These Easy Baked Oats Recipes Are Taking Over TikTok Right Now

Including lemon drizzled baked oats!

by Lauren Grant
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11 Easy Baked Oats Recipes TikTok Swears By
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Since launching in 2016, TikTok has become the place to get all your niche, hipster recipes and then some. Cloud bread, dalgona coffee, and 3-ingredient crème brûlée have all made appearances on the popular social app and now oats are having their day to shine… or more like bake. The amazing thing about these small morsels is that they don’t really taste like anything, which means you can make them taste like everything.

First came coconut, then came almond, and now oats are all the rage in our culinary delights. Oats are one of those foods that you don’t realize its true power until you’re using it in pretty much everything. Many wouldn’t think that the food that was once only used for a quick breakfast would turn into an internet phenomenon, but here we are and of course, TikTok has shown us all the amazing ways we can use oats.

Oats have been made into milk, cereal, rolled into energy bars, and now TikTokers are showing us what can be done when they're baked. If you had no idea what to do with your box of oats that have been sitting idly in your pantry, then you're in luck. Here are 11 baking recipes for oat lovers inspired by TikTok.

1. Chocolate Chip Muffin Baked Oats

One can never go wrong with a chocolate chip muffin, and this recipe is not only quick and easy but also yummy (because it's chocolate, duh). Chocolatey and warm, this is the perfect treat that can be eaten for breakfast, a midday snack or a midnight one.

2. Lemon Drizzle Baked Oats

Lemon still gets an odd rep in the baking world (lemon bars are delicious and if you think otherwise, we can't be friends), but these lemon drizzle baked oats are the perfect blend of oat, honey and lemon — and they will have you dreaming about them long after you've gobbled them up.

3. White Chocolate Raspberry Baked Oats

I'm not quite sure who first decided to mix white chocolate with raspberries, but I'm so glad they did. This delectable recipe is one that should stay in rotation.

4. Chocolate Banana Baked Oats

These chocolate banana baked oats will have you wondering how you ever lived without them.

5. Strawberry Cheesecake Baked Oats

One of the great things about cooking with oats is that they're a healthy alternative to several other ingredients such as flour and sugary cereals. That said, you can eat all of this delicious strawberry cheesecake baked oats recipe guilt-free.

6. Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookie Baked Oats

Peanut butter and chocolate. Nothing more needs to be said about this recipe other than go try it now.

7. Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Baked Oatmeal

This chocolate chip pumpkin baked oatmeal includes notes of pumpkin spice and cinnamon. You'll for sure want to save this for once fall rolls around.

8. Carrot Cake Baked Oats

Everyone stop what you're doing. You can officially have your cake and eat it too... for breakfast and in the form of oats. This carrot cake baked oat recipe literally tastes just like your fave carrot cake and what's even better is that it's healthier for you.

9. Funfetti Baked Oats

Funfetti cake will never go out of style, so if you're looking to bake a bit of nostalgia, you should try these funfetti baked oats! With fewer than 10 ingredients and only 15 minutes of baking time, this baked oat recipe will send you send your tastebuds back to the early aughts.

10. Blueberry Muffin Baked Oats

A breakfast favorite that you can now make with oats. This blueberry muffin baked oats recipe is simple and can serve as inspiration to use a variety of fruits with your baked oat breakfasts.

11. Banana Bread Baked Oats

The only people who don't like banana bread are those that haven't figured out which ingredients (besides the banana) make the best bread, and I'm here to tell you that the secret ingredient is oats. This banana bread baked oats is a game changer.

There's plenty more baked oat recipes on TikTok that you can eat your way though, but this list is a good place to start. Happy baking!

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