45 Dank Things For Your Home Under $35 You'll Wish You Bought Sooner

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If balling on a budget was an Olympic sport, I’d have a gold medal. Don’t get me wrong, I love a little flair, some wow-factor, and even a little bit of “what the heck is that” — especially when it comes to my home — but I’m just not willing to spend my life savings to do it. And that’s why I will always be Amazon’s hype girl. The online superstore is home to plenty of weird and wonderful home products that you can’t believe you ever lived without. Now you can have them, without breaking the bank. Just check out these 45 dank things for your home under $35 — trust me, you’ll wish you bought them sooner.

I focused on uncovering luxury products with reasonable price tags. On this list, you’ll find products that can do tasks for you, like a small rapid egg cooker that makes getting everyone fed and out the door a bit easier and more affordable than rushing to McDonald’s. I’ve also added a pair of spa-like memory foam slippers that you’ll dream about while you’re at work (and they probably cost less than you think).

There are plenty of budget finds on this list that can get your house party-ready. The many affordable lighting options are designed to set the mood and get the party started. Plus I included some inexpensive home decor that will give you that designer look for less.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to curate a home that’s worthy of your friends’ gasps. You just have to know where to look. I did the heavy lifting for you — check out these highly-rated and reviewed home products.


A Sturdy Bamboo Hallway Bench For Shoes

If your shoes and the shoes of every guest that enters your home are sprawled out all over the hallway floor, this is the attractive solution you need in your home. This sustainable bamboo entryway bench has two tiers where you can store shoes and boots, as well as purses and a basket for umbrellas. The hand-crafted bench is eco-friendly and has three tiers of storage and an impressive 4.6-star rating.


These Fairy Tale String Lights

There’s no way to deny the magical appeal of these LED string curtain lights, which automatically add a magical feel to any room. The lights can be set to warm white or multicolors and offer nine light modes and adjustable brightness settings. Drape these lights along the curtains in your bedroom, living room, or patio to add fairytale appeal to your living space.


An Anti-Skid Set Of Fridge Mats That Are Easy To Wash

Give your fridge an instant upgrade with these quality EVA refrigerator mats, which come in a colorful pack of nine. The anti-skid mats catch spills and crumbs and are simpler to clean then your fridge — simply wipe them clean. You can cut them to fit your shelves and repurpose them for counters and kitchen drawers. These waterproof mats have earned more than 5,000 reviews.


This Veggie And Fruit Peeler With A Comfy Handle

Got a few dozen potatoes to peel? No problem — with this swivel peeler you’ll have those stubborn peels off in minutes. This 4.8-star rated gadget (which boasts more than 27,000 reviews) has swiveling twin blades and an oversized handle with a non-slip grip. It’s dishwasher-safe and has a hole on the handle for hanging storage.


These Comfy, Supportive Memory Foam Slippers

Cozy nights at home require these memory foam slippers, which slip on and have a cushioning EVA insole that supports your feet. The faux wool lining is moisture-wicking, keeping your feet dry and cool, and they have an anti-slip, waterproof rubber sole so feel free to wear these for a quick stroll to the mailbox or down the block. They come in four colors.


An Eco-Friendly Reusable Silicone Storage Bag

Ditch plastic and save even more money (and the environment) with this reusable silicone storage bag. The sandwich-size bag is safe in both the microwave and dishwasher and can hold 15 ounces of food. Whatever you put inside of it won’t leak, thanks to its pinch-loc seal, and you can even choose among 13 bag colors to brighten up your kids’ lunchbox. The bag comes in a variety of other sizes and bundles, as well.


A Stainless Steel Magnetic Strip For Storing Tools

Keep your knives (and other tools) safe and clean with this affordable and versatile magnetic knife bar. This 16-inch stainless steel bar will securely hold knives, tools, or crafts thanks to its ultra-strong magnet. It has nearly 17,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating. It’s easy to install and looks good in any space.


The Budget-Friendly Mini Waffle Maker In Fun Patterns

This mini waffle maker is perfect for tiny living or dorm life — and comes at a price that’s out of this world. The small, one-pound machine has non-stick griddles that make cooking waffles and then cleaning the gadget simple. You can even make paninis or hash browns in the machine. It’s available in 19 fun colors including orange and copper, and even prints like this cosmic image, pineapples, or skulls.


A Clip-On Pasta Strainer That’s Dishwasher-Safe

This pasta clip-on strainer snaps onto the side of your pot to make draining easier — without breaking the bank. The flexible strainer fits any pot or bowl, even lipped bowls. It easily snaps on and is compact enough to store without taking up all of the space in your cabinets. It comes in five colors and can be tossed in the dishwasher between uses.


An Insulated Can Cooler That Has Personality

This stainless steel can cooler is double-insulated to keep your drink cold all day long — you’ll wonder how you lived without it. Just slip your favorite beverage into the cooler (it even holds slim cans) and never worry about condensation or warm drinks. It comes in tons of decorative colors and designs (glitter mermaid, anyone?) to personalize your drinking experience without spending too much.


The Outlet Extender Where Everyone Can Recharge

This outlet extender turns your ordinary outlets into multitasking service centers with USB ports to charge your phone. This three-sided wall charger has five standard outlets, three USB ports, and one USB-C port. It charges your devices quickly while protecting them from surges. All you have to do is plug it in and you’ve more than doubled that outlet’s functionality for less than $15.


These Mini Disco Lights Turn Any Room Into A Party

Add some flair to your home with these fun mini disco lights that plug into USB ports. This set of two comes with adapters for iPhones, Type-C, or Android ports. They may be small but they are dynamic and vibrant, not to mention affordable. Each light has a built-in sensor that will switch colors and light patterns to match any music or sound around it. Turn your car, study group, or living room into a party just by plugging them in. They’ll even last up to 20,000 hours.


A Pack Of Clear Food Bins For The Fridge Or Pantry

These clear plastic storage bins make it easier to find your favorite snacks and keep your pantry organized. The six-pack comes with four drawers, as well as a bin for sodas and one for eggs. They’re BPA-free and easy to wipe down, keeping your fridge and pantry shelves clean. At $26 for the pack, you’re getting a killer deal.


This Budget Blacklight Flashlight That’s Really Useful

You probably have more uses for this blacklight flashlight than you realized. The 100 LED UV blacklight can reveal stains that the naked eye can’t see, such as pet urine, bathroom or kitchen stains, or spills on your clothes. It can also help locate unwanted pests like worms in your garden or scorpions near your home. Not to mention it makes a cool party or photoshoot prop. The durable alloy body of the flashlight runs on six AA batteries (which are not included) and gives off 40% brighter light than a standard flashlight.


A 12-Inch Screen Enlarger For Streaming Your Phone

This screen magnifier will change the way you watch movies and you won’t believe how much it costs. For just $13, this device projects your phone’s video onto a larger, 3D curved screen for a viewing experience that’s hard to beat. It’s compatible with iPhones, Samsung phones, and most Androids, as well as a Nintendo Switch. One reviewer said, “The screen makes my phone look 3 times bigger than it is. Very clear picture.”


These LED Under-Bed Lights That Feel Fancy

Not only do these under-bed lights add a cool factor to your room, but they’re affordable and practical. They come with a self-adhesive, so you can stick them under your bed discretely, plus they have a motion sensor that detects movement within 13 feet. The lights will turn on as soon as your feet hit the ground when you get up for a midnight snack or bathroom break.


A Tiny USB That Projects The Galaxy On Your Wall

Add some mood lighting and set the right vibe for your next house party with this USB laser star projector. Plug it into any USB port and watch it project a night sky onto the wall or ceiling. Whether you’re in the midst of an intense video game battle or winding down after a long day, these budget lights will completely change the feel of a room. One review noted, “I was shocked at the amount of coverage this provides. It will transform a room. I was very skeptical about the price, but WELL worth it.”


The Large Spinner Bowl For Rinsing And Cleaning Produce

If you’ve been trying to eat healthier, this large spinner bowl is about to make your journey a lot easier. It has a 6.6-quart capacity so you can make enough salad for the whole family. It’s also great for cleaning and drying fruits. Simply press the pump to spin the bowl and hit the brake to stop the spinner. It features a clear bowl and green basket that can also be used individually.


This Suction Tool That Alleviates Pain From Bug Bites

Don’t let mosquitos or bees ruin your next backyard BBQ and keep this bug bite suction tool on hand. It alleviates itching and swelling from bites without any creams or chemicals. Just place the tool over the bite, pull up on the handles until you feel a gentle suction. Hold it on the bite for 10 to 20 seconds then release the suction. It pulls the insect venom, saliva, or other irritants out from the skin and works for mosquitoes, bees, wasps, flies, chiggers, and more.


The Daily Hemp Lotion That Smells Amazing

Keep your skin moisturized and soft without spending a ton of money on expensive treatments. This affordable bottle of herbal body lotion is made with hemp seed oil, shea butter, and vitamin E and D. It has the pleasant smell of koa and sweet almond that makes your entire body feel refreshed. This vegan lotion provides a deep moisturizing treatment without leaving sticky residue on your skin.


A Reed Diffuser That Looks Like A Beautiful Bouquet

If you love essential oils, but hate the look of clunky diffusers, you’ll love this beautiful rose flower reed diffuser. The reed sticks are disguised as part of this stunning floral bouquet, one that’s perfect for decorating a console table or nightstand. When the scent begins to weaken, just flip the reeds over. One reviewer noted, “This diffuser is a great value for the cost. It’s easily compatible with the very high-end French diffusers. My powder room smells better than it ever has. I highly recommend it!”


These Flexible Rope Lights To Decorate Your Deck

Jazz up your backyard with custom lighting that won’t cost an arm and a leg. These LED rope lights are encased in a malleable PVC tube that you can wrap around fences, stair rails, or porches. They’re waterproof and come with a solar panel and rechargeable battery. Choose from eight different light modes like waves, fading, and twinkling. They’re available in warm and cool white, as well as multi-color packs.


A Rapid Egg Cooker For Fast Breakfasts

Don’t bother cooking your eggs when this adorable rapid egg cooker can do all of the work for you. It feels luxurious, but it costs just $20 and makes seven eggs at the same time. Choose to whip up hard-boiled, poached, or scrambled eggs, whatever you prefer. The lightweight cooker features an auto shut-off function for safety.


An Affordable, Curved Foot Rest For Easing Pain

This foot rest fits under your desk or at the end of your favorite chair to relieve pain in your feet and legs. It’s made of memory foam and has a curved design so you can easily rest your feet while improving your posture. It provides support to your hips, back, feet, and any sciatica pain and comes with a removable cover that’s machine washable.


This $15 Lid Organizer That You’ll Regret Not Buying

This lid organizer is exactly what your kitchen storage is missing. For just $15, solve your organization woes by storing lids in between these five adjustable dividers. They hold round and square lids up to 9-inches wide. It’s made of BPA-free plastic and has earned more than 18,000 reviews.


These Silicone Baking Mats That Wipe Clean

There’s nothing worse than starting out with the best baking intentions and winding up with a messy kitchen and sticky pans with caked-on cookie dough. Solve that problem with this set of silicone baking mats that are oven-safe up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, wipe clean without effort, and require no oil or cooking spray to keep your dough from sticking. Even better: the mats feature several circular outlines so you barely have to think about where to place batter.


The Under-Cabinet Puck Lights With A Remote

Add these stick-on LED puck lights to cabinets and immediately upgrade the look of your kitchen without spending a fortune. The lights can be controlled manually or with a remote control and feature 13 color options and multiple light modes, with a timer that you can set to 30 or 60 minutes so that you conserve battery power. These run on lithium ion batteries, which are included, and have stick-on adhesive that won’t ruin cabinets and surfaces.


A Versatile Foldable Table For Work And Meals

Whether you could use a more comfortable WFH set-up or would like the option of having breakfast in bed on Sunday morning, this is the versatile foldable lap table that will make those things possible. This lightweight, but durable table has an aluminum alloy body and can support up to 66 pounds. It folds in half when you’re finished using it so you can easily store it and it comes in three colors.


These Rustic Floating Shelves For Extra Storage

So you’re out of floor space and have plenty of other items that need storing — what to do? Purchase these floating shelves and mount them to your walls to create additional storage space without compromising your home decor style. The set of three comes with large, medium, and small shelves that can each accommodate up to 40 pounds. They have a rustic look and are available in five wood shades.


The Cat Climbing Shelf That Satisfies Their Instincts

You cat wants to climb the walls. And no matter how well you train them, their instinct to get up high isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Encourage your kitty to follow their instincts without it meaning a cat on your counter or stovetop with the help of this cat climbing shelf. The multi-level climber attaches to walls using anchors and screws (which are included) and blends in seamlessly with most home decor. Choose between a left to right or right to left climbing option.


A Geometric Plated Tray For Jewelry

You need a space to store your jewelry — why not make it the most appealing, artsy solution possible? This unique geometric plated tray comes in a brass, metal, or nickel finish and provides storage for necklaces, rings, and other accessories, while simultaneously jazzing up the appearance of your space. The 3D tray looks polished on your nightstand or vanity.


These TV Backlights For The Ultimate Home Theater

Turn your TV into a home theater with these LED TV backlights. The light strips stick onto the backs of televisions with 3M tape and can be programmed with an app or voice controls. You can set them to one of 16 million colors and brightness settings and they can even synch to music.


A Shower Mirror That Doesn’t Get Foggy

While shaving or adhering to your skincare routine in the shower is all kinds of convenient, it isn’t always without frustration, especially when your bathroom mirror continuously fogs up. But this fogless shower mirror is magic: it sticks to your shower stall using a powerful suction and then stays transparent no matter how long your hot water runs and steams up the room. It has a hook for your razor and comes in black or white and a larger size, as well.


This Duster Made To Tackle Window Blinds

No matter how well you clean your home, those window blinds are tricky to get spotless. This is the tool you need to get this tough job done: it’s a handled window blind duster with three blades that you cover with microfiber sleeves to capture every speck of dust and dirt from blinds. This nifty little tools is so helpful it has more than 10,000 reviews. It comes with five washable microfiber cloths.


The Vented Microwave Cover To Prevent Splatters

Do not — repeat to yourself: do NOT microwave that bowl of soup without one of these vented microwave covers unless you’re in the mood to tackle the mammoth job of scraping food off the ceiling and walls of your appliance. This vented cover is designed to allow steam to escape, preventing the condensation buildup that can lead to those awful food explosions. It’s made from BPA-free plastic and silicone, measures 3 inches high to cover tall dishes, and then collapses flat for storage. A handle on the lid makes it simple to grab and it’s dishwasher-safe.


The Color-Changing Smart Lamp With An App

You’ll be hard pressed to find a lighting solution for your home that’s more fun or convenient than this smart LED lamp. The nightstand lamp can be used with an accompanying app to set it to schedules, change it to one of several colors, or turn it off or on when you aren’t home, plus it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa. If you want to control it manually, simply give it a tap to turn on or off and adjust its brightness settings.


A Collapsible Electric Kettle For Camping

Even if you’re enjoying the great outdoors, you can get your caffeine fix with this collapsible electric kettle that’s made from BPA-free silicone and stainless steel. Fill the kettle with water, plug it in, and press one button — that’s all it takes to get boiling water for your tea or instant coffee fix. When you’re finished using it, fold it flat and pack it in your bag.


The Magnetic Screen Door That Keeps Bugs Out

Attach this magnetic screen door to your current door and you’ll be amazed at how well it traps out bugs like mosquitoes and flies. Designed with a Velcro strip, the door simply attaches to your door frame and features a sturdy polyester mesh fabric that bugs can’t penetrate through. This highly rated house improvement accessory boasts a 4.5-star rating and more than 25,000 reviews.


An Eco-Friendly Bamboo Shower Mat

Imagine a shower mat that never gets moldy. That’s a reality with this unique and eco-friendly bamboo shower mat, which is anti-slip and has five wide slates that are vented to ensure it dries fast. The mat comes in a few different sizes and wood colors like natural and black.


These Silicone Covers For Appliance Gaps

How many times has food or other items like your keys or the mail fallen through the black hole that is that gap between your kitchen appliances? That never, ever has to happen again because these silicone gap covers exist. Place the covers in between your oven or stovetop and your counters to create a barrier that seals in that space. Each set comes with two covers that are resistant to heat and can be cut to fit your area.


This Protective Cover For Your Keyboard

You computer keyboard is a fickle thing — a few drops of water or crumbs is all it takes to ruin it. But this protective silicone keyboard cover fits snug over your keys and is both waterproof and dust proof, so you can rest easy if you like to nurse a cup of coffee while you work. It fits standard keyboards and can be removed and washed when needed.


A Luxurious High Pressure Shower Head

No matter the current state of your shower, you can turn it into something spa-worthy by simply installing this high pressure shower head, which measures 8 inches in diameter and features a sturdy chrome finish. The extra large rainfall shower head has self-cleaning nozzles for the lowest maintenance possible and you can install this in your shower without needing a single tool.


The Toilet Light That Changes Color

Midnight trips to the bathroom don’t have to mean stubbed toes as you fumble in the dark. Easily install this LED toilet night light and program it to one of 16 colors and five brightness levels for a fun, and practical, guiding light. The light works with a motion sensor and turns on when you’re within five feet of it and then turn off a few minutes after no movement is detected. This pick is so popular it has earned more than 12,000 reviews.


A Cold Brew Coffee Maker That Lasts Two Weeks

Cold brew coffee just makes you feel fancier — while actually saving you money in the long run when you realize this method is so much more rewarding than your Starbucks run. This cold brew iced coffee maker and tea infuser keeps your brew fresh for two weeks, thanks to its airtight seal, and comes with a durable borosilicate glass carafe and a stainless steel filter that ensures grains and leaves are left out. This pick makes up to 1 liter of coffee or tea, but it also comes in a 1.5 liter option.

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