DJ Marshmello’s Coca-Cola Collab Tastes Nothing Like Marshmallow

Here’s what to expect - and how to get your hands on it.

Marshmello x Coca-Cola, limited edition flavour

Not content with trying to harness the taste of outer space with their limited edition cans of Intergalactic Coca-Cola earlier this year, the famous purveyor of fizzy caramel-hued drinks has now branched out into musical collaborations. The next in a series of new collaborative drinks inspired by creativity and culture, American EDM producer and DJ Marshmello has come on board to create his own limited-edition spin on a classic.

Reckon you can make a pretty good guess when it comes to the flavour notes? Think again! Instead of going straight for the obvious route (marshmallows, anyone?), the music producer’s concoction draws on a “vibey blend” of his two favourite flavours: strawberry and watermelon.

“One might think Marshmello's Limited Edition Coca-Cola would be marshmallow flavoured,” reads a press release, “but as with the epic drops that fill his sets, the magic here is more unexpected.”

“Everybody’s like, ‘You’re going to do a marshmallow flavour?’” Marshmello added, speaking to Billboard. “That’s why I really didn’t want to do it, so we just started messing around with different flavours... we homed in on [strawberry and watermelon] and that was that.”

Punters who have already stumbled across the cans have been occasionally perplexed by this decision. “Can someone explain why Marshmello Coke isn't marshmallow-flavoured, please?” @DazelBrain tweeted. “My man, marshmallow was right there,” quipped @3x1minus. This small technicality aside, though, early impressions are looking good. Taste-testing the new bev, Buzzfeed highlighted its “​​light and fruity” flavour notes, adding that it’s “kind of at the sweetness level of Cherry Coke, but it's a little less... heavy.”

Intrigued to find a fruity fix? You’ll want to get yourself down to Tesco. But be warned: Once stocks run out, that’s it. Elsewhere, Budgens, Londis, Booker Premier, and One Stop stores are also selling these bevs, and there’s a Zero Sugar version available, too. Either way, it’ll set you back 77p for a slimline can.