Colin The Caterpillar Is Turning 30 & We’re Celebrating With A Sweet Trifle

Minimal effort, high impact: classic Colin.

by Aoife Hanna
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M&S Colin The Caterpillar Trifle Recipe
Courtesy of M&S

He's definitely attended more birthday parties than any other Colin on this planet, and as his 30th approaches, it's time for us to celebrate him. To honour Marks & Spencer's famous cake celebrity entering his third decade, M&S has shared a Colin The Caterpillar trifle recipe – and it is nothing short of sensational.

Yes, you read that correctly. Colin is 30. Let that sink in. But if your next thought was one of dismay over the thought of mixing Colin's chocolatey goodness with jelly, then fret not: this trifle is all about the chocolate. The recipe, shared via Twitter, is super easy and needs only a few ingredients. Namely a Colin cake, custard, chocolate (white and milk), whipped cream, mini Colin faces, and of course sprinkles. It's about as low on the effort scale as you can get, simply layering thick slices of cake, custard, and cream. And if it doesn't look perfect? Who cares, it will be delicious and just the homage this icon of childhood birthday parties deserves.

During lockdown, M&S launched a pretty spectacular delivery service to ensure no one missed out on feeling special on their birthday. Complete with a Colin The Caterpillar cake, tote, balloon, and veggie Colin sweets, it was perhaps one of the sweetest things to come out of the pandemic. Sadly, that particular party bag is no longer available, but in it's place are a few new caterpillar-themed pieces.

One of the most exciting new products made available ahead of Colin's 30th are mini Colin The Caterpillar faces. You can buy bags of his desirable mug to munch on without that arguments. And guess what? It doesn't even have to be your birthday.

Not one to be behind the times, like most of us in his age bracket, he's only gone and set up his own Instagram account, too. Describing himself as a social butterfly he says he attends, "around 450k birthday parties" annually. And he's even got his own GIFs.

Colin's gifs

So get yourself to your nearest M&S, get the goods in, and make sure and tag Colin in all your Insta pics.

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