narrow compared to other organizers, which means you'll still have leftover space in your drawer — and there are icons on each compartment to help keep you organized.


The Clog Dissolver That Works Within Minutes

When plunging your pipes won't do it, just pour this clog dissolver down your drain. It liquefies hair, soap, paper, grease, and more, and there's no measuring required. Each bottle is already divided into two pre-measured applications, too. "My bathtub was so bad that when I showered I would be standing in almost a foot of water," one reviewer wrote. "Within a couple hours, the clog was totally gone and no evil odor. I highly recommend.”


A Cream Formulated To Hydrate Dry, Cracked Feet

Most lotions are formulated to use all over your body — but not this one. Specifically made for dry, cracked feet, this cream creates a protective layer on the top of your skin to help prevent further moisture loss. Most reviewers saw visible results after just a few days.


The Car Mount Designed To Work With Any Type Of Phone

Making calls with your phone while driving can be dangerous, whereas this car mount lets you talk to your friends and family completely handsfree. The universal design means it'll work with any type of smartphone, and it rotates a full 360 degrees so you can easily adjust the viewing angle.


A Hair Towel Made From Absorbent Microfiber

Microfiber absorbs more water than cotton, which means this microfiber towel can help cut the time you spend under a hair dryer in half. It's safe to use on all types of hair, and it's available in two sizes (depending on how long your hair is): small or large.


The Orthopedic Knee Pillow That Can Help Alleviate Sciatica Pain

Just pop this orthopedic knee pillow between your legs when you go to bed, and it can help ease pain in your back, hips, legs, as well as from sciatica. It's filled with plush memory foam that contours to the shape of your legs, but unlike other types of memory foam, this one won't fall flat over time.


A Device That Takes All The Work Out Of Making Eggs

It doesn't matter whether you prefer poached or hardboiled eggs — this handy device from Hamilton Beach takes all the work out of preparing them. The built-in timer helps prevent your eggs from overcooking, and it's able to prepare up to seven eggs at once.


The Fridge Deodorizer That Also Helps Keep Vegetables Crisp

Not only does it eliminate unwanted odors from your fridge without using any synthetic fragrances, but this deodorizer can also help extend the life of your produce. It's effective for up to six months, and it's completely food-safe as well as biodegradable.


A Weighted Blanket Made From Breathable Cotton

While it may seem counterintuitive at first, this weighted blanket is incredibly breathable since it's made from soft cotton. It shouldn’t leave you feeling overheated while you sleep at night, and the box stitching helps ensure that the filling stays evenly distributed throughout.


The Clay Mask Made From 100% Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is great for absorbing excess oil from your complexion, and this mask is absolutely chock-full of it. You only need to wear it for about 10 minutes to see the full benefits — and besides, with more than 2,900 positive four- and five-star reviews, it's clear that this mask is beloved by pretty much everybody.


A Smooth Pillowcase Made From Natural Silk

Silk creates less friction against your hair than regular cotton, which means this pillowcase can help prevent unwanted frizziness and tangles in the morning. It's hypoallergenic, so you don't have to worry about irritation. Plus, there are more than 20 colors to choose from: white, black, navy, purple, and more.


This Carpet Spot Remover That Doesn’t Require Any Rinsing Or Vacuuming

Over 22,000 customers have given this spot remover five-star ratings because it works quickly and efficiently. After being sprayed over a stain, it can be quickly absorbed with a cloth — no rinsing or vacuuming needed.


This Drain Protector That Still Allows Water Flow

The TubRing helps protect your drain without actually halting water flow, because it sits around your plug (instead of inside it). That way, it can catch hair and debris before it falls down the drain so you can easily remove it whenever needed.

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