42 Genius Things People Use All The Time & Wish They'd Bought Sooner

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A simple Amazon search can turn up a myriad of things: clothing, shoes, accessories, home gadgets, decorations, as well as a bunch of other products that you probably never knew you needed. In fact, there are so many great things that I sometimes find it hard to decide exactly what to buy. To help narrow it down, I've made a list of the genius Amazon products that people use all the time, based off tons of positive reviews. I'm sure customers who've purchased these items wish they bought 'em sooner — and I bet you will, too.

From convenient items such as steering wheel trays, hanging trash bags, LED strip lights, and moldable glue to personal items like hairdryer brushes, eyelash combs, shower steamers, and powerful water flossers, this list runs the gamut. You can even add a brand new ambiance to your home with flameless candles, magnetic shelves, drawer organizers, cooling blankets, and appliance trays. Or, make life easier with no-tie shoelaces, blue light-blocking glasses, and shower drain hair catchers.

With so many genius products on the list, it's pretty difficult to go wrong. So whether you're searching for something in particular or just want to make things more simple, these brilliant items are here to help.


A Hanging Trash Can That Makes Cleanup A Breeze

This hanging trash can makes kitchen cleanup fast and easy. Attach it to your cabinet door for quick access while food prepping, hosting an event, and more. Compact and simple to store, it folds when not in use to stow away out of sight.


This Cordless Water Flosser With A Large Tank

Give your teeth a deep cleaning with this cordless flosser, which features strong water pressure to help remove food and residue with ease. The detachable water tank offers a capacity large enough to use without interruption while the six nozzles let you meet different needs. The powerful battery is powered via USB cable and offers up to five hours of operation when fully charged.


These Cozy Headbands That You Can Attach To Your Mask

This headband features buttons that hold your mask in place so you can stay safe and warm and the same time. It's made of comfortable fleece that stretches to accommodate your needs, keeping your ears covered on chillier days. This package comes with three ear covers, so you can swap them out or share them with friends.


A Steering Wheel Tray Where You Can Eat Lunch Or Use Your Laptop

Anyone who's ever eaten lunch in their car knows how helpful this steering wheel tray will be. The slim and lightweight design attaches to your car's steering area and features a deep tray with a cup holder on one side and a completely flat surface where you can write and work on the other. It's super compact and can be stored in your backseat pocket store when not in use.


The Foot Sleeves That Moisturize & Repair Dry, Cracked Heels

Soothe and repair dry, cracked, feet with these moisturizing heel sleeves. They come enriched with vitamin E, shea butter, and aloe vera to help soften your skin. They're available in gray and blue; simply place them on your feet for seven days to see results.


This Neck Pillow That Provides Both Hot & Cold Therapy

Tired, achy neck muscles will feel some relief while using this soft neck pillow. It features an inside packet filled with clay beads that can be microwaved or frozen before use to help reduce tension.


A Monitor Riser That Provides Additional Space & Organization

Place this monitor riser on your work desk to create more room while reducing stress on your neck and back. The durable two-tier design comes with a ventilated platform and nonslip pads for stability. It's easy to assemble and use as a monitor or printer stand with extra storage and organization.


An Eyelash Separator That Helps Remove Flakes & Clumps

This eyelash separator combs eyelashes up and out for an outstanding flared finish. It also works with mascara to help remove clumps and flakes. Plus, the cap attachment allows you to take this beauty tool with you everywhere you go.


This Magnetic Shelf That Offers Extra Kitchen Storage Space

Place this magnetic shelf on the back of your stove to provide extra storage space for spice, condiments, gadgets, and more. The stainless steel design will look great in any kitchen while giving you easy access to your cooking utensils. There are no tools needed for installation, all thanks to the silicone-encased magnets that securely attach it to your appliance without damage


This 4-In-1 Makeup Brush Set That's Perfect For Traveling

This four-in-one makeup brush set is great for use at home or while traveling, because it carries the basic brushes you'll need for a face of makeup. Each one is made with quality fibers that are soft and simple to use for their intended task, whether it's for applying blush, highlighter, eyeshadow, or even lipstick. It's available in two colors: black and pink.


The Magnetic Organizer Made Of Natural Bamboo

You can prevent your essentials from getting lost with this magnetic organizer. The bamboo design features strong hidden magnets for bobby pins, grooming tools, and more — and it comes with adhesive backing for simple installation and use. Put it inside your drawers or even install it onto your wall.


This Powerful Scrub Brush That Delivers 60 Scrubs Per Second

This powerful scrub brush features an oscillating head to help you deep clean. The pulse and continuous scrubbing settings allow you to switch between cleaning modes while the ergonomic grip and interchangeable brushes make it comfortable and easy to use in hard-to-reach places. The waterproof tool delivers 60 scrubs per second and is great for cleaning bathroom skins, tiles, and more.


A Set Of Silicone Mats That Are Heat Resistant & Versatile

This heat resistant silicone microwave mat offers multipurpose use. It can be used as a mat, pot holder, food cover, utensil rest, and more. It comes in a set of two — 10 inches and 12 inches — both of which are food-grade, BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and heat resistant to 475 degrees Fahrenheit. Choose your favorite of several colors offered.


The Sliding Tray That Makes It Easier To Move Your Appliance Back & Forth

Use this extra-large tray as an easy way to use and slide your countertop appliances. It comes with a nonslip silicone surface that's both durable and simple to use. This tray helps reduce scratches and comes with a lever that allows you to move them around as needed.


A Convenient Car Trash Bin With An Easy-To-Access Lid

Use this car trash bag to keep your vehicle nice and tidy. It's compact and waterproof, holding approximately 1.85 gallons of material — and it can fold up when not in use to help save space. The soft lid even features a Velcro seal with an easy-access opening at the top.


This Door Prop That Allows Your Front-Loading Washing Machine To Air Out

Here’s what no one tells you about front-loading washing machines: they need to dry out or they’ll get funky. This magnetic door prop is easy to install and solves the problem. It’ll prop the machine’s door open so it can air out after a wash.


A Cordless Fabric Shaver That Makes Clothes Look Like New

This battery-powered fabric shaver tackles fuzz, pilling, and lint from your favorite clothing and materials, making them appear brand new again. It features three settings to quickly shave affected areas and has an ergonomic handle for comfortable maneuverability. Compact in size, this product travels well. Simply toss it in your bag for vacation or use it on the go.


This Set Of Flameless Candles That Flicker Like The Real Thing

Add a romantic ambiance to your home with this set of battery-operated candles. The pack of six features varying sizes and comes with two remotes so you can control the lighting as desired. These flameless candles realistically flicker for a calming and beautiful look and feel. Pick from four different colors.


An Exfoliating Shower Towel That'll Leave Your Skin So Smooth

This exfoliating shower towel will leave your skin feeling instantly soft, thanks to its unique rip-resistant weave that's different than many sponges and loofas. Simply use it in the shower to lather up with your favorite soap or body wash and remove old skin cells. Its large sizing is great for your whole body, making it simple to clean hard-to-reach places such as your back, legs, and neck.


The Non-Aersol Spray Bottle That Mists Your Favorite Oils & Dressings

Fill this reusable spray and mister bottle with your favorite cooking oils, sprays, juices, and dressings. It features an easy-to-use pump top that evenly mists your food or pans. Plus, the non-aerosol is environmentally friendly.


A Jade Roller & Scraper That Helps Soothes Your Skin

This jade roller is great for massaging your skin, and it even comes with a gua sha scraper. Both are made of smooth and genuine jade stone that's durable, soothing, and long-lasting. Use the roller conjunction with your favorite face serums and creams for better absorption, and even keep it in the fridge in between uses for a cooling effect.


This Moldable Silicone Glue That's Durable & Removable

Home projects will be a total breeze with this moldable glue that turns to silicone when it dries. The non-messy formula is perfect for repairs, sealing, mounting, and DIY crafts. Durable enough to hold up to 4.4 pounds of weight, it works effectively on glass, ceramic, wood, metal, plastic, and more. Once placed, the glue is resistant to the elements and completely removable (if needed).


This Set Of Shower Steamers That Offer A Spa-Like Experience

This set of invigorating and relaxing shower melts offers an amazing spa-like experience. Place one in the corner of your shower and allow the essential oil scents to take over your senses. The kit comes with a set of six fragrances to help relieve stress, calm you down, or even give you energy (depending on which one you use).


A Bamboo Cooling Blanket That's Soft & Refreshing

If you tend to sleep hot, this cooling blanket is going to become your new best friend. Made of soft bamboo fabric, it is breathable and refreshing. However, it must be hand-washed or laundered on the gentle cycle and air-dried. Select from a large offering of colors and sizes.


This Pair Of Stylish Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

You can reduce eyestrain from tech screens with the help of these blue light-blocking eyeglasses. Made of durable metal, these lightweight frames offer soft silicone nose pads for comfortable all-day wear as you work on your computer or watch TV. Pick from a handful of stylish colors and styles.


A Back & Neck Massage Device That Helps Relieve Tense Muscles

You can easily relieve muscle aches and tension with this back and neck therapy device. It allows you to apply targeted pressure wherever you need to without anyone's help, thanks to the curved shape and handle. Use it on hard-to-reach places such as your back, neck, and more.


A Genius Avocado Saver That Helps Prevent Browning

Guess what? You can easily prevent air exposure and browning with this avocado saver. This set offers two savers with rubber straps that hold halves that can be packed for lunch or placed in your refrigerator. Each is made of BPA-free plastic and dishwasher safe.


These Refrigerator Mats That Help Extend The Lives Of Your Fruits & Veggies

These food liners are equipped with anti-mold material properties to help protect your food from prematurely aging, bruising, and absorbing moisture. Use this six-pack of mats in your refrigerator drawers or cabinets and trim them with scissors, if needed.


An All-Purpose Cleaner That’s Non-Toxic & Biodegradable

Clean stainless steel, glass, porcelain, and other surfaces using this non-toxic cleaner. The paste is odorless, non-abrasive, and completely biodegradable. One reviewer commented, “I love this product. I worked for a cleaning company and we used this on tough jobs.”


This Powerful & Compact Steamer That's Easy To Travel With

You don't have to reach for an iron ever again with the help of this compact clothing steamer. The tank capacity holds enough water to produce steam for up to 15 minutes while the small size makes it perfect for traveling and storing.


A Set Of Smart Outlets For Full Control Of Your Home Devices

Take full control of your wall outlets with these smart outlets. The four outlets in this set operate with voice control via Alexa and Google home setups, but they can also be programmed to your desired schedules and timers. You can use the specified app to operate them when you're not at home.


These Collapsible Silicone Funnels That Store Easily

This set of collapsible silicone funnels are effective and space-saving, since you can use them to fill the containers of your choice and collapse them down again. They're made of food-grade materials that are heat resistant and BPA-free. These four funnels are offered in assorted colors that fold and nest together for compact storage.


This Food Slicer That Cuts Cherry Tomatoes & Grapes

This food slicer cuts small tomatoes and grapes with ease. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to grip while the hidden blade provides protection. Compact and dishwasher safe, this slicer is easy to clean and store after use.


A Reusable Silicone Bag That Comes In Tons Of Colors & Sizes

These reusable silicone bags are made of non-toxic materials that are food grade and BPA-free. They're versatile, too, because they can hold foods, liquids, and more. Plus, each of them can stand up, open, and zip shut for easy storage. Safe for the dishwasher, freezer, and microwave, you can use them over and over again for food prep, carrying snacks, freezing items, and more. Pick from an array of beautiful pastel colors.


A Thin Wireless Light Bar That Easily Installs With Adhesive Or Screws

In my opinion, this wireless light bar is a great addition to any home. Stick it under cabinets, shelves, and more for a beautiful illuminating glow. Each one is less than 1 inch thick and can be easily mounted with the included screws or adhesive tape. They also run on three AA batteries.


These Elastic Shoelaces That Alleviate The Need For Tying

Never worry about having to tie your shoelaces during a run or other activity with this Lock Laces no-tie system. The elastic laces stretch to fit your shoes, adding compression for a secure fit and feel. Great for children, elders, and everyone in between, these laces come in a wide variety of colors.


A Shower Drain Hair Catcher That Helps Protect Your Bathroom Pipes

This shower drain catcher effectively traps hair and other debris before it enters and clogs your shower drain. It's made of rust-proof stainless steel and features a silicone edge for easy placement. It's great for busy bathrooms and has over 5,000 five-star ratings.


The Waterproof Shower Speaker That Easily Sticks To Tiles & Mirrors

Take your shower singing concerts to the next level with this waterproof shower speaker. It offers a playtime of up to 12 hours and features a built-in ion battery. The mini speaker is perfect for shower time and other activities such as camping, kayaking, and snowboarding. It comes with a micro-USB charging cable and suction cup that easily adheres to bathroom tiles, mirrors, and more.


This Hair Dryer Brush That Dries, Straightens & Adds Volume At Once

Dry, straighten, and add volume to your hair at the same time with this blow-dry brush. It features two airspeeds and three heat settings for customized styling as you dry your strands. The ionic brush features helps prevent unwanted frizz and static while keeping your hair smooth and shiny.


A Self-Cleaning Dustpan That Combs The Bristles Of Your Broom

This self-cleaning broom and dustpan set will save tons of time and pressure on your back. The broom features dense bristles and an extension pole that adjusts from 35 to 49 inches in length. The dustpan, on the other hand, comes with a built-in scraper that helps clean the bristles after use. This set clips together for easy and compact storage.


An Overflow Drain That Gives You Extra Inches Of Bathwater

Relax and enjoy a few extra inches of bathwater with this overflow drain cover. It blocks your existing overflow drain and features a hole that releases water, preventing it from escaping. The suction cup design creates a powerful seal that stays in place as long as you need it.


The Lid & Spoon Rest That Keeps Your Kitchen Tidy

This lid and spoon rest offers a helping hand while cooking. It's made of quality materials and features a stand and tray that attach for easy use. Place it near your stove to keep things clean as you make your favorite meals.

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