65 Cool Gifts Under $35 On Amazon That Aren't Cliché Or Corny

Unique gifts for everyone on your list.

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If you’re stumped as to what gifts to get for your favorite people and you’re loath to turn to the usual suspects, this list will come to your rescue. With the health of your budget in mind, these cool gifts under $35 on Amazon aren’t cliché or corny and will prove to be thoughtful and, above all, unique. Just take this edible flower starter kit for the aspiring chef, a thumb piano for the music lover, or a dog car seat cover for the devoted pet parent. There’s so much more below to perfectly suit anyone on your list (and maybe even yourself, why not).


A Zodiac Crystal Set As A Personalized Gift

Show your bestie that you truly see them in all their astrological glory with this zodiac crystal set. Available in all 12 signs, the set includes six ethically sourced crystals and stones, a chakra bracelet, and a manifestation candle embedded with more crystals. A description card explains the meaning and purpose behind each item with the whole set coming in a stylish canister ready for gifting.


This Cold Brew Coffee Maker That Couldn’t Be Simpler

This cold brew coffee maker with 23,000 reviews and a high 4.8-star rating makes it as easy as can be to create deliciously smooth coffee overnight. It consists of a large 32-ounce mason jar and a stainless steel mesh filter in which coffee grounds are added along with water to steep overnight. In the morning, the filter is removed and the leakproof flip-cap is added to easily pour out tasty coffee for a perfect cup.


This Steel Tongue Drum To Create Meditative Music

Budding percussionists will love this easy-to-learn steel tongue drum that’s perfect for creating peaceful and vibrant tones. It comes with two mallets as well as finger picks but can be simply played with the hands as well. Tones in the D major scale are notated with the numbers one through 11 and there’s even a songbook included to get started making music right away.


These Reusable Swedish Dishcloths In Charming Floral Patterns

As a decidedly ingenious gift, these reusable Swedish dishcloths provide both incredible functionality as well as style with their fun floral patterns in shades of purple and white. They’re made of a biodegradable blend of cellulose and cotton and are highly absorbent. Each cloth is machine washable and top rack dishwasher-safe, with the ability to last up to an entire year before needing to be replaced.


A Morse Code Bracelet With A Secret Message

Send a bestie or family member a message with special subtlety with this Morse code bracelet. Dots and dashes are represented by sculpted sterling silver to convey hidden words or phrases such as “breathe,” “soul sister,” or “take a hike.” The black silk cord is easy to cinch with a universal fit that works for most wrists.


A Set Of Chakra Crystals & Healing Stones That Come In An Engraved Box

Give the gift of balance and health energy with this chakra crystals and healing stones set that comes ready for wrapping thanks to an engraved wooden box. A guidebook is provided to offer information on each chakra as well as the crystals and stones aligned with each one. In addition to crystals such as rose quartz, obsidian, and tiger’s eye, there are both selenite and fluorite wands to recharge stones as needed.


A Popular Neck Reading Light To Illuminate Tasks

This neck reading light has over 85,000 five-star reviews for its ability to provide hands-free illumination, making it perfect for those working on anything from knitting projects to DIY repairs. It wraps around the neck comfortably with both sides featuring bendable arms to get the angle of light in just right. With three available color temperatures and six brightness levels, its focused light is also perfect for not disturbing a partner while reading in bed.


This Mortar & Pestle That’s Reversible

Get two grinding surfaces as opposed to just one with this popular mortar and pestle with a near-perfect 4.8-star rating. The deeper side is perfect for creating pestos, guacamoles, and pastes, while the shallower side is great for crushing spices, keeping those flavors conveniently separate. Made of 100% granite, it also comes with a handy wooden spoon as well as a silicone lid that doubles as a placemat.


This Christmas Tree Storage Bag To Keep That Tannenbaum In Lasting Shape

Christmas season fans will seriously appreciate this tree storage bag that keeps their central piece of decoration in great shape throughout the year. It’s large enough to store artificial trees up to 9 feet (disassembled) and is constructed of sturdy, waterproof polyethylene plastic with built-in handles. A dual zipper keeps out dust and moisture, helping to make sure the tree is ready to be unfolded and set up whenever the festive season begins.


This Stainless Steel Canister That Keeps Coffee Fresh

True friendship couldn’t be more exemplified than making sure your buddy has a seriously fresh cup of coffee every day. Gift them this stainless steel canister that works to keep beans or grounds as flavorful as possible for as long as possible. It’s made with a BPA-free rubber seal and a locking hinge top to seal out oxygen with an innovative CO2 release valve to expel that flavor-busting gas.


This Gorgeous Kalimba Piano That’s Easy To Learn

Impress fledgling musicians with this unique and gorgeous Kalimba thumb piano that makes it easy to start playing beautiful melodies. It’s made of mahogany with 17 keys made of ore steel tines that produce lovely, resonant tones. An instruction book is included to get to making music right away as well as finger covers and a cloth bag for storage.


An Assortment Of Inspirational Cards To Send Messages Of Love & Support

With supportive reminders such as “Focus on the good” or “Live more, worry less,” these assorted inspirational cards will give someone the ability to spread messages of support to their favorite people. The pack includes 50 cards, each with a unique quote written in a chalkboard style with charming illustrations. The blank flipside is additionally perfect for writing handwritten, personalized notes.


An Incense Holder With A Cool Folkloric Design

Made of rustic mango wood, this incense burner features a simple yet charming design depicting scenes of both day and night in a black-and-white palette. It can burn two sticks simultaneously with space to catch all falling ash. Choose from 11 other available patterns with rubber grips on the bottom helping to keep it safely in place.


This Charcuterie Board Set With Built-In Serving Utensils

If you have friends who love to host, a gift of this charcuterie board set with a near-perfect 4.8-star rating will be a match made in heaven. Made of warm bamboo, it includes a convenient built-in drawer that holds four gleaming stainless steel serving utensils with bamboo handles to match. Grooves around the perimeter are perfect for nuts, fruit, or crackers.


An Edible Flower Starter Kit For Gorgeous Garnishes

Help those who love to play Top Chef take things to the next level with this ingenious and surprisingly affordable edible flower starter kit. It includes everything needed for an optimal growing experience including burlap waterproof bags, potting soil disks, bamboo markers, shears, a wooden box planter, and four packets of heirloom seeds. With patience, water, and sunlight, the flowers will bloom within three months.


The Password Book That Keeps Important Info Organized

If you know someone who’s constantly losing their login info, get them this stylish password book ASAP. It comes in a portable size in multiple color options and has alphabetically sorted fields where they can input the website name, address, username, and either a password or a hint of what the password may be. There’s a note section for every entry in addition to helpful info at the front on how to create and store a secure password.


A Ring Toss Game That Will Entertain For Hours

Gift someone hours of fun from a beguilingly simple challenge such as this ring toss game. The board comes with 14 hooks, six black rings, six red rings, and the invitation to test one’s hand-eye coordination. Perfect for those who love to throw a party, this game will provide endless entertainment for humans of all ages.


A Highly Rated Brightening Cream With Vitamin C

Thousands of Amazon reviewers swear by this brightening cream for improved skin tone and softness. The non-greasy formula contains ingredients such as vitamin C and E, aloe vera, and ferulic acid — and it’s designed to be used on the face and body for an all-in-one moisturizer. It’s gentle enough to use every day, even for sensitive skin types, and shoppers rave about the “dewy glow” it delivers.


This Cast Iron Skillet That’s Pre-Seasoned & Ready To Use

Instead of gifting a pan that requires months of cooking to reach its peak state, opt for this cast iron skillet that comes pre-seasoned and ready to go. Available in two sizes, it features a smooth, polished surface that heats evenly and is completely nonstick. It can go from the stovetop to the oven with no problem and washes up easily.


A Sports Water Bottle That Comes With 3 Lids

Give the athletic person in your life this sports water bottle that comes with three different lids for true versatility. With over 27,000 reviews and a high 4.8-star rating, the stainless steel bottle is built with double-wall insulation to keep drinks either cold or hot for an extended amount of time. They can use either the stainless steel lid, the spout lid, or the flip-top with a built-in handle depending on their needs, with a choice of over 20 colors such as rose gold or bubble gum.


A Universal Socket Kit That Declutters The Toolbox

This universal socket kit allows your favorite DIY devotee to accomplish any task without the need for an overflowing toolbox. The 20-piece set includes a universal socket that will adjust to any size or shape of nut, bolt, or screw, a power drill adapter, 15 impact bits, as well as a magnetic ratchet screwdriver. Plus, it all comes stored in a handy carrying case, perfect for gift wrapping.


This Collapsible Lantern Powered By USB & Solar

Those who live for camping or thrive on emergency preparedness will seriously appreciate this collapsible lantern. It’s made with bright LEDs with three available modes (low, flashing S.O.S., and high) and can be used either as a lantern when expanded or as a handy flashlight when compressed. It charges via USB or can be alternatively powered by solar when electricity is in short supply.


These Shoe Organizers That Slip Underneath The Bed

These shoe organizers are designed to fit directly underneath the bed and are perfect for the person who has a vast collection but limited space in which to store it. They’re made of durable nonwoven fabric with stylish contrast trim, and the two organizers can hold up to 16 pairs of shoes and four pairs of boots. A transparent window allows for easy viewing and sturdy handles make the organizers a cinch to maneuver.


An Automatic Drink Dispenser For Effortless Pouring

This automatic drink dispenser makes it a cinch to pour from huge bottles of juices, milk, or water. Inserted via the top of the bottle, it features a battery-powered pump that dispenses the desired amount of liquid when a glass presses against the trigger. Perfect for one-handed use, it’s also a helpful addition to keep drinks flowing at any party.


This Chalk-Style Paint That Instantly Refurbishes Furniture

For the interior design lover who is in a constant state of renovation, this chalk-style paint will prove the perfect gift. Its nontoxic and low-odor formula is created with a built-in primer and top coat, making it much more effortless to instantly revamp a piece of furniture. With a matte finish and tons of available shades, it dries to a smooth finish within only 30 minutes.


A Pack Of Dimmable Edison Bulbs To Create A Customized Ambiance

Not only are these Edison bulbs made with long-lasting LED technology, but they cast a dimmable warm white light to dial in the perfect ambiance. Six come in every pack with each able to work with a standard E26 base. Their exposed filament lends a vintage look and is a perfect way to easily elevate light fixtures.


These Under-Cabinet Lighting Strips To Illuminate Countertops

Offer an easy kitchen upgrade with a gift of these under-cabinet lighting strips that come in a set of four. They mount effortlessly using self-adhesive tape or screws and, with the help of included remotes, feature adjustable brightness settings. Plus, with built-in auto-shutoff timers, there’s no need to hunt for a switch.


A Refreshing Body Wash Made With Tea Tree & Peppermint

This soothing body wash makes a great gift for self-care devotees. It’s made with invigorating and cleansing ingredients such as tea tree oil, peppermint, and aloe that can help reduce irritation and leave skin feeling moisturized. The gentle formula can be used daily on the body, face, feet, and hands.


A Butane Torch To Make Professional-Worthy Crème Brûlée

There’s nothing that says “professional” like the perfectly toasted finish on a crème brûlée. That’s where this butane torch comes in and is essential for anybody looking to up their dessert game. It features an adjustable flame, a finger guard to keep hands safe, and a safety lock for good measure. Flip it over to easily refill and torch all manner of meats and vegetables as well.


This Cordless Nail Drill For Salon-Like Results

Know someone who loves having perfectly polished nails? This cordless nail drill delivers salon-worthy manicures and pedicures. It’s made with a high-powered motor that’s rechargeable via USB and includes six metal bits and one ceramic bit. Offering three different speeds, the drill can remove cuticles, grind, sand, shape, and remove gel or acrylic nails with ease.


A Pretty Set Of Scrunchies Made Of Mulberry Silk

For a gift that treats precious hair with care, these scrunchies are made with 100% pure mulberry silk that’s gentle on strands, preventing unnecessary pulling or breakage. They come in a set of three in varying colors (in this case, a pretty combination of plum, pink, and white) and, though incredibly smooth, still provide adequate grip without causing creases.


This Sleek Toothbrush With Activated Charcoal Bristles

Sometimes the smallest gift can have the biggest impact. Take this manual toothbrush, for example. Not only is it designed in a contemporary style in color options such as pink, mint, or blue, but it also features activated charcoal bristles which work naturally to keep the gums and mouth hygienic. The tapered bristles are extra-soft so as to not cause any damage and a cap is included to protect the brush while traveling.


A 12-Pack Of Headbands In Fun Colors & Patterns

These versatile headbands come in a set of 12 in various colors and patterns such as dark coffee or light leopard to match any outfit. All of them are made of soft, breathable, and stretchy polyester and feature a stylish twist. Perfect for anything from the office to the yoga studio, they can be conveniently machine-washed.


This Universal Car Seat Protector That’s Padded For Comfort

Safeguard car interiors while still providing comfort with this car seat protector — something anybody devoted to their car will love. Available in five colors, it’s made of waterproof, padded material that has a nonslip backing to stay in place. A clasp secures it to the headrest and built-in slots accommodate seatbelts.


A Pair Of Bookends In A Modern Honeycomb Design

Perfect for those with an ample but slightly chaotic personal library, these modern-looking bookends will keep things tidy while adding a bit of style in the process. Made of metal, they come in a pair and feature a stylish honeycomb design. Though lightweight, they’re surprisingly sturdy and come in a range of colors from black to gold to pink.


These Car Window Shades That Block UV Rays

For added sun protection on the road, these UPF50+ car window shades can be used to block UV rays. They come in a set of four (two semi-transparent and two transparent) and mount easily using simple static. Plus, they’re foldable so as to store simply inside the included carrying pouch when not needed.


A Kick Mat With 3 Mesh Pockets For Added Storage

Protect the back of car seats with this kick mat that comes in a set of two and includes three mesh pockets to store snacks, toys, water bottles, or whatever supplies are needed on the go. It secures around both the headrest and seat with adjustable straps and features a waterproof liner that protects upholstery from mud, dirt, spills, scratches, and scuffs. Toss in the washing machine for easy cleanup.


A Charging Dock That Can Power Up To 4 Devices

Device-laden friends will love this charging dock that keeps their phone, tablet, or e-reader neatly organized instead of taking up every outlet in the house. It features four USB ports and comes with multiple cables to accommodate standard USB, micro-USB, and USB-C devices. Removable dividers are also included which light up while the device is charging.


This Grabber Tool For Ergonomic Tidying

This grabber tool makes it effortless to pick up anything from the floor thanks to its long reach and grippy claws. It can hold up to 5 pounds at a time and assists with reaching into high cabinets to retrieve delicate items such as glassware. There’s even a magnetic tip to easily grab metal items like coins, keyrings, and nails.


A Dog Car Seat Cover That Keeps Mud Off Upholstery

With over 6,000 five-star ratings, this dog car seat cover is beloved by all pet parents for its ability to take their pup en route without fear of damaging their interior with muddy paws and claws. It comes available in six colors such as black or beige and is made of sturdy waterproof material that wipes down easily with a cloth or can even be rinsed off in the shower. Buckles, a seat anchor, and nonslip lining keep it securely in place.


The Dog Collar That’s Bright Enough To See 1,000 Feet Away

Pet parents will be sure to love anything that keeps their pup safe — and this light-up dog collar fits the bill perfectly. It’s made with bright and colorful LEDs that can be seen up to 1,000 feet away and features three lighting modes (solid, fast blink, and slow blink) to make their dog that much more visible. Charge it via micro-USB and choose from four available sizes as well as 11 vibrant color options.


An Olive Oil Dispenser Set With Slow-Pouring Spouts

This olive oil dispenser set acts as a thoughtful gift for the home cook as it provides precise drizzling thanks to slow-pouring spouts. Two glass bottles come in each set, complete with measurement markings and a stainless steel funnel for mess-free refills. The oil can easily be infused with herbs if desired and will stay fresh thanks to the included plug-in stoppers, seal caps, or a choice of flip-top or dust cap spouts.


This Headphones Headband For Sleeping Or Working Out

This headphones headband is perfect for those who love a cool weather workout or are devoted to sleeping with an eye mask. It connects via Bluetooth to play tunes or podcasts thanks to high-quality speakers that provide an immersive sound experience. Made of a blend of nylon and spandex, the material works to absorb sweat and remain comfortably breathable.


A Set Of Ceramic Bowls That Are Perfect For Candle Making

These beautiful ceramic bowls are designed in an earthy sand marble pattern and are great for the homemade candle enthusiast. They’re heat and corrosion-resistant and can be easily cleaned with soap and warm water. In addition to the sand marble, they also come in gray marble and jet black and can be used as simple decor on their own.


This Handheld Milk Frother For Delicious Lattes From Home

Your fellow latte lover will rejoice at receiving this handheld milk frother which will have them recreating their favorite coffee shop drink from home. With a powerful battery-operated motor, it can whip up silky foam in under 15 seconds and is easy to maneuver thanks to a cordless design. The ergonomic handle is made of silicone and comes in eight shades such as black, raspberry, or blue.


A Set Of Liquid Chalkboard Markers That Are Fully Washable

Let creativity blossom with these chalkboard markers that provide intense pigment yet wipe off nonporous surfaces using simple water. In addition to surfaces such as glass, chalkboard, or ceramic, they can be used on wood, paper, and metal. The set includes eight markers in vibrant opaque shades with each marker featuring a reversible tip of a round or chisel shape.


This Wine Aerator That Improves Flavor With Each Pour

Aspiring sommeliers will appreciate this wine aerator pourer that infuses each drop with the appropriate amount of oxygen to release the most flavor. The tapered end fits snugly and securely into the top of the wine bottle while the angled pourer leaves no messy drips behind. Plus, there’s a wine stopper with built-in silicone ribbing to create a completely airtight seal.


A Collapsible Colander That Takes Up Little Space

Any home cook will love this collapsible colander that flattens down when not in use to store within a small footprint. Made of heat-resistant and BPA-free material, it comes in a set of two — one larger and one smaller to easily nest inside one another. Choose between either blue or red and pop them in the dishwasher for effortless cleaning.


This Vinyl Record Frame To Artfully Display Treasured Albums

This vinyl record frame is ideal for your favorite audiophiles as it gives them a chance to turn albums into meaningful decor. Sporting a minimalist design, the frame is constructed of wood in a black finish and can be mounted easily using either self-adhesive strips or the included hardware. Best of all, magnetic hinges allow the record to be quickly changed out for another if the mood strikes.


A Rechargeable Mini Book Light With 5 Brightness Settings

Make late-night readers that much more comfortable with this mini book light that features five different brightness settings. It also includes three color temperature options (cool, warm, and daylight) to further customize their reading experience. Available in a choice of three colors, it recharges via USB-C to provide up to 80 hours of continuous light on the lowest brightness setting.


This Vinyl Record Holder That Doubles As Decor

Provide both storage and decor when you give this vinyl record holder to a friend with an ample collection. Able to hold up to 50 records total, the wood pieces come in a range of finishes such as vintage brown, natural, or black, and feature small grooves in which to place albums. The shatterproof clear acrylic dividers keep records propped upright as they’re flipped through to find the one that demands to be played.


A Beard Apron For Tidy Grooming

Treat your favorite bewhiskered friend (maybe more so their partner, to be honest) to a mess-free grooming ritual using this beard apron. It attaches around the neck at one end and adheres to the mirror at the other using two suction cups. A built-in tray conveniently holds all grooming accessories and all falling hair will be dutifully caught and easily removed thanks to the smooth, static-free material.


These Stemless Champagne Flutes That Elevate Any Party

These highly rated stemless champagne flutes will be a boon to anybody who loves to throw a party — and a boon to you thanks to their budget-friendly price. Every set comes with six glasses, all made of lead-free crystal and featuring a sleek contemporary silhouette. They’re hand-blown by glass artisans and delightfully display the effervescence of champagne and sparkling wine.


A Wooden Cutting Board That Also Beautifully Displays Charcuterie

Not only does this wooden cutting board serve as a prep surface but thanks to its gorgeous olive wood grain, it can serve up cheese and charcuterie in style. It's designed in a stylish paddle shape with a long handle — and shoppers report that it’s attractive enough to use as a piece of room decor. It’s available in two sizes.


A Pregnancy Journal To Log Every Exciting Step

This thorough pregnancy journal is separated by each trimester and features monthly calendars, to-do lists, places to record and prepare for doctor visits, as well as prompts for reflection. It comes in a large size with spiral binding for comfortable journaling with the faux-leather cover available in 12 beautiful colors. Doubling as a keepsake album, there are even places to add precious photos or documents.


This Adjustable Laptop Holder Made Of Bamboo

Add an aesthetic touch to someone’s home office with this unique laptop stand that’s made of bamboo. It’s fully adjustable with four notches for different angles and folds down completely flat for easy storage. It can additionally be used to display cookbooks or tablets while working from recipes in the kitchen or doing some reading from the couch.


A Steak Knife Set Made From German Steel

Add to your friend’s cutlery collection with this steak knife set made of high-carbon German steel. Four non-serrated knives come in each set and feature a sharp edge that will cut through pieces of meat with ease. The blade will remain sharp without the need for constant resharpening with a recommendation for hand washing to keep them well-maintained.


This Phone Mount Made With Powerful Magnets

Anybody who’s frequently navigating the roads will delight in this phone mount made with strong magnets. It clamps securely to the car’s window vents whether they be vertical or horizontal and has universal compatibility, working with any phone model. Use the phone in either portrait or landscape mode as the magnetic mount makes it supremely easy to maneuver.


A Set Of Silicone Oven Mitts That Protect Against Hot Steam

You’re about to change someone’s life when you replace their old cloth potholders with these silicone oven mitts. The completely waterproof silicone material helps protect hands against burning steam and hot food, being heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, while the inner cotton lining is soft on the skin. They feature grips on the palms to better grab pots and pans and are easy to clean using the washing machine.


This Rubber Vinyl Apron For Everything From Dishwashing To Dog Grooming

This rubber vinyl apron is perfect for the person who goes from washing the dishes to giving the dog a thorough rinse down. The apron is fully waterproof to keep them clean while they complete other messy tasks such as cleaning fish or butchering a chicken. It includes a padded neck strap and is easy to clean using a soapy cloth.


A Stunning Ceramic Utensil Holder To Enhance The Kitchen Countertop

This beautiful utensil holder will bring elegance and functionality to any kitchen surface. It’s made from stoneware porcelain with a decorative glazed stainless steel strip. At 6 inches wide and 7 inches tall, has ample room to store essential kitchen tools such as wooden spoons, spatulas, and tongs. Recommended hand washing will keep this holder in great shape throughout its lifetime.


This Lazy Susan To Organize Spices & Condiments

With a gift of this lazy Susan, chaotic cabinets will be returned to neat and tidy order. Able to rotate 360 degrees, it’s easy to put together and is designed with two tiers for ample storage. The warm bamboo material adds style to any cabinet and a small lip helps items to stay in place.


A Digital Coffee Scale With An Integrated Timer

This ingenious digital coffee scale will prove a truly tailored gift for the java aficionado. It can measure in a range of units from grams to ounces to milliliters and even features a built-in timer to track espresso extractions or pour-over blooms. A nonslip rubber mat conveniently keeps cups, kettles, or carafes securely in place.


This Himalayan Salt Lamp That Provides A Warm Glow

Featuring a warm amber glow, this Himalayan salt lamp creates a soothing ambiance and doubles as unique decor. The handcrafted lamp is made from natural salt crystals on a neem wood base, and the built-in dimmer switch makes it easy to adjust the brightness. Thanks to natural variations in the salt, each lamp is one of a kind.


This LED Shower Head That Changes Color With The Temperature

Seriously jazz up someone’s daily bathing ritual with this LED shower head that will change colors from green to blue to red with the rising temperature of the water. It’s easy to mount to any standard shower hose and features a high-pressure stream which helps to cut down on water usage. As a bonus, a built-in filter is made with stones that remove various impurities such as chlorine, heavy metals, and minerals.

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