February’s Full “Snow” Moon Is Your Ego’s Time To Shine

It’s all about you, you, you.

February 2022 full moon do's and don'ts.
Sathwik Adi / 500px/500px/Getty Images

Make room for selfies in your camera roll because February’s full “snow’ moon arrives on Feb. 16 in self-assured Leo, inspiring the collective to put themselves first and tap into their confidence. Make the most of this fire energy and follow these do's and don'ts.

Elena Popova/Moment/Getty Images
DO: Create Art

​​Leos are ruled by the fifth house of creativity, making this lunation is the perfect time to explore your creative side. Make time to paint, dance, sing, or better yet, try your hand at a new form of art. This full moon is all about artistic self-expression.