37 Genius, Cheap Fitness Products You’ll Wish You Bought Sooner

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Working at home always seems easier, but it rarely is. Sure, it’s less pressure because you don’t have a gym-full of eyes making you nervous, however, it can be difficult if you don’t have the right equipment. But don’t worry, you don’t need to drop thousands of dollars on a Peloton or Mirror — there are plenty of adorable options that will get the job done. Check out these 40 genius, cheap fitness products you’ll wish you bought sooner.

Before you start to grind, you want to make sure you’re equipped with the essentials for a good workout. This list is packed with workout clothes and accessories, like a fitness watch that won’t break the bank or a pair of yoga pants that wicks moisture. If you’re focusing on health, you’ll love the motivational water bottle that encourages you to stay hydrated. Plus I added a yoga mat, some sports bras, and gloves to set you up for success.

Now it’s time to sweat. I’ve included workout equipment that’s versatile, space-saving, and effective. From adjustable dumbbells to speed and agility ladders, you’ll be amazed at how affordable it can be to stay in shape. Whether your goal is to target your core or strengthen your arms or legs, this list has something for everyone.

Once you’ve done the hard work, I’ve included a few items to help you relax and recover. Set those goals and meet them with these genius and affordable Amazon workout finds.


An Affordable Fitness Tracker With GPS

This fitness tracker costs less than $25 and tracks your heart rate, steps, workout distance, and time. It also tracks your sleep and can alert you to phone calls or texts. It’s waterproof and even has connected GPS to keep you on track on your next run. It charges using a USB cable and will last up to a week on one single charge. The touch screen is water-resistant and has 14 exercise modes to better track your workout.


This Exercise Dice That Makes Working Out A Game

These exercise dice turn your workout into a game. This set comes with two, six-sided dice: one with exercises and one with how many reps to do. The exercises include jumping jacks, crunches, squats, push-ups, and lunges, plus a wildcard option for you to choose. The dice are made of lightweight foam and even come with a mesh carrying bag to bring to the gym or park for your workout.


A Resistance Bands Set That Ranges From 10 To 50 Pounds

This set of resistance bands will take your workout to the next level. This set includes five bands at various resistance weights, two handles, two ankle straps, a door anchor, and a bag to carry it all in. The bands range from 10 to 50 pounds so you can customize your workout for different parts of your body. This set is portable and easy to use at home, at the gym, or wherever you workout.


The Pilates Bar Kit That You Can Use At Home

This pilates bar kit has everything you need to get your body moving at home. It comes with two latex resistance bands and a three-section stick that disassembles for easy storage. The bar is covered in foam that’s non-slip and anti-sweat to keep you comfortable no matter how difficult the workout. The resistance bands are durable and can stretch up to six times their size without breaking. This versatile exercise tool mimics a variety of gym equipment to make your full-body workouts count.


A Freestanding Boxing Set For Kids And Adults

This freestanding boxing set is adjustable — from 26.5-inches up to 40-inches— so kids and adults can practice throwing a few punches. This set includes a base, spring-loaded adjustable shaft, inflatable punching bag, pump to inflate it, and a pair of 4-ounce boxing gloves. It’s easy to assemble so you can take it anywhere.


This Challenging Reflex Boxing Ball Set For Solo Workouts

This boxing ball headband is designed to improve your agility and reflexes. Just put on the silicone headband and attach one of the two boxing balls. The red one is for beginners and the black one, which bounces more rapidly, is best for advanced boxers. This headband set allows you to train and test your reflexes, even by yourself.


A Pair Of 4-Pound Hand Weights With A Strap

These comfortable 4 pound hand weights are perfect for walking or running. The sand-filled weights are soft and come with a secure neoprene hand strap so they won’t slip off when you incorporate them into workouts. One reviewer noted that they are “soft and comfy.” They’re also available in a 2 pound option.


These Yoga Blocks For A Deep Stretch And Support

These yoga blocks are perfect for supporting you throughout a variety of intense yoga poses and can help you achieve better balance and a deeper stretch, as well. They are made of high-density foam that is firm and lightweight — plus the edges are rounded, making it easier to grip with your hand. This set of two blocks come in pink, blue, purple, and rose red.


A Foam Roller That Feels Like A Deep Tissue Massage

Relieve muscle tension with this foam roller. It’s designed with triple grid massage zones that feel like a masseuse’s hands. Foam rollers can warm up muscles and increase coordination and flexibility to recover from intense yoga, pilates, CrossFit, or running workouts. It has nearly 5,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating. It’s available in a variety of colors.


The Core Balance Disc That Comes With A Pump

This balance disc is designed to strengthen your core, improve your posture, and even relieve back pain. The wobbly cushion has a matte surface that allows you to easily wipe sweat right off the surface, a non-slip grip for safety, and it can hold up to 450 pounds. This versatile workout tool, which comes with a pump, is great for improving your balance and can be used in everything from full-body workouts to physical therapy rehabilitation. Choose among five colors.


A Doorway Pull-Up Bar With Three Grip Options

This pull-up bar turns your doorway into a mini gym. It securely attaches to any door frame that measures between 27 and 33 inches wide and has curved handles that offer three different grip options: wide, close, and hammer grip. You can also turn it over on the floor and use it for sit-ups, pushups, and dips. It can hold up to 300 pounds, yet is designed to be compact enough to easily transport or store.


The Multipurpose Gym Bar For Full-Body Workouts

This sit-up bar is designed to keep your feet in place while you perform crunches and oblique exercises, but it can easily transition to a tool you use for hip bridges, planks, and deep stretching. It suctions to the floor and stays in place and comes with a set of resistance bands that connect to the bar and allow you to work out your arms or legs. The set also includes a set of knee pads for supported push-ups or planks.


A 6-Piece Ab Roller Kit That Includes Resistance Bands

This ab roller kit has everything you need for a killer core workout. It comes with one ab wheel that measures 3.2 inches in width, which is wider than most, won’t damage flors or carpet, and is completely noiseless so you can get your workout on even when everyone in your home is sleeping in. It also features inclined knee pads, push-up brackets, and two resistance ropes. It can help improve your balance, flexibility, and muscle endurance and the whole set weighs less than 4 pounds and can fit in a gym bag.


These Hanging Ab Straps That Can Hold 300 Pounds

These hanging ab straps safely support your upper body while targeting your core muscles. The straps have stainless steel carabiners that secure to a bar and allow them to hold up to 300 pounds at a time. The strap themselves are made of nylon and are padded yet breathable. You can even hand wash them to keep them fresh. Use these straps for leg raises, bicycle kicks, oblique crunches, hanging pelvic tilts, and much more.


A Running Belt That Holds Your Valuables

Keep all of your valuables secure while you run with this running belt. It has multiple pockets to hold your phone, keys, ID, and more — it even has a dedicated spot for your headphone cords. It buckles around your waist and can be adjusted for the perfect fit. The belt also wicks away water and sweat, keeping you cool and protecting your goods.


This Portable Padded Forearm Strengthener

You can strengthen your wrists, fingers, and forearms with this forearm exerciser. Plus, it’s so lightweight and portable that you can use it anywhere and any time (even during Zoom calls). It has a carbon steel spring that is durable and allows you to customize the resistance. The thick foam stabilizing pad keeps you comfortable while you perform regular or reverse curls.


The Foot Rocker For An Under-The Desk Stretch

Easily stretch your calves and relieve pain with this foot rocker (bonus points for being able to do this under your desk while you’re working or taking calls). The ergonomic unit secures your foot while the non-slip bottom keeps everything sturdy. Rocking your foot back and forth can stretch sore calf muscles and improve circulation. It may also help to increase flexibility in heels, ankles, feet, and legs. The rocker comes in gray or blue.


A Grip Kit To Improve Hand Strength

Strengthen your hands and reduce hand fatigue and pain with this hand strength training kit. It includes a hand gripper with adjustable resistance that ranges from 11 to 132 pounds so you can work your way up in weight at your own pace. The collection also includes a sturdy grip ring, stress ball, finger stretcher, and a grip master. A convenient carrying bag is included so you can train wherever you want.


These Blender Bottles For Pre-Workout Shakes

These bottle blenders make it easy to get all your pre- and post-workout nutrients. This set comes with two 20-ounce bottles, each with a surgical-grade stainless steel blender ball that whisks and “blends” your protein shakes and smoothies. The BPA-free bottles have wide mouths and a screw-on lid that is leakproof. They’re dishwasher-safe and available in a variety of colors.


An Agility Training Set For Fun Outdoor Workouts

This speed and agility training set can be set up in the comfort of your own backyard to create your very own challenging obstacle course. The set includes an agility ladder, resistance parachute, 12 disc cones, four steel stakes, and two drawstring bags to carry it all. Use the ladder and cones to run drills and improve your speed, while the parachute tests your strength. Whether you’re training for a big race or just looking for a fun way to bring your workout outdoors, this kit has everything you need.


The Ab Twister Board That Massages Your Feet

This twisting disc can help tone your core and improve blood circulation. You stand on the wave disc and twist to work out your hips, abs, and thighs. Not only does it have a non-slip gripping base to keep you safe while you balance and twist, but acupressure nodes and magnetic key-point nodes massage your feet and stimulate blood flow as you twist. This disc is available in singles or packs of two, in a variety of colors.


A Waterproof Yoga Mat That’s Built To Last

This yoga mat is built to stand the test of time. It’s thick, with an anti-slip surface, and is tear-proof and resilient, bouncing back and retaining its shape workout after workout. This mat is also waterproof and won’t retain odors, but you can wipe it down with soap and water between workouts at the gym. The mat includes a carrying strap and comes in eight colors.


These Rubber Balls For Massaging Sore Muscles

Work out those sore muscles with these massage balls. Break up stiffness by simply rolling the all-natural rubber balls over your areas in need. This set of two balls are extra firm to help relieve deep tissue pain and are safe to use directly on your skin. They come with a mesh bag so you can bring them to the gym, tennis court, and wherever you need them.


This Stability Yoga Chair To Improve Your Posture

Swap out your desk chair for this yoga ball chair that’s designed to improve your posture and balance. This triple-layered stability ball is slip-resistant and can be used for everything from sit-up and yoga to improving your balance. This set also includes a foot pump to inflate the ball, one set of resistance bands, and helpful tools like a booklet, poster, and workout videos to help you get started. Unlike other stability balls, this one has a supportive ring that holds it in place like a chair.


A Weighted Hula Hoop That You Can Customize

This weighted hula hoop makes working out so much fun. The base weight of the hoop is just 2 pounds, but it comes with eight stainless steel sections to widen the hoop and add more weight. It’s covered in a shock-absorbing foam that feels comfortable on your skin as you hula away. The hula hoop can help strengthen your core, improve spine mobility, and increase joint flexibility.


This Deck Of Exercise Cards For At-Home Workouts

Switch up your workout with this deck of exercise cards, which is packed with 50 illustrated workouts and seven workout sequences that make it easy and fun to workout at home. All of the workouts can be done without equipment and include stretches for recovering, too. You’ll stay on your toes as you select cards that vary from side plank oblique crunches to archer push-ups to intense cardio moves.


A Pair Of Anti-Slip Socks Inspired By Ballet Slippers

These yoga socks give you a little extra traction for doing workouts indoors. The cotton socks come in a pack of two and are so thin they’ll make you feel like you’re barefoot, with the exception of the 100% silicone gel strips on the bottom that keep you from slipping. They have ballet-inspired elastic straps for a major style boost and come in shades like black, grey, and pink.


An Adjustable Dumbbell That Doubles As A Kettlebell

This adjustable dumbell saves space without compromising your workout. You can stack as many weighted plates onto the dumbbell as you want to reach your desired weight, up to 100 pounds. It converts to a kettlebell in seconds, which means you can do more with less gear. This product does not come with any weight plates, but they can be purchased separately.


The Water Bottle That Encourages You To Drink More

This water bottle has time markers on the side with encouraging messages that will motivate you to stay hydrated. It holds 32-ounces of water and has time ticks that help remind you to drink two bottles between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. This bottle has a wide opening, clicks open with just one button, and comes with a fruit strainer and bamboo bottle brush, as well as a removable carrying strap. It’s BPA-free, leakproof, and shatterproof.


A 3-Pack Of Wireless Sports Bras That Wick Moisture

This three-pack of sports bras offers medium support and have a comfortable wire-free design with a criss-cross detail in the back. They’re made of a soft, lightweight microfiber that wicks moisture so you stay dry while you work out, run, or play sports. Each bra has a supportive elastic band under the bust and removable padded cups that offer full coverage. It’s recommended to hand wash these bras, which are available in a range of sizes from Small to 3X-Large and come in a variety of colors.


This Wristband Phone Holder For Hands-Free Use

This wristband phone holder keeps your smartphone close by while keeping your hands free. It’s compatible with most iPhones, Androids, or Samsung devices. Just attach the wristband to your arm and set your phone in the detachable holder. It’s designed with a creative U-shape to securely hold your phone without blocking access to your screen, camera, or FaceID. Not to mention, it rotates 360-degrees and even has a place to hold your headphones.


These High-Waisted Leggings With Pockets

These high-waisted leggings are functional and stylish, with an oversized side pocket for your phone and a hidden pocket inside the wide waistband. Designed with four-way stretch, moisture-wicking fabric, and light compression technology, they’re stretchy, supportive, and opaque. They come in a money-saving pack of two a variety of colors and patterns, as well as a capri cut.


The Dual-Sided Core Sliders For All Floor Types

These fitness sliders can be used on hardwood or carpeted surfaces to take your workout to the next level. The slides have non-catch edges that allow them to easily slide over flooring, while you use them to strengthen your core, improve your balance, or increase your flexibility. They offer a low-impact fitness routine that is perfect for toning muscles or reducing pressure on your joints. The set comes with two sliders, as well as an e-book filled with exercises and workouts for you to try.


A Pair Of Gym Gloves To Prevent Germs And Calluses

These full-fingered workout gloves protect your hands and prevent calluses and blisters without limiting your grip. They’re foam padded and made of microfiber and spandex, so they’re stretchy and breathable, with a hook and loop closure that can be adjusted at the wrist to get the perfect fit. This pair allows you to get a stronger grip on workout equipment or sports balls and can protect you from spreading germs.


These Ankle Weights With Removable Sand Bags

These adjustable ankle weights can add a bit more difficulty to your typical routine. Wear the weights around your wrists or ankles and adjust them using the velcro strap. They feature five removable sand pockets that allow you to customize the weight from .5-pounds to 2-pounds per weight. The set includes two soft and breathable weights that you can wear while you jog, walk, or even while you’re sitting at your desk.


A Pilates Set With A Ring, Ball And Resistance Bands

This pilates set has everything you need to break a sweat at home. It comes with a lightweight 12-inch pilates ring that has a comfortable padded handle and a 9-inch mini pilates ball, as well as a set of four resistance bands that range from 10 to 25 pounds. Use the tools separately to target different muscles or in tandem for a challenging full-body workout that strengthens muscles while improving your posture and flexibility.


A Dual-Sided Massager For Your Hands And Fingers

Ease your sore fingers and hands with this dual-sided hand massager, which increases circulation while helping to reduce stiffness and joint pain. The tool has a non-slip design with two massage options: the first applies pressure to individual fingers while the second releases pressure points in your hands for a deep massage.