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Denim Decor Is The Y2K Home Trend You’ll Love

Channel your inner Britney and Justin.

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Trends may come and go, but even through all the ups and down, there’s one classic staple that always manages to stay relevant: Denim. In fact, denim is so versatile that some people are even incorporating the material into their home decor. It might sound odd at first, but think about it — denim is tried and true, and most importantly, it goes with everything. Not to mention, its nostalgic timelessness makes it perfect for the Y2K-obsessed and beyond.

Believe it or not, denim decor isn’t a new concept. Chronically online folks know that jean-based interior design products go viral all the time, like the jitcher, the jouch, and the jench/jool, to name a few. But unfortunately, they go viral for the wrong reasons. It’s no secret that the all-jean aesthetic has been a punchline ever since Britney and Justin walked the AMAs red carpet in those matching outfits in 2001. That’s probably where denim decor gets its underserved bad rap from, and why the style has inspired its very own genre of memes over the years. In actuality, though, when done right, denim decorations can transform to match a range of different interior design styles, including Americana, rustic, and of course, Y2K.

Denim furniture has been around since at least the 1970s when Ikea released a whole line of jean decor that included the Tajt, a foldable chair that’s iconic to the brand. According to TikTok user @fabiiikea, the denim finish, along with its leather and chrome touches, made the furniture piece “easy to incorporate into many different home styles.”

If your vintage style leans closer toward the 2000s than the 1970s, you can take a page out of set designer @keabunz’s book and turn your old jeans into a whole feature wall.

Sure, sleeping in your jeans isn’t all that comfortable, but that doesn’t mean your denim decorations can’t be cute and cozy all at once. Just ask @uglyxaf, who has nothing but good things to say about their jillows, jair, and jottoman. “Jean couture will always be GOATed,” says the creator.

If you’re ready to bring the ~jeanaissance~ into your home, check out these denim decor pieces from HomeGoods, West Elm, and more.

Don’t worry — this jean blanket is made with cotton, not denim.

Jillows are a subtle way to get in on the trend.

These light wash curtains are a Y2K dream.

You can never go wrong with a pouf.

This jair is just as stylish as it is trendy.

The Y2K revival is not only here to stay, but it’s making its way into your home, too, so you might as well jump on trend ASAP before the next nostalgic trend takes over.

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