40 Expensive Problems Around Your House That Can Actually Be Fixed For Under $35

Fix it and forget about it.

by Madison Barber
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If you’ve been putting off resolving those annoying home improvement problems around your house, you’re not alone. These can be some of the most aggravating issues to check off of your to-do list, especially if you don’t consider yourself a DIY or handy type of individual. Not to mention all of these fixes (even the quick ones) can sometimes cost a lot.

What if I told you that you actually don’t have to shell out all your hard-earned cash to fix up your home? That you actually don’t have to call a handyman, re-do your floors, or buy new furniture? You don’t have to do any of those things, because Amazon has all of the answers to your problems.

Most know that Amazon truly has everything, so it may not come as much of a surprise that they have the easy-to-use tools you need to repair the things in your space that you’ve been avoiding getting done. They have products that will make your furniture, floors, bathrooms, pantries, and more, all look good as new.

Even better? You don’t have to go looking for them, because we found 41 of the best items that will make touch-ups and repairs as easy as ever.


Problem: Oven Mitts That Can’t Take The Heat

Solution: These Unbeatable, Heat-Resistant Oven Mitts & Pot Holders

Don’t settle for cloth potholders and oven mitts that get dirty easily and don’t work as well to protect your hands from heat. These silicone tools have unbeatable heat resistance, are waterproof (so hot steam won’t soak them), and are machine washable for easy cleaning.


Problem: Water bottles you can’t reach the bottom of while washing

Solution: A Water Bottle Cleaning Kit For Those Hard-To-Scrub Bottles

If you carry a reusable water bottle around everywhere, you need this cleaning kit to ensure your bottle is actually getting clean. This set comes with five different brushes with different bristle widths and lengths that can fit into even the skinniest of bottles. You’ll never worry about missing a spot with your suds again.


Problem: Furniture That Scratches Up Your Hardwood Floors

Solution: These Chair Leg Covers To Protect Your Hardwood Floors

Keep your hardwood floors looking good-as-new all of the time with these protective chair leg covers. These silicone covers are super stretchy, allowing them to fit onto any chair leg bottom, and give your chairs full mobility with the just-slippery-enough felt bottoms. They’re transparent, too, so no one but you will know they’re attached to your chairs.


Problem: Ring Stains On Your Table From Water Glasses

Solution: A Cloth That Removes Those Pesky Condensation Stains

If your family members and guests never seem to listen to you about using coasters, this water mark removing cloth might just save the day. This reusable cloth gets rid of wood table stains caused by heat and moisture, all without any damage to the wood itself. Not to mention it can remove permanent marker stains and minor scratches as well.


Problem: Walls Dented By Opening Doors

Solution: A Wall Protector That Prevents Door Knob Damage

Tired of your door handles banging into and damaging your walls? These protective bubbles will prevent this easily — just attach them to your wall in whichever spot is always taking a beating, and watch as your door swings open without any noise. These adhesive shields are transparent, too, so you won’t have to worry about them looking like eyesores around your home.


Problem: Losing Your Keys — Again

Solution: This Device That Tracks Your Keys Or Luggage

If you can’t go a day without losing your keys or are terrified of airlines losing your luggage, you need this Tile tracking device in your life. Add your Tile to your keychain or luggage tag and you can easily track it via Bluetooth, whether it’s in your room under your jacket, or in a different state at an airport that isn’t yours.


Problem: Tea Bags That Can Only Be Used Once

Solution: This Set Of Stainless Steel Tea Strainers That You Can Reuse

Brewing your own tea has never been easier with these stainless steel mesh tea strainers. Add your favorite loose leaf tea to the inside of these mesh balls, secure the clasp shut, and steep away. There’s even a convenient hook on the other side that allows you to brew your tea hands-free.


Problem: Realizing You Don’t Have That One Utensil A Recipe Calls For

Solution: The Must-Have Set Of Essential Kitchen Utensils

Even if you’re a seasoned chef, you can benefit from a brand-new set of kitchen utensils. This 25-piece set comes with everything you’ll need to be a true whiz in the kitchen, including spatulas, measuring spoons, and a set of kitchen scissors. You’ll never be without any necessary utensils again after getting this set.


Problem: An Unsightly, Mildew-y Shower Curtain

Solution: A Shower Liner That Protects Against Stinky Mildew

No one likes to mop up a sopping-wet bathroom floor after a shower, which is why this clear shower curtain liner is a must in every bathroom. Not only does this liner prevent water from spilling onto your bathroom floor, but it also protects your regular shower curtain from dirtying up and having mildew buildup (yuck).


Problem: Pans That Are Scratched Up

Solution: These Scratch-Resistant Protectors For Your Stacked Pots & Pans

Cramped cabinet space is no good when it comes to storing your beloved everyday pots and pans. These woven pot and pan protectors will keep your stacked cookware from scratching and damaging one another, and they won’t cause your pots and pans to slip around, either.


Problem: A Bedroom Window That Gets Too Much Sun

Solution: A Set Of Blackout Curtains For An Improved Snooze

If the sun wakes you up before your alarm, chances are your window shades are no good. These blackout curtains will ensure you get a better snooze night after night, due to their ability to block out 85-99% of the sun’s rays. They’re insulated too, meaning they’re amazing for keeping your energy bill low in the winter and summertime.


Problem: A Drafty Home

Solution: This Door Draft Stopper That’s A Necessity For Winter

During the upcoming cold winter months, it’s important you keep your home as insulated as possible. This door draft sealer will ensure no cold air enters your home (and forces you to turn up the heat), and could not be easier to apply — just make sure your door is clean and dry before sticking it on.


Problem: Outdoor Furniture That Gets Damaged By Rain & Snow

Solution: A Protecting Spray For All Of Your Outdoor Wood Furniture

It’s easy for wooden outdoor furniture to get damaged from the elements, yet, it’s is a completely preventable problem with this protecting spray. Spray this on all of your outdoor wooden (including teak and cedar) furniture and protect it from moisture and stains caused by weather and nature.


Problem: Windows That Let In Cold Air

Solution: This Draft Sealing Tape That Keeps Icy Air Out

While many cold drafts can sneak in through the gaps in your doors, it’s important not to forget about your chilly windows. This transparent window-sealing tape is heavy-duty and air and watertight, so you won’t have to worry about winter breezes coming through any poorly-insulated windows.


Problem: A Shower Drain Clogged With Hair

Solution: A Must-Have Hair Catcher For Your Shower Drain

If you live in a house full of long-haired people (or if you’re a frequent shedder yourself), you’re going to want this hair-catching drain protector. This little device is a lifesaver when it comes to preventing clogged drains from hair buildup — just slip it into your shower drain and pull out all the collected hair when you’re done washing up.


Problem: A Clogged Toilet

Solution: This Flexible Toilet Plunger For Siphon Toilets

If you’ve got a siphon toilet and clogs that just won’t go budge, you need this flexible toilet plunger. This plunger has a special spiral design that cleans and dredges all at the same time, and the bendy top allows the plunger to get in all of the nooks and crannies of your toilet pipes for easy de-clogging.


Problem: A Glass Of Red Wine That Just Spilled On Your Carpet

Solution: A Stain Remover That Specializes In Red Wine Stains

If wine night with your gal pals suddenly went south due to a red spill stain on the carpet, don’t fret. This red wine stain removing spray works wonders on everything from clothing to rugs to upholstery just after a few spritzes. Spray the wine remover on the stain, blot the stain, rinse the stained area, and voilà — it’ll be like it was never there.


Problem: Clothes That Begin To Look Drab After Being Washed

Solution: A Genius Device That Rids Your Clothes Of Lint & Pilling

Give your beloved sweaters some much-needed TLC this winter with this handy fabric defuzzer that works to de-pill, de-fuzz, and remove lint from clothing and upholstery. It has a large, two-inch-wide shaving surface, so you can make your clothes look good as new in just a few minutes. It comes in six colors, so you can coordinate it with your wardrobe.


Problem: Dirty Floors From Shoes Tracking In Mud & Debris

Solution: This Shoe Cleaner That Works For Boots & Sneakers

You’ll never have to worry about tracking mud in the house again with this shoe scrubber to keep in your entryway or mudroom. This scrubber works on boots and sneakers, removing everything from dirt to snow to any other grimy substance living at the bottom of your shoes in just a few seconds.


Problem: Wanting To Play Around With Color In Your Home

Solution: These Color-Changing Lightbulbs That You Can Control From Your Phone

Whether you’re throwing a party or just want to change up the ambiance of your home, these color-changing smart bulbs are a must-have addition to your space. Control these lights from your phone or via your Amazon Alexa, changing their colors, brightness level, or putting them on a timer for when you’re not home.


Problem: Tap Water That Tastes Weird

Solution: This Sink Attachment That Improves Your Tap Water

Sick of pulling out your pitcher of filtered water from the fridge every time you want a fresh glass? This Brita sink attachment makes getting delicious, filtered water easier than ever, and installation requires zero tools, so anyone can assemble it. It even comes with three different water options for all of your different needs: filtered, unfiltered, and unfiltered spray.


Problem: Wanting To Refresh Your Kitchen — But On A Budget

Solution: This Marble Contact Paper That Spruces Up Any Space

You don’t need a bucket of paint to upgrade your space when you have this marble-pattered wallpaper. Cut this glossy, self-adhesive wallpaper into any shape or size that you need, and use it to easily cover counters, cabinets, desks, shelves, or whatever else you want to spruce up in your home.


Problem: Grimy Kitchen Surfaces That Could Use An Update

Solution: A Stainless Steel Version That’s Perfect For The Kitchen

This stainless steel version of our favorite contact paper is ideal for kitchens. The peel-and-stick design couldn’t be easier to use, and its oil-proof and waterproof nature will ensure its durability when you’re constantly cooking and cleaning in the kitchen.


Problem: Worrying That Kids Or Pets Will Knock Over That Beautiful Vase

Solution: This Special Putty That Keeps Your Decorative Items In Place

Love all of your fancy decor items but feel terrified that one day someone (even you) might knock them over? Have no fear, the museum putty is here. This special putty keeps all of your items in place without damaging the furniture it’s resting on, and can be used for decades. This pitty is especially useful for homes with small children.


Problem: Grout That Looks Grimy

Solution: A Pen That Helps Your Grout Shine Without Spending The Day Scrubbing

When you have this tile pen, you won’t have to take time out of your busy day to scrub the nasty grout from your bathroom floor. This tile pen masks the sight of grout in between your tiles with non-toxic, water-based white paint, making your bathroom or kitchen look as good as new without much effort.


Problem: A Deep Cleaning Job You Don’t Have The Tools For

Solution: This Set Of Brush Attachments For A Better, More Intense Clean

If your bathroom needs some deep cleaning, you’re gonna need something bigger and better than just a regular scrub brush. This power drill scrubbing brush is ideal for cleaning everything from tile to bathtubs in a way traditional cleaning devices can’t. It even has an extender attachment so your scrubber can get in those hard-to-reach places.


Problem: A Doorbell You Wish You Could Change The Sound Of

Solution: A Doorbell That Greets You With One Of 52 Different Melodies

While it seems like the norm now is texting your friend to let them know you’re outside, that doesn’t mean that doorbells have to go out of fashion. This wireless doorbell is super easy to install and has 52 different chimes you can choose from for when your guests need to alert you that they’re outside. It’s weather-resistant too, so you won’t have to worry about the elements damaging your new bell. It also remembers your last melody and volume level, so that you don’t have to keep resetting it during a power outage.


Problem: A Tear In Your Window Screen

Solution: This Handy Tape That Repairs Your Screen Windows & Doors

If you’ve got a rip in your screen door or window, don’t fret. This window screen repair tape fixes those annoying holes in your screens that bring in the elements and pests from the outside, all in one easy step. And don’t worry — it’s waterproof, mosquito-proof, and has an incredibly strong adhesive.


Problem: Wanting Fresh Air — Without The Bugs & Dirt

Solution: A Magnetic Screen Door That Keeps The Elements Out

This magnetic screen door is the perfect addition to your home, especially during the warmer months when you want to feel that summer breeze without welcoming your home to summer pests. Not only does this mesh partition close on its own (making it easy for you, your kids, and your pets to use), but it fits all door designs and is easy to install.


Problem: Scuffs On Your Wooden Dresser Or Table

Solution: These Touch-Up Markers For The Wood Furniture In Your Home

If your wooden furniture has so many imperfections that it’s beginning to stress you out, you need these wood repair markers. These markers match the color of traditional wood finishes so you can perform magically-quick fixes on all of your furniture’s scratches, scuffs, and discoloration.


Problem: Wanting To Fix Your Wood Furniture On A Budget

Solution: A Wood Filler To Spruce Up All Of The Wood In Your Space

Don’t settle for any other wood filler again. This Goodfilla water-based wood filler won’t sink, shrink, crack, and perfectly conceals nail holes, cracks, or other imperfections in your wood. Both professional woodworkers and at-home DIYers (like yourself, probably, if you’re checking out this article) can use this with no problem.


Problem: Running Out Of Closet Space

Solution: These Unique Hangers That Maximize Your Closet Space

You’ll be amazed at how much more closet space you have with these hangers-within-hangers. These space-saving hangers allow you to hang up your clothing items in a vertical fashion, therefore keeping your clothes hung and smooth without taking up virtually any space. Each of these special hangers comes with five slots, giving you optimal room for all of your favorite pieces.


Problem: A Leather Sofa That’s Seen Better Days

Solution: A Repair Kit That Makes Your Leather Look Good As New

Whether your car seats are looking rough or your favorite leather couch has seen better days, this Coconix leather repair kit can save the day. This kit, which is a #1 bestseller on Amazon, provides an easy way to fix scratches, tears, cracks, and other imperfections in a flash, and even comes with several colors and a mixing dish so you’re sure to get the perfect shade to match your leather goods.


Problem: Cereal & Cookies That Get Stale Quickly

Solution: These Airtight Containers That Keep Your Dry Foods Fresh For Long

If you’re looking for ways to organize your pantry and keep your dry goods fresh for longer, look no further than these clear containers. This seven-piece set comes with airtight, transparent canisters that allow for easy access to all of your stored dry goods and will keep moisture out. Also included are adorable chalkboard labels that make organizing your pantry even easier.


Problem: Produce That Goes Bad Right After You Buy It

Solution: These Balls Of Carbon That Keep Your Produce From Rotting

Few things are more frustrating than buying a bunch of fresh produce, only for it to start to go bad the day after your shopping trip. By storing these carbon-emitting balls in your refrigerator drawer, you can keep your produce fresh for longer and omit any unwanted odors lingering in your fridge.


Problem: Trying To Find A Space To Dry Your Delicate Items

Solution: The Perfect Sized Drying Rack For All Of Your Delicates

Everyone needs a reliable and roomy laundry rack in their lives, especially if you’re constantly washing your delicate items that can’t be thrown in the dryer. This drying rack has tons of rods for ample clothes hanging and can fold flat for easy storage when laundry day is (finally) over for the week.


Problem: Running Out Of Space In Your Bathroom

Solution: This Storage Shelf That’s Ideal For Tiny Bathrooms

If you’ve got a tiny, cramped bathroom that’s less-than-ideal for storing all of your products and supplies, you need this skinny storage tower in your cart, ASAP. This storage cabinet has two roomy shelves that are perfect for storing toilet paper, tampons, cleaning supplies — you name it — and there’s even a special tissue dispenser up top for easy access.


Problem: Accidentally Burning A Dish Because You Didn’t Hear The Beep

Solution: A Kitchen Timer With A Loud Alarm So You’ll Never Overcook Anything

There are few things more important in a kitchen than a trusty kitchen timer. This one not only comes in a sleek, stainless steel design (that can stick to the metal surfaces in your kitchen for easy access) but also comes equipped with an extremely loud alarm that will ensure you’ll never be late to take your cookies out of the oven.


Problem: Seeing An Overwhelming Jumble Of Products On Your Counter

Solution: A Makeup Organizer That Fits Everything From Brushes To Palettes

Whether you consider yourself a makeup guru with way too many products or just love to have your cosmetics organized, this transparent makeup organizer is a great addition to your vanity. This cute box comes with four different drawers and several compartments on top, all specially designed to hold different products like lipsticks, powders, palettes, and brushes. It also comes in 13 different colors and varieties.


Problem: Running Out Of Room To Plug In Devices

Solution: An Outlet Extender With Convenient USB Charging Ports

If two outlet ports aren’t enough for all of the devices in one room you need to keep plugged in, then consider this handy outlet extender. This extender adds four more outlets (two on each side) and an additional two USB charging ports, and even comes with a nightlight that automatically turns on once it gets dark in your house.

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