7 Dos & Don'ts To Follow For The December 2022 Full Moon

Here's how to harness Dec. 7's burst of energy.

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Ornamenting the sky on Dec. 7, the December 2022 full cold moon enters multifaceted Gemini. The quick-witted energy of this lunation is giving us all an extra pep in our step amidst the slowdowns of Mars retrograde. Keep up with these dos and don'ts.

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DO: Resume Your Big Projects

Mars retrograde may be causing major stagnation lately, but the full moon inspires us to make moves on the big projects left on the back burner. It's a great moment to put the final touches on your painting or launch that newsletter.


DON’T: Spread Yourself Thin

Gemini energy is restless, prompting us to take on more than we can handle. With the demands of the holiday season, it's a good idea to take your time with your to-do lists. Breaking everything into chunks and establishing boundaries is ideal right now.

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DO: Set Practical Goals

With Gemini’s analytical approach and chatty Mercury entering pragmatic Capricorn, this lunation is a moment to get real with your end-of-year goals and think ahead toward the new year. Revisit your bucket list, make adjustments, and set intentions for 2023.

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DON’T: Isolate Yourself

Social and fun-loving, Gemini's extroverted vibe during this lunar event offers an ideal chance to get out of your shell. Regardless of what mood you're in, the full moon sets the tone for adventurous activities with friends or expanding your network.

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DO: Elevate Your Confidence

With witty Gemini conjunct self-assured Mars, it's a great moment to focus on your self-esteem. Hype yourself up by repeating affirmations, breaking out your best outfit, and moving your body to your favorite mood-boosting tunes.

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DON’T: Obsess Over The Past

Since Mars retrograde is essentially a cosmic rewind, it can often dig up the past, specifically when it comes to moments of stagnation and failure. Avoid lamenting about your shortcomings or letting any regret hinder whatever you have in the works.

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DO: Be Patient

The sun in Sagittarius sits opposite Mars, which happens to be in retrograde, testing our patience. This energy prompts us to be aware of our impulsivity and how we assert ourselves. Align with peace through breathwork, yoga, and meditation.

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