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13 Ways To Caption A Food Photo Dump

Phone eats first.

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A group of friends take Instagrams of brunch to post in a food photo dump. Here are ideas for food p...
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Just like PB&J or fries and ketchup, nothing pairs together quite like a food photo dump Instagram and a punny caption. As we’ve learned from our fave food bloggers and scrolling through the #foodie hashtag, there’s just something about postings pics of our food that gets us in a silly, goofy mood. Whether it’s wordplay involving our dishes (See: endless captions of “not your nachos,” “wingin’ it,” etc.) or poking fun at our inner food blogger with a classic “Phone eats first” caption, one can never take themselves too seriously when posting pictures of food on the grid.

When it comes to captioning a foodstagram, it can feel a lot like seasoning a meal. Should you pepper in a saucy joke, or stick to something short and sweet? This process gets even more complicated when you’re trying to capture the flavor profile of a full photo dump of food pics. After all, how well can your “Give me a pizza that” caption hold up when the second picture is a taco and the third is a plate of bacon?

It doesn’t take a master chef to cook up the perfect food photo dump caption. With the right ingredients and some good puns in your pantry, you can post your food photo dump with a Michelin star-worthy presentation. Get those food pics marinating and take a look at some of the best foot photo dump caption ideas.

1. Phone eats first

Pairs best with: Any pre-first bite photos. Or, of course, you can swap for, “Phone doesn’t always eat first,” for a series of dishes that were too delicious to wait to snap a pic.

2. Swipe for a surprise

Pairs best with: Any photo series that ends with a pic of a sweet treat.

3. Try not to drool on your screen

Pairs best with: Some mouth-watering pics of juicy foods.

4. Looking like a SNACK.

Pairs best with: A snack series, whether that’s chips and dip or a full charcuterie board.

5. “If at first you don’t succeed, the dust yourself off and fry again.”

Pairs best with: Pictures of fries. Lots of fries. And maybe a pic of a food fail like a dropped plate of food or a botched recipe to show your progress journey.

6. Swipe your way through a three-course meal

Pairs best with: A full series from appetizer to dessert and digestif.

7. Fries before guys

Pairs best with: Plenty of fries on the side. (Or, as the main attraction.)

8. What’s cookin’, good lookin’?

Pairs best with: A pic of you smirking with some delicious eats for a two-for-one thirst trap and hunger trap.

9. “The Brady Brunch”

Pairs best with: A Brady Bunch-style montage of pics of you and your friends at brunch posing with their meals.

10. Feast your eyes

Pairs best with: A photo dump that looks like an all-you-can-eat buffet.

11. A slice of life...

Pairs best with: An eclectic mix of food pics with plenty of slices of pizza, pie, or anything that’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

12. The only time I’ll share my food is on the grid

Pairs best with: Any photo dumper trying to make it clear that there will not be leftovers for your followers to enjoy from this photo series.

13. Some food for your feed

Pairs best with: Truly anything.

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