55 Extremely Clever Things That Are Only $20

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In my mind, there are two types of shoppers: the kind who go for high-ticket retail, saving up for weeks (and even months) in order to go whole hog on a major league item, like a luxury handbag or a coveted pair of new sneakers. Then there are those of us who just don’t have the patience and who would prefer to have a little quantity (and variety) over a single item with a high price tag. For those of us who fall into that latter category, I present these clever things under $20 for your consideration.

After an era when it was hard to find some items on the shelf at the supermarket (who could have imagined?), I’m all for abundance, which is why I love a big box from Amazon showing up on my doorstep, packed with useful items and small splurges. And this list includes something for everyone, from these baking mats that will transform the way you make cookies to these facial rollers that offer a cooling massage that’s just like being at the spa.

So if you’re the type of shopper who likes a little more bang for your buck, here’s your chance to snag tons of genius finds for under $20.


These Last-Drop Spatulas That Make The Most Of Expensive Beauty Products

When you pay a lot for fancy moisturizers, concealers, and other beauty products, you want to make sure you get every last little bit of product you paid for, and these long and skinny spatulas can help you do it. Made with flexible silicone heads, they fit into narrow openings and scrape the insides of jars and bottles. Hot tip: They’re also great in the kitchen for your favorite condiments.


The Foot Balm That Helps Prevent Blisters

Apply this anti-blister balm before breaking in a pair of new shoes or setting out for a long hike. Formulated with hypoallergenic, plant-derived ingredients, it minimizes friction but still allows skin to breathe and sweat. Plus, the addition of vitamins A and C works to soften skin and soothe irritation.


A Pillow That Aligns Your Spine For Comfortable Sleep

If you deal with back or hip pain of any kind, you need this knee pillow to provide relief while you’re sleeping. Placing the pillow between the knees helps align your body while sleeping on your side, so you can get a better night’s rest and wake up feeling good.


These Fridge Liners That Keep The Shelves Clean

Instead of taking on the impossible task of scrubbing your refrigerator shelves, you can keep your fridge hygienic with these shelf liners that can be washed in the sink. These cheery-looking liners are waterproof and BPA-free, and you can trim them to size to fit your fridge exactly.


The Reusable Storage Bags That Are Eco-Friendly

Do your part to cut down on plastic waste with these reusable food storage bags. Made from BPA-free silicone, the 20-pack includes bags in three sizes, and they’re ideal for everything from packing a lunch to weekly food prep. Plus, they’re freezer-, microwave- and dishwasher-safe.


The Wipes That Brighten Teeth After Coffee & Red Wine

Ideal for red wine lovers or coffee aficionados, these wipes are designed to brighten teeth right after sipping. Perfect for those times when it’s inconvenient to brush, each of the two compacts is packed with 15 wipes. Keep them at your office for quick touch-ups after your afternoon joe, or in your bag for a quick swipe between dinner and dessert.


This Deep-Cleaning Spray That Reviewers Love

Boasting an ultra-high 4.8-star overall rating, Mr. Clean’s Clean Freak spray makes quick work of scrubbing. The deep-cleaning formula is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and stainless steel, and each bottle features a super-powered spray mechanism that amps up its power. This three-pack includes two lemon-scented sprays and one lavender-scented spray.


These Replacement Buttons For Your Favorite Worn-In Jeans

You have that one pair of jeans that fit you just right... but the button popped off. These replacement buttons ensure you can keep wearing your favorite denim. The best part? They snap right on — no sewing required.


A Fabric Shaver That Keeps Clothes Looking New

When you want your wardrobe to look fresh and not at all shabby, whip out this fabric shaver. It features rotating blades (covered by a metal blade guard) which work to remove fuzz and piling from all kinds of fabrics. It also works equally well on upholstered furniture, so you won’t have to invest in a new sofa anytime soon.


This Soft Bath Mat That Keeps You From Slipping

Designed to feel almost like a loofah underfoot, this bath mat adds a cushiony layer to the floor of your shower and can help prevent slipping and sliding. The ventilated texture dries quickly and resists soap scum, and the nonslip backing is suction cup-free.


These Dough Whisks That Mix Batter 3 Times Faster

Designed to thoroughly mix dough three times faster than a wooden spoon, these dough whisks are real time-savers. The whisks are made from durable stainless steel with beautiful oak handles, both of which offer good leverage with even the heaviest mixes. Reviewers say the highly rated whisks are “the best kitchen product ever” and “essential for making breads and other stiff batters.”


A No-Contact Tool To Open Doors & Press Buttons

After living through 2020, I have a feeling that staying away from potential germs is going to be on everyone’s to-do list for quite a while, and these hands-free tools can help you do exactly that. Shaped like oversized keys, they can be used press buttons and open door handles, and each one even has a stylus for using touch screens.


An Organizer That Makes Transitioning Between Purses So Easy

Not only does this purse organizer keep everything orderly so that you can find things instead of digging around in your handbag, but it also makes transferring stuff between purses a breeze. With everything stored inside the durable felt organizer, all you have to do is lift it out and move it from one handbag to the next.

  • Available sizes: 7
  • Available colors: 13


This Car Visor That Blocks Sun & Keeps The Interior Cool

Prevent that whoosh of stale, super-heated air that blasts out of your car after a hot day in the sun with this windshield shade. Not only does it reduce the interior temperature by up to 40 degrees, but it also helps prevent UV damage to the dashboard (which can lead to fading and cracking). After standing guard during the day, it folds up easily and stores in the rear seat pocket of your vehicle.

  • Available sizes: 6


This Dish-Drying Rack That Rolls Up For Easy Storage

Crafted from rust-resistant stainless steel, this dish-drying rack comes in a variety of sizes designed to fit over most standard kitchen sinks. It’s a convenient way to let wet dishes drip-dry directly into the sink, and can also help save countertop space. It rolls up for compact storage when it’s not in use, and it can also be used for rinsing fresh produce.

  • Available sizes: 6


A Monitor Riser With A Built-In Drawer

Having your monitor at eye level can help keep your neck properly aligned, so you don’t end every workday in need of a massage. This affordable monitor stand has three adjustable height levels, and the bottom is perforated to keep your computer cool and running smoothly. It also has a convenient little drawer for storing must-haves, like pens, sticky notes, and your phone.


This Towel That Removes Makeup With Just Water

Give expensive one-use wipes the boot, and try this reusable makeup remover cloth instead. Made from superfine microfiber, it’s like a magnet for makeup and works with just water (really). It washes and dries like a charm for nearly endless reuse, saving big bucks (and the earth) in the long run.


This Car Visor Mirror That’s Lit For Better Visibility

Do touchups on the go with this car visor mirror that has six built-in LED lights for better visibility when you’re applying mascara and checking your teeth. It conveniently clips onto your car visor, and the mirror surface is scratch-resistant for long-term use.


A Set Of Reusable Straw For All Your Drinks

Each year, we dump over 8 million tons of plastic waste into the Earth’s oceans. Reduce that amount by sipping from these reusable straws instead of plastic ones. Crafted from dishwasher-safe stainless steel, the16-pack features long and short straws in both straight and bent designs. Plus, they have silicone tips for comfortable sipping, and they come with four cleaning brushes for a more detailed scrub.


The Anti-Fog Spray That Keeps Your Glasses Crystal Clear

If you wear glasses, there’s no doubt you’ve experienced the frustration of them fogging up while you’re wearing a mask. A few spritzes of this spray on both sides of each lens eliminates that problem and keeps them clear all day. You can also use them on diving masks, swimming goggles, binoculars, and much more.


These Baking Mats That Make Cleanup A Cinch

These nonstick baking mats eliminate the need for cooking sprays, oil, foil, or parchment paper, which makes post-cooking and baking a breeze. Designed to fit half-sheet size pans, you can use them for baking cookies, roasting vegetables, and more. Made from BPA-free silicone, they clean up easily — wash them with soap and water or stick them on the top rack of the dishwasher.


The Box That Organizes & Conceals Cables

Clean up the appearance of the cords at your desk or near your entertainment center with this cable management box. Big enough to house a power strip, it conceal cords but has a cutout on both sides for threading through a cable. Available in black and white, it has a faux wood top that gives it a decidedly mid-century feel.


The Headrest Hooks For Hanging Grocery Bags & Purses

Designed to loop around your car headrests, these hooks are the perfect solution to keeping your car floor space free. Use them for hanging backpacks, purses, grocery bags, or supplies for long road trips. Bonus: Keeping bags upright will also keep the contents from tipping and spilling over when you take a tight turn.


These Computer Lens Covers For Enhanced Privacy

These computer lens covers affix easily to the surface of your device with 3M adhesive, offering extra piece of mind when you’re not using the camera. Each cover features a sliding mechanism that makes it easy to uncover the lens when it’s time to sign on to a Zoom call. Crafted from durable aluminum, they’re ultra-thin, so your laptop will still close just right.


A Genius Gadget To Remove Facial Hair

If you’re looking for an easy and painless way to remove unwanted facial hair, this facial hair remover is just the ticket. It features rotating blades made from hypoallergenic stainless steel, and the stainless steel guard keeps skin safe from nicks. Slightly bigger than a tube of lipstick, it’s battery-powered and easy to operate.


This Tool That Cubes Watermelon In Minutes

Enjoy bite-size pieces of watermelon in just minutes with this watermelon slicer. Just cut the melon in half, then use the rotating windmill-shaped tool to create even cubes with minimal effort on your part. It’s not sharp (so kids can get in on the fun), and it’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.


The Self-Watering Planter For Not-So-Green Thumbs

If you love green plants but wish they had more of a “set it and forget it” quality, this self-watering planter is for you. It has a built-in aquifer and comes with fiber soil that draws up just the right amount of water to keep plants hydrated. An indicator lets you know when the water needs to be refilled, which will be about every week or so.


A Slicer Specifically Designed For Avocados

If you love avocados the way I do (and eat them all the time), then this slicer is a real time-saver. From trusted name OXO, it has a blade for halving the avocado, a tool for removing the pit, and a sectioned paddle to slice it into uniform pieces. Plus, the ergonomic handle makes it comfortable, so you can make an extra-big batch of guacamole without tiring out your hand.


This Kitchen Thermometer That’s A Must-Have For Grilling

If you love to grill, this meat thermometer is a must. It delivers an ultra-fast reading in just eight seconds, and the long probe keeps your hands safely away from the heat. Readings are easy to see on the thermometer’s large, backlit screen, and the handy chart has references that remind you of safe cooking temperatures for chicken, pork, and beef. Plus, it has a built-in magnet, so you can hang it on the oven or fridge.


An Applicator For Rubbing Tanner On Hard-To-Reach Places

For a bronzed look that’s totally even, use this applicator that helps you spread self-tanner on even those hard-tp-reach places, like your back. It features a long handle and comes with four applicator pads, so you can switch them out as each one gets used. Bonus: This is also a good way to apply lotion or pain-relieving cream.


The Gadget That Keeps Front-Load Washers Odor- & Mildew-Free

Front-load washers can be a real pain when they acquire mold, mildew, or unwanted odors after not drying properly. This gadget solves that problem by propping the door open just enough to allow for air circulation and proper drying. It’s very easy to attach and since it’s adjustable, it won’t get in the way in small laundry rooms.


This Simple Tub Ring That Prevents Hair Clogs

Shaped like a flower, this little device goes around the pop-up stopper in your tub drain and catches hair before it gets a chance to go down your pipes where it can cause a plumbing problem. Made from flexible, BPA-free silicone, it’s available in five colors, like white, red, and yellow.


A 3-In-1 Makeup Brush That’s Ideal For Travel

Combining three brush heads into one, this travel makeup brush is ideal when you’re short on space and on the go. The three-in-one tool features an angled brush, a sponge, and a blending brush, and they all nest on top of each other inside the handle.


The Pan That Gives Edges To Each Brownie

If you’re a big fan of the crispy corners of baked goods, you’re going to want this unique brownie pan. It features 18 slots that separate the batter, turning each brownie into the ultimate corner piece. Made from nonstick carbon steel, it’s dishwasher-safe, and the divided insert is easy to lift out with the handles.


These Scented Drawer Liners That Smell So Good

Keep all your clothes smelling fresh with these scented drawer liners. Perfect for sweater, sock, and lingerie drawers, they’re backed with adhesive and can be trimmed to size. Available in lavender and English vanilla scents, they can also be used to keep sheets smelling good in the linen closet.


A Sofa Organizer Crafted From Chic Macrame

There are plenty of sofa organizers out there, but I’ve never seen one as good-looking as this macramé version. It drapes right over the arm of the couch and has several large pockets for storing books and magazines, as well as smaller pockets for the TV remote, your glasses, and your smartphone.


These Cleaning Beads For Water Bottles, Vases & Decanters

For those hard-to-clean items, like water bottles with narrow openings, vases, and wine decanters, these cleaning beads are incredibly useful. Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, they create just the right amount of friction when swirled with a little soap and water, so you can remove grime and dirt with ease.


The Aromatherapy Steamers That Turn Your Shower Into A Spa

For the busy person who doesn’t have time for a relaxing bath, these shower steamers are rejuvenating alternative to bath bombs. Crafted from natural ingredients like clay and essential oils, the set includes a variety of scents, ranging from soothing lavender, vanilla, and chamomile, to more energizing options like eucalyptus, mint, and grapefruit.


A Mini Dry-Erase Pad That’s Completely Portable

Small enough to carry in a purse, briefcase, or backpack, this dry-erase board is great for taking notes on the go, or for jotting down ideas when inspiration strikes in unlikely places. It has a kickstand that props it up for sharing your thoughts with others, and the cover won’t erase any notes when you close it. Plus, it’s made from glass, so it won’t ghost or stain over time.


A Universal Lid That Fits All Pots & Pans

Stop searching for the right lid for each particular pan in your kitchen and just use this universal lid. Made from stainless steel and tempered glass, the lip of the lid has three separate edges, so it fits pots and pans ranging from 7 to 12 inches. It withstands heat up to 425 degrees and cleans easily in the dishwasher.


This Dual-Sided Whetstone That Sharpens Knives

This whetstone is dual-sided for a full-service knife-sharpening experience. One side features a 400-grit surface that’s ideal for repairing dull, damaged blades, while the other side has a 1,000-grit surface that finishes the edges. The rubber base keeps it firmly in place on your counter while you work.


These Adjustable Pie Crust Shields That Prevent Burning

Anyone who loves baking will truly appreciate these pie crust shields that are designed to prevent delicate crusts from burning. Made from BPA-free silicone, they’re heat-resistant up to 450 degrees and dishwasher-safe. The set includes two adjustable shields and two mini protectors, and they can also be used with pizza.


A Kit For Salon-Style Nails At Home

This kit puts all the power in your hands when it comes to keeping up with your nails at home. The electric tool comes with six bits and 26 sanding bands to meet all of your manicure and pedicure needs, so you can buff, shape, file, and shine. Plus, you’ll get bonus emery boards and a dusting brush.


These Cooling Sticks That Deliver A Relaxing Facial

Made from stainless steel, these facial tools can be stored in the freezer, so they’re always ready to deliver a rejuvenating facial massage that soothes inflammation, reduces puffiness, and boosts circulation. Filled with a cooling gel, they’re ergonomically shaped and have nonslip grips. Use them to relieve headaches too.


A Container That Turns Any Liquid Cleanser Into Foam

With a few pumps, this container turns any liquid cleanser into a lightweight foam that’s perfect for washing your face and hands. Not only is a foamy formula more satisfying to use, but the lightweight texture is also gentler on dry, sensitive skin.


These Beverage Stakes That Hold Drinks Outdoors

Great for a day at the lake, beach, or backyard, these beverage stakes go directly into the ground and hold your drink of choice, so you can go hands-free when you’re not sipping. Made from solid welded steel, each set comes with four stakes that’ll last for many seasons to come.


This Paddle Brush Is Great For Detangling

Suitable for use on either wet or dry hair, this paddle brush features thin nylon bristles that detangle hair without tugging or pulling. The brush is crafted from sustainable bamboo and has an air cushion that’s gentle on your scalp, and it comes with a bamboo comb and three crease-proof hair ring ties.


The Makeup Bag That You Can Lay Out For Easy Viewing

This ingenious drawstring makeup bag can be laid out flat, giving you a clean surface for your cosmetics while also allowing you to see everything that’s inside. The interior of the bag has a pocket for keeping small items secure, as well as elastic loops for brushes, mascara, and lipstick. When you’re done using it, simply gather up the drawstrings to transforms it back into a makeup bag.


This Power Flosser That Doesn’t Cost A Bundle

Flossing can’t be at the top of anyone’s list of favorite things to do, but this cordless power flosser makes it so much more pleasant — and it costs less than the price of lunch. From leading brand Waterpik, the waterless flosser uses a nylon tip that slips between teeth where it delivers 10,000 strokes per minute, without irritating the gums. It comes with 15 disposable replacement tips and a AA battery.


This Gadget That Holds Your Nail Polish Bottle

This nail polish holder ensures you won’t knock over the bottle while you’re working, and the angle-adjustable arm allows you to get polish out of even near-empty bottles. It’s also useful for a variety of other tasks, including painting crafts and models, and working with gel food dyes in the kitchen.


The Rechargeable Scrubber That Deep Cleans Skin

Designed with high-frequency vibrations, this rechargeable scrubber deep cleans skin and unclogs pores. It features four settings, so you can customize your treatment depending on your skin’s particular needs, and the heating function can open pores for easy blackhead removal. Plus, using this before applying serum or moisturizer can prep your skin to better absorb nutrients and hydration.


This Exfoliating Brush For The Scalp & Body

It may look a little weird, but this silicone brush is ideal for exfoliating your skin from head to toe (literally). The large, firm bristles on one side are designed for use on your scalp when shampooing (which feels almost as good as a professional shampoo), and the smaller bristles are great for giving your body an all-over massage to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage.


A Keychain Holder For Your Lip Balm

Now you can finally stop digging around in your bag for your lip balm or lipstick, thanks to this keychain holder. Made from faux leather, it features a snap closure and gold keychain clasp. Choose from black, red, and clear.


A Pillow Thats Turn Your Bathtub Into A Spa Getaway

Equipped with four suction cups that keep it firmly in place while you relax, this bath pillow is the accessory you need in order to turn your tub into a real spa escape. The cloud-shaped cushion cradles your head, neck, and shoulders in comfort, and it’s covered in breathable mesh fabric that dries quickly to prevent mold growth.


This Pillow Made With Cooling Memory Foam

If you’re like me and spend the whole night flipping over your pillow to get to the cool side, this unique memory foam pillow is for you. It’s infused with cooling gel and engineered with a hole-punch design that promotes air circulation while you sleep. Plus, it comes with a removable spandex cover that’s machine-washable