How To Use Crystals To Manifest Your Desires

Set your intentions when you're meditating.

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How To Charge Crystals & Set Your Intentions When You Meditate With Them
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In the crystal healing world, every crystal is believed to have its own unique energy — which is why simply wearing one or carrying one in your pocket can help connect you with their vibrational healing properties. However, if you want to step up your crystal healing game, learning how to charge crystals and program them with your intentions can help you get the most out of their magic. As a trained energy worker who incorporates crystals in my practice, I’ve learned that using crystals for manifestation is one of the most powerful ways to develop a personal connection with your stones and maximize their benefits.

Crystals have been used throughout history for everything from curing physical pains, enhancing beauty, soothing troubled emotions, and offering spiritual protection from evil — and many crystal healing practitioners still use gems for similar purposes today. But by charging crystals and using them for intention-setting, you can combine the crystal’s natural vibrations with your personal desires to create an even more customized crystal healing experience for yourself.

Whether you’re a longtime crystal witch or a total crystal healing newbie, setting intentions with your crystals is one of the most powerful ways to wield their energy — and it’s totally accessible to beginners. Here’s everything you need to know about charging crystals and using them for manifestation magic.

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Why Charge Crystals With Your Intentions?

While crystal healing hasn’t been proven by science, some crystals have been shown to store and transfer energy. According to physicist John Swain of, quartz crystals (which have many technical applications, including being used in watches and computer memory storage) are piezoelectric, which means they can actually transfer energy from one form to another.

That said, if you’re open to the concept of aligning with a crystal’s metaphysical properties, it’s worth it to intentionally charge them with the energy you want to work with. "Programming a crystal with an intention gives your crystal its job," crystal expert Heather Askinosie, co-founder of Energy Muse and author of CRYSTAL365 tells Bustle. "It allows your crystal to work for you in the way you want it to." Ultimately, crystals are healing tools — so it’s important to take an active role in using them to your advantage.

Additionally, the crystal charging process helps you get clearer and more confident about your own wants and needs, which is an integral part of any manifestation practice. "Fully and deeply connecting with yourself about what you want in life is the foundation for charging your crystals with your intentions," crystal expert Nura Rachelle of Thee Ancients tells Bustle. "See your crystals as allies that can support you on your awakening journey."

The First Step: Connect With Your Crystals


Before programming a crystal with your personal intentions, it’s important to cleanse your crystals of any unwanted energies. You want your stone to be free of any attachments or weird vibes that could clash with your intentions, so a reliable crystal cleansing practice is a must.

Once your crystal is cleansed, it’s time to connect with it and initiate a reciprocal flow of energy. "When programming a crystal, first take a moment to connect with it — hold it, touch it, look at it, notice how it feels in your hands," Askinosie says. "This exchange of energy unites you with your crystal to create a deep and powerful energetic connection." It’s important to open your mind and heart to receiving your crystal’s energy, since you’re going to be using it as a manifestation tool.

Every crystal has its own unique properties and strengths, so it’s helpful to have a basic knowledge of your crystal’s metaphysical meaning to ensure it aligns with your intention. However, being a crystal novice isn’t a bad thing, as you won’t have any pre-conceived notions about how a particular crystal should make you feel. "Starting with beginner’s mind is foundational in setting the right tone with your crystals, as you want to establish a [genuine] relationship with them," Rachelle says. "Forgetting everything you think you know about a crystal can help you to better connect with them, much like people."

Setting Intentions With Your Crystals

Once you’ve cleansed and formed a connection with your crystal, it’s time to start programming it with your intentions. There are a number of ways to do that, and it’s up to you to find one that works for you.

Meditation is one easy way to get in touch with the energy of a crystal and start infusing it with your intentions. "I begin my crystal charging practice by getting into a meditative state while holding the crystal in my hands," professional witch and psychic Renée Watt tells Bustle. "Once you feel tapped in, focus on the intent you’re hoping to infuse the crystal with, then visualize the crystal absorbing the energy of your thoughts through your hands." There are many other ways to meditate with crystals, so experiment with a practice of your own to figure out what feels most effective.

Crystal rituals are another effective way to program your crystals — but this process doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, some crystal rituals are incredibly simple. "After you've connected with your crystal’s energy and identified what you want, say out loud, 'I program this crystal for ____' and fill in the blank with your specific intention,” Askinosie says. "Repeat your intention out loud three times, as the number three represents taking action. Once you've said your intentions, you can thank your crystal and either place it in your space or carry it with you to amplify your intention.” There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to creating crystal rituals, so adapt this regiment in a way that resonates with your energy.

Visualization practices can also be a helpful part of crystal manifestation rituals. Simply hold your crystal in your hand and envision yourself accomplishing exactly what you’re trying to manifest. "For example, if you’re trying to land a new job, imagine yourself on an interview making such a good impression that they hire you on the spot," Watt says. "Once you’ve completed that programming, carry the crystal on you anytime you go in for an interview and watch the job offers roll in.”

How To Manifest With Crystals After Charging Them


Once you've programmed a crystal with your intentions, you’ve got to give it opportunities to work its magic — so don’t just toss it in a drawer! Try strategically placing your crystals in your home to ensure you receive their energies exactly when you need them, and practice “checking in” with your crystal by holding them or meditating with them anytime you need some support for your specific intention.

One of the easiest ways to take advantage of your charged crystal, however, is to carry it with you so that you can benefit from its energy all day long. This is especially useful if you’re doing something related to your intention. For example, if you’ve programmed a rose quartz with the intention of self-love and confidence, keep it near you as you get ready for the day or keep it with you when you’re on a date. If you’ve programmed a calming crystal like lepidolite with the intention of relaxation, keep it under your pillow or hold it in your hands before bed to connect with the stress-relieving vibes.

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