Your Guide To Getting Through December’s New Moon Solar Eclipse

Prepare for chaos & you won’t be disappointed.

The December 2021 new moon solar eclipse happens on Dec. 4 in adventure-loving Sagittarius.
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Pack your bags for your next great adventure, because the December 2021 total solar eclipse is sending us off on an intense journey of self-exploration. The new moon occurs on Dec. 4 as it ingresses into grand explorer Sagittarius. Prep for the quest with these do's and don'ts.

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DO: Prepare For Self-Exploration

Sagittarius is all about the grand adventure. While it's probably not a good idea to cement your travel plans, being that it's a solar eclipse and all, this lunation is the perfect opportunity to take your journey of self-exploration seriously.

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DON’T: Start New Projects

Eclipses are dramatic and confusing. And things will only get extra hazy since Neptune, the planet of dreams, stationed direct on Dec. 1 in deceptive Pisces. Try not to start anything new; instead, ground yourself to get clear on your goals.

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DO: Explore New Philosophies

It's always good to keep an open mind, but keep your eyes peeled for exciting opportunities to learn about different stories and worldviews. This lunation, rent books about different philosophies or watch docuseries from different perspectives.

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DON’T: Stay In Your Bubble

'Tis the season for bold moves. Sag energy is encouraging us all to aim higher and put our best foot forward in our goals and ambitions. This lunation is all about being direct, taking risks, and venturing beyond your comfort zone.

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DO: Search For Your Truth

The sun and moon will form a conjunction with communicative Mercury, encouraging the collective to speak up, explore their personal beliefs. By honing in on intention, reflection, and shadow work, you can connect to your truth, whatever that may be.

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DON’T: Get Lost In A Daydream

Between the drama-inducing eclipse season and Neptune returning home to Pisces from its six-month-long retrograde, it's easy to get lost in our impractical ideas. To ground yourself, try to reflect on your needs, meditate, and set intentions.

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DO: Get Some Rest

Naturally, Sag season is all about expansion, but eclipse season is wonky to say the least. Don't feel pressure to improve yourself if it's overwhelming, especially with Neptune, the planet of sleep and dreams, squaring off with the moon. Remember to rest!

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