45 Clever Finds On Amazon That Make Your Home Look & Feel 10x Better

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Coming home after a long day is one of the best feelings — but coming home to a space that’s set up to be perfectly you that has all of your favorite things arranged according to your preferences? That’s taking it to the next level. There might be a plush rug you walk on after you kick off your shoes, the perfect lighting situation that makes you feel cozy the instant you walk in, or your favorite art and photos lining the wall. Although, I’ll be the first to admit that it can be hard to achieve this sort of zen state in your home — especially if you’re busy and not, you know, a professional organizer or interior designer.

The itch to refresh your space can be too real, but so is the overwhelming feeling of not knowing where to start. If you feel like you need to make some changes or upgrades (but don’t know quite how to begin), this list may be just the ticket. It’s full of clever finds on Amazon that make your home look and feel 10 times better. The best part? You can browse it from the comfort of your home, without having to push a cart overflowing with pillows, comforters, and rugs down a crowded aisle in a store.


A Himalayan Salt Lamp For Cozy & Calming Vibes

This tabletop salt crystal lamp is the perfect size for an end table, nightstand, or desk — so you can enjoy the benefits of a salt lamp however you please. It sits on a wooden base, and the included cord has a dimmer switch, giving you full control of its glow.


A Cool Mist Humidifier That Combats Dry Air In Your Home

This best-selling cool mist humidifier is quiet as well as efficient — and the nozzle rotates, allowing you to steer direction of the airflow. The 2.2-liter tank gives you up to 24 hours of mist, and there’s an auto-shutoff mechanism in place to help prevent it from running while empty.


These Bamboo Sheets That Come In A Rainbow Of Colors

Available in twin through California king and split king sizes, this cooling bamboo sheet set comes with a top sheet, a fitted bottom sheet, and four pillow cases. It’s made in 40 different colors, so you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your decor (and then get a good night’s sleep).


This Plug-In Dimmer Switch So You Can Set Your Favorite Mood Lighting

Available in white and brown, this plug-in dimmer switch allows you to soften and brighten almost any floor or table lamp in your home. It works like an extension cord, so you plug your lamp directly into it and there’s no wiring or complicated installation required.


A Couch Seat Saver That Extends The Life Of Your Worn Out Sofa

The moment you realize that your favorite couch cushions are starting to sag is a sad one indeed. Thankfully, a couch cushion saver can offer much needed support to give your furniture a second life. It simply slides between the cushion and the base your seat to level and stabilize cushions. Even better, multiple sizes are available.


This Scrubber That Makes It Super Easy To Keep Your Shower Clean

This long-handled scrubber can help keep your shower clean. The adjustable handle goes from roughly 32 inches to 46 inches, allowing you to clean high and low with little bending or stretching. Plus, the rotating head is perfect for corners.


The Soft & Furry Rug That You Might Just Lie On Like A Bed

Not only is this faux sheepskin rug the ultimate in cozy comfort, but it also comes in 11 different shapes and sizes — including square and round — as well as 19 different colors so you can match it perfectly to your space. Just be warned: You may be tempted to buy one for every room in your house.


These Blackout Curtains To Give You Shade & Protection From The Sun

A pair of blackout curtains can be a game changer for making your room comfortable for sleep. This popular set comes in 23 different colors and a range of sizes to fit your bedroom or living room. Each pair is made from three layers of fabric, and they hang with a rod pocket.


These Battery-Operated Candles For Flameless & Cozy Vibes

If you love the ambience of candles but don’t want to worry about smoke or flames, then I have some good news for you. This set of nine flameless candles has the same look and feel as real candles, but without fire. They come with two remotes that give you a variety of settings, including flicker and steady flame options.


A Clip-On Fan That’s Great For At Home Or Travel

A personal clip-on fan that attaches to your surface of choice can be a hot weather essential. This option offers three different settings and is guaranteed for at least three years. The clamp offers stability, and a swivel allows you to steer the flow of air exactly to your preferences.


These Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats That Are Pretty & Practical

The kitchen sink is a central part of the home, so we may as well make ourselves comfortable while we’re there, right? This set of kitchen mats is made of ergonomic comfort foam so you can stand at length with minimal discomfort. Six different colors are available.


A Set Of Frames To Make The Gallery Wall Of Your Dreams

If you love the idea of a gallery wall but don’t know where to start, then this is your lucky day. This set of seven coordinating frames accommodates images of varying sizes, with matching mats and frames so you can have a cohesive look. They’re available in black, gold, rose gold, or silver.


These Smart Bulbs That Allow You To Set & Control Lights Throughout Your Home

Imagine walking into a perfectly lit home, set exactly to your preferences. That’s what smart light bulbs like these allow. This two-pack of bulbs is compatible with Alexa or Google Home, or you can use your phone or tablet. The multicolor bulbs can be scheduled, timed, dimmed, and more, from near or far.


An Essential Oil Diffuser For All Your Aromatherapy Goals

In addition to giving you the ability to enjoy your ideal home fragrance, this essential oil diffuser comes in four colors and offers you eight different choices for the light setting. The best part? It comes with six essential oils to help you start your collection.


A Wifi Extender That Practically Makes Your Whole Home Into A Hotspot

This compact and efficient Wi-Fi extender boosts your signal so you can have up to 1,200 square feet of coverage and 20 different devices connected. Setup is easy, with only one manual button — and you’re able to control settings and manage your network via app from anywhere.


A Cushy, Quilted Comforter That Makes Your Bed Feel Like A Cloud

Warning: This quilted comforter might make it hard to leave your bed on chilly mornings. It’s soft as well as durable — and it works on its own as a bedspread with classic box stitching or with a duvet cover (thanks to the included loops). Plus, it’s machine washable and easy to maintain.


This Trio Of Plants That Help Freshen The Air In Your Home

Did you know you can buy live plants from Amazon? This set of plants is a clean-air collection specifically curated to help purify and freshen the air. You can opt to buy them in grower pots or in coordinating 4-inch planter pots.


A Set Of Hanging Curtain Lights That Provide A Cozy Glow

This curtain of of dangling twinkle lights stretches 10 or 20 feet long and has 300 LED bulbs that hang down 9.8 feet. You can opt for warm, blue, white, or multicolored lights, as well as seven colors you can alternate between with the included remote.


These Handy Rug Grippers That Help Keep Them Secure

A rogue, wrinkly rug can be secured with some of these rug grippers that also help keep it looking nice. The grippers adhere to the back of the rug and stick to the floor, thanks to vacuum technology that leaves behind no trace of glue or residue.


This Fleece Throw Blanket For The Ultimate Cozy Mood

How many throw blankets is too many throw blankets? I’m not sure about you, but I always feel like I can use more. This versatile polyester fleece blanket comes in five different sizes and 27 different colors, including earth tones, brights, pastels, and jewel tones. That way, you can match any room in your house. Plus, it’s machine washable.


A Set Of Velvet Hangers To Elevate Your Closet

In my opinion, velvet is an automatic upgrade. These nonslip velvet hangers look neat and tidy all lined up in your closet, and they keep clothes more secure than slippery plastic and wire. They’re available in packs of 30, 50, and 100, so it’s a cinch to switch over your whole closet.


This Shower Squeegee That Keeps Your Bathroom Surfaces Clean & Sparkling

This versatile shower squeegee has a rubber blade, comes in four metallic colors (bronze, silver, brass, and black), and in three sizes (10, 12, and 14 inches). It comes with adhesive hooks, so it’s practical and easy to match to your bathroom hardware or other decor. You can use it on your windows and windshield, too.


A Wall-Mounted Shoe Rack For Ultimate Space-Saving Organization

Unlike traditional shoe racks, these wall-mounted shoe holders don’t take up floor space and instead create new storage options out of blank walls or the sides of shelves. Each set comes with four racks and the necessary adhesive for mounting. They come in white and black.


These Feather-Filled Throw Pillows You Can Use On Your Bed Or Couch

A pair of pretty and practical throw pillows can be used throughout your home. This versatile set comes in three different shapes and sizes (without covers), so you can easily decorate them. Plus, they’re both machine washable, so care and cleaning is super simple.


A Soft, Textured Bath Mat For A Luxe Shower Experience

This loofah-textured bath mat is perfect for the shower that needs a little extra traction or for anyone who wants the surface under their feet to feel soft and supported. It stays in place thanks to an anti-slip layer underneath, and it comes in two sizes so you can pick what best suits your bathroom. Four different colors are available.


This Wireless Charging Pad That Simplifies & Elevates Your Charging Station

If you’re tired of detangling cords and constantly plugging and unplugging your devices, then a wireless charging pad might be in your future. This popular choice is roughly the size of a coaster, and it’s compatible with a range of phones. Plus, the subtle LED indicator lights lets you know that it’s working (but then turns off so it’s not a distraction).


A Hanging Broom Holder That Makes Your Decluttering Dreams Come True

Cleaning tools aren’t much help if they just add clutter to your space. Enter this broom holder and tool organizer, which can hold up to 35 pounds of gear and equipment, including mops, brooms, and gardening tools. Five gripping slots are perfect for handles, while six small hooks can hold keys, lanyards, and more.


This Small & Subtle Sound Machine & Bluetooth Speaker In One

At roughly 2 inches tall and 2 inches wide, this sound machine and Bluetooth speaker packs a punch despite its compact size. You can connect it with your smartphone for easy music and audio streaming, and there’s a built-in microphone so it works for phone calls. You can also use its sound machine settings for soothing background noise to help with sleep and relaxation.


These Cute Air Purifying Bags Made Out Of Bamboo Charcoal

Can our air ever be too fresh? This set of four bamboo charcoal air purifying bags come in four pretty colors, so you’ll have no trouble displaying them in your home. The bamboo charcoal absorbs moisture and unwanted odors from the air, and each bag covers up to 100 square feet of space.


A Pair Of Plush Velvet Pillow Covers For A Bougie Couch Upgrade

Even if you feel pretty confident in your pillow supply, these velvet throw pillow covers may have you thinking again. Nine different sizes and nearly 40 colors are available — and with their easy zipper closures, you’ll be able to refresh pillows you already own or try new ones with ease.


This Window Cling That Gives You Privacy Without Blocking All Natural Light

Part form and part function, this sleek, striped window film gives you shade and security while still letting in some light. It comes with frosted, black, or multicolored stripes and in a range of sizes. They’re also easy to cut, so you can get an exact, custom fit for your window.


A Square Pouf That You Can Use On The Floor Or As A Seat Cushion

Something about this square pouf makes me want to lie in a giant pile of them. Perhaps it’s the scalloped edges, or the muted colors, or the soft fabric, or the 5-inch thickness of each cushion. Or, perhaps it’s all of the above. Either way, it’s a pretty and practical pillow you can use throughout your home.


This Adjustable Organizer Just For Pots & Pans

This versatile and adjustable pot rack organizer can hold up to nine pieces of cookware, depending on how you arrange the included shelves. It’s freestanding, so there’s no installation or mounting required, and you can also set it up vertically or horizontally. It’s available in black and silver.


An Adhesive Paper Towel Holder You Can Install Almost Anywhere

Why is it so hard to find a spot for a paper towel roll? Or is it just me? Thankfully, this adhesive paper towel holder — which comes in black and silver — can be easily installed in your preferred location without tools or invasive hardware, saving you precious counter space. Although, you can use screws if you prefer.


This Soft & Squishy Bath Mat Made With Memory Foam

This memory foam bath rug will be a welcome pillow for your feet post-bath or shower. It’s quick-drying and machine washable, and it’s available in seven sizes and more than 30 colors, so you’ll find the exact shade you need to match your bathroom (or a new one to inspire some updates).


These Motion Sensor Night Lights To Brighten The Hallway & Prevent Stubbed Toes

These motion sensor night lights not only shine when you need them most, but they save energy by not glowing into empty rooms (unless, of course, you set them to). This four-pack of lights comes with LED bulbs, and there are two modes for brightness.


This Easy-To-Use Drywall Putty That Helps With Minor Fixes

If the idea of fixing a hole in your wall has you intimidated, then I have some good news. This drywall putty makes it super easy to repair minor damage and cracks, and it doesn’t require any additional tools. The best part? It can be easily painted over.


An Elegant Strand Of Twinkle Lights To Give Your Exterior A Festive Glow

A string of outdoor lights can somehow feel both classic and contemporary — so if you’ve been looking for a way to refresh your yard or patio, look no further. This set is available in 25, 50, or 100 foot lengths, and with black, white, or green wiring. And, they’re weatherproof, so you can hang them and enjoy them throughout the year.


This Set Of Self-Watering Planters That Take The Guesswork Out Of Watering Plants

These self-watering planters make it super easy to grow and maintain your favorite plants. They have a clear bottom layer so you can see your water supply, and you can select either white or gray for the body of the planter. They come in a set of five.


A Home Security Camera That You Can Access From Your Phone

A mini home security camera can give you peace of mind and important access to your home when you’re away. This popular choice is no more than 2 inches per side, and it offers you motion detection, two-way speaking, and night vision, and more. A stand is included, too.


This Drawer For Coffee Pods That Fits Right Under Your Coffee Maker

If your coffee pod collection has gotten unruly (um, guilty), then you may be happy to hear that this coffee pod drawer holds up to 30 pods and is strong enough to bear the weight of your actual coffee maker. It’s available in black, red, or white.


A Multipurpose Ottoman That’s Also A Storage Bench

Is it a bench? Is It a footstool? Is it storage container? It’s technically all of the above. This folding ottoman bench is perfect for storing books, blankets, pillows, toys, or other essentials, and can hold up to 350 pounds of weight. It comes in fabric and faux leather, and there are four colors to choose from.


This Duster With A Long Reach To Help You Dust The Highest Parts Of Your Home

Those cobwebs on your ceiling fan are no match for this duster and extension pole. It goes from 30 inches to 100 inches, more than tripling your reach. The reusable microfiber duster head can also be removed for easy cleaning — and it’s bendable, so you can shape it to go around (or into!) the tightest of corners.


These Handle Covers That Give Your Refrigerator Doors Easy Grip

If fingerprints on your appliances makes you cringe, then I have some good news for you. These refrigerator door handle covers can keep your fridge handles pristine, and provide a softer surface to grip than the handles themselves. Multiple sizes are available — so in addition to fridges, you can use them on microwaves, ovens, and more.


An All-In-One Stainless Steel Cleaning Kit To Simplify Your Chores

This stainless steel cleaning kit comes with wipes, a polish and cleaner, and a polishing cloth, so you can keep your kitchen appliances looking new and sparkling clean. It works with all stainless steel surfaces, so you can go beyond your kitchen if your heart desires.