There's An Astrological Reason Behind Gemini's Hot & Cold Personality

They love to gossip, too.

Gemini zodiac signs’ biggest weaknesses include their love of gossip.
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Born between approximately May 21 and June 20, Geminis are witty and curious intellectuals who are naturally endowed with the gift of gab. Just don’t let their powers of persuasion swindle you into a slippery situation — as these air signs have the ability to twist facts and pull fast ones! People born under the sign of the twins have double the magic to offer the world, but examining Gemini zodiac signs’ biggest weaknesses helps us to understand their multifaceted energy on a deeper level.

As the mutable air signs of the zodiac, Geminis know how to think on their toes and talk their way into (or out of) just about anything. However, their sharp tongues can get them into trouble if they say too much or spin too many tall tales. Every zodiac sign’s energy has its pros and cons, so while Geminis definitely have a big reputation in the astrology world, their cosmic qualities are no better or worse than any others. Plus, there’s no point in hating on any single zodiac sign, because all 12 of them are present in our astrological birth charts anyway. Gemini zodiac sign strengths and weaknesses are part of all us, whether or not we have this energy in our sun, moon, or rising lineup.

Gemini traits are often marvelous, but getting to know Gemini zodiac signs’ biggest weaknesses can help us make sense of the Gemini-ruled parts of our own birth charts — and better understand the Geminis in our lives, too.


1. They’re Mercurial

Geminis are mercurial to the core — and no, not just because they’re ruled by the planet Mercury. These air signs are often hot one minute and cold the next, and their unpredictable temperaments can make them difficult to read. While their capricious personalities certainly keep things interesting, it can also cause them to come off as fickle.

2. They Do Too Many Things At Once

As the sign that’s symbolized by the twins, Geminis are talented multitaskers — and it often seems like they’re working with twice the brain power and twice as many hours in the day as the rest of us. However, having their hands in so many different pots and can sometimes make it hard for them to give any one endeavor their full attention.

3. They’ve Got Loose Lips

As one of the signs ruled by Mercury (aka the planet of communication), Geminis are some of the zodiac’s most talkative people. However, all that chatting can sometimes cause them to reveal more than they should. Geminis should be cautious about getting carried away in conversation to ensure they don’t give away people’s secrets or accidentally share too much information about something.

4. They Get Restless

The fast-moving mind of a Gemini zodiac sign needs lots of stimulation, so these mentally-active people may find themselves getting bored easily if their surroundings don’t feel exciting enough. This kind of restlessness can lead to Geminis always chasing the next thrill instead of being satisfied with what’s right in front of them.

5. They Get Caught Up In The Details

Geminis are associated with the third house of the zodiac, which is all about the way we interact with our day-to-day surroundings — which explains why they’re so curious about everything they come across in their daily lives. But this influence can also cause Geminis to get easily distracted by trivial details of a situation rather than seeing the big picture.

6. They Sometimes Stretch The Truth

Information-loving Geminis usually stick to the facts, but occasionally they’ll use their quick wit to twist the truth — which is probably why they’ve gotten a reputation for being a bit two-faced. While they may not mean any harm with their white lies, too many of these truth-stretching tall tales can add up and make them seem untrustworthy.

7. They’re Prone To Changing Their Mind

The mutable sign qualities possessed by Geminis allow them to see all sides of a situation. These objective thinking skills makes them naturally intellectual, but it also causes them to change their minds quickly and often. While a Gemini’s adaptability is a strength, their ever-changing opinions and interests can be hard to keep up with.

8. They Can Be Nosy

Geminis are one of the most curious signs of the zodiac. They love learning new facts about people and acquiring as many details as they can. However, sometimes their quizzical nature and thirst for information can lead them into bug-a-boo territory — so Geminis should be conscious of asking people too many personal questions at once and coming off as nosy.

9. They Forget To Honor Their Feelings

As one of the air zodiac signs, Geminis are more thought-driven and conceptual about the way they approach life. But always leaning on logic can sometimes result in them overlooking their own feelings, as well as other people’s. It’s important for Geminis to consciously honor their emotional sides and factor that into their decision-making.

10. They Love To Gossip

It’s no secret that Geminis love to talk, and that’s why it’s hard for them to resist indulging in a hot cup of juicy gossip when it’s offered to them. While it’s fun to speculate about people’s lives, talking behind others’ backs can lead to hurtful rumors being started — so Geminis should try to mind their own business when they can help it.