11 Hard Seltzer Frozen Cocktails To Try Before Summer Ends

They're going to be your new favorite way to sip on White Claw.

by Mia Mercado
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What better way to celebrate these last days of summer than with some hard seltzer hacks for frozen cocktails. They're frozen! They're fizzy! They're going to be your new favorite way to sip on spiked seltzer.

Honestly, adding spiked seltzer to most any frozen drink isn’t going to be awful. You're basically just adding some carbonation and a little bit of flavor to whatever frozen drink you're using as a base. Making a gin and tonic? Throw in a splash or two of lime spiked seltzer for an extra zing. Use grapefruit hard seltzer in your next paloma. You can pretty much sub in hard seltzer for any drink recipe that calls for regular seltzer or club soda.

In addition to buying your go-to big name spiked seltzers, don’t forget about small brewery-made hard seltzers. There's California-based brewery Sudwerk Brewing Co., which recently introduced a grapefruit hard seltzer, and Chicago’s Solemn Oath Brewery that sells coconut lime hard seltzer. Next time you're at the liquor store, scope out some local brewer hard seltzer. Then, come back here and pick one of these 11 hard seltzer frozen cocktails to give a try.




Up your frosé game by adding a rosé hard seltzer to the mix like Truly’s Rosé spiked seltzer. Sub in the spiked seltzer for some of your semi-frozen bottle of rosé. Then, blend it up with some strawberries and your sweetener of choice.


White Claw Slushies

You’ve likely seen these while scrolling through TikTok. White Claw Slushies are... exactly what they sound like. Julia Abner (@juuliaabner) has a recipe that uses just four ingredients: ice, frozen berries, White Claw, and vodka. Just blend everything together and enjoy.


Frozen Daiquiri

A lime hard seltzer will add a little extra something to your favorite frozen daiquiri recipe. A traditional daiquiri calls for rum, ice, lime juice, and sugar. The carbonation from the spiked seltzer will make for an even more refreshing drink.


Frozen Margaritas


Make your frozen margarita as per usual: tequila, triple sec, ice, simple syrup, lime or your fruit of choice. Then, add a can of a complimentary spiked seltzer flavor. You can’t go wrong with a can of lime, lemon, or berry hard seltzer.


Frozen Mojitos

Frozen mojitos are usually made by blending together rum, lime juice, mint, simple syrup, and ice. Go all out by adding this Key Lime and Mint hard seltzer from SeekOut into the mix. Garnish with some extra mint if you’re feeling particularly fancy.


Frozen Hard Lemonade

Rather than blending together lemonade, ice, vodka, and sugar, you can up your hard lemonade game by adding hard lemonade and hard seltzer. Truly’s got you covered on both fronts.


Boozy Bomb Pop

Festival Foods has a bomb pop slushie recipe that would go great with an orange spiked seltzer. If you want to spike your own seltzer, Jelly Belly’s Orange Sherbert seltzer would go great with a bomb pop cocktail.


Frozen Gin and Tonic


The Kitchn’s got a recipe for frozen gin and tonic that would go great with your spiked seltzer of choice. All you’ll need is gin, lime juice, tonic water and ice. BON & VIV has a few less traditional flavors, like Pear Elderflower and Black Cherry Rosemary, that would elevate your frozen G&T even more.


Frozen Mimosa

A frozen mimosa can be as simple as this recipe by From The Grapevine that blends together champagne, orange juice, and orange sherbert. Add a strawberry spiked seltzer for a strawberry frozen mimosa or try mango hard seltzer for a mango frozen mimosa.


Piña Colada

Top off your go-to piña colada recipe with Smifnoff's Piña Colada spiked seltzer. I mean, it can't hurt to literally add piña colada to your piña colada.


Cherry Limeade Slush

Start with a base made from a can of frozen limeade, juice from a jar of maraschino cherries, ice, and lemon-lime soda. Next, add in lime hard seltzer, cherry hard seltzer, or whatever seltzer flavor you see fit and blend it all up. You could also just get a cherry limeade from Sonic and dump in a can of lime White Claw. To each their own frozen hard seltzer cocktail.

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