Everything You've Ever Needed To Know About Pisces Zodiac Signs

Meet the zodiac's emotional dreamer.

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If your birthday falls between February 19 and March 20, that makes you a dreamy, emotional, and inspired Pisces! Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac, and people born under this sign have a natural ability to encourage creativity and faith in their environment. Despite their soft nature, Pisces have a fierce understanding of who they are and are committed to protecting the people they care about.

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"Pisces can be sweet as candy, [but] they can go from angel fish to piranha in a milliseconds' notice if you insult, hurt or disrespect them (whether the slight is perceived or real)," Pisces-born astrologer Laura Brown tells Bustle. "Their bite may well be the worst of all the zodiac signs!"

Devotion and romance only scratch the surface of what Pisces energy is all about. Whether you are a Pisces or you’ve been drawn in by the allure of your Pisces crush, here’s everything you need to know about the Pisces zodiac sign and why they make the most empathetic and understanding companions.

Pisces Zodiac Sign Facts

  • Pisces Season Dates: February 19 to March 20
  • Pisces Element: Water
  • Pisces Modality: Mutable
  • Pisces Symbol: Two fish ♓
  • Pisces Ruling Planet: Jupiter and Neptune
  • Pisces Ruling House: The twelfth house of the subconscious mind.
  • Pisces Twelfth House: Aquarius
  • Pisces Birthstone: Aquamarine

Pisces Personality Traits

Pisces is represented by the symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions, which illustrates their free-flowing nature, duality, and yin and yang qualities. Their traditional ruling planet is lucky Jupiter, which represents their expansive, wise, and future-oriented nature. Their modern ruling planet is the elusive and spiritual Neptune, which points to the way that they can easily float away from reality and transcend into a mystical way of thinking. As one of the mutable zodiac signs, Pisces struggle to thrive under strict rules or in overly structured environments. As one of the water signs, Pisces are some of the most emotional individuals of the zodiac; their feelings often seem just as important to them as facts. But their softness shouldn’t be mistaken for weakness.

Among Pisces’ strengths, they are imaginative and nostalgic, and channel their deepest feelings into their creative ventures. As dreamers, Pisces love nothing more than to lose themselves in other worlds but may find themselves getting wistfully caught up in memories as they tend to idealize the past. They lead with their emotional side, preferring to feel their way through life rather than follow logic. Their sentiments are so powerful that sometimes it feels like they’re drowning in them, which is why so many Pisces love to express themselves in symbolic ways — such as by writing poetry, making visual art, or putting together meaningful playlists.

Losing themselves in the fantasy of a film, song, or daydream makes Pisces feel nurtured and helps them to process your feelings. Their affinity for romance often gives them rose-tinted vision, enabling them to see magic in their day to day experiences. Pisces have a gentle demeanor that makes them easy to be around. While they have a reputation for living in a bit of a fantasy world, their ethereal nature makes them one of the most spiritually in tune with all the zodiac signs.

Pisces are natural mystics, giving them a unique connection to the energy of the universe that pulls them towards spiritual experiences. Pisces have a reputation for being compassionate and empathetic people, which causes them to attract people who are looking for someone they can count on to understand their innermost feelings. In a world that is obsessed with timing, logic, and tangible things, Pisces provide a breath of fresh air and inspire the people around them to get in touch with their feelings and visualize how beautiful the world can be.

Pisces Compatibility

Pisces are some of the most romantic people of the zodiac. They desire a fairy-tale style romance that will sweep them off their feet and a devoted best friend with whom they can share everything. They can’t help but wear their hearts on their sleeve, causing them to be idealistic, unrealistic in their standards, and quick to fall in love.

Pisces Compatibility In Friendship

Pisces cherish their friendships and seek to make long and lasting platonic connections. They are naturally sentimental and love to be able to reminisce about past memories they’ve shared with people who have been in their lives through thick and thin. Reliable Taurus is compatible with Pisces in friendship because they have a consistent nature that Pisces would find trustworthy. Taureans can provide Pisces with comfort and emotional support, even when they don’t ask for it, to give back to them in all the ways they give to others.

Pisces Compatibility In Love

In relationships, Pisces are looking for a compassionate partner who can honor how sensitive they are. They don’t want their romantic bubble to burst, however, they need someone who can keep them grounded and show them that raw and true love is better than their fantasies. Aggressive personality types could make Pisces feel like a shrinking violet or misunderstood, which won't bode well for the relationship in the long run. Fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio share Pisces’ devoted and intuitive nature. Their ability to bond over their shared love of creative expression, and put their feelings into art makes them compatible in love.

Pisces Compatibility In Bed

Pisces have very high expectations which can make them hard to please and easily disappointed. They need a sexual partner who’s up for the challenge of fulfilling them sexually while taking care of them emotionally. The ideal partner in bed for a Pisces is someone who knows how to take control while still being tender with them. Dutiful earth sign Capricorn knows exactly how to take care of their partner in the bedroom. Their inclination to prioritize pleasing their partner first will allow Pisces to completely let go and have an experience that leaves them wanting to come back for more.

Pisces At Work

Pisces have big dreams that fuel their passion to create and achieve. A Picses’ career should spark their joy and give them big projects to work toward. Success to a Pisces means the freedom to do what they want. It’s not unusual for Pisces to be the person working behind the scenes who receives financial rewards, but doesn’t get the credit or recognition that they deserve. Nevertheless, they aren’t financially motivated and simply want to take care of people through their work, both physically and emotionally. Pisces are likely to find themselves in fields such as nursing, counseling, music, and charity work.

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