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TikTok Users Are Acting Out Cringey Hinge Replies & It's So Hilarious

I hate it here!!!

The TikTok trend involves acting out cringey Hinge voice prompts.

If you’ve been on dating apps for a while, you’ve probably come across some seriously heinous prompt responses. And with Hinge’s voice prompts feature, you can actually hear the voice behind the absurd answers narrate their most unique thoughts. You’ve probably caught yourself wondering what the person on the other end looked like as they recorded their answers, but thanks to a new trend of TikTokers acting out cringey Hinge replies, now you don’t have to.

The trend reached a fever pitch after Anna Turner (@turnerannac) posted a video of themself reenacting a voice prompt response on July 27. The prompt in question was “Together we can be terrible at,” to which the Hinge user responded, “Together we can be terrible at dancing. I like to dance, I’m not scared to go out there and do it. Although I don’t know what I’m doing, so I might look a little crazy, but if you’re down to do that, then yeah, I don’t mind.” If the answer itself doesn’t give you the ick, the creator’s depiction of the other party certainly will. In the video, Turner wears a backwards hat and gives themself a floppy over-the-eye hairstyle that’s sure to make OG Justin Bieber fans do a double take, and then the user recites the words while holding a red Solo cup. To top it all off, Turner gives the character the most fitting name: Brad Chad.

The creator made sure to shout out the “original girl” who started the trend, though it’s unclear who exactly Turner credits for inspiring their rendition.

Clearly, the content struck a chord with the FYP because the video has over 132.1K likes and 1.1 million views as of Sept. 12. Users also took to the comments to praise the performer’s accuracy, with @bridgeteschuster commenting, “I’m so ready for this to be a trend.” Luckily for the user, Turner did not disappoint, because it wasn’t long before Brad Chad made his grand return.

This time, the TikToker recited a Hinge user’s rant about people telling him he looks like John Mayer or Jack Harlow and sounds like Bob from Bob’s Burgers. For this performance, Turner kept the hat, hair, and Solo cup, and threw on a flannel shirt.

Given how relatable the videos are, it wasn’t long before other users began joining in on the trend. After hearing a potential match’s answer to the prompt “Try to guess this about me,” @stefanija couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put on a snapback and draw a mustache on their face.

“Thinking it would be interesting for you to try to guess my intentions,” says the original poster. “So, I’d love to just share here: My goal is to find the one who I will grow with and enjoy the journey with, and ultimately make the forever commitment of action. I feel like that sounds like a lot. Just goes into my values.” On paper, it seems like a pretty innocuous response, but it’s the way the creators nails every inflection, laugh, and noise that makes the answer seem extra cringe.

User @harmonythread got their reenactment inspo from a response to the prompt, “The one thing you should know about me is,” in which the other party claims anyone who can get them to do anything besides work and play video games is an “achievement.” Committing to the character, the creator recited the words while gaming, obviously. The user has several other Hinge reenactment videos on their profile, including one about geeking out about music, which has over 6.1 million views.

Though sharing bits of people’s dating profiles isn’t always a good idea, at least these Hinge users can take solace in the fact that their responses are giving TikTok users a good laugh. Swipe on, my friends.