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How To Add Line Breaks On Instagram So You Can Write Long Captions

Go ahead, draft your magnum opus.

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How to add line breaks to your Instagram captions
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As social media has evolved over the years, the once-popular aesthetic of ultra-curated, overly-edited content has since become out of style. Nowadays, candid is king. A photo dump including a random shot of trash is the new filtered #ootd post. A casual .5 selfie, or, better yet, a blurry BeReal is the ultimate status flex of your coyness. Yet, as content has gotten more and more effortless, the lengthy Instagram caption has stuck around — whether it’s another reality TV couple announcing their breakup or additional context added to an infographic.

Maybe social media users consider a lengthy caption proof of their vulnerability or maybe more Instagrammers are looking to transform their photo album-esque profiles into digital journals. While there are still plenty of short, punny, and emoji-embellished captions online, more and more Instagrammers seem to be channeling their inner blogger with longer, thoughtful captions.

Loyal Instagram users might have already realized how hard formatting a caption can be. Instagram has been known to previously remove line breaks from captions even if the format of your caption includes them. If you’ve been upping the character count on your caption from a few words to full paragraphs, you might have been relying on adding random characters or emojis so that Instagram doesn’t remove line breaks.

Luckily, there’s an easy and simple way to add line breaks in your Instagram captions – no hidden characters necessary. Perhaps you’re looking to write more in your captions or maybe you just want a sneaky way to hide your list of hashtags under your caption. Note that according to ShareThis, Instagram truncates your captions after 125 characters, adding a “More” button that users can tap to see your full caption — so keep this in mind if you feel like writing your heart out. Whatever the case, here’s how to add line breaks to your Instagram caption.

According to Insider, an Instagram update in 2020 gave users the ability to add blank line breaks to their Instagram captions. This means that you no longer have to add characters between lines or format the caption in a separate document to include blank line breaks.

All you need to do is make sure that your Instagram is up to date. You can do so by heading to the app store and searching for Instagram. If your app is in need of an update, you will see an option to do so in the app store, then you’ll simply press the update button and your Instagram will take a brief moment to refresh.

Once you’ve verified that your app is up to date, go ahead and post your Instagram as you normally would. While writing your caption, tap the enter button twice whenever you want to add a blank line break. Now, you can draft your magnum opus Instagram caption without limitations.

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